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  1. I understood exactly what you meant Regis. David Bailey is a English photographer who has dyspraxia. ... made to feel stupid due to his clumsiness and his problems with spelling and writing.
  2. I thought it was OK. Answered a concern on % changes Phewww, and James Allsworth answered a couple of other concerns and how they plan on moving forward with these in the new year. On a personal note, Seasons greetings one and all. Onwards and upwards!!!! Cheers and gone Shergar
  3. "Going a step further, he copyrights each of them, periodically benefiting from payments when they are reproduced." I have tried looking through court records and don't find a single case. ( Worth having a second check Glenn). Perhaps they don't like going to court hmm. Would be nice to know if they have gone after Alamy who are likely to fight back. Perhaps we have an attorney who's wife has divorced him and taken everything he has or who is paying off all the law school student debt by righting a few scary letters? The problem here is that from what
  4. Here is a post that I kept and thought explained the use of the editorial only box and what covered our butts. Might be worth reading again. If this has changed perhaps Alamy can direct us to the latest information on its use https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/13135-editorial-box-should-it-be-checked/?tab=comments#comment-252441
  5. Weem gotta milk the cows before we can get to work, then we need a longer lunch break so we can finish our pastys. All takes time see me ansome!!! Cheers and gone.
  6. Could be as simple as they are using a Cornish IT crew and they are fixing un dreckly. Cheers and gone Shergar
  7. Im always a little nervous when Alamy start giving us little improvements. Hopefully it won't end up costing us !!!!!! Cheers and gone Shergar
  8. And there you have it. 2 nations separated by a common language !!!! Cheers and gone. Shergar
  9. Proper job, everything is tickety boo!!!! If it gets much faster I will be able to see next years sales today !!!!!!! Cheers and gone. Shergar
  10. Your image 2CYWAX4 "Juvenile Peregrine falcon on Cornish coastal cliff". I'm not an expert but it looks a lot like a kestrel to me.
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