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  1. After having my last sale obstinately stuck on 27th August, was initially pleased to see this when I logged in this morning.......until I saw the price. $1.02, my cut $0.408 the lowest yet for me. Seems there are a few others with similar DOOH usage and price. Oh well, just have to hope something better comes along soon. Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Editorial websiteIndustry sector: Media, design & publishingImage Size: Any sizeStart: 14 October 2021End: 14 October 2026Single use in online platforms, social channels and Editorial use in owned DOOH when us
  2. Thanks Carol. No choice really, it all took a while to sink in but got there in the end thanks to a lot of help and advice from a number of forum friends.
  3. Had a re-think and I've downloaded the DNG converter. After a bit of bumbling around (I'm not very good at this computer lark) I got the thing working and can edit in my version of Lightroom. Maybe get the subscription version if Alamy sales pick up sufficiently to justify the expense. In the meantime it does what I need it to do, so happy days. Thanks again to everyone who has previously responded for your help/advice.
  4. Thanks Harry. I’ve given it some thought and decided I’ve had enough of faffing about and will get the LR subscription version. A tenner a month won’t break the bank, I’ve just chucked in membership of National Trust so will just use the money saved from there to fund the LR sub.
  5. Thanks Carol. Upgraded to Mohave but the Mac can upgrade one step further to Catalina. Just hit another snag though because my version of Lightroom (5) doesn't recognise the raw files from the Z6 ll. I'll try to get the DNG converter to see if I can live with that, or maybe bite the bullet and get a new editing suite. Better hurry up with that 'cos I'm not stopping shooting and a lot of pics are building up that will need to be processed.
  6. Not so yipee! after all. Seems my version of Lightroom doesn't recognise the raw files from the Z6 ll.
  7. After some initial panic/confusion I have finally managed to upgrade my Mac OS to allow me to install the Nikon software needed for my new Z6 ll. Downloaded all images taken since I bought the camera so I've got lots of editing ahead. Special thanks to all you guys who assisted/provided advice.
  8. Thanks Michael, food for thought. I guess at some stage I will have to consider a trade in to get a new machine, but maybe not just yet (I really wouldn’t throw the old one in a river!). Will check out Mohave today.
  9. Thanks Martin, that’s something I knew nothing about so I will take a look.
  10. Just found that the DNG won’t open so you guys are right on that. I think my Mac may be OK to run Mojave so I’ll give it a try tomorrow. Maybe if that is successful and I can get the DNG converter I might also be able to get View NX-i and download images from the camera in the way I am used to doing it. Live in hope and if that doesn’t work I’ll tip the bloody Mac into the Thames and buy a new one with all the whistles and bells. Would then just need to persuade “she who must be obeyed” that it is the necessary course of action. Thanks to everyone, your help is greatly appreciated.
  11. I agree and am indebted to Michael and the others who take the trouble to help out.
  12. I'll get stuckinto doing that today. Thanks again Michael and my best wishes to you for an early and full recovery from your illness.
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