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  1. Hi Gen I thought of that, too. But the impatient side of me prompted the post. Thanks Sung
  2. Good morning everyone Is there a way of creating a list (including your image refs and my own image refs) of images under a certain pseudonym in my account? Say in Excel format. Your help will be very much appreciated. Sung
  3. Hi Spacecadet “They are like terriers with a rat.” I like that. Good for them. Thanks Sung
  4. Hi Liam. Thank you so much. After my thread, I also came across the link. Much appreciated. Sung
  5. Hi Sb photos & Joe Thanks for your replies. Very much appreciated. Sung
  6. Hi Starsphinx. Thanks. I don’t know exactly but Duckokong looks like a malware which hijacks and changes setting with your browsers in order to redirect search results for their financial gain, or used for virus. Anyway great to know that Malwarebytes is a reputable company. Much appreciated. Sung
  7. I don't know how but this 'Duckukong' is installed in my mac. I want to remove it but 'Drag it into Trash' doesn't work. When I searched this topic, a lot of entries were written by malwaretips.com but in 2015 or 2016. This site also suggest to download software called 'Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac. The more I read any of the search results, the less I am inclined to click anything to download an app to remove it. Is there anyone who recently experienced this Duckokong and removed it successfully? If so, I would be very grateful if you could share your experience. My iMac runs on Sierra and I use Safari for web browsing. Thanks Sung
  8. Manfrtto junior gear head 410 is excellent and cheaper. I used one for many many years until my tripod fell on a rock and it got jammed. It is solid and rock steay but slow to use but all the geaheads are slow. Sung
  9. Filed accounts show that at the end of 2017, Alamy had £3.3M cash in hand/bank. Is it now all gone now? To where?
  10. How was your November?

    Pearl, you are more discerning than I am. I missed that bit, especially print run 150. Thank you for correcting it. Anyway what I was trying to say was that from my memory, the prices I used to get paid for direct sales, was between £25.00 - £50 (paper calendars).
  11. How was your November?

    18 sales, lowest $8.68 (how come can a calendar usage be so low? I know which company bought. When they used to buy direct from photographers, they would have paid £30-40) highest $96.13. I suspect some duplicate sales which I made an inquiry to MS, but no reply yet. I am dreading to see multiple refunds. But lets be positive. Assuming no refunds, this year is already the best year so far both in terms of $$$ and volume.