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  1. Hi All As per our note last Wednesday (page 114) we're now locking this thread. Thank you for all the feedback up to this point and for any further questions on the contract please email contributors@alamy.com and the team will be happy to help. Thanks, Alamy
  2. This clause talks about liability on you, if you breach the contract. It is not talking about a breach that is not caused by you because that would not make it a breach. More generally to all - please take this in the right spirit - as a kind of fair warning! - but the purpose of this thread was/is to offer a place where you as a contributor can post your feedback on the contract changes. It can never be a live Q+A or discussion of very detailed legal eventualities. It's just not possible. We have read each response and have taken feedback on board. I hope the tweaks t
  3. The people / property questions will remain optional. A problem for you would only arise if you say there is a release for either, and there isn't one. If you haven't told us either way then you would not be in breach of contract as a contributor supplying false/incorrect information. Of course there can still be liability issues for you if you've broken laws by taking / supplying the image or you've breached copyright etc. But for the release information example, the clause is concerned with false information, not lack of information on a field that is optional. And a
  4. Ok thanks - we will look at that and try to get the info listed there updated to show "No info" rather than "No" - in any case, you would not be bound to a Yes / No answer if you haven't provided either. I've updated the earlier reply to reflect that. James A
  5. Final point on this, but it is optional. The liability / contract breach problem arises in this example if you enter false information. If you mark the image as released and it isn't, that's a breach. If you don't answer either way then that is not a breach because the information shown to us is not saying there is a release when their isn't - and this is where a problem would arise. If you enter "yes" and a customer plans out a usage that requires that release and it subsequently doesn't exist, you can see how that would be a problem, hence a breach of the contract.
  6. That is not correct. This thread cannot be a continuous Q+A as there will always be times when we can't comment or answer each question posted, and it wouldn't be fair to those who don't get an answer. We continue to ask you to email us if you have any specific question. However, to answer this, the key point of clause 5.1 is the highlighted section in red here: 5.1. You will indemnify, defend (at the request of Alamy) and hold Alamy and its affiliates, Customers, Distributors, sub-licensees and assigns (the “Indemnified Parties”) harmless against any and al
  7. Hi Pam, You requested this image to be downloaded (along with some others) back in December 2018. You told us they were lost files so we had arranged for them to be released to your account to help you recover them. You've recently marked this image for deletion, so as per our policy we notify all users (automatically) who have ever downloaded the image that it is no longer available for licencing. Alamy
  8. Thanks for your patience whilst we make amendments to some of the new contract clauses. These amendments are confirmed below. The 45 day notice period restarts from today, and this date will be reflected on your contributor dashboard. Clause Change Listed 17 May 2021 Replacement 4.1.5. Amendment 4.1.5. except for any rights that have previously been licensed or granted in relation to the Content, there is not and will not be during the term of this Contract, be any limitation or restriction
  9. Thanks everyone for comments and suggestions so far. We started this thread back in April as we often got sent suggestions for new topics and in the past have recieved feedback from this forum about asking the contributor base for what they want to see us cover. The idea was to make things more interactive and offer you input on future topics. We'll leave this thread be now and unpin from the top of the page. Just a reminder that for any questions regarding the updated contract, please direct them to us via email or through the official thread.
  10. Hi Everyone, To frame expectations we just wanted to update you that we're aiming to get the ammendments confirmed for early next week. The 45 day notice period will start again from that point. The existing Alamy contract will remain in force until the end of that new notice period. We'll be in touch with further information then and will update this thread accordingly. Best regards, Alamy
  11. This has already been done, all statement posts from us in this thread are included on page one for that very reason. Thanks Alamy
  12. Just a quick update for you here to confirm that we are reading all responses and it's clear to us that there is confusion around the wording of some of the specific clauses in the new contract. We're sorry for the confusion these have caused. More details to follow soon, but we are looking at the possibility of rewording some clauses to make them clearer as well as providing further info here as to how the clauses could be used. Best regards Alamy
  13. The CR inbox has a technical issue over the weekend that has now been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Alamy
  14. 1) Do I need to change all my images to non-exclusive in order to carry on chasing infringements myself? No. You can still pursue infringements yourself however once the new contract comes into force the newly formed dedicated infringement team will be prioritising pursuing infringments for images marked as exclusive to Alamy. If you do not want the team to pursue infringements of images of yours without notifying you first then you should mark your images as non-exclusive. 2) I assume that with Non-Ex images I will always be asked first about Alamy pursuing infringement
  15. Hi Ian, We mentioned this in our response on Friday but the infringement email you're referring to would speed up the process for the infringements the team can pursue between April the 29th (when the email was sent) and July 1st (when the new contract comes into force). This means that our infringement team will be able to work through cases much quicker in the months running up to the new contract going live. With the new contract, for images marked as exclusive to us, we will pursue potential infringements without notifying contributors first, however a
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