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  1. Thank you @Colin Woods, @spacecadet for your reply. @Allan Bell & @NYCat. Good idea, I will try with different cables and will see what happens. Thanks. @MDM I got my current G-Tec drive from Jigsaw24 based on your advice and recommendation, eh now nearly 5 years ago. Time does fly, doesn't it? This morning I had a look at that particular drive shortly after I started this thread, just in case it turns out to be G-Tec drive's failure. I have two exact copies of G-Tec Drive on 2 separate portable external drives. Thank you for your reply. Sung
  2. My daily set up is as follows. I am experiencing something which never happened before. iMac (late 2012), 16GB Memory, 2.9 GHZ Intel Core i5, NVIDIA GeForce, 1TB (free space 870GB): this computer only holds apps, such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Apple's own apps, etc) My working drive: 5 year old G-TECH G-DRIVE 2TB Portal Hard Drive USB (all my created docs and 2015~ today images are stored here including Lightroom catalogue) (free space 567GB) Seagate 1TB external hard drive USB for Time Machine backup. I copy my G-Tech drive by using SuperDuper on 2 separate external drives at the end of each day. This morning when I woke up my iMac, I was greeted by the following screenshot. All the above mentioned external hard drive remained attached to iMac overnight. Also the G-Tech drive was making grinding noise for about 20 mins before it settled down. It never happened before. What do you think may cause this problem? Is it likely, my iMac or external drives, that became problematic? Is it likely hardware or software problem? Your advice/experience will be very much appreciated. Sung PS
  3. @Sprocket Excellent!!!! Thank you so much, Sprocket. I missed that 'On the fly' menu! 😀 Stay safe @MDM The answer is revealed.
  4. No, worries. You are always helpful. I thank you for that. I will of course let everyone know if it is figured out. 🤞
  5. Thanks MDM. Yes, it is simple to add a 'layer mask' (I only called it 'white' layer as opposed to 'black' layer) but I was scratching my head why it is happening. I use 'short cuts' quite a lot so I was wondering if I did something without knowing it. It really baffles me. Yesterday, I tried with default workspace but it didn't work. As you say it is not a big deal, but it is irritating. 🙁 Perhaps I just forget it and continue working.
  6. The other day I was watching a PS video tutorial and suddenly noticed that when an adjustment layer (curve, level, or solid fill, etc) is added, also a white mask is added to the layer automatically. So I checked my PS (CS6) but it wasn’t the case. To double check, I looked at my PS CS6 reference book (Martin Evening), the illustrations also showed white masks with adjustment layers. I must have turned something off inadvertently. I looked through menus and preferences etc and searched it on the internet to correct it but no success. Could anyone please tell me how I can have it back? I use masks a lot so this automatic addition of layer masks will be a time saver in the long run. Sung
  7. Very sensible suggestion. Certainly I need to investigate further. Thanks Sung
  8. A part of the reason to update was that my iPhone runs on iOS13 (latest) and that lately my phone started not syncing properly with my iMac. So I thought running more recent OS on iMac might solve this issue with iPhone. Sung
  9. Thanks @M.Chapman As always, your approach is very methodical. I don't have clone disk but I suppose I could use Time Machine to revert to HS if necessary. Stay safe Sung
  10. I finally decided, with more time in hand during lockdown, to upgrade OS High Sierra to OS Mojave. I am wondering if there are any compatability issues with (ageing) apps, in particular CS6 and Lightroom 6. I would appreciate your experiences in this regards. Many thanks in advance. Sung
  11. @M.Chapman Thank you for the detailed info as always. Much appreciated. Sung
  12. Thank you, Harry for the info. It certainly looks excellent and a good value for money app. Sung
  13. I never used this app before. May I ask; In which format(s) can you save files? If you edit a file with layers in this app, can it be opened in PS with the layers in tact? Sung
  14. @MDM Now I am confused. Is 'Contrain to Image' (in Crop) and 'Constrain Crop' (in Lens Corrections) different? Sorry I didn't read your reply properly. I thought 'Contrain' has something to do with the ratio.
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