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  1. I finally decided, with more time in hand during lockdown, to upgrade OS High Sierra to OS Mojave. I am wondering if there are any compatability issues with (ageing) apps, in particular CS6 and Lightroom 6. I would appreciate your experiences in this regards. Many thanks in advance. Sung
  2. @M.Chapman Thank you for the detailed info as always. Much appreciated. Sung
  3. Thank you, Harry for the info. It certainly looks excellent and a good value for money app. Sung
  4. I never used this app before. May I ask; In which format(s) can you save files? If you edit a file with layers in this app, can it be opened in PS with the layers in tact? Sung
  5. @MDM Now I am confused. Is 'Contrain to Image' (in Crop) and 'Constrain Crop' (in Lens Corrections) different? Sorry I didn't read your reply properly. I thought 'Contrain' has something to do with the ratio.
  6. @Betty LaRue Costrain crop means that you maintain the original photo's ratio (usually 3:2). If you click on the pad lock icon, the pad lock looks open. This means you are free from the original ratio when cropping. I don't think you need to do that. LR also has 'History' section where all the edits are listed. The history will remain intact until you choose to 'close All'. Unlike history in PS, when you can shut down LR and you open LR next day, the history will still be there..... Sung
  7. @Betty LaRue Hope I didn't misunderstood your question/frustration. When I do interior photos, which is fairly often, I always use a tripod with Nikon D800's built in digital spirit level. However when I edit, I often use LR in order to correct verticals precisely, which it is very quick and effective. That is why I was puzzled when you said it is harder to straighten in LR. Just in case, what I do in LR is different from you do. Instead of using ' Crop and straighten' - (this might be what you do), I go to 'Transform' and use 'Auto'. 9 out of 10 time, it does a very good job. If it need a fine tune, I use the sliders underneath. With regard to 'crop white space', if I want to maintain the original dimensions, I use 'scale' (in Transform) to increase the size (interpolate) slightly (usually upto 102~103% or until white bits disappear). If this is what you do already, you can ignore it. Sung
  8. I haven't uploaded it yet but I hope it sells. Especially a fellow photographer thinks it is a good close image. Thanks. 😀 How romantic! Certainly they seemed to enjoy the river view. Even they looked as it they were talking to each other. RSPB's map suggests London area has a denser population of these birds. Sung
  9. https://www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/wildlife-guides/bird-a-z/egyptian-goose/ I found the above based on the info from Spacecadet & Carol.
  10. Egyptian Geese? Wow, where are they going? Stopped in London for sightseeing? By the way, many thanks to Spacecadet & Carol. Sung
  11. Can anyone please help me with ID of these geese? Many thanks in advance. Sung
  12. Yes, you are correct. It was several years ago when I spent a couple of months in winter in Languedoc and Roussillon. (Edit) It cost nothing apart from petrol ,time and lost sleep. You can only see this scene when you are outside. The day before the shot, I spent some time to find this vantage point. Someone said 'Photography is an art of elimination'. How true that is! The surrounding areas are not that attractive. Sung
  13. It was Ille sur Têt, Pyrénées-Orientales, Languedoc-Roussillon, France. Sung
  14. The same case. The below was sold for PU. Really? Unless it was the stall holder who bought it....
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