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  1. 'Dragging & dropping' pix into Google images is a good place to start...
  2. "God hates Trump"? Another question: why do so many people assume to know the creator's political affiliations?
  3. Feel free to reciprocate, Ian. Goole is all yours... 😂
  4. Licensed today… The moment I wandered into Camilla's Bookshop in Eastbourne, I knew I had to take some pix. Did they have the book I wanted? Probably. Did they find it? Of course not!
  5. I'd probably do both: one set of pix to show the buildings at their best... another set to show the 'bigger picture', warts and all...
  6. Hmmm... I wish I could find more comparisons between competing in Formula 1 and contributing to Alamy...
  7. Edo, for info on the 25% discount (for single occupancy), start here. Or visit your local council offices...
  8. Glad to hear you're making sense of the British way of doing things. Sort out your 'single occupancy' asap, re council tax, at your local council office, so you get the 25% discount. I don't have a TV - hurled it down the cellar steps 20 years ago - but Amazon Prime offers me the occasional film and TV series. I can watch - and re-watch - Seinfeld and Parks & recreation...
  9. Thanks Nigel & Steve. That pavement café in Oakham will soon have competition, because McDonald's have finally got permission to open a 'restaurant' in the town: the first fast-food joint in England's smallest county (for me it's only a restaurant if they provide cutlery... rather than just tipping your food on a tray)...
  10. Swings and roundabouts? Nice $$$ sale this morning 😀... then noticed it was a distributor sale 😟...
  11. Yes, Dunnock (AKA Hedge Sparrow). Sexes look alike... unless you're a Dunnock...
  12. Words of love, terms of endearment, happy family, happy families...
  13. My little village, with one pub and not a single shop, has "Main Street'...
  14. A lot of young people are unable to raise the deposit on a house. Incomes, in most lines of work, have not risen as fast as house prices. Renting, too, is expensive. A bigger percentage of income is going towards keeping a roof over their heads. And one missed mortgage payment, or job loss, or marriage break-up, is all that's required to begin a downward spiral that may end with them living on the streets...
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