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  1. Well, kind of. Personally, I wouldn't go to the expense of buying a five-year diary. I hear what you say about younger folk, Helen; maybe they're too busy raking in the millions by being an 'instagram influencer'. And if they think that the stock pic industry pays too little to those who actually create the images, who can argue with that?
  2. A shopping centre that felt more like an aquarium...
  3. Check out Jessops website. Those 'before' and 'after' pix don't inspire much confidence in their sensor-cleaning service!
  4. Well, we seem to have come to a consensus: we're a bunch of miserable old buggers who prefer to be on our own...
  5. Hi Matt... Your numbers look fine to me. The jpg format condenses the file, and when the customer opens up the image in PS, it will be full-size again. Just upload your 7mb files to Alamy (having checked for critical focus, dust-spots, etc)...
  6. Licensed today: a pint of Dizzy Blonde in a favourite pub (and somehow there seems to be a woman in the flames as well)...
  7. Definitely a wheatear (and male)...
  8. Liverpool has an important place in British social history as a place of arrivals and departures (and involvement in the slave trade). Britain is currently going through a protracted and self-inflicted trauma, re Europe, with no obvious end in sight. Our democratic traditions are being undermined (hard to contemplate in a country which has done more than most to establish democracy, the rule of law, equal rights, freedom of speech, etc). A few of us (not me…) seem to be grieving for the loss of empire, and over-estimate our importance in international affairs. So… there must be many opportunities for an outsider to dig under the surface - and the Beatles heritage business - to find telling images. The juxtaposition of wealth - those iconic buildings - and deprivation (lack of investment in a post-industrial age). You’ve arrived here at a moment of change and anxiety; take on the task of chronicling our confusion... before the civil war starts...
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