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  1. Subscription Sales?

    This is clause 9.1 which corresponds to the Novel Use scheme (an optional, opt-in scheme that you can choose to be part of or not). This clause has essentially been part of the contract for 10 years, we've just re-worded it to make it clearer to cover those extremely rare cases where we may not make a charge when we supply images for certain things like proof of concept style projects (which can often lead to future sales). If you've got any other questions about this, please feel free to drop us an email: Cheers Alamy
  2. Changes to Alamy Contract

    Hi everyone We are sorry to hear not everyone have received an email yet. Because of new regulations it's harder than before to email large groups of people who have unsubscribed from our mailing list. We are working on a fix for contract notifications and an email should be with all of you as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can view the changes on our website: We would also like to clarify that clause 9.1 only applies to Novel Use licences which is an optional scheme. Thanks Alamy
  3. PU - again

    Hi Gordon, Our Contributor Relations team can look into this for you if you just drop them an email. Thanks, Alamy
  4. Hi everyone We've taken note of your feedback regarding Shaw Academy's marketing emails and passed it on to them. Thanks for sharing your experience! All the best Alamy
  5. Hello, Regarding the file selection method, this question has come up before but to re-iterate our reasoning: 1 - During testing, we observed a wide range of photographers using different versions of the tool with both options for selecting images. Having selection methods like as you describe above (e.g, the 'standard way') led to continual frustration with users deselecting images "accidentally" whilst clicking round other areas of the tool. You can imagine how disheartening this would be if you'd spent 10 minutes scrolling through previous submissions and selecting a set group of images only for them all to be deselected at the click of a mouse. We appreciate this is a different way of working with files but we went with the best possible outcome as a result of testing. 2 - There is a mobile / tablet audience that has to be catered for, again, this suits those methods of input We're locking this thread down to avoid duplicated feedback, if you could keep it to one thread that would be great: Thanks, Alamy
  6. Hi Everyone, You may (or may not) be aware that we're continually monitoring activity and feedback on our contributor tools, especially the Alamy Image Manager (AIM). We've got a list of improvements we want to make and release to the live environment and the next update should be going live before the end of the week. Here are some details of what's in the forthcoming update as well as a list of other things we're currently working on for release in the near future. Current update: Changes to the UI so it’s clearer you have more than one image selected. There is now a more obvious “highlight” overlay on the image and the info box in the top right corner is now more prominent. Should reduce the chance of mistakenly making changes to images that you didn't know were selected There is a button now for “remove all tags”. No more having to click each tag one by one if you want to start fresh! There is a copy and paste function that has been added. You can select tags individually or select all (woo hoo!), then copy and paste to another image(s) via the paste button. We know this has been a request many of you have asked for so we hope this will really help those who prefer that type of workflow. Future updates (more things we are working on for a later release, some require further testing - this list doesn't confirm release): Changes to the way you can sort the order of your images in AIM UI improvements to the caption editing box Improvements to messaging throughout the AIM pages Date uploaded information to individual images Improvements to tag UI (specifically making it easier to select supertags) Export metadata functionality Improvements to filters Intuitive help Improvements to handling of foreign characters Options to change order of tags Improvements to mobile functionality Improvements to category options Various other UI improvements *This is not an exhaustive list.* We're also working on a couple of other projects for contributors that we think you're going to love, so keep your eyes peeled for further updates soon. If you've got any feedback on any of the above feel free to email us on Cheers James Allsworth Contributor Experience Manager
  7. Exclusivity

    Hi Avpics Sorry about the delay, our IT team is doing some work at the moment which means we have to hold back today's search update. We will be updating it as soon as possible! Thanks Alamy
  8. Exclusivity

    Hi Losdemas, We sometimes merge threads of similar topics to tidy up the Forum pages. However, this is not how it is meant to work, so we will contact the forum providers and ask them to look into it. Thanks Alamy
  9. Personal use

    It's as we've confirmed in this thread Phil - we've been working on solving this for a while and the information you got on the 12th was correct at the time. Thanks Alamy
  10. Personal use

    Hello, To confirm, images with editorial only restrictions or personal use restrictions are still available to distributors - they are not removed from the pool. Distributors do have the option to not include them if they wish, but adding these restrictions does not remove them from distribution. Many thanks, Alamy
  11. Alamy update

    Hi everyone Our IT team is working on some background fixes and Alamy measures will be updated as soon as possible. Thanks Alamy
  12. Hello Have you got in touch with our Contributor Relations team ( They'll be able to look into this for you. Thanks Alamy
  13. Glasgow or Edinburgh group meet-up

    Great, I'm looking forward to meeting you all! Best Elisabeth
  14. Glasgow or Edinburgh group meet-up

    Hi Elisabeth here, I just stumbled upon this post and thought it was worth mentioning that I will be giving a student talk in Glasgow on the 12th October. I'm heading towards Edinburgh straight after the talk so would be around from 2.30 pm. I would love to come by and say hello if you are around at that time. I've been working for the Content team at Alamy for 5 years and are currently looking after our agencies, the student project and other photographer related sides to the business. It could be a great opportunity for you to give direct feedback and share any ideas you might have with us. Let me know if you would like me to come along, and if the time works for all of you. Thanks Elisabeth
  15. Hello Stock industry expert Jim Pickerell has created a survey in an effort to gather data on the general income ranges of Editorial Still Photographers around the world. You can respond to the survey here: It’s open until mid-October, and you can read all about it on the Selling Stock website: Thanks Alamy