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  1. Picture needs and photography trends - BETA

    Yes, me too. A sale for this just dropped in today: I'm also finding the the 'What to Shoot' tool quite educational. Whilst browsing through it, I saw that one of the needs was "Funeral Stripper".... I had to Google that.... who'd have even thought that such a thing existed!!
  2. Picture needs and photography trends - BETA

    Not a bad idea. I find myself taking some of the most mundane shots as a result of this kind of thinking!
  3. Model release necessary for gloved hand?

    Hmm.. I'm not sure I see it that way. Even prior to Thomas's most recent post in which he says the hand is owned by his wife, it was always likely that Thomas knew the owner of the hand if a model release was really, really needed. My point about Thomas signing a release himself was more a reference to the fact that I really doubt anyone would ask for the release and the true owner of the hand is very unlikely to have a problem with such a generic shot. Alamy's rules and guidelines are there for good reason but I just think that this is a bit of an edge case where a slightly pragmatic approach doesn't really harm.
  4. Model release necessary for gloved hand?

    In which case, getting a model release isn't really a problem.
  5. Model release necessary for gloved hand?

    To be honest I would say People .. 1, Release.. Yes .. but you don't have to actually upload a release. My understanding is that Alamy will then contact you if their client needs the release. Property .. No (the glove is so generic). This way you satisfy Alamy's pedantic definition of whether or not an image contains a person but allow some common sense to kick in. On the off chance that you are asked for model release, just sign a release yourself and claim that it was your hand!
  6. Favourite photos in November 18

    I do like an Orange Sky.. Seoul again..
  7. Picture needs and photography trends - BETA

    How odd... all I see is this: .. which is obviously a water mill and does have the tags "1980s", "water" and "bed of river" amongst others...
  8. Picture needs and photography trends - BETA

    I only get one result: water bed&qn=&lic=6&lic=1&imgt=0&archive=1&dtfr=&dtto=&hc=&selectdate=&size=0xFF&aqt=&epqt=&oqt=&nqt=&gtype=0&pn=1&ps=100&qt_raw=1980s water bed#BHM=foo%3Dbar%26st%3D0%26pn%3D1%26ps%3D100%26sortby%3D2%26qt%3D1980s%20water%20bed%26qt_raw%3D1980s%20water%20bed%26qn%3D%26lic%3D3%26edrf%3D0%26mr%3D0%26pr%3D0%26aoa%3D1%26creative%3D%26videos%3D%26nu%3D%26ccc%3D%26bespoke%3D%26apalib%3D%26ag%3D0%26hc%3D0%26et%3D0x000000000000000000000%26vp%3D0%26loc%3D0%26ot%3D0%26imgt%3D0%26dtfr%3D%26dtto%3D%26size%3D0xFF%26blackwhite%3D%26cutout%3D%26archive%3D1%26name%3D%26groupid%3D%26pseudoid%3D%26userid%3D%26id%3D%26a%3D%26xstx%3D0%26cbstore%3D1%26resultview%3DsortbyPopular%26lightbox%3D%26gname%3D%26gtype%3D%26apalic%3D%26tbar%3D1%26pc%3D%26simid%3D%26cap%3D1%26customgeoip%3DNL%26vd%3D0%26cid%3D%26pe%3D%26so%3D%26lb%3D%26fi%3D0%26langcode%3Den%26upl%3D0%26cufr%3D%26cuto%3D%26howler%3D%26cvrem%3D0%26cvtype%3D0%26cvloc%3D0%26cl%3D0%26upfr%3D%26upto%3D%26primcat%3D%26seccat%3D%26cvcategory%3D*%26restriction%3D%26random%3D%26ispremium%3D1%26flip%3D0%26saveQry%3D%26editorial%3D1%26t%3D0%26edoptin%3D
  9. Picture needs and photography trends - BETA

    Personally I think that all they have done is copied and pasted (or automatically collected) the exact search phrase that the customer used. The fact that the 'A' in the customer's search makes no difference is by the by. For example, one of the customer needs being reported is "A 1980s water bed". If you search for "A 1980s water bed" and "1980s water bed" you get the exact same result. So now to dust of the old time machine and go back to the 1980s.... (Totally off-topic.. I passed a DeLorean on the motorway a week ago... didn't look like it was capable of doing 88mph! )
  10. November doldrums?

    Which either means quite a nice sale price or that you don't eat many cans of baked beans in a year!
  11. Picture needs and photography trends - BETA

    Might this not also include adding new keywords to existing images? ... in which case a link to the latest upload wouldn't necessarily make sense...
  12. Picture needs and photography trends - BETA

    This looks useful. Most of the needs are very specific so I guess this is taking searches that were performed by real customers which returned none or a low number of results.
  13. Favourite photos in November 18

    A coupl eof uploads which I could easily enter into the November photo competition.. too many choices! A market in Busan South Korea Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea
  14. November Challenge

    Yes, I had the same problem!
  15. November Challenge

    Yes.. I think you already have a difficult decision picking just 8. And I think it will be difficult for the rest of us choosing just 1 of your chosen 8!