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  1. Thank you both for spotting this. A benefit of having given in to my wife's pleas to put the Christmas tree up early meant that I was able to take this photo in time to get it noticed for this article.
  2. When you have 20 tabs open in your Chrome browser (like I normally do), the Alamy tabs certainly stand out now though!
  3. I guess this functionality is aimed at customers looking for images to buy, not contributors checking to see if their newest images have made it 'live'. But at the same time, the old way worked before and didn't exactly cause the customers a lot of 'pain'. I would guess 99% of the time, customers would type some keywords into the search field... maybe alamy (small 'A' 🙂 ) know different...
  4. Yes.. they broke that from the main homepage.. but you can still get it to work. From the homepage, just do some random search (e.g. London). When you get the results of the search, you are back to the interface we know and can then search by contributor under 'Advanced Search' and blank out the keywords you searched for in the first place (i.e. remove 'London' in the main search field)
  5. There's a link to Stockimo right at the bottom of your Alamy Contributor Dashboard under the 'Selling with Alamy' heading.
  6. I don't think I've ever gone far out of my way to take stock photos. I take photos of things and places because I am there be it for a day out or otherwise. And I've always considered stock photography as a hobby rather than an income source.. so yes, I am still uploading.
  7. Well as I've just come back from a 'seaside holiday', I certainly have some images. But like already said, the problem is choosing just 3 the seaside images that ihave! 1. The North Beach at Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales taken just a few days ago! 2. Ladram Bay at Exmouth, Devon, UK 3. Bournemouth, UK - this one actually sold via 'Live News' but wasn't enough to save me from the 'Live News' cull.
  8. It's quite telling that we are now half way through the month but this thread is only 3 pages long....
  9. From Alamy's perspective, I guess it's an extra revenue stream. They don't have to provide the storage for the videos and they don't have to employee a whole load new QC people for reviewing videos. From Pond5's perspective, it's another distribution channel for potential for sales. I wonder how this works though in terms of the Pond5 contributors getting their share... given as Pond5 contributors can set their own price but the pricing on Alamy seems fairly fixed.
  10. I don't have shots of anumal families so will just have to submit a few shots of my own family 🙂 Grandfather and grandson: Mother and son at Christmas: Family waiting for a train together:
  11. Flowers can sell (I have sold them).. but I really think that you need to know the name/species of the flower. You need to know it's latin name and 'common' name(s). Generic 'pretty pink flower' probably isn't going to hack it in terms of selling the image!
  12. Because some people will check while other people are lazy, particularly if they have a tight deadline or work for a company that has a 'special dal' with Alamy or some sort of a company policy. And a lot if time, it's not ;their' money they are spending.. it's the companies money.. so they might not care quite as much as if it was their money. I think the real issue is, that these are the kind of images that Alamy tend to sell. You are far more likely to sell a picture of a close down shop on Slough Hiugh Street than a pretty picture of flowers or pumpkins.
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