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  1. Waiting......................................(sigh). Trying to figure how I can attract the three figure sales some of you guys are getting. Taking better pictures might help. 🤔
  2. Interesting feedback, many thanks Michael and Harry. I think I will be sticking with Nikon and checking out what sort of deal I can get trading in my lenses and go for the Z6 ll with the 24-70 f4 Z. Will probably hang on to the 70-200 f2,8 so will need the F mount adaptor.
  3. Six sales for the princely sum of $84 gross. One in today for a magazine at just under $5. Just tossing up whether to opt back into personal use. From some of the recent forum discussions I've read recently, these seem to be getting better prices than a lot of editorial sales.
  4. I use a D610 and have the privilege of owning the classic trio of f/2,8 zooms .....14-24mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm, all of which are the bees knees in my book but damn heavy!! However advancing years and a neurological problem affecting my walking makes getting around more tiring than it used to be. On a typical day shooting in London I can cover over 6 miles on foot, so quite knackering. I don't go out carrying all those lenses, but even the 24-70, my workhorse glass, is a lump on it's own and I am seriously considering trading in the whole lot (the lenses are truly in mint condition) for
  5. Two small sales dated for 23rd showed up this morning, so just sneaked in for my 50% cut.
  6. Could swear I had $47 cleared balance yesterday but today it's $44. Guess I should count myself lucky that it's nowhere near as bad a drop that many of you have seen.
  7. How about this? I opted out of distributor sales on 1st June. On 2nd June I received an email from Alamy to say they had been contacted by one of their distributors in UAE to say they have a distribution sale for one of my images. However, as my images are not available in this territory through the distribution scheme, the distributor had asked if I could allow them to make this one off sale? I asked how much the sale would be worth to me but received no reply. I thought nothing more of it but was a bit surprised to see the sale come through a couple of days ago. Have as
  8. Thanks Mark. As a general rule I do assign all my images as having property/people as applicable, with no releases.
  9. May I add to the discussion by asking a similar question regarding statues or memorials, in particular the memorial to the Women of World War II which stands in Whitehall close to the Cenotaph. The memorial was sculpted by John W. Mills, I assume (rightly or wrongly) as a commissioned piece and as such I guess (rightly or wrongly) that it is publicly owned. Would the artist retain the copyright to the work in this instance?
  10. Welcome Rob. Take the good advice given by Steve and Joseph................and upload lots more pictures!! Good luck.
  11. I know the problem. Half way through the year and counting images licenced (for peanuts) on one hand!! OK, a nine fingered hand, but don't want to boast. Maybe I should shoot something someone wants to buy. Onward and upward! 😣
  12. Thanks to everyone for your responses. I doubt I will ever want to re-edit any of the images I upload to Alamy. Seems the accepted wisdom is to hang onto the jpegs, so I guess the simplest way for me will be to weed them out of my main drive and archive them onto a couple of external hard drives. I have a couple of spare 1TB drives so I guess it'll take a while to even get close to filling them up!! Thanks again.
  13. This may have been asked before, but if you shoot RAW do you keep your jpegs once you've uploaded them to Alamy? I use an old version of Lightroom to do any editing before uploading. The edits are exported as jpeg back into the original folder with the RAW originals from where I upload them for QC. So far I've kept the jpegs but it occurs to me that they are taking up masses of disc space so I'm tempted to ditch them. After all, the edited images are still available in the Lightroom catalogue, so why not?
  14. Probably no good going direct to your council. I think you should deal with it through the Valuation Office Agency. Hope this helps.
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