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  1. Putting this on here for the record... One of mine: https://nova.rs/zena/lepota/koliko-mesecno-kosta-biti-zena-u-srbiji/ Phil
  2. Slow for Views, sales are ok'ish, 4 that were published last June finally reported(Spanish distro sales!), + 3 others... So I'm kind of on target for an average month. Phil
  3. Would make a good studio for Irving Penn...😁 https://pin.it/2rYl0na Phil
  4. https://goo.gl/maps/tDtc6GtQKwECHtuB8 Maybe??? Phil
  5. I had a 500c with two 120 backs, 80mm and 150mm lens which I sold about 10 years ago for 700euros!!! Just the other day I saw a 500c body and one 120 back on sale for 600euros!!! 🤔 Phil
  6. I got some originals back from them about a year before they were taken over by sh!!!!!stock by emailing my then contact asking to close my account and instructing them to send all my trannies by mail which they did. I cannot imagine it would be so easy now, but you could start by sending them a mail saying this is what you want and then follow up depending on response, or, lack of! HTH Phil
  7. This is the scariest photo I reckon... https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/gallery/2021/jan/06/trump-mob-storm-us-capitol-in-pictures#img-27 Phil
  8. These images "The Face of Covid in Peru" all taken with a Camera Minutero! A technique that involves making the photo on paper, which is the negative, developing it inside the camera, then copying it immediately with the same box camera to make a positive. https://elpais.com/elpais/2021/01/05/album/1609882485_225918.html?fbclid=IwAR0aEdXNJXH2tX7Ull-YehUqHgefLZgMCi8tt2C_V_THa00aFm23ii1LhT4#foto_gal_10 Phil
  9. 2nd best year in volume; 5th best in gross. Average $26.90 4 refunds... 2 of which were re-billed at same $ Added 3809 images Still waiting on at least 5 Sales from June to be reported(Another e mail to chase going on Monday!) Probably better than I feared it could have been. Phil
  10. This sold twice!!! At Ryanairs prices it just paid for the coffee on the plane😁 Phil
  11. During lockdown here I was getting seven weeks to the gallon, most economical car I ever owned😂 Phil
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/gallery/2020/dec/24/nature-photographer-of-the-year-2020-the-winners?CMP=twt_a-environment_b-gdneco&fbclid=IwAR2YKl_oSKJSGMgSIy8stJAcyUbtkA_Oiw7G74Pguug8kTirOv0LGex94I8 Enjoy...😊 Phil
  13. Mine are all up to date now including uploads from the 21st Phil
  14. Not quite there yet!!!! Uploaded 36 images yesterday, all KW, captioned etc... Only 18 appear on the main search today....Hopefully the other 18 will arrive in the next update. Phil
  15. Here in Spain the minimum is 50% of the Maximum, unless traffic conditions dictate otherwise. But it's rarely a problem as the default option here is to get in front of you at all costs, too often fatal costs 😪. Phil
  16. There is something seriously amiss when so much is being lost to unreported sales...And for someone who lives in a location where it is extremely difficult to search for usages I am sure that I've lost potential earnings that I'll never know about
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