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  1. Hardknott and Wrynose Passes are the only mountain passes in Lakeland that I won’t tackle in my campervan. The idea of getting stuck on a sharp 1-in-3 bend, with the wheels spinning on loose gravel, is the stuff of nightmares. A sign from me: licenced yesterday...
  2. During the end-of-the-month surge I passed 2020's figures for both sales and revenue. Small signs for optimism, perhaps? And I've just noticed that I've passed another milestone: my 2,000th all-time pic sale. All three on the same day! 😎
  3. Add a splash of lager and make it a shandy. Live a little! 😎 Some calendar sales just dropped in - mid-$$ - including this shot of Mevagissey, a Cornish fishing village...
  4. Licenced today during the end-of-month surge (some decent prices... except for this pic). I wish I was in that pub right now, sat next to that fire, drinking that pint...
  5. Not a stock pic... just an arresting image I saw this morning...
  6. I've used that quote in my book (of course, Marcel wasn't always so succinct!)...
  7. Visiting the forum these days is like attending a wake... 🙁
  8. I paased nothing to Knuckles except for two ounces of snout...
  9. Good thing? Well, I’ve served my forum ban; I’ve been “trolling”, apparently. Nothing much to say… except “hi”… 😇
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