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  1. Just had this pop up, Newcastle high street
  2. Help with fungi ID please!

    Thanks, will remember that when I do my caption and tags
  3. Help with fungi ID please!

    Thanks all Foot was to give sense of scale!
  4. Help with fungi ID please!

    Could really do with some help with identifying this huge fungi!
  5. Help with fungi ID please!

    Could really do with some help with identifying this huge fungi!
  6. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    Had my first live new image used last week and yes it was weather, storm Ali
  7. Storm Ali Alnwick Northumberland 19 Sept sold to two daily papers
  8. Live news

    Just tried to upload my first live news image but it it keeps bouncing back i am being asked for things i really do not understand! like they want me to put title caption in the IPTC no idea what it means or where to put it! any help greatly received, shame really it was a great image of damaged caused in storm Ali
  9. Poppies weeping window

    Thanks all, think I will just keep them for PU! as nice as they were.
  10. Poppies weeping window

    Just been to see the weeping window poppies display as part of its UK tour at Middleport Pottery Stoke on Trent, taken a few usable photos but not quite sure where I stand legally,signs up to say no commercial photography but no admission charge was made so not sure if that is enforceable, Any views would be welcome.
  11. What daily papers report on Speedway?

    Boston new hamond beck road! been their many times on a Sunday afternoon also used to work with one of their riders Stuart Cope about 1976
  12. What daily papers report on Speedway?

    Shame about the sport of Speedway going the way it has, crowds of a few hundred theses day for a domestic league meeting, I was a huge Speedway fan/ failed rider in the 1970s when crowds of 5-10000 were common, the GPs still attract up to 50,000 but that is just a dozen meetings a year throughout Europe.
  13. Selling other people's photos – ?

    I have always understood that the owner of a slide effectively owns the copyright so if you are given or purchase slides you are by nature buying the original, different situation altogether with a print you would only be buying a copy. how could anyone possibly prove copyright if you own the original?