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  1. I was living in Cairo and I either didn't have a TV or I didn't watch it and I couldn't have been listening to the radio either as the first I heard of it was a day later when the papers arrived from the UK. What a different world it is now.
  2. My best advise would be make sure all your equipment is fully insured !!!!! Shergar. They still haven't found me!!!!!!
  3. "Two nations separated by a common language" Betty.
  4. Hence the old Cornish cold winter day saying . "I can't wait to get into your pants".
  5. In Cornwall w'ed say you was verbally ambidextrous my' ansume.
  6. You are going to be stuck in your home for weeks during the UK winter, have to deal with icy wet streets while freezing your nuts off and your heating bills will screw you. How about Morocco Ed. Its on my list.
  7. In your opinion Marb do Canon and Nikon quality check every camera off the production line or do they randomly check a number of them?
  8. Thats what I'm looking for somewhere less inundated where I can live out my last 20yrs . I don't think Southern California is a good place to live when you get older. Mexico will work for me, I just need a place like Ajijic was 20yrs ago I have another 8yrs to find it. I spent 30yrs in the UK and I remember the winters, so I won't be heading that way.
  9. Hi John I have heard and read the same and have read that most of the rumors have been started by residents themselves to try and put people off moving there . Whatever the truth is as far as I can see it stacks up a lot better than most US citys when it comes to "e.g. increasing crime, crowding, higher costs, etc"
  10. You can live a modest but good quality life Lakeside for $1000 USD a month. And stay warm and dry!!!!!!!! https://www.accesslakechapala.com/guide/living-costs/
  11. You know you are a old Stock photgrapher when You wake up at 3 am with a great new keyword and you can't remember it in the morning!!!!
  12. A fact of life on social media, "You will be judged on your worst image" Cheers and gone Shergar https://www.instagram.com/capnpugwash/
  13. I don't do free. I tell them the only place I want to see my name is on a check!! Cheers and gone Shergar
  14. My Instagram followers bounce around between 550 and 600. It would be a full time job trying to figure out who's gone and who's not . Just to get even? What you going to do if your IG took off and you had a few 1000 followers. Not really worth bothering about it in my view. They come they go it is what it is. Cheers and gone Shergar
  15. With the US office earning more than the UK I wonder how that works out when it comes to live news?
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