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  1. Thank you, Mr S. Every now and again we seem to stumble onto an image which sums up a place, or time, or mood...
  2. Worthwhile to be an Alamy contributor in 2024? Just about. Worthwhile to start contributing in 2024? Not a chance...
  3. So not just me then... My 2023 sales followed the pattern of 2022, in both total sales and $$$, so my average of zooms (down about 50%) doesn't seem to have affected sales. Still... it would be good to know why these metrics - and others - change without any obvious reason...
  4. I’m not sure whether this is good news, or bad news, or any kind of news at all… but this year’s total of pic licences, and gross income, have both exceeded last year’s totals on the same day…and that day is today…
  5. Yes, yes, yes... though the inexhaustible demand for festive imagery seems to be matched by an equally inexhaustible supply...
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