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  1. Never seen anything like that and I also have some 30+ year old negs which are ok. Harry's link looks like it might be the answer... I'd have a go at some of the suggestions made for cleaning on a less important neg and if successful carry on with the rest. Phil
  2. This would be appropriate in the contract thread...😁 Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Magazines and books ; Start: 14-June-2021 ; End: 14-June-2026 ; Additional Details: Use in a magazine or book (print and/or digital), inside use, 2,500 circulation, worldwide for 5 years (excludes advertising). Mid$$ Phil
  3. That pretty much sums up my thoughts & feelings right now... I'll be deleting some images and placing restrictions on others. I'll probably still put some new images on but I'll not be going out of my way to shoot stock. The reducing returns and obvious lack of care by the new management give me little incentive to put more than the minimum effort in. Phil
  4. Cheers MDM... I'd forgotten about that bit... Seem to recall that after the last debacle with commission/contract changes some people who deleted their account did report in A.N.Other place that they'd had re-licenses but that it could only happen for 2 years after deletion. Phil
  5. It would seem that there could be many 1000's of such e mails going out as some contributors leave completely and others delete selected images... Would be interesting to know how this affects images which are left on the site but have added restrictions? What happens if a client wishes to extend licensing and/or re-use a particular image only to find it is no longer available for the required use? How many times can you shoot yourself in the foot before there are no feet left to shoot🤔 Phil
  6. Thing is most other agencies that pay 50/50 and get good prices want RM and exclusive... Phil
  7. This is pretty much where I'm at just now, plus I may look at deleting some images and restricting others. I've already started to look at distribution and unticked those who have been persistent low $ fees. It's a further step on the road to killing the stock industry and I'll be surprised if Alamy and the other large general agencies are still in business in 10 years time... Phil
  8. However by saying there is property and no release that automatically takes it out of Commercial uses... Then it is up to the end user to verify that they can use it for whatever purpose they have in mind... At least that is my understanding(notalawyer.com!) Phil
  9. Ok so lets say I've been to a paid venue and see no conditions restricting photography but later the venue issue a claim against a usage; if I have said that there is property and I don't have a release, am I not covered? Phil
  10. So someone who makes a mistake in ticking or not ticking a box is then liable... including people who don't speak English very well! Phil
  11. Indeed claiming Copyright in an image where you don't own it would leave you open to charges of fraud, (I would think, notalawyer.com!) Phil
  12. Thanks... However I would expect that you would have to have lied deliberately in order for that to be enforced. Phil
  13. For some reason my question was removed...? Can anyone explain how a clause can be enforced after the termination of the contract??? Makes no sense to me. Phil
  14. A mid $$ for Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Book, print and/or e-bookPrint run: up to 100,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1 pageStart: 07 June 2021End: 07 June 2031Editorial use in retail books One of those images that I never really expected to license 🤪 Phil
  15. Good point! I also just opted out of Germany as I've a fair few low ballers there too, and I believe Alamy have a German site so maybe(!!!) they'll do better direct, at least I'll get a better share.
  16. Very true...But for me I am tired of these ridiculous low fees and then for my share to be reduced even further is no longer worthwhile... Phil
  17. I also have had too many of these so have opted out of the Spanish distributor. Phil
  18. Two rubbish fees via Spanish distributor...Will be opting out of that one also! Phil
  19. So into June with a tiddley amount for these tiddlers...In house for Bauermedia! When I worked in London they used to pay me 250+expenses for a couple of hours and 1 B&W print back in the 1990's😬 Phil
  20. 16 for $317. Could do better 🤔 Should be a lot more $ for the uses. Phil
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