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  1. I think you are right, I need to check it out. They have used a number of my pictures before and the price is about the same in each case.
  2. Just in this morning, but disappointingly low $. Just about gets me half a cup of coffee. Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Editorial websiteIndustry sector: Travel & tourismImage Size: Any sizeStart: 12 April 2021End: 12 April 2026Editorial website and app multiple use, in perpetuity
  3. Phew!! Just in this morning to save me from a 'duck' for a third month. PU low $$
  4. Raked out all the moss from my lawn. Spiked, weeded, re-seeded and top dressed it. Good excuse for a long lie down now.
  5. Can't get any worse, absolutely nothing in March making it my second dry month in a row. Zooms and views are up so I guess I need to wait a little longer to see if any come good. Some do, many don't. Wishing everyone a successful April.
  6. I would travel on the Metropolitan line avoiding peak times and the trains are virtually empty then. I won't be changing onto other lines and when I get to Baker Street it will be Shanks pony. Risk is very low. Many people have been travelling into work in central London during peak times throughout the lockdown without major issues. There is probably more risk involved in going to the supermarket. Usually more people there than I will see on a Met line train at 10 a.m. or 3p.m. which are my planned travelling times outward and returning. We have to get used to the stated scientific
  7. Thanks for the heads-up on that Mark, freedom beckons sooner than I thought and the weather seems set fair for the first part of the week too.
  8. That's exactly what I intend to do. The government roadmap says shops can re-open on 12th April if all goes well. I am taking that as the green light to start travelling into London again, albeit with social distancing and face covering still necessary. Maybe our paths will cross. Foreign holiday this year a definite no go!!
  9. Only a few days to go this month and I too will have flat lined for two months running. My zooms and views are up a bit above my normal average as is my CTR but, frustratingly, sales are not.
  10. Drew a blank last month and March looks like it's heading in the same direction if I don't get anything soon. Seriously reviewing my port: I need to maybe diversify a bit (or a lot!!) more. Really need this lockdown to end so I can get out and about further afield again.
  11. Apologies all, my statement 'same here' not entirely true; me being a dummy and not paying attention. My Nikons don't charge from the connecting cable. I have the charger next to the computer and simply remove and re-charge the camera battery if necessary after I've completed image download.
  12. Same here. Plenty of room for the camera on the desk next to my iMac and download of images takes less time than it takes to brew a coffee while waiting......and less chance of damaging a card.
  13. I've seen all the talk about card readers but don't fully understand why they are necessary for importing images from camera to computer. My cards never leave my cameras, I simply connect the camera (I use Nikon) to computer and download to ViewNX 2. Maybe things are different for other camera makes.
  14. Just watched this and it's made my day. Thanks for posting this Paulette. 😃
  15. Welcome Kris. You have a lot of work ahead so wishing you well in developing your images collection.
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