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  1. Panasonic GX80

    A slight caveat - I do downsize quite often to 24MB (8MP) just to be on the safe size with Alamy QC, but I'd rather do that and have the convenience of a 10x zoom than have to carry and swap between several lenses. Mark
  2. CA

    It's not your eyes or the screen it was CA in yesterday's image. Hardly a good advert for Alamy's QC standards. It's been mentioned often before, but still it keeps happening. Mark
  3. Panasonic GX80

    +1 I use it for the vast majority of my shots on a Lumix G5 body. Mark
  4. Panasonic GX80

    What was the failure reason? Mark
  5. One of my pseudos has gone too Mark
  6. Have you found any Alamy images in July 2018?

    Country Walking magazine August 2018 continued (Barcode 9770953275244 08) Page 38 & 39 (double page spread) - ER259T - High Snockrigg at Buttermere... Credit Craig Joiner Photography / Alamy Page 40 - KTB1N9 - Ullswater in early morning... Credit Louise Heusinkveld / Alamy Page 40/41 - C22MB7 - The still water of Lanty's Tarn... Credit SJR Photography / Alamy Page 41 - MNT0FG - Bowness Knott with Great Borne behind... Credit Simon Cole / Alamy Page 42 (full page) - D9MGWG - Scafell Pike and Pen reflected in the River Esk... Credit Stewart Smith / Alamy Page 43 - ERMNRW - Skiddaw and Derwent Water from Portinscale... Credit John Potter / Alamy Page 44 & 45 (double page spread) - F12DP3 - Outer Golden Pot - Credit Peter Reed / Alamy Page 59 - CW1WGG - Socrates - Credit Bilwissedition Ltd. & Co. KG / Alamy Page 69 - C8PMM9 - The rugged cliffs and castle at Tintagel in Cornwall... Credit David Lichtneker / Alamy Page 69 - BFNGX5 - A foggy sunrise over the Somerset levels... Credit Stephen Spraggon / Alamy Page 69 - M6N19M - Forest of Paimpont... Credit Andia / Alamy Page 71 - AKM27T - Kingfisher Alcedo atthis perched on old gate... Credit Andrew Darrington / Alamy Page 71 - EYPRX1 - Leopard Marsh Orchid - Dactylorhiza praetermissa... Credit Martin Fowler / Alamy Walk 27 - CT95RJ - Derbyshire views at sunset on the peak of Win Hill... Credit Nick Cockman /Alamy That's 33 Alamy images in Country Walking (August 2018) including several full page and double page. Well done Alamy & contributors! Mark
  7. Have you found any Alamy images in July 2018?

    Country Walking magazine August 2018 (Barcode 9770953275244 08) Page 9 - A03F5F - England photographed from space from space... Credit David Gregs / Alamy Page 14 - H80GTA - The single-track Heart of Wales railway... Credit Simon Whaley Landscapes / Alamy Page 14 - E7E6WF - The peaceful meandering River Teme... Credit Alex Ramsay / Alamy Page 14 - M0TPFX - Landscape near Cynghordy in Carmarthenshire... Credit Bernd Brueggemann / Alamy Page 28 & 29 (double page spread) - MP6CEF - Heather on Holdstone Down... Credit Craig Joiner Photography / Alamy Page 30 - BH2JGK - Rhodoendron's [not my typo] in Doone Valley on Exmoor... Credit International Photobank / Alamy Page 31 - D89TNA or D886HN - Lorna Doone Devon scene... Credit Chronicle / Alamy Page 31 - K4H3PE - The view over Porlock Bay... Anna Stowe Landscapes UK / Alamy. (Incorrectly credited to Chronicle / Alamy) Page 32 - J1CWAP - Watersmeet in the Exmoor National Parh... [not my typo] Credit Andrew Ray / Alamy Page 32/33 - MBF9YN - Hiker resting on a headland in the Valley of the Rocks... [edited to remove figure] Credit Incamerastock / Alamy Page 32 - B9YA4X - Red Deer stag silloutte... [not my typo] Credit James Silverthorne / Alamy Page 32 - K5WYR7 - Harbour at Lynmouth in Exmoor... Credit Ian Woolcock / Alamy Page 32/33 - F14DY6 - Exmoor ponies on Winsford Hill... Credit David Noton / Alamy Page 33 - C0353P - The river Coquet flowing through... Credit David Taylor Photography / Alamy Page 33 - BEA1R0 - Looking up Glen Dee towards Ben Macdui... Credit Nature Photographers Ltd / Alamy Page 34 - FFGFD4 - Wringcliff Bay near the Valley of the Rocks... Credit Andrew Ray / Alamy Page 35 - BCM37C - Flowering heather on Porlock Hill in the summer Exmoor... Credit Adam Burton / Alamy Page 35 - CFFMGA - Culbone Church, (St Beuno's), Culbone... Credit Bob Gibbons / Alamy Page 35 - B2TRMH - Summer scenes in the Exmoor countryside... Credit Adam Burton / Alamy Lots more to follow when I get time (it's another good month for Alamy in Country Walking Magazine) Mark
  8. DACs publication history

