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  1. Thanks, John, I suspected as such, as my other agency can only deposit to Cdn. dollar accounts. Cheers, Marli
  2. I am wondering if payment to a US dollar bank account is possible for contributors in Canada? If anyone does do that, have you been subjected to incoming fees? Paypal's exchange rate is really poor.
  3. December ended on a cheery note. 3 sales, average $78 each. Revenue for 2021 is the highest since 2018, but still small potatoes. Only one sale in the $$$.
  4. 16/12/2021 MacLean's Magazine, Canada online Richard Ellis and yours truly: https://www.macleans.ca/society/environment/b-c-s-southern-resident-orcas-have-been-wandering-far-from-home-could-this-be-the-end/
  5. I also live in Vancouver; I do not mind the green. Maybe that's because we have a lot of it surrounding us here on the "wet" coast. I quite like the alamy font and watermark. The "OWNTHEBLANKPAGE" offensively kerned font elicits a revulsion reaction from me. Years of graphic design work makes it almost cause a rash; it is hideous! Aside from that, given that the bulk of sales seem to be editorial, it seems that our images are used to fill in pages that already have type, Therefore, this catchline appears a tad ludicrous, and entirely misses the point of Alamy's most common target. If it result
  6. Since mid 2020, I am only credited with sales on the last few days of the month. This seems odd. Sales are for various uses and entities, from websites, texts, kid's books, editorial and museums. Has this happened to anyone else?
  7. I have held off commenting, and really thank those that have commented before me. I am angry, somewhat depressed, and thoroughly disappointed in this company. Over the past year, sales have been poor; I understood that given that I work in a niche category dependent on travel and grant sponsored institutions like museums that have been closed, as well as educational publications. I considered that loss another blight from the pandemic. All of my images are RM. One was licensed in perpetuity for $1; that one got my attention as to the disrespect those in charge hold for us. I have spent a lot o
  8. Average sales with good fees until April. As an underwater and travel photographer, not surpised. Then nothing until late August. I was excited until I saw the sale. .99 for a perpetual non-commercial license on an RM image. Bloody absurd.
  9. Just noticed that neither is functioning on my account. No one is answering inquiries...anyone else having problems in this regard? Cheers, Marli Wakeling
  10. Thanks, Michael, I've not had this happen before.
  11. I was due for a payment today. Now my account says that I will be paid May 1st. Given that I have waited for months for sales to clear already, I wondered if anyone else had this happen today?
  12. Three sales in January, low $ for one, absurdly low pittance for the other two. A new low. $2.19 each for two Rights Managed Images. One of the images was licenced for $54 last year. I wish we could opt out of bulk discount sales.
  13. I search for image use more frequently after an infringement. I found one photo used by National Geographic News in early January and another today from an online magazine in Canada used last week. Credit to myself and Alamy on the websites. Neither on my account. I am now wondering how many sales vanished into thin air? Is it usual for delays in sales posting?
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