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  1. Ok, didn't heard about until now! Thank you, John
  2. Now I will be the embarrassed...can you tell me what does iQ mean??
  3. Cool picture! From my absolute ignorance, how can you obtain the rights to use a picture like that?
  4. Its is a real shame that the image count disappears. It gives very good info about colleagues experience in Alamy. I believe it can't be so difficult for the forum provider to implement that custom software development, as clearly they did in the past. Thank you for the info update!
  5. Nice to read such great photo stories and that film times still do its job BTW, espectacular image.
  6. One more here! I want to opt out of Presentation use as it can be done for Personal use.
  7. I've checked the numbers after reading your post. Yesterday it was 155.9 million....today, another bunch down...155.5 million. Is that normal?
  8. Yes, it seems an autofill form feature by chrome. You can use another browser to check it. I can suggest to follow this links guides: https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000553.htm https://kb.wisc.edu/helpdesk/page.php?id=26487 There is much info about that, just google something like this: chrome clear autofill form data delete autocomplete history Hope it helps. Regards
  9. Hello Sultanapepa, Not sure what you really mean (an image would help), but clearing your browser caches and/or coockies might help. The way depends on the browser that you use. Do it carefully because you could also delete Historical visit records and another info which you may don't want to loose. Hope it helps. Regards
  10. Increased my port in aprox 4x. Increased my sales in 4x. Average gross per sale down from $43 to $36.
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