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  1. I'm guessing the fact that you are still a Live News contributor and make good sales through that route helps!
  2. Could it be related to this? https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-51245616
  3. I was sat in my car, waiting for my wife to finish work and I realised I had my camera and phone with me so..
  4. This would be a reason why I wouldn't want to go pro. But if you still love your job, you must love photography to some extent still. But I guess I know what you mean.. there are days when I hate my job and then days when I love it depending on what exactly I am working on and how it's going. I discovered the world of stock photography just short of 5 years ago. I do still shoot (and enjoy shooting) the sort of things that I used to photograph before. In particular, I remember going Paris (for work) about 10 years ago and taking lots of photos in the evenings and enjoying looking for the scenes to photograph. Roll forward to when I discovered stock, I have subsequently put a lot of those photos on Alamy. I think for me, stock photography has improved my photography and vastly increased the quantity of photos that I take.. I photograph things that I would never think to photograph before like piles of washing up stacked next to the kitchen sink. But I still do take the same photos that I did before stock photography. Another work trip saw me go to Madrid just before Christmas just gone... and I was taking the same kinds of photos as I did on the work trip to Paris. So I don't think I have lost anything through stock photography.. I just notice more images that interest me nowadays. And stock photography has given my photography some end purpose which actually means that I find it more fulfilling.
  5. You can never have too much cake! 🙂
  6. Yes, that happened to me this morning too. To be honest, I rarely bother about looking out for 'passed QC' emails anymore as QC is normally instantaneous now. As an aside, emails aren't guaranteed to be delivered immediately. If there is a problem with the network, messages can be queued up at the mail server so I wonder if this is something along the lines of what happened.
  7. That might make a fun thread in the 'Pictures' category.
  8. That's great... but having achieved your target and got most images categorised, then what? What purpose/benefit/advantage does it bring?
  9. If someone zooms your image, location is listed along with other information below the image. I guess this potentially confirms or otherwise to a buyer that in some cases this is the image they need. Hypothetical example... if a British publication searched for "trees countryside", they might then spot that an image that they are interested in was taken in The USA so might not really fit their purpose so they could look again until they find an image that they were sure was taken in The UK.
  10. You'd make a good politician Chuck.. you seem to have repeatedly ignored answering the direct question and instead waffled on about how good/unique your images are and that they deserve to be sold at a fair value (which I agree with). But the question that you are not answering is not about how good/unique/valuable images are but purely a question of how you use the mechanics of the Alamy site to avoid your images being sold at a discount as part of 'Download Packs' as one of your earlier posts suggested that you had a way of avoiding them.
  11. Home Bargains seem to be in the news quite a bit nowadays... one of my Home Bargains images was used twice before Christmas for two different articles. I reckon I need to do a grand 'Home Bargains' tour and photograph all their stores to maximise my sales! 🙂
  12. I think it depends how you use the "keyword generators". I have started using one myself - MyKeyworder.com .. and I like it so much that I've installed the Lightroom plugin version (paid a donation) and I've changed my workflow so that I now keyword in Lightroom before upload rather than keywording in AIM after upload. Personally I think of my own keywords first and then see what the MyKeyworder plugin suggests afterwards to add more keywords.. and I am finding many good keywords that simply hadn't occurred to me. But I think you have to apply "human filtering" to the suggested keywords and only take the ones that make sense.
  13. As it happens, I got a my first sale of 2020 (albeit a distributor sale) this morning.
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