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  1. Sorry to hear you've failed the initial submission. As this submission has been flagged as being produced on a camera not suitable for Alamy, that means our QC team don't think that the camera you are using will ever be able to produce high enough quality for submission. Check out our recent blog on the subject of camera choice here: Best Alamy
  2. Another PU refund.

    If you've got any concerns about a personal use licence please email the Contributor Relations team who will be happy to look into it for you. Cheers Alamy
  3. Helpful AIM tip

    This is a little update we released yesterday - should be available to all users. We've also recently released another little update that puts both the mandatory and optional tabs on one window when you maximise the right hand side of the tool using the option at the top. Cheers Alamy
  4. Dashboard login

    Hi, There is already a thread on this issue (, so we're locking this post down so there aren't duplicates. Thanks, Alamy
  5. Can't log in to Alamy site

    Afternoon, There were 4 posts on this topic, so we've merged them together here. We are aware of the issue, and our IT team are looking into what is causing it. We'll let you know when we have any updates. We're very sorry about the inconvenience this is currently causing. Thanks, Alamy
  6. Full Fact charity usage

    Hi everyone We've deleted the comments in this thread as they were painting the wrong picture and could possibly create confusion for other contributors. Thanks Alamy

    Hi AL1973 Have you contacted our Contributor Relations team ( Processing errors could be down to image files being too large, poor internet connection or other non QC related issues, please get in touch, we would be more than happy to look into it! Thanks Alamy
  8. Morning, We've deleted a couple comments, as the thread was going off topic. Thanks, Alamy
  9. This topic is a little misleading - to clarify - your upload privileges were frozen as you had uploaded images taken with Samsung Galaxy A5 mobile phone. This is unsuitable for Alamy submissions. There may have been other images within your uploads that were taken with suitable cameras, but we don't check every image you send us and if one fails then any others you have awaiting QC will also fail. Here's a link to our submission guidelines: Hope this helps, Alamy
  10. has Alamy issued GDPR white paper?

    Hi Harald We're currently doing some behind the scenes changes to the way we process model releases. We'll share more information on this topic soon! Thanks Alamy
  11. Alamy - Terminating your contract

    Hi Ian - sorry you got that! We looked into it and this was an email written and sent out by Rakuten (our affiliate partner) to any users who were signed up to the Australian affiliate program. We've now given them feedback about the choice of wording used, so thank's for flagging. Best, Alamy
  12. Hi Kathy Thanks for letting us know, we will pass on this information to our forum providers so they know it's still an issue. All the best Alamy
  13. Certain rules for some?

    Hi everyone We would like to explain this post as we are currently doing a pricing trial with this particular agency. What you see is adjusted "shop front pricing" to test how it will affect their sales. This is not open for any photographers or other agencies. As mentioned in one of the above comments, agencies have always been able to set their own RF prices as part of their contract, which is different from what you have spotted here. However, we see that most agencies actually take our price recommendations and are on the exact same contract as individual contributors. We do regular mural sweeps, and there are no expectations for any contributors. But we can't guarantee that all images are picked up on, and there will always be images of murals uploaded in between our sweeps that will be available for a short period of time. Thanks Alamy
  14. Hi everyone Our platform provider has confirmed that they've done some updates to fix this issue, please let us know if you are still having problems when searching the forum. Thanks Alamy
  15. has Alamy issued GDPR white paper?

    Alamy Statement on GDPR issues Alamy has reviewed and considered in detail the compliance of its business with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Following such review Alamy has taken steps to ensure compliance and is confident that it will meet the challenges of the new law. Alamy believes that the key risk scenario arising from the GDPR is where a photograph with a living person as its main focus is linked with personal information identifying that person, such as name, address or location. Alamy’s contributor contract has been amended from 25 May 2018 to provide that linking such personal information to a photograph of a living person will only be allowed for journalistic and news reporting purposes, where the person has given consent or for other legitimate reasons. Alamy’s lawful basis for licensing images under the GDPR will include its legitimate interests. These legitimate interests arises from its provision of photographs for a range of primarily editorial purposes, including news reporting, commentary, educational textbooks etc., that are of clear benefit to others and in the public interest. Alamy also expects to rely on the exemptions in the GDPR regarding the use of personal data for journalistic, artistic and academic purposes. Alamy’s view is that metadata included with an image, including location or date/time information, is unlikely in and of itself to materially increase any risk of GDPR non-compliance. The journalism and new reporting exception permits images of celebrities/well known or newsworthy people to be used. The legal basis for the processing would be the exemption for journalistic purposes set out in the GDPR (Art 85). In the UK implementing legislation a public interest test is incorporated. The consent exception could be satisfied by a model release or another form of explicit consent. The “other legitimate reason” exception also sits under the legitimate interests basis of lawful processing. As with all cases involving legitimate interests it would involve a balancing of the rights of the person whose details are included with those of Alamy , its contributors and customers. The following could form some of the justification for invoking legitimate interests: The provision of photographs for a range of editorial purposes, including news reporting, commentary, educational textbooks etc., that are of clear benefit to others and in the public interest; There may be a limited privacy impact on any individual that is a public figure, as they might reasonably expect their data to be used in this way; It would not be practical in many circumstances to give the individual full upfront control (i.e. consent) or bother them with disruptive consent requests. Other legitimate reasons generally involve the use of a person’s personal details in conjunction with an image in circumstances where it would be expected and natural to use such personal details in that context. For example, the use of an architect’s or inventor’s name in conjunction with a building or invention. It would not be possible to provide a full list of all circumstances in which the exception would apply but guidance will be placed on the contributor area of the Alamy website. Alamy notes that the GDPR indicates that processing of a photograph will not be treated as sensitive personal data unless used for facial recognition or similar purposes. The UK supervising authority the ICO has also commented that photographs of living persons shown in street photographs will not be considered biometric data for the purposes of the GDPR and Alamy expects that the position will be similar in other countries. Thanks, Alamy