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  1. For the same reason as always I'm afraid - we'd love to be more interactive here but we've got a small team and other priorities have to come first. As you'll find, the more we respond to, the more follow-up questions there are and then people can feel aggrieved when they don't get a response. With the colour space issue, I think I recall actually calling you to try and clear up the confusion, so I hope that shows that we are not being neglectful in our responsibilty to support our contributors! A webinar / video / Q+A type thing is not a bad idea, we'll have to see if we can make that work for some point this year. Cheers James A
  2. Alamy will have a stand there which will be manned by a few members of the team at any given time. Personally I'll be there on at least one of the days, probably more but not sure which ones yet. I would say though that if you do have any forensic / data driven or technical details for discussion, the trade show floor is probably not the best place and we'd of course welcome you to email these to us in order for us to help in a more detailed way. For example, our previous chats and discussions about the search engine and more recently, colour space, have been heavily covered and I wouldn't want us to re-tread old ground. That said if you do have any specific questions for us, let us know. Another note related to this discussion and the meeting in Ely - as others have previously said, no trade secrets were revealed or any dramatic inside information was given out. As discussed at the meet itself, context is everything and when things are in black and white they can be over-analysed, mis quoted and mis-interpreted so I can see why a written summary wouldn't necessarily be helpful. As always, the best advice I can give for you to succeed on Alamy is to spend your energy and time producing relevant, strong photography that is well keyworded. Over-analysing or over-working any other element of the process, including post-processing, the workings of the search engine etc are far less important than the basics! Cheers James A
  3. I have to jump in here to clarify before a thread goes down a certain path - Our desire / target is to have all images categorised - We feel image categorising is important and encourage you to do so on all images - We are exploring the best ways to go about this, and there are many ways, including looking at AI methods Cheers James A
  4. Good ideas Ian, thanks. We've considered setting up similar options "pre-upload" in the past but have always moved against it because we want to keep the process simple, however I think there's merit in this and we'll revisit for a future update. Best, James A
  5. Hi All, Your input is required, and there's a triple potential benefit to what we're proposing so we want to get it right. This post details a proposed change that we think will: - Make the restrictions process far simpler for you, which means less time in admin mode and more time in photography mode - Make the process of buying licences for customers even simpler, which means higher potential for more sales - Simplify our back-end technical logic, allowing us to make improvements to the site and search engine much quicker For those of you who have been with us many years, you may recall the system we used to have where image restrictions were available for every possible end use. This system was overly complex and due to customer demand we needed to simplify it down to just 4 possible restrictions, with only 3 of the 4 being available to be selected. They are: Don't sell for advertising and promotion Don't sell for consumer goods Don't sell for editorial Don't sell for personal use including single copy, non-retail wall art prints Even though this is a huge improvement on the old system, from customer feedback and activity, it’s clear that this restriction system is still overly complex, so we are proposing some simple changes that will make life easier and hopefully lead to increased sales potential as a result. We think this will work and is the right approach, but before we press on, we want your thoughts, feelings and feedback. This is what we are proposing: A removal of the restriction “Don’t sell for editorial” A combining of the advertising and consumer goods restriction to just be: “Don’t sell for commercial”. Keeping the “Don’t sell for personal use” the way it is now. So essentially, it will mean all images on Alamy will be available for the editorial licence. You’d be able to restrict commercial use and personal use if you wish (which encompasses consumer goods, advertising and personal prints). Therefore there are no changes to the “editorial only” restrictions you can place now. This will make applying restrictions easier for you, whittling the restriction options down to two. This will make things far simpler for the customer, allow us to remove some of the complex combinations of logic that have to be applied behind the scenes whilst essentially still allowing you to be able to restrict for what’s important to you. So – what do you think? Can you foresee this causing you any issues? Do you think this is a good idea? Let us know. Cheers Alamy
  6. Impossible to say with 100% certainty. The question you have to ask yourself is "does my image contain artwork that takes up more than 1/3 of the total frame, by which someone else could claim copyright to?" If you're not sure, don't take the risk. Cheers Alamy
  7. The benefit is that you earn a higher commission for images exclusive to us. If you mark images as exclusive when they are not, then this could be treated as a breach of contract leading to possible consequences including removal of images from the site. Our sales staff can view images marked as exclusive and we do have options of sharing exclusive images to customers if that's what they require. Cheers Alamy
  8. We can refer you to the contributor help pages for that, but for ease here's the info you need from that very page: What classifies an image as Exclusive to Alamy? You will receive 50% of each direct sale for images that are Exclusive to Alamy and 40% for images that are not Exclusive to Alamy. Below we have answered some frequently asked questions surrounding what classifies an image as exclusive. Images of artwork Images of artwork in context can be marked as exclusive. The general rule of thumb is that the artwork can’t take up any more than 1/3 of the image frame. Different versions of the same image Similar versions of the same image that are available on other licencing platforms can’t be marked as exclusive (i.e. B&W, different crop, or slight adjustments). However, images that are from the same shoot, but shot from a different angle or the model is posing differently, is considered a different image and can be marked as exclusive if that particular shot is not available elsewhere. Facebook and Instagram You can upload exclusive images to Facebook and Instagram. Selling direct Images can be sold through your own website or directly to customers and still be marked as Exclusive on Alamy. POD sites Images that are available via POD sites can be marked as exclusive as long as they’re not offered for additional licencing through the POD site. We consider additional products as mugs and towels the same as prints. Cheers Alamy
  9. Just a quick one on this from us - sorry for the confusion regarding the number. There has been a lag on the number pulled from the database for the email and what today's total may be. All other info is correct, the exact number may not match though in all cases. Cheers Alamy
  10. Alamy


    Hi David - totally agree, we'll look into rolling out a fix as soon as possible if there is an issue our side. Best, Alamy
  11. Hmm - seems an odd one, thanks for raising. It looks like when you search for "trick or treaters line at house", the results are just showing for "line at house". We'll speak to the search guru's in their secret lab and find out what's going on. Until then. Cheers Alamy
  12. We've published a short blog post in tribute to Keith. Comments are open if you wanted to add your thoughts. https://www.alamy.com/blog/our-friend-and-talented-photographer-keith-morris Alamy
  13. Here's our latest infographic detailing some of the charitable initiatives we're currently involved in.
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