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  1. I have just downloaded 400 raw images from my Sony rx 100 m1 to my mini mac, the thumbnails all show fine and the image opens in preview but when I try to open the file in adobe raw I get the message that it is not supported really do not understand what is going on! worse still I have deleted the images from my card.
  2. Big mistake Bryan, Just had three glorious weeks in our touring caravan in the mountains of south east Spain, some chilly mornings but most days mid 20s and no rain.
  3. My wife will never understand why I always pack her a nice red sun dress for our holidays!
  4. When you do a search on Alamy to find a little covered destination before booking your holidays.
  5. Thanks for that find SShep, think my mate has that, will beg it off him!
  6. I had a $1.27 sale today as well, but yesterday I had a PU sale for $50.00!
  7. I recently had a search for a medieval woman, it through up my wife on a medieval bridge, tags included woman and bridge ,I was not popular!
  8. I have made a set up with the small £5 circular led light from B and Q all works well with no banding at all, it is mighty bright allowing f8 at around 1 /250 with iso 200
  9. Just a quick poll, since going exclusive my zooms and sales seem to have come to a standstill just wondered if this is being seen generally, can anyone out there report good sales or at least normal since going exclusive. Conversely if you opted for 40% have your sales increased.
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