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  1. It wasn't looking good, but then a sale dropped in on the last day of the month for $225, thankfully. Ended the month with 11 sales - $442.
  2. Thanks for this Michael. I feel the same way. I love having this awesome group of talented photographers to ask for advice, and bounce ideas off of. It's sad when politics get in the way of all of us just supporting each other. We're all challenged enough as it is, both with the general state of the world and in this industry in particular. Let's be here to help each other, regardless of whether we agree politically or not.
  3. Just to clarify: it was a peaceful protest during the day. Thanks for all of your insight and feedback. Even though the protest was only 3 days ago, I wouldn't dare go out and try it again, as things have become so much more volatile since then.
  4. I agree, and I never photograph anyone who expresses that they don't want to be photographed. In this instance, I wasn't even photographing her, I was photographing a group of people on a roof, from a distance. I just happened to be standing near her. I feel like I'm very respectful when shooting, the last thing I want to do is make anyone uncomfortable, that's just not my style.
  5. Thanks everyone for your feedback - I feel better now. Upon reflecting I do think it was an isolated incident with this one person who seemed to need to call people out for making her feel unsafe. The irony is that with all the tension and violence happening here in the US currently, a photographer doing her job at a protest is probably not high on the list of things that she needed to feel unsafe about!
  6. Thanks. The man taking photos that she also called out told her if she didn't like it she shouldn't be in a public place. It's not my style to be confrontational, and I don't have a very thick skin for these kinds of things. Maybe I should stick to other subjects 😬
  7. I was photographing a protest today when a young woman told me to stop taking pictures. I asked her why and she responded that I was making her feel unsafe, and that I was making everyone feel unsafe. I said "this is my job" to which she replied "I don't care, you should know better". She then turned to a man behind her who was also taking photos and told him he should stop, too, that he was also making everyone feel unsafe. I was honestly confused. I don't photograph a lot of protests, but I have from time to time, and there are always other photographers there doing the same thing. This is the first time anyone has told me I was doing something wrong. I feel confident that I wasn't breaking any laws - I never photograph children without permission of the parents - and everything was happening on public property. I wasn't even photographing HER, I was getting some shots of people standing on a nearby roof. My question, is this "a thing" - I mean is it somehow morally or ethically wrong to photograph people at protests? I could use some input from anyone with more experience or insight. It made me feel terrible 😔 Thanks!
  8. Only 3 sales so far this month so far, and zooms are way down 😞
  9. I would love suggestions (if anyone has them) for adding keywords to older images to make them more relevant currently. For example, for photos of people alone I've added "self-isolation", "self-isolating" etc. And pictures of people standing far apart I've added "social distancing" Any other ideas? And I apologize if this has already been brought up and I missed it. It's a long thread and I skipped over parts of it 😬
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