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  1. Can anyone enlighten me? Hope so!!! The OP said that he was going on a walking Safari. If I was him I would be using hiking poles (you really need them for balance crossing streams, rocky ground, up and down hills etc) You need your hands free for the poles and not to be worrying about your camera slipping off your shoulder in the middle of a stream full of slippery rocks. The problem with a shoulder strap and a backpack is you have 2 shoulder straps on the same shoulder and that doesn't really work. Back to the Black Rabid system, as I have said you can adjust it so it is high up off your hip and against your torso it doesn't move around much like that . The OP will thank me when he's being chased by a lion and he's flying into the back of a jeep. Last week I was out walking and using hiking poles as the pole went down I heard a rattlesnake, the pole was where my foot was going to go. Happy ending!!!!!!
  2. I spend a lot of time hiking with backpacks and cameras, this is what I use with a canon 100-400 . It can be adjusted to get the camera off your hip and onto your chest if that's what you want . Now!!!! here's the cute little trick I use . When you want to take the backpack on or off unclip the lower clip and clip it onto the same top D ring this puts both clips on the same side so you can remove the backpack without removing the camera . I don't think you will find a better system if you are going to carry cameras long distances . Cheers and Gone Shergar
  3. Been married for over 30yrs Mrs Shergar would be delighted to see me disappearing into the snow for the weekend.
  4. thanks i had never had Abingdon show up before. Cheers and gone Shergar
  5. Interestingly my American POD had 3 image visits today from Abingdon - United Kingdom on 12/21/2018 at 08:58 AM Coincidence ?????? Cheers and gone Shergar
  6. They very well might have John , But I for one will not get fed up of hearing it! If James can figure a way to come out of all this publicity smelling of roses he just might end up having a tier one company on his hands.
  7. Kind of hard to feel part of a team that you know will score a deliberate own goal at any moment !!!!! Cheers and gone Shergar
  8. Once I started the video and saw who it was I immediately stopped it, put on clean socks, underwear and a suit before resuming the video.
  9. 2 image sales drop in on the same day, 1 for TV use $249.99 the other for personal use 9.99. Same subject different angle . 2 weeks later $249.99 TV sale refunded . Skullduggery or coincidence ? Its a long shot but does anyone know a way to search for images used in TV ? Cheers and gone Shergar
  10. I'm having a reverse surge, $250 refunded. Last thing I wanted to be saddled with. Cheers and gone Shergar
  11. 29 March 2013 $4,295.02 strange amount! I thought it was an error. I checked every day expecting it to be refunded but it ended up being paid in May. Cheers and gone Shergar.
  12. "The road to success is always under construction." Thank you, thank you ,thank you. Cheers and gone Shergar
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