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  1. Hi All, Following on from this, we’ve been looking into the data further and can see that a small percentage of contributors’ images have been included in this deal who were IN distribution for China but opted out of novel use. We apologise for this oversight as we originally aimed to set this up with the intention to include NU only and although the vast majority of images we’re in this pool, it has come to light that a handful were not. Regardless of this error, we’d like to reiterate that this does not indicate a shift in strategy in the way we or our
  2. Thanks both - I'll ask the team to check these examples and will respond. Best, James A
  3. Hi All, The data has been pulled and looked at for the distributor in question and we can confirm they have operated within our agreement. The images were sourced from the pool of images opted into Chinese distribution and Novel Use. The usage confirmation report included a very small % of images that had opted out or had been deleted in the time between download and use, but the vast majority of images billed remain opted into both. The images selected have been used as part of a small business / personal template style application where users can quickly
  4. Hi All, For any queries relating to Stockimo, please email the team at support@stockimo.com. Thanks Alamy
  5. Hi All, Apologies on the radio silence up to this point whilst we investigate what's been happening with these sales via a Chinese distributor. The detail is more complex than it appears and we are still picking through the data to ascertain what’s involved and how it has come to pass. I'd also like to apologise for posting this on what is a Friday afternoon here in the UK. It's never the best time to post replies and I'm aware there will may be suspicions that this is some kind of deliberate tactic of waiting for a quiet period but I can assure you it isn't.
  6. Hi all, We're just catching up with the backlog of emails from the Christmas break, so if you've emailed the team you should recieve a response this week. In this case, unfortunately our credit control team have been unable to obtain payment from the customer after chasing for 3 years and the sale has been written off. All the best Corin
  7. Hi all, Thank you for all of the information you have provided here, our CR team are just getting back into the swing of things after the Christmas break and this will be useful to help us look into what's happened in this case to give a clear answer. If you've got a specific question about your sales, please email contributors@alamy.com but be mindful that there may be a delayed response as we get back up to speed and work through the backlog from the festive period. All the best Corin
  8. From December 23rd until January 5th, response times from Contributor Relations and QC will be longer than usual. We'll be up and running to normal speed as quick as we can when we're back from a short break. While we're away you can find useful information on our help pages, or continue to chat to fellow photographers on the forum. Thanks for another great year and here's to a successful 2022!
  9. Hi Phil, This is for images marked as “Exclusive to Alamy” as at the time of sale they did not comply with the requirements to be deemed exclusive. Under the terms of the contributor contract, Alamy has the right reclaim the percentage difference in commission paid in respect of such Content marked as Exclusive to Alamy. The amount reclaimed is the additional 10% commission paid and not the whole license fee. If you have any further questions about your images involved please email the CR team contributors@alamy.com Best Corin
  10. Thank you for your comments, we appreciate and welcome suggestions. We have been working to enhance the level of event information available to us, to help accredit and inform our Live News contributors. PA operate a different model to us; however, we have PA experience within our ALN team which we will be using to drive the Alamy Live News service forward. We are a small but dedicated team who encourage collaboration, so feel free to get in touch with us at news@alamy.com to let us know how we can help you going forward. Thanks, The ALN team
  11. Hi all, Thanks for flagging this - I've raised it with our IT team. Best Corin
  12. And a note on this, clause 4.5 of the contributor contract states: 4.5 Where the Content has been licensed to a Customer in accordance with this Contract, you will not contact that Customer for any reason pertaining to the sale or the use of the Content. Contacting the customer in relation to a licence would represent a breach of the Alamy contributor contract. Alamy
  13. We've left this thread running for as long as possible, but it's now run it's course so we're locking it down. For a bit more background on this current deal that has been discussed, we have limited the licences here to the novel use pool images. As we indicate within the definition of novel use, licenses can include high volume low single value type prices. Novel use is an optional scheme you can opt out of if you wish in April each year. Our average price across the board remains pretty static at around $30 across all licences and this has been the case for the last
  14. Hi Ian - not really the case and not really the spirit of our post, I think you know that. We've held our hands up on this one and re-reviewed your deleted thread and decided to re-instate it - in my view I saw this as a good outcome - we admitted fault and corrected it - lets move on now shall we? We will continue to let as much free posting happen as possible but there will be times when comments or threads need to be removed for breaches of the rules. Any other business would be no different and as mentioned before, we choose to keep our forum open when our competitors don't so
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