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  1. Thanks for spotting, Bryan. It's been quite a while since I last wandered the Lakeland fells... šŸ˜Ÿ
  2. Binge-watching Parks & Recreation is one of my lockdown pleasures, which is why I'm getting Chuck confused with Ron Swanson...
  3. When you close your eyes this evening, he's going to remove your liver...
  4. Just saw this, erm, ā€˜celebrationā€™ of our NHS key workers, and had to get a snap. Iā€™m sure they meant well, but, as my ex-wife used to tell me, ā€œthe road to hell is paved with good intentionsā€. Anyone else got pix which seem designed to terrify small childrenā€¦ as if a global pandemic wasnā€™t scary enough already?
  5. Ronald McDonald playing air guitarā€¦ A cow dressed up as Batmanā€¦ Truly, stock photography is a world of wonders! Licensed today, the Cumbrian village of Caldbeck...
  6. Does that mean you've never tried a full English breakfast pizza? You haven't lived!
  7. Hmmm... My neighbours have a dove-cot, and about a dozen snow-white pigeons... except that they've been dying off recently with some respiratory disease. The air itself is trying to kill us...
  8. Yes, repairing the front end of a pigeon is no job for an amateur...
  9. Who knows what pix will sell? This one was licensed today. Decent price too. I hope the 'neighbour issue' has been sorted out...
  10. We can all concur with that...
  11. Less... even though spring is my favourite season for shooting pix. Busy writing, though, which helps to make the lockdown feel more 'normal'...
  12. Yes, yes, yes. A lot of your pix have a 'Route 66, USA' caption... which tells pic buyers next to nothing. Go back and describe what's actually in each image (not just the word 'attraction'!). Add the name of town and state too...
  13. This is what most contributors assume. It's one of Alamy's more puzzling ideas!
  14. There's a reason why most warblers are best identified by song! It could be a sedge (not marsh) warbler, but I couldn't be sure...
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