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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-51087441
  2. I use Lightroom, Photoshop and Adobe Bridge but for cataloguing, keywording etc, definitely IMatch
  3. My first sale, 10 Oct 2003 - The Eiger and the Jungfrau, Switzerland, $121.35 (35mm scan). Second sale dropped in a couple of months later at $560.98. Of my first 20 sales only two were less than 3 figures and totalled $3748.48. Those were the days indeed..!
  4. See here..... https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/12220-scanner/#comment-225375
  5. In the 'Copyright' field I put my name. In the 'Author' field I put my name followed by my website URL. These are added automatically in the camera so I don't have to think about adding it during or after downloading. However, if you are thinking specifically about the images you upload to Alamy then it's irrelevant as Alamy strips it out.
  6. I've recently uploaded some 35mm copies via the archival route.... https://tinyurl.com/sr8vpgf This is my set-up, using a Nikon D7200. I'm using a Rodenstock 80mm enlarging lens on the bellows (PB-6) with a Nikon slide copier attachment. It has a bellows on the slide copier but it's not long enough to reach the lens so I've used a cardboard tube instead of the bellows (courtesy of Epson; I once sent for a sample print and it came in this tube - I knew it would come in handy one day!). With the help of tiny bit of self-adhesive felt it's a snug fit on the aperture ring so I can turn the tube to alter the aperture. At the copier end I fitted a lens hood in which the tube can slide for focusing, though once it's all set up it only needs to move a fraction. I bought an LED light panel on ebay, rather than messing about with flash. One of these.... https://tinyurl.com/t68r673 I just brushed the slides, followed by a blast with a blower. There was still a lot of dust and scratches on some of them but using a graphics tablet (Huion) it didn't take all that long dabbing away with the pen with the healing brush selected - it's a hell of a lot quicker than using a mouse. Apologies for the crap photo - taken with my phone...🙄 Edit, forgot to add - the native size from the D7200 is 6000x4000 px. After cropping a bit of the slide mount that was showing around the edges I then downsized to 5000 px on the long side.
  7. Nutcracker..?? https://tinyurl.com/qmlr3yz Edit - nah.. on second thoughts I'd go with Neptune. There is a sort of beard below the 'tash.
  8. I second that - I've used it for years. However, if CB isn't in a hurry it's probably best to wait a bit. Mario is working on the new version and as he said in a recent post, - "Enjoy IMatch. If you like it now, you will adore it once you get IMatch 2020. So much exciting stuff in that new major release". Note also the present version needs 64 bit Windows (7 or later).
  9. Windows 10 has an option to run old software in 'compatibility mode'. Right click on an icon, select 'Properties-Compatibility' then you can select from a drop-down list going right back to Windows 95. I'm still using Lotus Smartsuite (WordPro, Approach and 123) and an old copy of Paint Shop Pro 7 which runs fine. I don't think you will have any problems running iView.
  10. My one and only food shot on Alamy - waffles with cream and rhubarb preserve at the Debesarcafé, in the village of Gjógv, Faroe Islands.....
  11. There is nothing on the claim form about landlords - it asks for your bank account details so the payment goes directly to you... https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/802445/winter-fuel-payment-claims-2019-2020.pdf You have until 31 March 2020 to make a claim for this winter.... https://www.gov.uk/winter-fuel-payment You will need a UK National Insurance number (I think you said you have one). Go for it...🙂
  12. I've still got it if you want to make me an offer....😀. I've still got the MPP as well but the last time I dragged it out for a bit of nostalgia the shutter on the 'standard' lens, an old Kodak, had seized up.
  13. I have the V700. I have scanned a few 6x12 transparencies with it and 15 are on sale with Alamy. Two have sold, one of them three times. I've also scanned some 6x6 which I think might pass QC but I haven't had the nerve to try yet...🥴 35mm - forget it, for stock anyway. For the curious - the 6x12mm format was from a Calumet 6x12 roll film back on an old MPP 5x4in field camera.
  14. Good point - I probably should have made that clear. Is it possible to edit the headline? Can't see a way to do it. Just to be pedantic though - the bug is in Lightroom, not the plug-ins, though it only affects the plug-ins.
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