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  1. Yes, they are. Uploaded some and accepted several days ago. Sung
  2. Gross 279.28 sale appeared today. The highest value so far in 2019. Sung
  3. Thank you, Marianne When I read your thread the first time, I thought "OMG! Do I now have to add all single word keywords to my images (Alamy), too?" Afterwards I read it a several time more, then I realise that you were referring to other agencies. Nevertheless, I wanted to make sure that I understood correctly, so I asked the question. Thank you for your time to explain the art of keywording. Sung 😊
  4. Hi Marianne You are not referring to Alamy in the above highlighted context, are you? I just want to understand how Alamy's keywording works. That's all. Sung
  5. Have you tried to close it by holding 'Option'+'Command'+'esc' (force quit) at the same time? If it doesn't work, I would press and hold the power button to turn it off (I suppose if you do that, Safari will open again when you restart. So it is not a solution)? Sung
  6. With iPhone Note app as Paulette said, you can create multiple pages documents, too, by keep adding new scans to the same ‘Note’. Sung
  7. Now I scan all my purchase invoices, receipts etc and store digitally (PDF) with my iPhone. The quality, in my opinion, is good enough for documents scanning. Sung
  8. PS. When you go back by using Time Machine, you might loose files which you created after the upgrade, depending on where you store your data.
  9. Have you been backing up using Time Machine? If so, you might be able to revert your iMac back to the status before you upgraded to Mojave. If not, why don’t you scan your documents with your iPhone and send them first? And, then try to solve the problems. Sung
  10. You are welcome. Glad to help you. Sung
  11. Betty what I am saying may not be what you are looking for, but you seem so desperate. Don’t use the knife, it not worth it. I am not sure about other things, but I might be able to help you with the last question. When you open a raw file from Bridge (using ACR), the setting for bit depth is under the main picture. You can change colour space, bit depth, resolution etc. Is this what you are looking for? If not, ignore my reply. I am sure MDM is on his way. International Rescue!!!! Sung
  12. I see. I will try Dropbox in that case. Thank you MDM. Sung
  13. I used to be able to do it in the old forum but now I can't figure out how to do it. I searched the forum with no success. I have a couple of screenshots which I want to include in a thread when I am asking a question for some advice. Please help. Thanks in advance. Sung
  14. Thanks, Johnnie5. Very useful info. Sung
  15. I think the photo of people on escalator looks as if it received too much treatment of noise reduction. (Mind you, I am looking at it on a very low budget laptop. I am away from home at them moment). Edit) and looks oversharpened IMHO. Sung
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