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  1. It's amazing what a couple of pastys can do for you. In all seriousness it looks like they have a bunch at this price I had no problem ordering 4 just now. Not that I want 4, just checking. Shergar
  2. I just got a vi on this deal from B&H check out the open box deal $599 great price. OB Like new with open box and full manufacturer's warranty or 1-year B&H warranty. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1569128-OREG/sony_cyber_shot_dsc_rx100_vi_digital.html B&H Used Equipment Rating System We only sell used equipment that has been tested and proven to be in good working order. N Brand new/never used, in original manufacturer's packaging OB Like new with open box and full manufacturer's warranty or 1-year B&H warranty. D Never owned; used for demonstration purposes only R Restored by the manufacturer to original factory specifications 10 Preowned equipment that looks good as new; no signs of wear 9+ Preowned equipment that shows little to no signs of wear 9 Shows some signs of use; may exhibit minor scuffs or surface marks but overall looks very clean 8+ Shows moderate wear, scuffing or marks to finish 8 Well used - may exhibit "dings" or noticeable marks to finish 7 Shows considerable wear and above-average signs of use 6 Serviceable, but exhibits significant cosmetic or mechanical imperfections Every item sold by B&H’s Used Department comes with our own 90-day parts and labor warranty (or longer for open box items). For many items, you may also purchase supplemental warranty coverage. Please refer to our "warranty policies", or ask your sales associate for details. The B&H Used Dept. does not distinguish between "grey market" and USA-warranted merchandise for any item we sell. These distinctions are primarily important for warranty purposes for new merchandise; since all the merchandise sold through our used department is outside the manufacturer's warranty period, in almost every case, the issue is moot. You should be aware that while almost all the items sold through our Used Dept. no longer qualify for the original manufacturer's warranty, certain manufacturers in the USA will not service goods whose original provenance was grey market, even for a fee. However, in almost every case, service is available through independent repair facilities.
  3. That works just fine for me . "Interpret it as you wish and have fun" Duncan
  4. Thanks for the question. Im not an expert on Alamy rules and regulations but I don't think they like Stockimo images to be used on these boards, so Im going to answer no. Duncan
  5. Thanks for getting us under way Michael. Those work just fine.
  6. I had a couple large steak pastys ready to send had it needed your casting vote John, fortunately I didn't need to send them so I ate the buggers. Thanks for running the challenge me ansome. Cheers and gone Shergar
  7. I noticed this recently on the BBC and thought it would work well as a summer challenge here. It's something that I think most people can have some fun with. Whether it's homegrown garden fruits and vegetables , kitchen garden herbs etc , or your favorite home brewed beverage . Interpret it as you wish and have fun. The challenge will end August 31st. Usual rules apply - up to three submissions per contributor and all images have to be for sale on Alamy. Thats it my last edit so good luck everyone Duncan
  8. Proper job John Cheers and gone. Shergar
  9. Thanks for including my Fire fall John. PS are you accepting mail in votes from the USA?
  10. How does this leave either side as far as that years taxes. Not only have you lost the sale you have paid tax on it!!!!
  11. I have had a couple (unpaid) images refunded this month then immediately billed again. Im wondering if Alamy are re-billing customers because of cover delays?
  12. What happens when its for a larger amount ? Im thinking about an image of mine that was sold for $4250. How long can they refund these images before cleared means cleared . I suspect the contract says anytime they like!!!!
  13. I check once a day to see if Alamy has been paid for our images that got used last year. I call it my daily disappointment !!!!!!
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