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    I use it to check my core competences. As long as I can recognise a fire hydrant, I feel that I have forestalled senility for another day...
  2. Have you found any Alamy images in January 2019?

    Thanks for spotting, Steve...
  3. Helloll!

    Yes, I see your point...
  4. Images sold in January

    An artfully vandalised branch of Greggs, licensed today...
  5. Helloll!

    Well, I don't know much about food photography (and you obviously do), but a few pix - such as R9YDYE and R9YRPT - would look more appetising, and presumably more saleable, if the dishes looked hot. Steam rising, etc.
  6. How to set exclusive image for Alamy

  7. Helloll!

    Great food photography, very imaginative. And it must have been fun to put all those still lives together. My only criticism is that one or two of the hot dishes don't look very hot. There are lots of men with good appetites on the forum, so don't just invite Edo.
  8. Indeed so, Doc. It's better to apologise afterwards than ask permission beforehand...
  9. How was your 2018 (and December!)

    For bigger collections, Alamy will make all pix exclusive with a press of the big red button...
  10. Has the last day of the month 'surge' been and gone ?

    I need five more sales today, to beat my best year... but it looks like I'll fall short...
  11. another keywording question

    I use 'copy space' and 'copyspace' when there's a big patch of sky, etc, just waiting for a leg of text to be superimposed...
  12. Images sold in December

    ^^^ Congrats on first sale Licensed today: Keswick looking festive...
  13. Christmas closure

    Can't argue with that...
  14. Me too; it's been useful on occasions...
  15. very quiet

    Rather than, say, relentless negativity?