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  1. My last image taken on the 15th September was still given an ID beginning with 'W'. We knew Alamy were going to have to change their ID numbering system in some way soon.. I had expected them to get to the end of the alphabet first though! 🙂
  2. Sorry Alan! Yeah, you have to wonder don't you! Either one of two things will happen.. they'll all be free or we'll hit a plateau. Yes, I think they probably feel more comfortable with the crowdsourced, instant gratification business model. There might be something in that as the 'XBox Generation' comes through. And the rise of cameras in mobile phones meaning that less people actually buy a "proper camera".
  3. It sounds like another 20 - 30 years and Steve F, chrismid259 and myself might almost have the Alamy Marketplace to ourselves.. we'll make a fortune when we're the only contributors left! 😁
  4. Yeah.. just hold it under the kitchen tap... works fine! 😁
  5. Works for me.. what browser are you using? I use Chrome on a PC.
  6. It does.. yes.. I stand corrected. But I personally doubt anyone actually looks at that when buying an image...
  7. But surely the point is that they are already mixed up because they are on sale side-by-side in the same place. The only difference is the letter that the image ID starts with. I don't have an issue with Alamy QC maintaining standards by dictating that the camera has to be a certain standard... but it just seems that with Stockimo, the horse has already bolted so-to-speak. For example... .. one is Stockmo and the other isn't... so one was taken on a phone.
  8. I too regard myself as more of an introvert and a loner in many ways, happy on my own. But I too am married with children and wouldn't change that for the world. And this is exactly why I think the idea of becoming a "professional" photographer that does commissioned work might not be for me. Photography is a hobby that I enjoy, I shoot what I want, when I want and the only pressures are those I put on myself to get better. If I were to consider doing commissioned work, I fear the fun would evaporate from photography as happened to your watercolour painting.
  9. I've tried tagging on an iPhone and iPad mini an it doesn't work on either as there isn't enough real estate on the screen.
  10. The bit that I don't get is why Alamy QC reject anything that comes from a mobile phone... but if the image comes in via Stockimo, it's suddenly OK and ends up for sale in the same Alamy marketplace.
  11. Three portraits of my children this month.. 1. 2. 3.
  12. To my mind, a car registration would be no different to a clearly visible and identifiable person's face. What is important is to state that the image contains property but that you do not have a release.
  13. This is a very valid point. And I have watched a number of YouTube video in the past that suggests that most agencies include frequency of uploads in their algorithms for determining rankings of photos. So if you are actively uploading on a regular basis (even a couple of images once or twice a week) then the suggestion from what I have seen on YouTube is that this will help. And it makes sense.. promote active contributors so that they continue to be motivated as opposed to those who gave up years ago!
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