    ISSN numbers are OK for magazines for DACs claim, ISBNs for books. Mark
  9. Going back to PC

    He could buy a secondhand pre-retina model for about £450 and fit extra RAM and disk, then sell his current model. I agree the prices of the latest MacBook Pros are pretty crazy. Mark
  10. Going back to PC

    I'm using a MacBook Pro from Late 2012. The great thing about this model is that it can be upgraded easily. Mine now has 16GB RAM* and a 750GB fusion drive. *Note: Although the original Apple specification quoted 8GB max, it's now widely recognised that a number of models can be upgraded to 16GB. Do you **really** want to go back to MS Windows?? Mark
  11. DACs publication history

    I had a publication in Third Sector Magazine a few years back. According to my investigations at the time, their ISSN number was 1355-6371. ISSN numbers can be tracked down using either the British Library Catalog here https://www.bl.uk/ or using the ISSN Portal here https://portal.issn.org/ Mark
  12. High quality photo greeting card company in UK?

    Update After some experimentation I decided Loxley Colour were the best I could find, but it's important to boost contrast and clarity before uploading and tolerate some extra clipping before uploading images to get the punch I was after. The blacks still aren't as black as I get on my Canon IP4200 with Chromalife ink, and the card white isn't as bright as the white of my Canon Pro gloss white paper, but it will have to do. I also found that Loxley Colour do the printing of greeting cards (and maybe other stuff too?) for Fine Art America for the UK market. Mark
  13. Pixsy alterative?

    I'm still using Pixsy. I've tried submitting 3 cases so far, but they have (after some delay) produced the same response We have carefully researched and evaluated your case based on what Pixsy believes makes for a viable commercial case. We believe the likelihood of obtaining a successful resolution for this matter is low and are not able to accept it at this present time. Pixsy recently changed the design of their website which I now find more confusing. But... looking on the positive side, it's currently costing me nothing, they are monitoring nearly 3,000 images for me, and they have found usages that I haven't found myself, which I've been able to add to my DACs claim. Mark
  14. New Tax Rules

    UK State pension forecast can be obtained for free from here (the official UK government website) https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/check-your-state-pension You will need to prove your identity by answering some questions. It took about 30mins to get a detailed forecast including a record of my NI contributions to date. It was useful as I thought I already had the 35 years I needed to reach the max entitlement. But it looks like I don't because I was contracted out whilst paying into my company pension. Hence the desire to get some more years of NI contribution now. Mark
  15. New Tax Rules

    However, I think there maybe financial advantages in becoming a sole trader and paying a little tax and NI as it appears to be a cost effective way of increasing state pension entitlement (so far as I can see from changes in my state pension forecast for each year I've been a sole trader). Mark