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  1. Only once before. . . looks like I'm going to need to report the others. Thanks for your help!
  2. Follow up: When I go to my sales history I can't find a link to download to Excel. And if I go to Measures and try to put in dates for my sales which date back to 2010, it seems to just freeze - nothing happens. Any advice on how to download my sales history to Excel? Thank you!
  3. I just did a reverse image search on a photo that sold today, and discovered that it was also used twice previously in other publications over the past few years. I'm not sure if those other sales were reported, and am wondering. . . rather than go through pages and pages of my known sales history, is there a way to find the sales history of just an individual image? Thank you!
  4. Not true in my case - I'm in the US and the past two months have been a couple of my worst ever
  5. Thanks for the input/advice! I'm interested to try this route and see how it goes, since I can no longer submit news.
  6. When submitting via the reportage route, do the headlines and captions need to be included in each image file (like in news submissions) or can they be added afterward in AIM? Thanks!
  7. Thanks John, that is helpful actually. It's a good reminder for me that where I live is "travel" for someone else, and to look at/shoot from that perspective.
  8. Hi John, curious what types of images/subjects are big sellers for you? Thanks!
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