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  1. Have they said what parts(s) are needed? If so, you could try Lehmann's spare part enquiry form..... or give them a ring.
  2. Have you found any Alamy images in August 2018?

    Thanks for spotting that Clare.
  3. CC Bridge RAW image magnifier...

    Couple of things you could try :- Bridge... Edit... Preferences... General... make sure "Keep 100% Previews in Cache" is ticked. Bridge... Edit... Camera Raw Preferences... Performance... "Use Graphics Processor". If it's selected then de-select or vice versa. Mine is deselected, I think it caused problems with some graphics cards but I can't remember the details now.
  4. Copying keywords

  5. Panoramic image sales

    Oops, sorry Mandy, I jumped the gun. I had forgotten that the Sales History total includes refunds, so I've not reached the magic 1000 yet. Sorry to veer off topic.... back to panoramas....
  6. Panoramic image sales

    Thanks Mandy.
  7. Panoramic image sales

    I've sold a few over the years, none for a long time then two within a couple of days in early May - F07CA8 and DKCT2T. Fees nothing to get excited about but not bad. One dropped in this morning - F7DWK3. Stitched from two images but maybe pushing it a bit to call it a panorama. Incidentally, while checking this I have just realised I had my 1000th sale a few days ago..! Apologies - scratch that, I had forgotten that the Sales History total includes refunds, so not reached the magic 1000 yet.
  8. AlamySizeCheck.....
  9. Today I made $1

    And only 6 on sale on Alamy, you might get a bigger win if you photograph it...!
  10. Bad Stock Photos

    The one of the woman holding the soldering iron brought a wry smile. I started my working life as an apprentice TV engineer and can still remember dropping my soldering iron and instinctively grabbing for it. You only do it once....
  11. Yes, had one reported today in the 'Sales Report' but not yet showing in 'Sales History' (and not a bad fee, thank you very much..!). I expect it will show up in 'History' tomorrow morning after the server updates. Steady on, it will get sorted eventually.... hardly of any importance in the great scheme of things...

    er... probably not a good idea to advertise that fact on a photo agency's (open) forum....
  13. Preferences.Readprefs

    Try running the Windows App Troubleshooter. See here....

    Welcome to the forum. Can't help much with images not showing on sale - just make sure everything is filled in, minimum number of keywords etc. If you mean they are not showing up in searches then you might need to wait until the servers have been updated. Check again on Monday (can't remember if they update over the weekend). As to your name - you need to go to 'Advanced Search' then search by 'Contributor Name'. The reason the others are showing in a normal search is that both 'Carol' and 'Saunders' are in the caption field.
  15. Try temporarily turning off your anti-virus software - maybe it's scanning the file(s) prior to opening.