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  1. Hi Malcom, This shouldn't be happening, I've just tested this at my end and it shows 74,922 images - https://bit.ly/3DRcUrx If you're still unable to find them, email contributors@alamy.com with screenshots and our team can look into it. Best Corin
  2. Hi gvallee, Just quickly on this, previously you could search with no keywords, this would give you a blank search page. Now you can't search without a keyword. To do what you are asking, you will have to perform a keyword search, then once on a search page delete the keywords from search bar and enter the contributor name in advance search filter. You should then see your entire potfolio. You can also share and promote your images on Alamy with your Alamy portfolio page - you'll find this on your contributor dashboard. Best Corin
  3. Hi dunstun365, Our CR team replied to your email at 9.57am yesterday (13/10/21) letting you know that the images are being reinstated for you and should be back on sale shortly. Best Corin
  4. Just one final note from us. To make it clear, we absolutely accept criticism and questions but they have to be presented fairly and professionally. Being agressive, rude or bringing the Alamy brand into disrepute will never be appropriate on the forum. Thanks Alamy
  5. Hi imageplotter, Totally appreciate that there has been a lot of change at Alamy over the last couple of years, this has had an impact on our contributors, staff and customers which has made some feel uneasy. However, the content team are here to support you all as always and value you immensely. That has not and will not change. We run the forum as part of that support offering and have no plans to stop it anytime soon. Of course, never say never as sometimes business decisions and directions change. However, I can reassure you that there are not plans to remove this
  6. Hi Phil, Sorry that you feel that way - constructive criticism is allowed, when it is peppered with defamatory comments and rude language is where we have to draw the line. Best Corin
  7. Hi All, Just thought I'd jump in to express our own disappointment that Andy has decided to take some time away from the forum. We agree that he did have a lot of helpful advice and contributed to a lot here. As I explained to Andy in all of my communication which was friendly and informative, these warnings are given out for a reason. This forum is a place for discussion, help and advice which needs to remain a safe and friendly place and we have guidelines in place to keep it that way for a reason. It is not a place for bad language, harmful opinions or attempting to
  8. Hi Carla, John and Mark are correct, images are available for sale for 180 days after they’ve been deleted in Alamy Image Manager. If log into your account, your Image Manager clearly states these images will be removed on 3rd November 2021. If you have any further worries around this, please email our contributor relations team who are happy to help. Their email is contributors@alamy.com. Thanks Corin
  9. Hi DJ Myford, I have answered this question in my previous reply, please see below. spacecadet is correct and reiterates my answer. As per the contract the tier calculations each year look at licence fees only, so the contributor in your example would still need to make over $250 in sales to remain on gold - regardless of the value of DACS revenue they recieve. Thanks Corin
  10. Hi DJ Mayford, The tier calculation goes on licence fees made through Alamy, not DACS payments. DACS payments via Alamy will be paid to the contributor at 50% after we've taken away admin costs, which average out at around £1 per contributor claimed for. If you have anymore questions, feel free to email contributors@alamy.com and the team will get back to you. Thanks Corin
  11. As mentioned in one of my previous posts on this, we're gathering all the information to pick up all affected licences of this issue. With the initial 20 we found being on the same refunded / rebilled invoice, I wanted to do a thorough job on making sure we found all affected cases across other invoices. The checks involved in pulling these reports can be time consuming to collate but I can confirm this will be corrected as soon as we can do it, hopefully within the next week or so. As far as guardrailing so this shouldn't happen again, needless to say it shouldn't have happened in
  12. Hi All We are currently experiencing some ongoing technical issues with Alamy Measures due to a large amount of data processing on our servers. Our IT team are working on fixing this as soon as possible but we apologise for the inconvenience caused. In addition to this, from the 30th of Sept, there will be some technical backend changes to the site which means we're expecting the recorded zooms in measures to be reduced by about 20% - this will be across the board. We anticipate this reduction in the recording of data to be in place for no longer than 3 months, after wh
  13. That is a different situation and we have to go by time of billing rather than time of use. The case you refer to is complex in nature and I’m sorry you have had a prolonged time in trying to get a resolution. I’ll look into it personally to see if we can improve things for you with the outcome. James
  14. I didn’t post the original response. No policy U-Turn, just a genuine misunderstanding of the issue at hand which is now clear. We’re working to correct it as soon as possible. James A
  15. Also, if you're gold/platinum at 1st of July that doesn't get reviewed again until the following year. If you drop to silver you go straight to gold once you hit $250 regardless of when in the year.
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