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  1. Geological feature ID

    Download the iGeology smartphone app - highly recommended (free).
  2. Dust on sensor...

    If you mean the anti-aliasing filter then yes, but not only Nikon...
  3. Alamy claim for DACS on my behalf

    5:00pm today.
  4. No Sales - Please help

    You may have made the common mistake of forgetting to deselect images once you've keyworded them, so they get overwritten when you keyword the next image - a 'feature' of the clunky 'Image Manager'. For instance - M7A5FC, which looks like the control panel of a recycling plant but most of the keywords are irrelevant, such as 'blue collar worker', 'blurred motion', '25-29 years' etc.
  5. Adobe PS CC and the alternatives

    I have 5 computers running Windows 10 (2x desktop, 1x laptop, 1x tablet, 1x Beelink Mini) - no problems whatsoever on any of them, far fewer than in the days of XP. When it wants to do an update it will give a warning then you can choose to accept, delay, or specify a time. I've never had work interrupted. On my main PC I'm still using Lotus Smartsuite, discontinued for years, but still works fine (I created a photo sales database years ago using Lotus Approach). I still have one old computer running XP but only because I still have one device (an old Garmin Etrex GPS) which needs an RS232 serial port (remember them?).
  6. Images sold in May (one per day per contributor)

    A rare panorama sale - Wild camping near Kearvaig Bothy at Kearvaig Bay, on the north coast east of Cape Wrath, Sutherland, Scotland.
  7. April 2018 Challenge: On The Water

    Three from St. Kilda, Outer Hebrides...
  8. Stock photography, how to move to video footage

    Superb..! I've been thinking of doing something similar around Manchester - I was wondering if you needed to get permission to photograph in some of the locations and, if so, did you have any difficulty with this? Edit - off topic but whenever I quote a post it seems to add a number 1 at the end but I don't seem to see this in others' posts. Anyone know why?
  9. As John says, you may get lucky - QC don't check every image once you've passed your initial test upload. If it does get through QC just delete it straight away. Incidentally, I've just had a look at the three have for sale - on your image of the round tower you have the caption 'Galty more mountain' and in the 'More Information' field you have the information about the lighthouse. Remember you have to 'uncheck' an image once you have keyworded, otherwise it stays selected and the info gets overwritten when you keyword the next image. A mistake I'm sure most of us have made - certainly I have..!
  10. Negative Scanner

    Well, I'll see your Wikipedia and raise you So, yer pays yer money....
  11. Negative Scanner

    I've always understood it to be that Kodachrome retains some metallic silver, as does B&W film, which the IR sees as dust....
  12. Hmmm.. I don't understand why you couldn't search. When you add keywords in IMatch it doesn't add them to the actual images straight away, they are only held in the database at first (otherwise it slows things down). But they are added to the @keywords list so are searchable from here even though the keyword isn't actually in the image at this point. Also can be searched from the 'Metadata Search' filter in the 'Filter Panel'. When you've finished a keywording session you 'write back' the data, which enters it into the actual images. It's quite a comprehensive program (you can even write your own apps for it now) - I suggest you study the help file (note to self - practice what you preach...)
  13. Probably but, as I said, IMatch imports the metadata - if there was a problem here perhaps it would prevent the file from being read even though there is nothing wrong with the actual image. However, only Mario could answer that if you send him a sample file. When you import your files into IMatch it creates a category @keywords Under this category it lists every single keyword that it has read from your files as a separate entry and tells you how many files have that keyword. Simply click on a keyword and it displays all these files....
  14. Mario updates iMatch usually once a month and there has been many improvements and updates since last year - give it another try. If there are problems reading your files send a copy of one of the problem files to Mario and he will have a look, usually very quickly. See the Community forum. One thing to note though, from a posting in the message board by Mario - Microsoft includes a set or WIC RAW codecs in Windows, but these do not support all format variants. For example, Canon has produced about 50 different RAW variants, many of them incompatible. All share the .CR2 file extension... Thumbs creation slow - bear in mind that IMatch is not only creating thumbnails but is also importing all the metadata, so once it's finished importing you have 'data driven categories' already filled with camera, lens, shooting data etc. Not sure about keyword sets but there are many ways to speed up keywording - Favourites, Recent, History. There's also a Thesaurus which can be used to automatically add synonyms, plurals etc. I keep keyword sets in a separate 'Post-It' notes type program and just copy and paste. AdobeRGB - can't see why you would need colour profiling for a file management program - it's not an editor. I've been using IMatch for years and never felt the need.