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  1. A sale appeared this morning: basso $ - 🙂 Good day everyone !!!! 🌈🌈🌈🌈 Country: WorldwideUsage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in a newsletter.50 MB6000 x 2911 pixels2 MB compressedStart: 09 February 2021End: 09 February 2026 young green tender leaves of grapes in spring. Selective focus. Vineyard in spring time. The Guyot method of vine training
  2. First sale of the month !! Average $$ - They did not specify the use of the image. "Close-up of bundled ropes on the deck of a sailboat. Detail of wooden cleats with nautical moored ropes"
  3. Hello everyone, you can help me I found a couple of images published in the book and accredited with another agency (no alamy). To claim the DACS do I have to register on the site and indicate the ISBN codes? As for images sold on alamy and published in a book, does alamy think about claiming the DACS? It is a mechanism that I do not understand ... thanks !!!! I also ask you if the DACS can also be claimed for monthly magazine publications (in Italy). Lorenza
  4. First sale of the year 🙂 RM - Mid $$ Country: Worldwide- Usage: Single company - multiple use editorial only -Industry sector: Media, design & publishing - Start: 13 January 2021 - End: 13 January 2023 - reconstruction of a Neanderthal man. Model of male Homo neanderthalensis in the permanente exhibition of the famous Science Museum of Trento (MuSe) - northern Italy
  5. Hello everybody, how does the DACS payment work? In October of last year, I received $ 14. Are they being offered again this year? Thank you and have a nice day (always from beautiful Italy) lorenza
  6. OK thanks! I didn't understand very well, but I take note ...
  7. I continue with this topic considering the relevance. Today I received an amount of $ 3.62 as "other income" and in detail I see "ASCRL payment 2020" You think???
  8. a mix of skill, perseverance and trust. Very happy for you and thank you for always being here with useful tips !!!! lorenza
  9. first sale of the month, a high price, pity only distributor. I'm happy, thanks Alamy !!! Good week to you all France, Book, print and/or e-book realistic reconstruction of a Neanderthal man, Model of male Homo neanderthalensis in the permanente exhibition of the Science Museum of Trento, Italy Nice face .... !!! 😨
  10. only two low sales ($) in the whole month! I would have hoped for something more, but I don't lose heart, I am optimistic and I continue slowly ... 🙂🖐️
  11. thank you very much Genevieve Now I am more calm, I am doing well (not like you, but I continue ...) Thanks again and a beautiful day for you ... Lorenza 🖐️🖐️
  12. Good morning to all of you, I have a doubt that I would like to share with you to check if I am doing the correct procedure. When I go to index the images in Alamy Image Manager, in the part referred to the Position in "Optional" the location does not come out automatically. I remember that at the beginning he typed the first part of the location and automatically the program resumed the map. Now this is no longer possible. Can you confirm that this is so? Maybe I have imprudently disabled some automation. Thank you! lorenza 🙂 (sorry, I used the google translator)
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