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  1. Yes, I seem to take photographs of their garden every time I visit. I wish I had a garden like it but I don't have the free time (the time I do have tends to be spent taking photographs rather than gardening! .. I did lay that patio that the table and chairs are on for them about 6 or 7 years ago however 🙂 )
  2. Thank you all for your suggestions. The clematis is in my parents' garden. My Mum is a keen gardener and can normally tell me the names of plants but in this case didn't know herself.. I think it was a purchase from a supermarket years ago. I don't know if this photo helps with scale (the clematis is on the left). This article https://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/how-to-grow/make-small-spaces-top-10-clematis-recommended-rhs/ does tend to suggest Wisley has flowers which are 10-13 cm in diameter which is relatively consistent with size of the flower's on the clematis that I photographed so I might just go with Wisley for now. If a photograph buyer knows better then they can just move on to the next image.
  3. It could be... and at the end of the day.. does it matter? By this, I mean we are all struggling to identify exactly what it is and so likely would a buyer. I would go with cheesecake or tiramisu and if a buyer agrees and likes your cheesecake/tiramisu over other cheesecake/tiramisu images, then you get the sale! There could be anything in the mug underneath the cream and strawberry so I'd say there's definitely room for 'artistic license' there. I agree the pudding with custard looks like apple and blackberry crumble.. I feel hungry now! I love puddings that come with custard like this!
  4. A question for the plant experts.. can you name this variety of clematis. I did wonder if it was a 'jackmanii' but I'm not convinced having checked on google. It would be great to be able to add another tag rather than leaving it as a generic 'purple clematis'!
  5. I also have young children and they are one of my favourite subjects to photograph so this challenge was difficult for me from the perspective of choosing only 3 images. Running to meet up with friends on the beach: Riding bike in the park Running from waves on the beach
  6. I went to a 1st birthday party which was actually held in a church and as I was early, I took some photos of the setup before most other people arrived. And as someone in another thread was asking for the information, these were taken with my Nikon D7000 with my cheep as you like Nikon 18-105mm lens. Edit: As an aside, I see we are up to 'W' in the image numbering scheme.. we were at 'T' just a couple of weeks ago. At this rate, we will have run out of letters by the end of August so I wonder what they will do next? 🙂
  7. Congratulations! i guess you can answer your own question then now!
  8. I wondered this. If your shot is in Devon, given as my shot is in London, the chances of it being the same estate agent are a little slim.. although your image could be anywhere! I got a reasonable $$ price too.
  9. Sold RF Editorial. 1013 KB ;720 x 480 pixels;113 KB compressed ; Additional Details: Use in a location guide for a home owner. Archival rights. Includes repeat use. What is a "location guide for a home owner" ? 🙂
  10. Images that do not conform to Alamy guidelines are probably there because Alamy aren't aware of them given as Alamy QC do not check every single image. 'Public domain' is referring to images that are already freely available on the Internet, like Creative Commons images, which can be used by anyone without paying a license fee. You would usually need to credit the artist however.
  11. Nice.. well done! I think we started around the same time. I have recently just rolled past the 7000 mark but I think you sell more than me!
  12. I like this shot of my son doing some gardening: And I didn't think this was too bad given as it's taken with a Sony RX100 and not an expensive macro lens BTW - does anyone know what kind of bee this is? To me it's just a bumblebee.
  13. You have some great pictures there. I don't know if it's just me, but a lot of them look a little dark. It might just be my personal taste thing but I would probably push exposure up in post-processing by half a stop to a stop on many of them and open ups shadows a little more. I think the other issue you have is that you have lots and lots and lots of stunning landscapes. But unfortunately, these don't sell amazingly well on Alamy and you have huge competition. It's worth noting that Alamy is a UK based agency and primarily (probably about 60) of it's buyer base is based in The UK. Alamy also tends to be more known for selling editorial images. So an image of a child putting some rubbish in a bin or people sheltering from the rain under an umbrella potentially have more chance of selling that a beautiful landscape in Australia. Not to say that beautiful landscapes of Australia do not sell.. they are used in things like travel brosures.. but sometimes more mundane subjects, particularly if they include people doing something just seem to do better.
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