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  1. @Christine M Baker Sorry for late response. No, it was my first sale at $1. I have been with Alamy for more than 15 years. Sung
  2. A bit late but Happy New Year to all and wish you all the best. Please note that I am not trying to spoil anything here but I felt I needed to inform you this. A sale was reported today (Good) but was sold at $1 (really Bad). The usage is as follows. Country: WorldwideUsage: Academic faculty pack, Pack of unwatermarked, copyright safe high resolution images for use in non-commercial projects such as teaching materials, essays, dissertations, theses and presentationsMedia: Non-commercial projects such as teaching materials, essays, dissertations, theses and
  3. I don't remember exactly, but it has been a while since I installed Malwarebytes. That must be the reason why. In fact it was you who recommended Malwarebytes to me on the forum. Though I am still puzzled about the other (Extendscript Toolkit thing). Thank you again, sb.
  4. Over the weekend, I shut down my iMac (High Sierra, 10.13.6). This morning when I turned on the mac, I was greeted with the following two windows. What do these mean? What are they for and why? Are they related to each other? I have a Fee version of Malwarebytes and CS6 in my iMac. Sung
  5. Thank you for sharing your experience. In my case, data loss wasn't an issue as I had two backup copies of the troubled ext drive. In the end I bough another disk to replace it. Sung
  6. Yes, I understand. Luckily I have two backup copies of that particular drive, so no loss of data. But I might try it just to see how it goes. Thanks @wiskerke
  7. It looked like a blank drive. When I plugged the drive again after seeing you post, it didn't even showed up in Disk Utility.
  8. Sound like beyond of my scope. Thank you for your suggestion.
  9. Good idea, but this drive doesn't require external power. Sung
  10. I know MDM, not necessarily want to use it, but I was just curious. Edit) the drive itself wasn't used very much as it is one of my archive drives. Only when I refer back to an original for trial of different editing, etc. So I was actually wondering if the drive will just die even with light usage after a certain period time regardless. Luckily I have two backup copies, so no data is lost. 🙂 It was directly connected to Mac. Tried different leads, unplug any other device, etc. Thank you both, MDM & Martyn Sung
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