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  1. I forget the correct terminology, but my router sometimes "runs out of connections" and won't connect to anything "new", and has to be rebooted. Mark
  2. Captions and tags can be added, but it's not as sophisticated as LR. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vdfH6JfQJkY Mark
  3. As a simple rule, make sure your images contain 6,000,000 or more pixels. For example 3,000 x 2,000 or larger is fine. Mark
  4. They can be found here. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/03807789/filing-history Mark
  5. Another thing that's useful is to adopt a file naming system that generates a unique name for each jpg you submit so you can always track back to the original RAW, TIFF or PSD file used to create the image. This can be useful in a number of circumstances. 1) To prove ownership of copyright 2) To produce alternative versions if required. For example I've been contacted by Alamy before to ask if I can supply a higher resolution version of an image to a customer. 3) As editing tools improve it makes it easier to produce enhanced versions in future if required. Mark
  6. Not a bad year for me in the end, although December was rubbish due to a sizeable refund 😞 2020 - 84 sales for $2,088 gross ($996 net) from an average of about 5,200 images on Alamy 2019 - 67 sales for $2,041 gross from an average of 4,500 images on Alamy CTR% has been climbing steadily for last 5 months and is now above 1, so I'm feeling optimistic about 2021. Happy New Year to all. Mark
  7. Definitely, every time. Especially important if also using the keychain for storing passwords for websites etc. Also turn on FileVault and encrypt the main drive and any backups. Mark
  8. If you only use CCC for backups, I trust you have the Safety Net feature turned on? Otherwise an accidental deletion of a file or folder may not be recoverable. I use both TimeMachine and CCC. The advantage of CCC is it can create a bootable backup of the entire system so, if the main HDD fails, the drive can simply be swapped. The advantage of TM backups is that they provide easy access to previous versions of files or states. But also TM backups provide an easy way to migrate to another Mac. I was amazed when I swapped to a new iMac, everything just transferred including most apps and passwo
  9. Or even Image>Adjustments>Auto Contrast. It's not good on low contrast or significantly underexposed images, but often works well for me as a "tweak". Mark
  10. No, but I seem to recall seeing that only alphanumeric characters are allowed (although I have some with - and + in the names and they seem to be OK). Mark
  11. One of the great mysteries of Alamy.... why don't the categories we can choose from in AIM agree with those the customer can select from on the home page??? It seems likely that the categories the customer can search within in serve up images from the collection which contain certain words in their captions or tags (and their maybe categories too). Who knows? It's probably got something to do with the masses of images Alamy has imported into the collection over the years from other agencies which may have only had captions and tags, but no category assignment. So Alamy has to assig
  12. After you've downloaded the csv file, open it in Excel (or Open Office) and then sort on the Alamy image ref column so that mulitple sales of the same image appear together making them easier to spot. It might be possible to do some clever "pivot" table to calculate totals revenue for each but I don't know how to do that. Mark
  13. +1 Brighter whites too. Some look too dull. Mark
  14. Indeed, but Google books reveals some physical uses, and there are other infringment services that can look behind paywalls. (e.g. ImageRights, Pixsy and Copytrack). It would be helpful to know where searches should be focussed. At the moment my searches are confined to finding usages of sold images (largely to support my DACS claims). I used to search for zoomed images usage, but that was largely a waste of time. But, if I also knew which images had been downloaded, it would be useful. Mark
  15. It would help if Alamy told us which images had been downloaded, then we could focus our search activities. (Although, with an automated reverse image search tool, it might not be too hard for Alamy to do this). Mark
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