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  1. Whether having different pseudonyms makes a difference or not to image ranking in Alamy, I don't know. One thing that pseudonyms potentially do is allow you to judge which of your own photos work best. e.g. (as a thought experiment) if you have a pseudonym for dog photos and another for cat photos, you can then see which gets most views and which gets most zooms. If you get twice as many views for dogs as you do for cats, then maybe it would suggest that photos of dogs are more worth taking than photos of cats. So it might then help you make decisions on what to spend your time photographing (if performance on Alamy is important to you) and what you might want to try and improve at.
  2. Sometime you have a worthwhile entry... other subjects you don't! I guess Orange is suitably generic for a lot of us to have something worth entering!
  3. My entries... 1. Nasturtium Flower 2. Carrots 3. Street lamp glows orange on a winter's night (Just noticed.. interesting how my third image shows the image number in the bottom right and the first two don't when copied across in exactly the same way!)
  4. I had an external drive stop working on my Mac a while ago. I was able to plug it into a Window PC which recognised it and said it was 'broken' and offer to 'fix it'. So I let the Windows machine 'fix it' and the drive then worked on both the Windows PC and Mac again. I think with these external hard drives, it's important to eject them properly (rather than just pulled thr USB cabe out without telling the machine to 'eject it') ... I think it parks the read heads safely.
  5. Is it my imagination or re these 'Have you found...' threads getting shorter?
  6. My wife bought me some extension tubes for my birthday so this was the result of my first 'play' with them: BTW... if anyone knows what kind of fly this is, please do let me know! 🙂
  7. QC .. not a problem but time to caption and keyword so that the images go on sale is!
  8. The shots were taken and uploaded in August...
  9. I was on holiday last week.. a couple of shots form one of the beaches we visited..
  10. Even with 5 stars, I think every now and then a random submission goes into QC. I had a submission going into QC last week and it passed 24 hours later. The next submission just passed immediately.
  11. Home grown tomatoes.. Home grown seedlings.. Home made jam tarts...
  12. Thanks for the spot.. that image is the gift that just keeps on giving!
  13. Thank you... it tasted pretty good too!
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