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  1. Yes, you are correct. It was several years ago when I spent a couple of months in winter in Languedoc and Roussillon. (Edit) It cost nothing apart from petrol ,time and lost sleep. You can only see this scene when you are outside. The day before the shot, I spent some time to find this vantage point. Someone said 'Photography is an art of elimination'. How true that is! The surrounding areas are not that attractive. Sung
  2. It was Ille sur Têt, Pyrénées-Orientales, Languedoc-Roussillon, France. Sung
  3. The same case. The below was sold for PU. Really? Unless it was the stall holder who bought it....
  4. Reported this morning, sold at $$$ (not distribution sale, Thank god for that) World wide: Editorial website use, Any size. Any placement. Internal and external marketing communications
  5. The graphs illustrate my Gross & Net $$$ and QTY sold since I joined Alamy in 2004. Unfortunately 2019 was a major step back in terms of Net Sales. Sung
  6. Oh, I see. Thanks Mark. Happy New Year! Sung
  7. Hi Betty. I get your point. In fact admittedly I was thinking about ‘Old Forum’. I am certain we used to be able to insert non-Alamy pictures, didn’t we? I wanted to write a post with some graphs but couldn’t figure out how. Hence I asked. Now I know I can’t. Anyway thank you for your reply. Happy New Year! Sung
  8. Happy New Year, everyone! I want to include some image in a post but without success (not Alamy images, but any random images). I tried 'drag and drop'. It doesn't work. I use a iMac (High Sierra). Is it no longer possible? Any other way without using 'insert images from URL' option? Sung
  9. I thought about it, but I really don't see myself making it. (though I am pretty dextrous with making things.) Thank you anyway. It looks like a simple and easy way to try. Thank you for suggestion. Sung
  10. Very interesting input it was. Thank you very much DJ Myford. As always, sensible suggestion. Thank you, Allan. ------------------------------- When I started this thread, I naively thought someone will give me a simple and clear way to deal with the problem. Unfortunately life is a bit more complicated than I really would like. That's for sure. Thank you everyone. Sung
  11. Thanks Allan, I will have to google to see where I can get it, though. Sung
  12. Blimey! Never see that coming. Certainly look like a fun. Thank you for the info, Spacecadet.
  13. I have a AGFA Isolette 1, which I still use from time to time. It has a leather (I think) bellows which is becoming very dry, hence stiff. Is there any DIY method of softening up the bellows? Sung
  14. As long as a part (main ficus) is in focus, it will pass. Recently I myself loaded some and they were all passed. You might be able to see a few on page 1 of my port. Sung
  15. Very sad news. My thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP...
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