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  1. Thanks Lisa I enjoyed that. Things not looking great in Santa Barbara ! Hopefully you are safe and well. Best wishes Duncan
  2. I received this this morning, it made me laugh. I hadn't seen it before and hadn't expected the ending. I hope you enjoy it. Cheers and gone Shergar
  3. Shergar

    The new homepage

    That thing needs a warning it's painful. photosensitive epilepsy
  4. 2.10 By marking Content as Exclusive, you grant Alamy the right to chase third party infringements of the Content without Alamy having to consult you. Where pursuing such infringements if it is found that the Content has been licensed through another licensing platform, Alamy has the right to recoup any fees incurred in the pursuit of any action taken. If we agree to the new contract, whats to stop Alamy just stopping any future income without the need to take us to court to recoup any fees, if we should find ourselves in this position? Thanks Cheers and gone
  5. I think what bothers me is that the contract makes Alamy sound like a playground bully. I don't like bullies .
  6. It seems the Carnival is over . I will miss you . Good luck and stay safe.
  7. Unbox it at the door and carry the smaller parts downstairs one at a time.
  8. I know I have posted this before and its from 1998 (I think) but it was very useful then and something like it now would be very helpful now. If you're licensing your images as RF then we recommend you do tick the 'sell for editorial only box' but as you are licensing the images as RM then you don’t necessarily need to have these restrictions. This will however open up the option to customers to purchase commercial licenses but as long as you have annotated the images correctly by saying they contain unreleased people and/or property then customers are notified with the
  9. For those of us that dont have great legal minds and have read through the msg boards but are still a little confused. Any chance Alamy could post something in laymen's terms. Thanks Cheers and gone Shergar.
  10. Releases – Alamy says Relax. https://www.alamy.com/blog/releases-alamy-says-relax
  11. After what has been a very busy week on this board it would be easy to forget that Alamy has set the May POTM as "Togetherness" Isn't that lovely!!
  12. I think you have hit the nail on the head Betty. It will not be long before we find out. Shergar
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