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  1. Picture quality - and variety - looks good to me. Keywording thoughts… Add ‘Canada’ to the end of every caption (and maybe ‘Canadian’ as a tag, where appropriate). If you have ‘wetland’ as a tag, add ‘wetlands’. When you have lots of ‘empty’ space in an image (ie T9A2R7 and T8496K), I’d add ‘copy space’ and ‘copyspace’ as tags. ‘Industry’, ‘industrial’ for gas plant pic. ‘Frozen’ for snowy pix. Good luck!
  2. Finally... I get some respect on this forum! 😀
  3. Blimey... you've only been here a fortnight! There is a learning curve even to do the basics, re editing, uploading, keywording, etc...
  4. Not sure I can help... but I've noticed how poorly my Nikon cameras (first D200, now 610) handle bright yellow subjects, such as a daffodil. Since I don't really photograph flowers, this has been a point of interest rather than a problem...
  5. I was pessimistic about sales in these Covid days, but sales have held up. My total for 2020 should beat previous years. But prices... that's another story!
  6. Ah, the romance of it: MacDonalds by night. One of a flurry of sales this morning...
  7. Put in a bid, Ian. This is my 'pension' we're talking about!
  8. "We don't have a budget for photography" means "everyone in the publishing process will get paid - writers, sub-editors, designers, printers - but not you"... If asked for a freebie, I ask whether the person on the phone is getting paid for his/her involvement. The conversation usually ends there...
  9. Filtering out our failures? If only we could do that in 'real life' (or is that what alcohol is for?)...
  10. First sale of the month: the old Tide Mill in Woodbridge, Suffolk. Mid $$...
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