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  1. I would love to live in Devon! Dartmouth in-particular is a place I will always cherish as I always used to go there on holiday with my family when I was a child. I agree with what has been said by others.. you have good photos but you just need to find a way to make them 'pop' a little more. Try and make some of the blue skies bluer (without making them look artificial or over-processed). Perhaps lift the shadows a little more in some cases. Otherwise, keep doing what you are doing!
  2. There is the argument that if you don’t like NU prices then you should opt out... but then that probably means that you don’t get the sale at all. And I have noticed that site also buys from microstock. so it comes down to whether you are in the ‘something is better than nothing’ or the ‘I refuse to sell my images for pennies’ camp.
  3. Yeah.. sorry Ed! This thread just re-awoke an old memory of looking this stuff up before a holiday to Spain a couple of years ago. I hadn’t remember that it was anybody but do remember reading a specific story of a photographer getting into trouble photographing children. Apologies for not remembering this stuff when you were contemplating moving to Spain. It will be interesting to see how Alamy respond to your email.
  4. The short answer is yes... but you might want to quickly double check that none of the countries featured have any restrictions (e.g. in Spain it is illegal to photograph children with out the parents' consent).
  5. As there is a time difference between when an image gets invoiced and when it gets paid, I wonder if a large fluctuation in exchange rates might be part of the issue such that Alamy have to reset the actual dollar value (but the value the customer agrees to pay in some other currency might be unchanged)?
  6. Me too!! It goes to work, to the supermarket, to church, on days out, to visit friends and relatives... even to the public bathroom... (I don't take these sort of shots when other people are around but when you are waiting for your 6 year old to do what he has to do and you are a little bored and look up and you wonder if someone might write an article on family planning and the availability of contraception when you notice one of these....). So in response to the 'you know you are a stock photographer when...' thread.... 🙂
  7. This is an interesting point. Maybe if you live somewhere like a small town in the Philippines where a couple of hundred dollars is actually quite a lot of money, then yes. If you live in Central London then probably not for 99% of people. This is me. Stock photography is more a hobby for me than anything else that generates some pocket money. I've always loved taking photos but prior to discovering stock photography, images would just get lost on my computer hard disk and that would be it. Stock photography gives me purpose, gives me a reason to take photos, gives me a reason to improve, gives me an outlet for the photos I take. And the more I do it, the more I want to do it.. and I would love it to be my profession (although when a hobby becomes a job, do you still love it after a while??). But I have a career in IT which pays the bills and that is the way things are likely to stay.
  8. Yes.. captions and keywords are very important. To get sales for plants and animals, you have to got the extra mile sometimes and identify species, find latin names, etc. Another example: The caption reads, "Beautiful butterfly on leaf". Keywords are: amazing beauty butterfly close up earth flower habitat insect lady leaf life lighting macro magazine natural nature nectar painted purple wildlife yellow zinnia Firstly.. what type of butterfly is it? That should absolutely be a supertag and be in the caption. Secondly, where in this image are: earth, flower, lady, magazine, nectar (OK.. they eat Nectar but not in this image) , purple, zinnia (this is a type of flower that butterflies like... but there isn't one in this image) Including irrelevant (and just wrong) tags will kill your CTR and then your ranking and essentially mean your photos will drop out of sight in preference for other peoples' photos. Not including important keywords like the species of butterfly will mean that the person who is writing a text book about butterflies and specifically wants an image of that type of butterfly will not find your image.
  9. Would the next of kin/heir not be the one to sign it?
  10. Not sure a road map of Vancouver would be much use to me even if you had one! 🙂
  11. I go to Google and search for 'Alamy forum' pretty much every time! 🙂
  12. It makes sense in some ways.. sometimes things get discussed here that you might not want buyers to read.
  13. By all accounts the picture desks don't look at the News Feed.. I'm lead to understand that the Alamy News team do the filtering and send to the picture desks what they feel might sell. Which means the Alamy News feed that you can access via your browser is then more of an interesting place to check out the competition 🙂
  14. It was just a question.. shutting the account takes effort. Leaving it there and potentially collecting a small passive income doesn't... apparently this kind of question/thinking upset someone though!
  15. Yes, I remember those threads and they were fun. I remember there was some anecdotal evidence to suggest that they might have helped once but could have been coincidence. I suspect that's probably the best option available.. and spam twitter & Instagram copying in Alamy News and a choice selection of the papers. And maybe add them to a gallery in your portfolio and include that link to that in tweets if you have access to a computer. For me, the reportage route only gives two real benefits: Allows you to get images on sale immediately so that you can effectively do your own advertising. Allows you to upload reportage worthy images which wouldn't pass QC .. (perhaps due to having to use very high ISO which is beyond what can be fixed in post-processing)
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