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  1. I've had no problems at all this week with uploading.
  2. Photos and Sales

    In addition to what Sally just said, uploading in different submissions will make no difference. When Alamy QC your images, they just take everything that you have waiting to be QCed regardless of how many submissions you pushed them to Alamy in and they pick a random sample from these photos to check. If they find one failure, the whole lot get rejected regardless of the number of submissions used to get those photos to alamy.
  3. The Pros and Cons of Culling Our Collections

    It's somehow reassuring to hear that I'm not the only one!
  4. Have you found any Alamy images in January 2019?

    You seem to be dominating the Irish editions of papers.... almost like you have your own little niche there! Is there a shortage of photographers in Ireland covering local Irish stories?
  5. Images sold in January

    Thanks Kumar.. yes it is very recent. It was taken in Seoul, South Korea.
  6. Images sold in January

    My first sale of the year and actually a picture that I like for a change (rather than a boring shop front ). Like Paulette above, Novel Use however ... so oh well!
  7. What's wrong with my portfolio ?

    Immediate thoughts: 1. You have a very small portfolio.. simply upload more. 2. Some of your pictures are very commercial and Alamy as an agency does better with Editorial images.. I like your pictures very much though and Alamy do sell commercial imagery too so leave it there and hopefully someone else will see and like them! 3. Captions and keywords need to be in English.. a few of yours (e.g. RB2MGE ) aren't.
  8. Has the search engine updated?

    Yes, it seems my images are now live too. I wonder if this thread prompted Alamy to fix something?
  9. Has the search engine updated?

    Yes, this is the bit that I find a little surprising. I am used to the search engine not updating for a day or two and so not putting images that I have keyworded up for sale immediately. But this time it is almost as if the update half ran, only picking up half the images that were available to go on sale at the time it ran. There is a line in the sand, so-to-speak, whereby images keyworded before a given cut-off time are included and images keyworded after that cut-off have to wait another day... but I thought that was more like midnight GMT and I am fairly sure that images that I keyworded two days ago were done in one batch, quickly, earlier in the evening.
  10. Has the search engine updated?

    Nope.. didn't make a difference this time.
  11. Has the search engine updated?

    What is also "interesting" (word used in a loose sense of it's definition! ) is that the forum says I have 5911 images yet click on the '5911' and the search engine says I have 5885 images. I notice similar when clicking on the '2146' under Carol's name.
  12. Has the search engine updated?

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing Keith! I took the image on a very busy day and to be honest, it didn't occur that this was particularly up-to-date news. I remember before Christmas reading about Mothercare being in trouble and assumed that this was just old news and I was taking a picture for prosperity sake. So a combination of lack of time and assuming that my local Mothercare shutting was old news meant that the image was pushed as normal stock.
  13. Has the search engine updated?

    .. as the title says, have people seen the search engine update? Two nights ago, I keyworded 3 images but only one of the three was on sale (via the search engine and in my profile) yesterday. Yesterday, I keyworded 20+ images... still not seeing the missing images from two nights ago or the images keyworded yesterday? Are other people missing images from the search results or is this just me? What makes this particularly annoying is that today, I see stories like this in the media: And one of the images missing from two days ago is a picture of my local Mothercare store having a closing down sale.
  14. Photos of pets

    Personally on Alamy, I would put them up as for sale with an RM license with property = YES, property release = NO unless it was my own pet in which case probably just RF.