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  1. Best year for volume, and second best year for revenue (only 2017 was better and that's because I had a $$$$ sale that year). 😊
  2. I have a batch from the 30th that is stuck in QC, but the one I uploaded last night went thru instantly 🤷‍♀️
  3. Do you think that could happen here? I recently noticed in AIM that when choosing between RM and RF, it says after RF "(Recommended)". I'd never noticed that before, and don't really understand why RF would be recommended.
  4. Worst month in years. 3 sales for $39 gross. It's really taken the wind out of my sails - I've been working so hard. 😞
  5. KHA, I love that you have brought up this subject! I'm also very concerned with the ways animals are mistreated and exploited. I photograph at zoos, fairs, and anywhere that animals are kept, and trty to capture the whole spectrum of treatment they are receiving. I use several approaches. 1) I will highlight the way an animal is being mistreated, such as the spectacle of a farm animal giving birth in front of a throng of gawking people at a fair, with no shelter or place to feel safe or secure from the crowds; or the hypocrisy of miserable pigs in gestation crates underneath a sign that reads "We love our pigs!!"; or focus in on the sharp hook that a fair kid is holding to keep her cow in line; 2) I try to photograph animals in a way that they are truly seen as creatures with their own rich lives, despite their circumstances; and 3) I photograph at animal sanctuaries as often as possible to show how it can be for an animal that is happy and well cared for. It's also a great antidote to the unhappiness that comes from photographing exploited animals. I think that we do need photos of animals in all types of situations and that if done with care which you obviously have, these photos can be very useful. PS. thanks for bringing up this topic, one I would love to see more of here in this forum and elsewhere
  6. Only one sale in the past 3 months to the US - almost all others are "worldwide"
  7. Only once before. . . looks like I'm going to need to report the others. Thanks for your help!
  8. Follow up: When I go to my sales history I can't find a link to download to Excel. And if I go to Measures and try to put in dates for my sales which date back to 2010, it seems to just freeze - nothing happens. Any advice on how to download my sales history to Excel? Thank you!
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