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  1. thanks Paulette, even in Trentino Alto Adige it was a beautiful spring day! Unfortunately we have to stay at home, we have to move only for reasons of extreme necessity. We hope that the time, patience and awareness that this is the only way to defeat this invisible enemy. Good evening, hello Lorenza
  2. it still takes 3 images on the threshold of 5000 images ... what do you say is celebrated !!!!! 🥧☺️
  3. Hello everyone, thank you for your interventions. It's probably how you say it! Sorry if I answer only now, but the job! I would like to be more present in this forum but it is not always possible for me. I always follow you and I have learned many things from you. I wish you a happy day with the hope of being able to go out and shoot and travel soon! thanks! Lorenza from magnificent Italy
  4. number of incorrect images in the profile Good morning everyone, some time ago I corrected some images for what it refers to the pseudonym. I have grouped all the photos under the same pseudonym. Now, however, the number of images has not changed. The images to which I changed the pseudonym do not add up to the total of my images. Here in the forum as in the portfolio it reads that I have 4905 images while in reality they are about 5040 (as shown in Alamy Image Manager). Do you know the reason? In addition, I ask you to confirm that the shooting location does not work when I index the images. I remember at the beginning that I started with the name of the place and the program went fishing for the place. Here in Italy, in Trentino, we are telecommuting ... from home! Thanks to all of you and a clear Monday (sorry for the translation ....) lorenza
  5. Use in marketing materials, worldwide for five years (advertising / advertisements excluded). This package is designed specifically for marketing campaigns to help companies with less than ten employees - RF - $ 48 - 😉 small plants of poinsettia or christmas star flower. Euphorbia pulcherrima
  6. Decent mid $$ 😉 Tuscania (Viterbo), Italy - Interior of San Pietro Church. Italy, Book, print and/or e-book, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate - RF second of the month (maybe something is moving) good day everyone!! lorenza
  7. Hi julian yes, sales provide a great feeling. I am very happy for you. Looking at your portfolio which I think is very beautiful and with salable photos according to the point of view, I noticed that they are RF and, despite the presence of people without release, they do not have the "editorial" clause. I allowed myself to point it out to you because it also happened to me, at the beginning, not to know that if they are RF and in the picture there are people, logos or private buildings, it is important that they are put on sale only with the "editorial" purpose Greetings to you good day lorenza P.S. translated with google (Patience) - thanks !!!
  8. Usage: Single company - multiple use editorial only. RF EDITORIAL sold on the last day of January. A January that brought me 3 sales. It's a lot to me, maybe something is moving. A sale of an average $$ value. I'm happy. Among other things, the last day of commissions at 50%. From today the commission should be 40%, excluding exclusive images. SCIENCE MUSEUM OF TRENTO, Italy. MuSe Museum: interior view of the interactive Museum. the taxidermized animals in the permanent exhibition
  9. Usage: iQ sale: Single company - multiple use editorial only"EU" fall sale this afternoon for an average price $$ (I'm happy) - I do not interpret the use well. There is no deadline so I assume it is a single use. SCIENCE ON A SPHERE - terrestrial globe connected to NOAA . Museum of the Sciences of Trento (MUSE), italy.
  10. The first of the year... Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years for a pretty good two-digit amount. I'm happy, maybe this year I'll be able to do better. I uploaded a lot of other photos and set a few keywords ... fingers crossed Hi everyone lorenza view down the idyllic fruit orchards of Trentino Alto Adige, Italy. Val di Non, a vast fruit orchard in the heart of north - western Trentino, Italy
  11. you probably exceeded the allowed number of allowed keywords. You must also check that when you do this, highlight only the images you want to copy the keywords to. Usually this happens when multiple images are highlighted at the same time. I hope I have been of help Hello lorenza
  12. Ciao a tutti, voglio portare alla vostra attenzione questa domanda che mi sono chiesto. Quanto è importante o meglio, quanto influiscono i pixel e i MB di un'immagine sulla vendita? Voglio dire, è più probabile che venda una foto con MB + 50? Grazie a tutti e buon 2019. lorenza
  13. In December, a small sale and I believe there will be no more in this year. 2018 is my second year and I made less than ten sales despite continuing to charge. But do not demoralize me, I think it takes time. I hope for a good 2019 for me and for all of you ... a great year and not only here but in everyday life. Best wishes!!!! lorenza
  14. I agree with you! I like your post ... great wisdom !!!! Thank you! lorenza
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