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  1. Thanks...Saw that one ok! It's in Yachting Monthly that I don't recognise any of mine. Phil
  2. Thanks again Ian...Still don't recognise any of my images there! Phil
  3. Many thanks... Practical Boat Owner not yet reported... Do you think you could forward a copy of the screenshot to me at phil(at)philcrean.com please. Yachting Monthly & German mag...none of my photos on those screenshots? Could credit refer to an adjoining page? Phil
  4. OK... I never do that... hate sites that make you give payment details for a free trial...😬 Phil
  5. @geogphotos Have you set up an account? When I go to All Magazines the options down the left side on your Search thingy don't appear!! Phil
  6. How did you search? The only search box I can see only allows to search by Magazine title, and searchs by photographer or alamy brought up nothing! I found ISBN numbers before by googling magazine name and ISBN Phil
  7. 1 Don't know. 2 Tried searching Alamy but the search function only seems to work with magazine titles... How are you seeing Alamy uses? 3 Mirror, Express, Independent...Yes. Evening Standard..don't know. Phil
  8. From a recent trip to Mayo in the west of Ireland... I don't know how long it would survive out of water but wasn't tempted to pick it up🤨 Phil
  9. We're doing ok here as far as safe goes! Covid figures are going down again...Now just need to get the tourist figures up a bit. Economy is taking a beating and unemployment is pretty bad. All my private commissioned work has dried up, but fortunately a few direct sales, Alamy and the OH pension is keeping us on the go. Phil
  10. Also known as Stand up paddle, SUP, Phil
  11. Oranges on a stick... Another Cuban orange car...! Orange prickly pear flowers... Phil
  12. Not to mention Sean D'Olier who became an electrician, and Rick O' Shea the famous marksman... Phil
  13. A fair few Alamy images in this: https://theculturetrip.com/pacific/new-zealand/articles/20-must-visit-attractions-in-new-zealand/ Phil
  14. September continues downwards....🤨 6 sales, well below average with fees all below 45$... Hoping the winter season brings a bit of an upturn. Phil
  15. Broken sign... Broken bread... Vintage broken... Phil
  16. I once had an issue with a WD power supply that caused connection problems, so might be worth checking that also Phil
  17. Average number of sales; 11 Some abysmal fees, worst ever for 7 of them, obviously a bulk deal exacerbated by them being distributor so netted 0.99¢ each. Totally unnecessary for Alamy to be condoning such crap fees. Rest ok'ish. Phil
  18. Trousers can also be used for covering your ass🤪🤣 Phil
  19. Must admit I do regret selling my 1960's 500C, and 150 lens. Made some beautiful portraits with that combo.... So if I could get that again and a digital back that would be on my wishlist. And for 35mm a Leica M6 with a couple of lenses, and if it really is money no object I'd have the M10 R. Phil
  20. Short and direct as always! I do also think that Magnum has lost its way. Phil
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