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  1. Everyday surrealism pics

    Plenty of fairies to be seen in Cottingley. They're a pest, frankly; I have to beat them away with a rolled-up newspaper...
  2. Home page image

    Indeed it does... Look... a cat... playing a piano...
  3. How was your October?

    Average month... till a good late surge...
  4. Cambridge meet up of Alamy contributors

    I used to live in South Cumbria, Keith, but now I live in a camper van, mostly to keep one step ahead of my creditors. Don't know how much interest there'd be for a local Alamy group in the area (and it's a shame that Alamy stopped contributors emailing each other)...
  5. Cambridge meet up of Alamy contributors

    Very good to meet you all this lunchtime, and chat about all things Alamy. Parked up in Royston this evening; even without make-up I’ve been mistaken for the undead - twice - and the night is yet young…
  6. Cambridge meet up of Alamy contributors

    A man after my own heart. See you noon tomorrow...
  7. Cambridge meet up of Alamy contributors

    Hi, Cambridge folk... I'm in the area, so thought to join your gathering tomorrow. Not knowing Cambridge very well, would it be best for me (and my camper van) to park near the pub... or use park and ride??
  8. Images Sold in October (one per day per contributor)

    Hay-time in the Scottish Borders...
  9. Have you Found any Alamy Photographs October

    Thanks, Bryan...
  10. Images Sold in October (one per day per contributor)

    ^^^ Love the low shooting angle!
  11. You can’t. Take photos here

    My response, in this kind of situation: "I don't care to be spoken to in that tone of voice", and carry on...
  12. Other income

  13. Me too. I'm just buying a fancy new printer... and it'll pay for that, and a ream or two of paper...
  14. Question about out of focus dancers

    Alamy seem to want out of focus pix to look deliberate, and for the effect to be apparent when viewing a thumbnail...