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  1. Aren't they whatever you ordered? 😀
  2. It's not that Alamy "doesn't like" mountain landscapes, it's just that there are comparatively few buyers out there for a lot of landscape pix. Over the years I've been submitting to Alamy, I've enjoyed learning about what sells, and what doesn't. Landscapes that sell for me are typically those which show a use - or misuse - of the landscape... maybe reflecting a current news story (rewilding, habitat destruction, farming practices, hunting, access to the countryside, etc). So I try to add these extra elements to pix (and reflect them in tags and captions), as well as trying to have some pix with people in them... and some without...
  3. A colourful collection... but take care with tags and captions. Be more literal (ie less poetic) in captions. On the pictures I looked at there's no 'America' or 'United States' or 'USA' or 'American', etc. Birds and plants need Latin names too. The colours certainly 'pop', though some of your more extreme graphics (B7AF2A, R093EM, for example) may be pushed too far for stock. Good luck...
  4. Glad to hear you got your priorities right. 😕
  5. Indeed so... but it's one of the 'black arts', without one accepted set of rules. Those who are thinking about tags and relevance are 'ahead of the game', IMO, when compared to those photographers whose tags are wrong, or spammed, or incoherence, or all the same...
  6. Andy was just suggesting, I think, that we might reserve judgement until all the evidence is in...
  7. Also consider that posting in this thread doesn't add a brass farthing to any contributor's bank account!
  8. Yes, lovely pix (and so very different to the stuff I shoot). Ideas about keywords and tags… What Americans call ‘candy’, we Brits call ‘sweets’. Use ‘loaf’ as well as ‘bread’. Your pix conjure up emotions, so maybe add more conceptual tags, such as wistful, nostaligc, nostalgia, memory, memories, regret, yearning, souvenir, etc…
  9. Attempting to see 'patterns', especially in a small portfolio, is not easy. I have 22,000 pix here at Alamy, and I have peaks and troughs in sales. I have 'droughts', when days go by without a sale, then a sudden glut. I generally get an end-of-month surge... but not always. I take note of what sells (it may influence the kind of subjects to shoot more of), yet I have no clue about which pictures will sell next. Pattern... what pattern?
  10. The NT likes to style itself as a custodian of our heritage, yet too often behaves in a high-handed manner worthy of a Victorian mill-owner...
  11. I would love to test the NT's arrogance in a court of law, but don't have the $$$ to do so...
  12. The bear deterrent works. No bears sighted in Yorkshire for quite some time...
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