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  1. I'm even worse... keywording as I press the shutter...
  2. I love to be out in the wilds, watching light chasing shadow, and shadow chasing light, across the upland landscapes of the northern counties. But now that I’m old and knackered, I’m more likely to be shooting pubs, villages and street scenes: the built environment. I still enjoy downloading the pix and seeing if they measure up to what I saw when I pressed the shutter. If that enjoyment went, I’d be worried. PP is minimal, but every shot gets individual attention. Tagging can get tedious, but I tell myself that this represents the difference between making regular sale
  3. Take care, Paulette. That bear is negotiating its own image rights now...
  4. Oof... My point was simply that Alamy's way of reporting sales (and the occasional refund) is transparent, not opaque.
  5. Alamy's sales reports aren't "opaque". You can see what the buyer paid, Alamy's cut, and what is due to you. Not sure why it should be "stressful"...
  6. Honestly, no one else knows either! General advice: ignore... 😎
  7. The Iwo Jima image was already iconic - as a photograph - long before there were any plans to transform a 2-D image into a 3-D artwork. The starting point for many subjects, these days, will be a photograph (or a series of photographs), though the photos are unlikely to be famous in their own right. The modern way with statues is to make them less formal, to remove the figures from their plinths and columns and horses, so that people can interact with them (and, of course, to record the moment with their cameras and phones). So sculptures which started out as photos end up as photo
  8. One of the very few sculptures that began life as a photograph...
  9. If you need help with a zip, Edo, you're on your own...
  10. Fairytale of New York is the only Christmas song I can listen to... and can listen to it any time. And it always brings a tear to the eye. A whole story in a three-minute song. Kirsty MacColl and Shane MacGowan are 'in character' - and drunk! - which accounts for the feisty exchanges. Happy Christmas your arse I pray God It's our last... Well, that sums up my feelings about Christmas! Ho ho ho...
  11. Alamy like to keep a distance between clients and contributors. So, yes, too much to expect...
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