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  1. Hi All Just to confirm to those saying they haven't received the email. It only went to people opted into receiving Alamy emails with exclusive images. You can check and amend your email preferences under the 'Account settings' section of your contributor dashboard. If you didn't receive this, you can still use the link from the email which has been posted in this thread to let us know your options. Thanks, Alamy
  2. Hi Chris This is the current thread. Please continue the discussion here: Thanks, Alamy
  3. May well not be wall art but could feasibly be artist reference for example - however if it has been used online and one of our infringement service partners finds it, it will be flagged and checked to have the appropriate licence. If it hasn’t got one, it can be pursued accordingly.
  4. We’ll always ask the potential infringer if they have a valid licence first and to provide proof if so. According to our current contributor contract, we’ve (you and us) agreed that we’ll inform each other should either of us be chasing an infringement. What we’re asking via this email is essentially can we bypass that bit in order to make the process more efficient. This is all about making sure we’re doing the right thing for all concerned as well as securing payments for both of us if they’re owed. Cheers Alamy
  5. It was only sent in the last hour so may not have got to you yet. Let us know if this hasn’t arrived by tomorrow so we can investigate. Best Alamy
  6. For clarity, this email went to any contributors who had at least one image marked as exclusive with us and who has not unsubscribed from receiving emails from us. Many thanks Alamy
  7. Hi All, We're doing essential website maintenance tomorrow Saturday 24th April, so our website will be temporarily down between 03:30 - 7:00 GMT. It will be back up and running as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. Alamy
  8. Hopefully you're all regular readers of our Alamy blog, but if not, here’s the link. The blog is updated weekly with exciting new topics, but we’d like your suggestions for future posts. Whether it’s inspirational or educational pieces you’d like us to cover, let us know in this thread. We’ll read all replies and will try to cover as many topics as possible in the near future. We look forward to reading all your suggestions! Thanks, Alamy P.s Here are some of our recent posts in case you fancy a
  9. Hi All Apologies for the inconvenience with the refund of sales that you have already been paid for. This is due to an invoicing error and they will be re-billed at the same price. Thanks, Alamy
  10. Alamy

    Video ???

    Hi, We aren't currently accepting videos and won't be in the near future. However, if this ever changes, we will let you know. Thanks, Alamy
  11. Hi All, We're aware of this and our team are looking into it. We hope to have this fixed as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience, Alamy
  12. Hi, Please direct all Stockimo questions to support@stockimo.com. Thanks, Alamy
  13. Hi All This is a license via our novel use scheme, an optional scheme which falls outside of our normal licensing. The images in the novel use pool give our sales team the freedom to explore different schemes and trials, with a variety of price points and licenses. These include, but are not limited to trials with new customers, prototypes/proof of concept, and high volume low unit price licences. If you decide you don’t want to be part of the Novel Use Scheme anymore you can opt out every April by following the ‘Novel use’ link under Additional Revenue Opti
  14. Hi Miguel Any queries regarding Stockimo should be sent to support@stockimo.com. Thanks, Alamy
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