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  1. I had a sale register today and the use was.. Country: United Kingdom ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Examination papers - print and electronic ; Print run: up to 50,000 ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 19-January-2021 ; End: 19-January-2026 ; .. "Examination Papers" kind of took me my surprise... never imagined that his would be something that would be full of stock images! This is the image:
  2. As we're under lockdown in the UK again, that means staying home and photographing things at home.... so I had a play with my light tent, photographing some food items that I had recently bought. With hindsight, maybe I should have left a bit more blank space to the left of the cherry but I still like this image. Have to balance out the healthy food with something not-so healthy!
  3. I went on honeymoon to Egypt which included a week long trip down the Nile 13 years ago, long before I had even heard of stock photography. I owned and took my Nikon D50 with me but unfortunately to fit more photos on my couple of SD cards, reduced the camera resolution down... how I now wish that I hadn't done this and has simply just bought more SD cards!
  4. Playing with my new Christmas present: My son's cactus plant:
  5. Yes, you really need to work on your tags. Take this one for example.. 2DPDD11 .. I love the colours and vibrancy. Half of the tags seem to be your name though.. unless you are a world renowned photographer, people wont be searching for your name as keywords. And in any case, Alamy give buyers the option to search for images by a speicifed photographer without using tags. This image should have the keywords: wood woods tree trees forrest woodland leaves autumn autumnal fall season seasons seasonal nature yellow
  6. There are some positives here.. An infringement team that has some 'teeth' and manages to get monies owed sounds good particularly if they pro-actively find the infringements as well rather than relying on contributors to find them. Updating the website for buyers sounds positive.. a better buyer experience hopefully means more sales and so more money for us! Video.. it will be nice if they do start accepting and selling video.
  7. I have a property release! I even clicked 'yes' to the property question and 'yes' to having a release in AIM. I'd like to think that a little bit of common sense applies too. And I guess this is a little akin to uploading vector graphics.
  8. When someone gives your wife a bunch of roses, obviously they have to be photographed! My son drew a self-portrait... I photographed it and decided to upload because you never know.... My son recorded a song for our church... so of course, had to take a photo!
  9. Did I miss a big announcement or something? .. don't have a clue why you are asking this hence the question! 😞
  10. When the 5-star system came out, I was pretty much immediately 5 stars. I did at one point realise that a batch was taking quite a while to QC and then noticed that my dashboard said that I had 3 stars. I hadn't had any QC failures in the meantime. So I emailed contributor services and got a reply saying something to the effect that 'yes, you haven't failed QC for a while so we'll put you back to 5 stars'. So while we're assuming that there's some automated process behind all of this, driven by some kind of rules and algorithm, this might not be the case... it could be purely manual based on a
  11. You could probably email contributor services and ask.. it would be useful information for people to know generally. It's probably even something that warrants a blog post.
  12. Is anyone else getting an 'Alamy Intranet' login page pop up when you try and do almost anything from the contributor dashboard? I did try my credentials, but the don't work...
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