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  1. QC can even have a beneficial effect, in raising the standards for both individual photographers and the entire collection. However, it does require snappers to 'buy into' the QC procedure. What seems draconian at first (for those who keep failing) quickly becomes routine. Those who don't understand this will either carry on grumbling... or give up...
  2. You're - obviously - mistaken. The QC humans examine some of the pix in every upload (apart from the first upload); if any pic fails, the whole upload is rejected...
  3. Now we can't PM one another, it's not so easy to point out mistakes in captions and keywords. Yes, it would be helpful - all round - if everyone could keyword accurately and appropriately, without spamming, but the fact remains that there must be millions of wrongly annotated pix in the collection, with no realistic possibility that the wrongs will be righted. It's just the way it is...
  4. I can recall a few failed batches when I first joined Alamy. The rather unforgiving 'one out, all out' QC judgement did seem rather harsh at the time. BUT... it taught me to be my own QC - a good lesson to learn - and may even have improved my picture taking...
  5. I took art A-level in Seville (long story), and, thankfully, everything was timed for early starts each morning. Seville is just about the hottest place in Europe, each summer, so you'll be needing a few cold beers...
  6. Where do you find a niche? I only know that if/when you do, you won't be keen to publicise it on the forum!
  7. The buttercross on the village green, Hallaton, Leicestershire...
  8. And my favourite photographic quote: "The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera" (Dorothea Lange)...
  9. This is my 'notepad & pencil'. Always in my pocket (or bedside table)... to record pic locations, possible keywords, shopping lists, brilliant (?) ideas, how long I have left on my parking ticket, etc. It doesn't plug into a computer; it can't go online; it never needs rebooting or "restoring to factory settings'. It just records my voice... then plays it back. As a gadget: damn near perfect! 260 × 260
  10. Stock, for me, was designed to be a supplementary income in my later years (ie now!). However, the fees I was getting 7 or 8 years ago are very different to what I'm seeing today. Has it all been worthwhile? I'd say... a qualified "yes". Would I recommend anyone to become an Alamy contributor in 2019? I'd say... a regretful "no"...
  11. ...When you see birds in the sky - not a pic - and you think about cloning them out...
  12. To get back to the forum, I had to leave a trail of breadcrumbs...
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