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  1. I received mine on the 4th October last year and the two previous years it was the 2nd October.
  2. Thanks Bryan - your efforts are much appreciated. Two in one edition - I think that's a first for me!
  3. Thanks SShep. I normally have my 'architecture' submissions under the pseudonym 'lowefoto'. Landscapes are under Vincent Lowe which is the default, but I sometimes forget to change it. I remember correcting some a few weeks ago that I had forgotten, so it's probably now listed under 'lowefoto'.
  4. Guardian Online 28 Aug - Spotted one of mine - HYMJ15 , The Gobbins Cliff Path - on this page.... https://www.theguardian.com/come-on-over-to-northern-ireland/2020/aug/28/belfast-to-the-causeway-coast-five-of-the-best-holidays-in-northern-ireland More Alamy pics on that page from... Roger Bradley Redharc Images David Lyons Neil MacAllister and a composite of five images credited 'Guardian Design/Alamy' all taken in Northern Ireland. Sorry, haven't got time to find the image refs.
  5. Just to clarify - the term 'metadata' encompasses both EXIF and IPTC data. EXIF data is embedded by the camera and can't be changed - camera make, model, lens, focal length, shutter speed, aperture and lots more, even the serial numbers of the lens and camera if available. The 'creation date' can be changed though, in case the camera date or time was wrong. IPTC includes the Description (Caption) and Keyword fields which obviously can be changed. Having said all that it's not strictly true that EXIF data can't be changed, there is software out there that will do it (google it), but I've never used any so can't make any recommendations. If you do go down that route be careful - make sure you have back-ups and try it on one or two images first. Just to give you an indication of what you might be getting into - the current version of Exiftool recognises 23551 metadata tags, with 15369 unique tag names. https://exiftool.org/TagNames/
  6. I've found 8 of mine so far by looking at the thumbnails on their website, though some of the credits are hard to read. Last year I sold 20 but 9 of those were of one town (Bury, Gtr. Manchester). Last year's sales were reported on the 14 Nov and cleared funds received on 6th Dec January. Edit - Correction, it was the 6th January when the money was received - apologies.
  7. Yes, uploaded 134 about 4 hours ago - sailed through, no problems. I'm on a very fast fibre optic broadband.
  8. Try clearing your browser cache / history. I could get to my dashboard with Chrome just now but not with Firefox, but I could once I cleared the browser history..
  9. In a nutshell - just about everything you would want in a DAM, and more. Best thing I can do is refer you to the IMatch Online Help, the Learning Center, and the YouTube channel You can also download a 30 day trial - https://www.photools.com/download/ One example - when Alamy had the 'Essential - Main - Comprehensive' keyword fields I found it easier to enter them online, but I didn't have the keywords in my own local files at home. A few months ago I imported them from the Alamy Excel file into my files using the IMatch 'CSV Importer' module. Not quite as straightforward as I had hoped but this was mainly because of errors in the Excel file - copying it as a CSV file missed out a couple of separator commas which screwed things up and took a bit of finding. Even so, I managed to import captions and keywords into around 10,000 files (yes 10K!) with just a few hours work.
  10. I know he doesn't need to do it but I suggested it as an option to avoid the hassle.
  11. If the logo isn't relevant could you not remove the logo in Photoshop and re-submit? I've done this a few times to avoid such issues, for example - BRXWP6 Edit - also my thinking was/is that it might increase the chances of a sale, for instance a company might like the image but won't use it because it advertises one of their competitors.
  12. There's an old thread (2017) on dpreview about this, or similar, phenomena. After wading through the usual dross you often get on dpreview it really doesn't come to any sort of definitive conclusion, but some people claim to have cured it by removing the cheap filter.... https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4141354
  13. That's exactly how we would write it here. and a glass of wine is exactly what I'm going to have right now....😀
  14. Plenty in Scottish Gaelic mountain names though..! 😀 I always include them but if there is any ambiguity (as there often is depending on which map I'm using) I will include other variations. No problems about using commas in the captions but of course in keywords they will be interpreted as separators.
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