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  1. Thanks Rico, you could be right. Quite a few Alamy photos on that site but I've not found mine yet.
  2. Had two sales drop in today (low fees)- usage said. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial, Social Media and Prospect Website. Media: Website, app and social media What's a 'Prospect Website' - I don't think I've heard the term before.
  3. Here you go - https://web.archive.org/web/20030422045000/http://www.alamy.com/terms.asp From March 2003 the 'storage fee' was 10c per image for alamy red and green, zero for 'alamy blue'. Did people have a choice at the time whether to switch to blue? I can't remember.
  4. Strange - according to my Balance of Account the submission fees ($2.00 per image) were in effect when I joined Alamy in November 2001. The account was reset to zero and moved to 'alamy blue' on June 16 2002. My cleared balance hasn't changed - I expect it's just another temporary glitch like we had the other day Edit - just realised that 'Submission fees' and 'Storage fees' might be something different so ignore above.
  5. I doubt it! It was 1975, only had a week free so we did the section from Middleton-in-Teesdale to Hadrian's Wall. I was just getting interested in photography and picked up a second hand Yashica 124 medium format for a song - still got it. Unfortunately I made the mistake of shooting with colour negative film. Made some prints at the time but both they and the negs have not aged well. Edit - just to add, the very first photo that I made any money from was from that trip, of Dufton Pike. Photo of the Month competition in the, now defunct, Climber and Rambler magazine. I won
  6. Years ago I was walking a section of the Pennine Way, wild camping with heavy packs. Hot day, gasping for a pint, arrived at Tan Hill to find it closed due a fire. There was a note pinned on the door to say it was reopening the following day.....☚ī¸
  7. Well, having said that I've not had any lowball fees, I've probably jinxed it now - I expect an avalanche next month....đŸĨ´đŸ˜€
  8. I've not noticed an increase in PU sales - just two this month which is about average. In both cases the fees were higher than the three newspaper sales I had. I've not (yet) had any of the ultra-low fees that people have been reporting.
  9. Deleted images still show up in the Image Manager (with the word 'deleted' across them) so they might still be on the server - however, I don't know if the same applies if the account has been closed. Some years ago I had some images with a small agency who had scanned some of them and put them on Alamy. When the agency closed down they arranged for these to be transferred my own Alamy account. So, if the images are still on Alamy's servers it might be possible to have them re-activated and transferred to you. I expect Alamy would need a legal document from your mother giving
  10. Manchester gloomy...? Never! Well, not now we have the Photoshop 'Sky Replacement' tool......😎😎
  11. That's almost the same as I googled - 'yellow petals with long red stamen'.
  12. Looks like - Caesalpinia gilliesii, Bird-of-Paradise Shrub.
  13. And another one at $201.09..!! Best fee I've had for a long while - glad they are not holding that one back. 😀
  14. I've just had five sales drop in today at $40.21 each so I don't think Alamy are holding back sales reports.
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