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  1. Some sales are reported quickly, but others can take 3 months or more to be reported. I think Alamy suggest waiting 3 months before submitting an Unauthorised Use Form (see bottom of your dashboard). Suggest taking a screenshot and record the URL for future refernce. Mark
  2. That would reveal how much more than 50% they are deducting, which might not be well received? Mark
  3. Just being curious. The wrong reference? If it wasn’t in the caption or tags, which reference do you mean? The Alamy generated image ref? The Alamy generated submission ref (which incidentally can be altered on a submission by submission basis). Maybe you mean reference number in your jpg filename? (which can’t be edited, but also can’t be seen by customers). Mark
  4. You can select multiple submissions in AIM by <Shift> + <Click> allowing editing across images from mulitple submissions. Mark
  5. I grimace whilst trying convince myself it’s free advertising, especially if the Alamy image ref is included... Mark
  6. Click Pseudonyms (top right corner of AIM), the Manage Pseudos menu appears and has a delete button which seems to work. (Select a Pseudo first). I've no idea what happens if you try to delete a Pseudo that has images associated with it, so proceed with caution. Mark
  7. Upload images as sRGB or AdobeRGB. Note that Alamy will convert AdobeRGB to sRGB so, if you're looking for identical colour rendering to the images you upload, then upload in sRGB. Also note that if a customer downloads or buys an image it is supplied by Alamy as sRGB but with the colour profile removed. Mark
  8. What you should be seeing looks like this. This is what contributors and most customers will see. Some (trusted) customers have special privileges that allow them to see and download un-watermarked images. If you are not seeing the watermark on your images (and maybe everyone elses) then it looks like you have been (incorrectly) given special privileges. Mark
  9. I've alerted Contributor services because, if Abre can see his own images without a watermark, I suspect he maybe able to see and download other contributors' images without watermark too, as Ian (Geogphotos) could. Mark
  10. Didn't Geogphotos (Ian) have a similar experience when he was given "special privileges" to allow him to download unwatermarked copies from his collection? He found he could access and download unwatermarked images from other contributor's portfolios for a brief period. There's a thread about it here. It starts getting more relevant on page 2. When a user's browser requests an image, the request includes embedded privilege information. If Abre is seeing unwatermarked images (like Ian was) this suggests Abre's access privileges maybe set incorrectly? Mark
  11. Excellent - thanks. I knew about some Trail and Country Life magazine uses, but will investigate further now. Mark
  12. Before I enter any credit card details, are there any results for Photimageon? If it shows up a number of usages I've not seen before it could pay for itself, especially if cancelled my paper subscription to MacFormat mag. Interesting. Mark
  13. We're not seeing the same things. I think the subject matter might be affecting the results? Maybe only some subjects have been "curated"? Although I have a feeling my results changed as I experimented (you may have noticed I just edited my earlier post). Maybe browser chaching is affecting it too in some weird way. Or maybe just my mistake. Mark
  14. Only a spot check, but for me name only = 'Relevant' and 'Creative' results are identical, 'New' puts more recent images first. name + one keyword = 'Relevant' and 'Creative' results are identical, 'New' puts more recent images first. name + two keywords = 'Relevant' and 'Creative' results are identical, 'New' puts more recent images first. I haven't checked whether my 'New' sort order is based on date of upload, or date taken, or date when they went on sale (keywording delay...), as in my case that wouldn't alter the order much at the moment. It's difficult to work out why images appear in the order they do as sometimes hidden or unexpected factors can have a massive effect. For example, I once tried to control the order in which a batch of my images of Loweswater appeared by careful use of where I put Loweswater in caption, tag and supertag. I wanted, what I deemd to be the best image to appear first. So I put "Loweswater" in all three on that image. But, whatever I did, image EC1Y0D appeared first. After discussion with Alamy it was revealed that this image appeared first because it had been previousy zoomed using "Loweswater" as the search term, and that was given a higher weighting than any combination of "Loweswater" in tags, supertags and caption. I notice today that this is still happening... Mark
  15. On your Alamy dashboard page, click on "Your Alamy Portfolio Page", then click "Go do your Alamy portfolio page", then click "Edit Image" inside the circular area where your profile picture will appear. Mark
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