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  1. ISTR a similar issue about the sign/logo of the underground rail system in England's capital city. Even if the logo wasn't the main subject (i.e. lots of context). Mark
  2. Ideally I want an automated bi-directional synchronisation (which I already do on everything in My Pictures folder). I'd just like to add the LR catalogue into that process. Neither catalogue will be a "master" (they would have equal status), and I won't make changes to both catalogues between synchronisations. Mark
  3. I'm currently running LR and PS CC on both my laptop (when travelling) and desktop (when at home). My entire photo collection is on both computers and kept in synch by software synchronisation of the "My Pictures" folders on both machines. So far I have always excluded the LR catalogue from this synchronisation thinking it would mess things up. But that means LR edits made to images on one computer aren't readily available on the other (only the exported jpg/tif/psd files are synchronised). I don't make extensive use of the LR catalogue (I tend to import a "project" of images and then empty th
  4. That seems to be where others are having problems too. Mark
  5. Seems there are other folks reporting password problems with Big Sur. Resetting the SMC seems to have fixed quite a few, but not all. If you've reached the point of trying a reboot, I'd try an SMC reset and then try booting up again to see if it's fixed. Resetting the SMC reset can't cause any harm and is slightly less invasive than a Password reset. If that doesn't work, try the password reset as Michael posted above. Mark
  6. Carol, Do you know if you use Apple keychain to store your online passwords (for accessing online shopping/bank accounts in Safari etc.)? If so, do you have access to those passwords from anywhere else (e.g via iCloud, iPhone etc.)? If you're using keychain, and don't have any other access route other than via your Mac, I'm concerned that a user account password reset might lock you out of your keychain, so you could loose access to your existing passwords. That's my reading of the last section in this page of Apple help (which applies to Mojave or earlier). htt
  7. I think this is only possible if FileVault hasn't also been enabled. It's also worth noting that a simple Password Reset won't provide access to Passwords previously stored in the Apple KeyChain. If FileVault has been enabled and the Password and Recovery key have been forgotten (or iCloud Recovery wasn't enabled) then I believe there's no way of recovering the encrypted data. Although enabling FileVault may therefore seem to be a disadvantage, the account login password provides little protection for confidential data if the Mac is stolen or someone else gains access. The thief ca
  8. As you've already marked them for deletion in AIM, you should just be able to ask Alamy Contributor Services to delete them imediately (they should be able to find them using the deletion pending flag - just like we can in AIM). I sure hope so as I've now marked over 500 for deletion so far. Mark
  9. I've certainly had seaches reported with [WOP] on the end (With Out People) and some with [WP] on the end (With People], so it looks like some clients do use them. But they don't crop up that often. The most specific search I've had was [pt] [wp] [teenager] [adult] [senior] Mark
  10. Glad you're up and running. Not sure if you have a USB hub and/or separate SD card reader, or if you keep plugging stuff into the back. If so you might find one of these useful. https://www.amazon.com/Satechi-Aluminum-Type-C-Clamp-Reader/dp/B078859974 (silver) or https://www.amazon.com/Satechi-Aluminum-Type-C-Clamp-Reader/dp/B078853NCS?th=1 (grey) I've got the second one on my 2017 iMac and it works really well. It's also compatible with the 2019 iMac (which I think you now have?). Mark
  11. I checked this issue with Emily (MD). Her emailed response is that if I wish to ensure images are deleted before the new contract comes into force I need to make a request to Contributor Services and not use AIM (which takes 90 days to take effect). She also states that the new contract places no greater risks on the contributor than the old one. Here's exactly what she said. "If your images are not deleted for 90 days then they would be bound by the new contract for any sales made after July 24. If they are deleted before July 24 by way of a request to the Contributor Relations team, th
  12. I was wondering exactly the same thing. Chasing infringements without consulting the contributor is going to be fraught with problems. Mark
  13. Alamy would say - They only had to request deletion of their portfolio if they don't wish to comply with the contract, or simply ask member services to switch all their images to non-exclusive (there's no benefit for a small contributor in being exclusive anyway). So hardly a viable defence. Mark
  14. Because that could be an expensive mistake. See clause 2.10 in the new contract. 2.10 By marking Content as Exclusive, you grant Alamy the right to chase third party infringements of the Content without Alamy having to consult you. Where pursuing such infringements if it is found that the Content has been licensed through another licensing platform, Alamy has the right to recoup any fees incurred in the pursuit of any action taken. Mark
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