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  1. Is this your upload? : https://www.photocase.com/photos/2416402-manhattan-panorama-from-brooklyn-bridge-park-ny-blue-town-photocase-stock-photo
  2. Assuming everything is Legitimate (i.e. the image isn't stolen), Alamy, INGIMAGE, Shutterstock and yourself would all get a share.
  3. The only way to know is to ask Shutterstock if INGIMAGE is one of their distributors and if your image was shared with them. Neither the Alamy forum nor Alamy themselves will be able to tell you that.
  4. Maybe.. or maybe not. The agencies exchange images between themselves as a way of reaching more buyers. So you uploaded the image to Shutterstock and they might have shared the image with IngImage to try and reach a larger audience. IngImage might in turn have shared the image with Alamy to reach a larger audience.
  5. Did you do this? In my experience they are quite friendly and although they might not reply immediately if busy, will usually reply.
  6. Paulette beat me to it. Ingimage Ltd are an agency. So either you have uploaded your image with them and they have shared it with Alamy as one of their distributros. Or Shutterstock have shared it with Ingimage Ltd who have in turn shared it with Alamy.
  7. Yes, I think you will find it tough to decide.
  8. There is a balance between not enough keywords and too many irrelevant keywords. Not enough keywords and your images will never be found. Too many irrelevant keywords means your CTR will drop and so your images will never be found. Having clicked on this image on your profile at random: I see it has keywords: 2017 carnival parade children race children running houghton dash houghton feast houghton le spring runners I might be tempted to add: run running child young street A tool I sometime use for help if I lack inspiration is https://microstockgroup.com/tools/keyword.php But don't just take every keyword it takes without being happy that they are sensible and relevant.
  9. Do you actually find the profiles and categories that they added recently useful?
  10. Interesting.. click on the image and you see that "Search stock photos by tags" only lists 8 tags.. .oh well. It shows "blue tit" in the caption so I guess it would definitely come back in a search.. I would think you want it as a supertag though!
  11. Your pictures are good in my eyes... but I think you really need to work on your tagging. No/not enough tags = nobody sees your pictures = no sales. For example... Unless I am missing something, this image only has eight tags and does not seem to have the tag "blue tit" .. even though it 100% definitely is blue tit and the majority of people interested in buying this image would search for "blue tit". You could probably also add "Eurasian blue tit", "sitting", "sat", "feeding", "eating", "laundry line", "garden bird", "small bird", "perched", "perching", "close up", "closeup", "blue background" as an example.
  12. I tend to use aperture priority mode 90% of the time. If I shoot manual, I tend to find that all I am going to do most of the time is choose my aperture and then dial in a shutter speed that zeros the exposure chart (is that what you'd call it?) that I see in my viewfinder. The camera can do this quicker than I can so I tend to think I might as well let it. There are times that I take over full control and switch to manual mode however like if I want to over/under expose (rather than dialing in exposure compensation) for example.
  13. I switch between matrix light metering and spot light metering. When spot metering though, I purposely pick an appropriate part of the scene to meter from and then lock the meter reading in, recompose to focus and then potentially recompose again for composition. This is one of the reasons I won't be switching to back button focusing as the back button is th elock metering button which I already use! Particularly when using spot metering, I do tend to check the image taken on the back of the camera and exposure is the main thing I am looking for. If I got it wrong, assuming the scene is still there, I will try again.
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