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  1. Just checked sale again and they've appeared as 2 new sales at double the amount!!! Will they all stick?
  2. Haven't put any in here for a while, but these 2 dropped in today and I'm pleased to see them licensed from my archival stuff... Both are BTS at concert stage building, 1st at the old Wembley stadium in London; 2nd at the Waldbhuene auditorium in Berlin; both show installation of crowd control barriers in front of the stages in the early 90's. Scanned from 35mm B&W negs. Sold for lowish $$, I think to the same client for web, app, social media usages. Phil
  3. I'm working with at least a half dozen at the moment! Think I'm addicted to them 不不 Phil
  4. First is a vintage trannie scan, shot in the fruit market area of Dublin in the mid 80"s Another vintage 80's scan from B&W neg. Newspaper vendor on Henry St in Dublin And one from 1994, itinerant seller in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 35mm trannie scan. Phil
  5. Yeah, me too! But there's a hell of a lot of shades of green to choose from! They just choose one of the most nauseous亢 Phil
  6. That fluorescent green is horrendous; spoils an otherwise good redesign. Phil
  7. Opting out, or, being able to set a minimum licence fee which we individually are prepared to accept would be the answer for me. However for Alamy that won't work as they would then loose a large pool of images that could be offered to these clients! Phil
  8. One of the things that James mentioned during our conversation at the NEC show was that there are a number of clients who are using literally 1000's of images every month so they have an enormous bargaining power. They go to all the agencies and ask for bids for their business and then decide on who to go with. This works fine for the agencies concerned but means that the photographers get buggerall. I don't have any idea what the answer to this dilemma might possibly be as Alamy et al will not turn away such high volume business. Phil
  9. And on facebook we can speak freely without the childish restrictions being administered here... Phil
  10. Indeed, if instead of the childish reaction they are having to forum members they were to actually engage and join in the conversations it would benefit everyone. I know this is possible as I had a long and interesting chat with James at the photography show... Phil
  11. Had a message chat with Andy last night and he has moved on due to the childish behaviour(my words!) of the forum controller. It seems that they don't want the slightest critique of how Alamy/PA are conducting their business and want the forum to be a bland place, sadly I think this will see more leavers...maybe that's what they want! Phil
  12. +100% Wedding photography is probably one of the most all encompassing genres I can think of, everything from still life to portrait to candid and throw in crowd management for fun! Anyone who looks down on wedding photographers just does not understand the skills involved. As for back to front lens hoods...eejits! Phil
  13. I think we should have a competition to see who has the most...I got my first yesterday. 不 It is totally pathetic, are we not adults here? Phil
  14. You've just reminded me that I was banned from the compulsory choir class at one school I attended. I was told that I should spend that period in the library不 Phil
  15. Worst for longer than I can remember....volume way down and not a sale over single $ Only positive is lots of cleared funds including the large sale from a few months ago so nice payout to look forward to! Phil
  16. Love the full moon light on the landscape! I do get out into the Teide national park on some full moons, must do more!!! Phil
  17. Yes! A good sum! More than double previous years thanks to some time spent searching out publications and collecting ISBN/ISSN numbers. At least I assume that's why!!! Phil
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