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  1. You're not alone, I had one of those come in today.
  2. Sorry Martin, I can't offer any other advice other than what Gillian and Chuck have already covered. Good luck.
  3. Hi Martin. If you look in the additional revenue options section on your dashboard you will see that you can sign up to submit images for live news. All the information you need can be found there. I don't think there is any alternative route for news images.
  4. I think it may be a Spiraea. John just got in before me. His ID looks bang on to me.
  5. Warm socks...……………...winter is coming!! I'm a humble 3 star but my submissions uploaded in the evening always clear by the close of the following day.
  6. There is a good article on this topic in this weeks Amateur Photographer.
  7. Be patient and wait, things are a little slower at the moment. They will clear eventually.
  8. Thanks, that proves it; I'm definitely no expert. but...………….sedge warblers have a distinct pale band above the eye which isn't entirely clear from your picture. Not sure about their geographical territory but might it be a reed warbler? I'll shut up now before I dig too big a hole for myself!
  9. Not entirely certain and I'm no expert, but it looks to me like it could be a marsh warbler.
  10. Yes, I have just logged in and seen I have two sales exactly as that. Likewise, would not cover the cost of a decent flat white. I don't know which website. I have only one other sale this month, again at a low $ (which might just get me a flat white). Mine are all RM, I opted out of PU.
  11. Try Google Maps. I usually take a reference photo of the street name before taking pictures and then it's relatively easy to track down what the buildings are.
  12. Hi Andrea and welcome. Whilst you are in the early stages I would suggest some of your captions need attention since they don't really describe what is in the image. Check out the Alamy blogs on captioning and key wording. If you get that right before you upload a lot of images it will save you a lot of corrective work in the future and will help to make your pictures more discoverable. Best wishes for a successful future with Alamy.
  13. No doubt somebody will correct me if I'm wrong, but the way I see it is that you commissioned and paid somebody to produce the artwork. As long as you have a written agreement with the artist that you own the rights then it is yours to do with as you please. If you need to provide a release for it to be used it is only you who needs to provide it.
  14. Sorry for not responding sooner. Just small things really, for example:- Image WF8DC2 has FISHERMEN and FISHERMAN in the key words but there are no people in the picture. T5GTMN has PEOPLE, WINDOW, JAIL, INJUSTICE, PRESIDENT none of which appear or seem relevant to the image. Check out the Alamy blogs where you will find good guidance to keywording and captioning your pictures. Get on top of it now while you have a small collection which can be easily checked, apply the advice already given by others and you will be on top of things as your portfolio grows. All best wishes for a successful future with Alamy.
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