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  1. The website issues have been really frustrating for the past week or two. Today has been particularly bad with AIM and searches not working, and this evening I can't upload anything.
  2. Anyone else having trouble with searching their own images in AIM? Mine keeps either timing out, or coming up with either zero or only partial results when searching keywords that should bring up lots of results. This just started today (for me).
  3. 12 for $182 gross. This month also brought a PU refund 😞 and a book cover sale for such a low amount (barely $$) that I emailed member services to see if it was a mistake. Sadly, it wasn't and it stung - never had a book cover sell for so little.
  4. Thanks Betty - I didn't cry but it was really hard! I got through it because I was fiercely determined to not be taken advantage of. I was just astounded though at how they treated me - and it's one of the bigger publishers, you would definitely recognize their name. They knew better. Also, it tainted what was otherwise a really cool experience of having a photo I was so proud of on the cover of a very popular book.
  5. That article reminded me of something that happened to me about 20 years ago. A publisher used one of my photos without my knowledge or permission for a book cover, not just any book, but a very popular book (they did a run of over 1 million copies). When I found out about it I contacted the publisher and they tried every angle they could to not pay me. Every time I called they had me talk to a different, more horrible person. One of them even straight up said that they believed they didn't owe me anything. It was only when I started to threaten to come at them with the help of a lawyer that
  6. UK newspaper usage for mid $$. This photo has been (surprisingly) one of my top sellers, you just never know!
  7. I also love Seek and use it a lot in pretty much the same way - getting the photo first and worrying about ID'ing later, double-checking with google, etc. When I first got the App I think it only ID'd plants, so I forget sometimes to use it for insects and other things. Cool moth shot!
  8. Thanks Michael! I also used to right click but that no longer works. I appreciate your help
  9. Also, I seem to not be able to copy the image link the way I used to - could someone explain how to copy it with the Alamy watermark? Thank you!
  10. September starting off better than August with this one for high $$
  11. Michael and John, I'm sorry to hear that you're also having a rough month. Really hoping for better news for all of us soon.
  12. I try to be optimistic, but it's been two weeks without a sale for me and this is really rare. I have over 15,000 images here and over 3,000 on the partner iphone pic site S******o, but. . . crickets. I'm open to an end of the month rush of sales (please!) 🤞
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