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  1. chase an image

    Grazie Paulette...
  2. chase an image

    They have already sent me an email telling me that it is a download related to distributor for use and are contacting the distribution team. I conclude that it is sold and has not yet been reported to me right ??? It 'a distributor, the price will not be very high ???
  3. chase an image

    Hi Kumar I just sent an email to alamy, reporting the site and the identification number of the image. The image does not have a watermark, at the bottom right it is reported that the photo comes from alamiy. (If you go to the site there are several photos attributed to alamy without the name of the collaborator). I think I was wrong to send a report from the alamy dashboard ... hopefully we did not create problems. If you tell me, according to your experience, that the site is correct, I'm happy. What is certain is that you can not browse to search for your photos, it should not happen ... I have no sales and no zoom related to that photo ... thanks Kumar ...
  4. chase an image

    This is the site: http://www.traveler.es/naturaleza/articulos/que-hacer-merano-alpes-italianos/11375 the image is a glimpse of the center of Merano. It is attributed to @alamy. I made a report of unauthorized use, but I was probably wrong. I have to send an email to the address you have sent me, the contributor assistance address. thanks ... ciaoo
  5. chase an image

    chase an image Goodmorning everyone. I found my image in a travel blog (article done in October 2017). I do not see any zoom and no sale. What should I do to chase it? How come these things happen? . In the picture there is written @alamy ...
  6. Very disappointing

    I'm not clear about the prefixes speech ....
  7. IMO?

    forgiven ..
  8. IMO?

  9. IMO?

    Thank you all. I thought it was something related to alamy. Easier than I thought ...
  10. IMO?

    IMO? Hello to all. Reading the forum, even post-recent (so I learn), as well as CTR I hear about "IMO". I could not understand what it refers to. News: today my CTR went to 0.83 (5 zoom at the weekend) ... a good sign? I decided to keep my only pseudonym ... good evening to all .. (here in Italy it's 5.00 pm ...) I do not have much time to interact in this extremely nice and civil forum (I like it a lot) but anyway I always follow you, every night after work. Yesterday I made a visit to the museum of Trento (MUSE) - project by Renzo Piano - now I have to find the time to fix the photos and upload them ... I can not wait ... lorenza ( by beautiful italy without governmente) )
  11. dashboard update

    thank you so much Philip!!!
  12. dashboard update

    thank you so much Craig....!!!
  13. dashboard update

    Good morning everyone ! I have not made clarity about some things yet! I ask you to confirm ... 1. Updates to the views and any zoom are displayed in the morning (I mean of course the time of Italy) 2. Any sales are also charged during the day? Or even the sales I can see only at the time of the update and that is the morning? Thank you!!!!!
  14. Images not on sale now on sale!

    now I saw that they do not even have the keywords. Strange, however, that, without indexing, are still visible. They usually appear in red in the dashboard ... and marked with "not for sale"