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  1. I'd also be very interested in a Stockimo forum. I've been a contributor from the start and have had some good sales there. Ditto what Lisa said about their Twitter account (and same goes for their Instagram account).
  2. Yes, surprising, they used to delete anything Stockimo related really quickly. I've never understood that, actually, seems it would be a good thing to allow us to help each other in all things Alamy related. Anyway, as long as this thread is still here, just curious if you've actually tried to upload a news image thru Stockimo recently? That button/option disappeared from my app a while back.
  3. I had two of those .17 cent sales last week (net .07 cents). I'm wondering if anyone has had any positive experiences with novel use sales (ie: is it worth staying opted in despite these occasional tiny sales?)
  4. I find a lot of Alamy pics on the gardeningetc.com website, including a couple of mine recently. Does anyone know how much these pay? I'm guessing not much?
  5. Congratulations!!! Those are the sales we dream of. I had a 4 digit sale 5 years ago and what a thrill!
  6. A very disappointing month - 8 sales for $147 gross, $59 net.
  7. I'm really hoping the end of the month brings some sales because (for me anyway)it's been slow and I'm seeing a lot more of those really low fees than ever before. I'll echo Michael in saying that it is reassuring to hear that others are having a good month, however.
  8. Only $, for Prospect Magazine (I was surprised they included that info in the details!) I'm in Oregon and have a bunch of images of the smoke from last year's horrific wildfires. It's not the kind of thing I normally shoot, but there was no way I couldn't, it hung around our area for 10 days, thick and orange.
  9. Slow, disappointing month - 9 for $208 gross, only $85 net 😢
  10. I've had the same thing the past two months, Betty. It's bad enough with what is happening with our commissions being cut, but now they're taking money away. . . and for what??
  11. OK, I missed that, so much to try to follow here lately! Thanks for the link!!
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