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  1. ... but would you want the explosives store actually near the quarry? Think Beirut....
  2. The OS map shows lots of disused quarries and mines around there. Maybe something to do with them - explosives store perhaps? Probably used by the local farmer now though.
  3. A record month for me in terms of number of sales (but not revenue) thanks to 17 calendar sales. Total 28 - $697.56 Almost reached last year's total sales, which was also a record, but revenue well down.
  4. While in lockdown earlier this year I was messing about with crossed polarising filters. This is a thin film of mica used to electrically insulate a high-powered semiconductor from its heat sink. I wasn't convinced any would sell but Alamy never ceases to surprise! Country: Worldwide Usage: Single company - multiple use editorial only Industry sector: Education Start: 27 November 2020 Duration: Unlimited mid $$
  5. Always one of my favourites. Brings back happy memories of two long summers mountaineering in the Alps in the mid seventies. It was my first successful attempt at stitching images together - can't remember the name of the software but I remember the images had to be exactly the same pixel dimensions, even one pixel difference would throw up an error. Also one of my first uploads to Alamy. Mont Blanc from the summit ridge of the Dôme de Miage, French Alps, 1976. Ilford FP4, Olympus OM1.
  6. First time I've heard of these..... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-scotland-55064550
  7. When I was VAT registered I received a 'self-billing invoice' from Alamy whenever I was paid (I think that's a legal requirement for VAT) but now the only remittance advice is when it turns up in my bank account. Ah.... 'Remittance Advice'... my two favourite words in the English language...... 🙂
  8. I think it's just a quirk of having duplicated keywords leftover from the old system. I've not been able to reproduce it so far. If I de-select one of the keywords it won't let me re-select it or another one until I've reduced the number below 10. I doubt it makes much difference, if any, in practice.
  9. Somehow this morning I managed to add twelve supertags to two images. I've been reviewing the keywords on my early submissions and gradually clearing up the mess left over from when we changed over from the essential/main/comp business. I had three images selected, taken from the same viewpoint, and I wanted to sync the keywords in all three. At least one had duplicated keywords in both supertags and normal, so I was merrily clicking away deleting the duplicates and selecting supertags. When they were all in sync I downgraded one of the supertags then selected another but it came up with t
  10. Although I'm retired from the 'day job' I'm still officially self-employed for tax purposes. When I get a payment from Alamy I issue an invoice from myself to Alamy in order for it to go through the accounts, and I attach a list of the relevant sales, Of course I don't actually send it to Alamy, it's just for accounting purposes. Is that of any help?
  11. Yes it has been fixed with ACR update 13.0.2.
  12. Shouldn't be a problem - I've got the latest version on my desktop and 20.0.6 on my laptop and it still runs. Or rather it crawls on my old steam-driven laptop - but at least it opens (eventually)... 🥴
  13. I've just watched the 1st episode without having to register or log-in. Had to sit through a few annoying ads first and they do that irritating thing at the start where they spend the first few minutes telling us what's going to happen instead of just getting on with it. Or is it just me that finds that irritating....
  14. May I join the Broken Bones club? After years of climbing and trekking in Scotland, the Alps, Iceland, Norway, Svalbard, New Zealand... I tripped over my own walking pole on a horizontal path alongside Ullswater in the Lake District. Unfortunately a rock broke my fall - and my upper arm. As others have said, it took about 6 weeks to heal (just a sling, no cast). As it improved I was sent for physio one day a week for about a month and was given exercises to do at home. One was simply stretching the arms up against a door until it got painful then marking the height to watch pro
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