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  1. Ahh.. the Galmisdale Café and Bar. Three pints of the local brew after a day on the hill and with an empty stomach - our stroll back to the camping area was a somewhat erratic affair...! Thanks Don, much appreciated.
  2. This may be of interest.... https://www.photools.com/community/index.php?topic=6841.msg47262#msg47262
  3. Well, nothing to settle really - it was just a light-hearted post after a few drinks last night. He isn't interested in photography, doesn't carry a camera except on his phone which I've hardly ever seen him use. I've promised him a pint or two if the picture sells though..😊
  4. The other day, whilst stood on the top of the highest summit of the Coullin Mountains on the Isle of Skye, there occured an event which happens perhaps only once every hundred years or so - I asked my companion to take a photograph of me. On the way down, having successfully negotiated the delights of the Great Stone Shoot, the aforementioned companion (otherwise known as Self Perambulating Mobile Foreground Interest) and I got into a philosophical discussion about copyright. In short - if I hand my camera to another person in order for him/her to take a photograph of me, who owns the copyright? Obviously I argued that the copyright belong to me, the main rationale being..... 'cos it's my camera, innit. He countered with the analogy that if I lent him a typwriter and he produced a literary masterpiece with it I could hardly claim copyright just because it was produced on my typewriter. Discuss... if you've really got nothing better to do.
  5. I broke my left arm a few years ago and I'm left-handed. I tried to use the mouse with my right hand but it was a hopeless task, however I bought a tracker ball mouse and this was much easier to use with my 'wrong' hand. I would recommend one if you are in the same position. I still use the tracker ball occasionally when I'm using a graphics tablet - saves having to put the pen down when I want to whizz the cursor over to the second monitor. I was recommended by several people (one a nurse) to take a calcium tablet per day - it's supposed to help heal the bones. Of course, whether it made any difference or not I'll never know but it certainly did no harm.
  6. I've just taken delivery of this Powerextra kit - two batteries and a double USB charger for £24.99. It seems to have mostly good reviews and for 25 quid it seemed worth a punt - certainly the charger will be handy in the campervan. Off to Scotland soon so I'll report on them when I get back. EN-EL15 Powerextra 2 x batteries and Charger with LCD Display
  7. Thanks Bryan. From a 35mm transparency taken on the 31st Dec 2004 and it's the first time it's sold. An example of why I never cull 'non-sellers'. And I've still got that hat...
  8. I thought I'd missed the boat - the March issue is now on the shelves and I couldn't find the February issue. However, I was able to download a digital version from Pocketmags (£3.99) .... https://pocketmags.com/digital-camera-world-magazine/february-2019 Incidentally, and pedantically, the magazine is actually Digital Camera World... BTW - the March edition is offering a free copy of Filter Forge 7. No, I'd never heard of it either..... https://www.filterforge.com/features/
  9. Thanks Bryan. Also used on their twitter feed, sadly illustrating an article about the two climbers who died on Ben Hope a few days ago. Top class climbers apparently, one of them a former president of the Scottish Mountaineering Club.
  10. Under Filters.... 'Attributes' - scroll down the list, 2nd from the bottom.
  11. I clicked the 'Send me my data' button about three hours ago and when I checked just now it was already available for download - brilliant. Just to be a little pedantic - it generates a CSV file, not a spreadsheet as such. Which is actually better for me as I want to import the data into IMatch.
  12. In science a theory is not "only a theory"...... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_theory
  13. Yes, I read your post but I thought I would mention it again to emphasise the point...
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