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  1. I've had the same thing the past two months, Betty. It's bad enough with what is happening with our commissions being cut, but now they're taking money away. . . and for what??
  2. OK, I missed that, so much to try to follow here lately! Thanks for the link!!
  3. Has there been any response from @Alamy about these liability concerns, or have they said when they will do so?
  4. My first red arrow, for questioning what will happen with the stockimo commission?? Ok, whatever, really hard to care now.
  5. @AlamyI'd also like to know what the plan is with Stockimo commissions - nothing was mentioned about that in the blog post. I started with Stockimo as an Alamy contributor at the 50% commission rate and have over 3,500 photos listed there so I'd really like to know what to expect. (and yes I am aware that we're not supposed to discuss Stockimo here, but there's no other place to discuss it, and you did ask us to present our questions here. . .) And I guess further I'd add that it would be nice to have a forum in which it IS ok for Stockimo contributors to discuss their experiences!
  6. @Alamy In the spirit of your wish to be transparent (per your blog post), can you please tell us how many contributors actually qualify for that platinum level (selling 25k per year)? So far no one on the forum has come forward to say they qualify, and some whom we know of as being big sellers, or having a very large number of images, aren't even coming close to that number. No matter how I look at it, this new system seems designed to keep people in the lower tiers, which is truly disheartening. It's knocked the wind completely out of my sails. I'm only one person, one cog in the machine, so
  7. If you're not there with over 65,000 images it's hard to imagine that anyone is!
  8. Alamy - where is the loyalty to your photographers, especially to those of us who have been with you, and loyal to you, for a long time? To those of us who are providing you with exclusive content year after year? Every year there are fewer and fewer incentives to continue the hard work that goes into being a stock photographer. Every year we see our work being sold for lower and lower prices. I stopped being surprised by these contract changes a long time ago. Why not put the effort into motivating and providing incentives to us to keep at it, rather than slowly beating us down like this?
  9. Betty, I can relate!! I was just in Minnesota and encountered black flies while hiking - they were awful! I was with a friend whom they didn't bother at all, but they swarmed me and now I'm covered in huge itchy bumps. It's been 4 days and the bites aren't much better 😩
  10. 12 for $393 gross. An otherwise weak month was saved by one $$$ license for television.
  11. Great photo!! I have a question. . . I have some cool old family photos but wasn't sure about the legalities of uploading, since I don't hold the copyright/wasn't the photographer. I've looked up info online but it gets very confusing. Can you help me understand guidelines or direct me to a link, if you have the time? Thanks!
  12. I always appreciate any information that helps with increasing sales, such as trends, what customers are asking for, and things like keywording help to get ones photos seen in the first place (which helps with with sales). I also have enjoyed the posts about contributors who have passed big milestones (ie: 100k) and would like to see more of those. Thanks!
  13. Kay, I messaged you back - thank you so much!! πŸ™‚
  14. Hi Richard, can you tell me in what context the photo was used? I can't get see the show here in the US and am so curious. Thanks!
  15. Stephen (or anyone who is able to help), wondering if you can tell me the context in which the photo was used, that way I can search for a clip online on youtube or social media, since we're not able to view the full show here in the US. Thank you!
  16. Wow, thanks for letting me know! I can't seem to find any way to see the show here in the US unfortunately, but will keep trying.
  17. Yeah! Just wish I knew where it would be shown, would be fun to see how it's used.
  18. Was happy to wake to a nice sale this morning - $$$ for television usage. A self-portrait taken on the shore of Lake Superior πŸ₯ΆπŸ˜„
  19. My experience with them has been weird and turned me off of pursuing using their service. I uploaded 1,000 images, as the limit was 1,000. I then sent the proper form requesting permission to upload more. It was all stated to be free, one only needed to send a request. Nothing happened so I eventually sent a follow up email, again requesting to increase the number of images uploaded, and got nothing. A few days later I received an email stating that I'd have to pay a monthly fee to upload more. So it has definitely changed and is no longer free. Also, while doing my initial upload I had a ques
  20. 13 days into the month and even with over 17,000 images here I've had only 1 sale, netting a little over a dollar ☹️ Sure hope the second half of the month goes better, but seeing the trends reported here has really taken the wind out of my sails.
  21. Is it possible that Getty acquired it just to ultimately shut it down?
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