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  1. Today I luckily found one of them in the ¡HOLA! online magazine, published on August. It is by subscription (which I don't have), but google managed to find it. Maybe it could help you.
  2. Congrats for the license, Jorge. If you ever find the magazine, please let me know. I have got two licenses yesterday with the exact same details (and I'm pretty sure, price). Or maybe it is not from the same magazine, but a generic monthly license nonchalantly reported by one of the spanish distributors. Thank you and best regards!
  3. 3 for $64. Update in views and zooms in 3th Sept pick them up to normal. Anyway, more worried about the reduction in our share
  4. I have got some exactly like that. Alamy knows they have got a "relevant download" from a distributor from many months ago, even years. But it seems that nobody take care to check if it has been used and bill it. Nor the client to declare the use, nor the distributor to report, nor even Alamy to bill. So, we are left alone at what we can find by ourselves...which I am sure is much less than what has actually been used without reporting. Would appreciate a penalty to the offender for not doing its job and a reward for us for doing it.
  5. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial, Editorial Newspaper Use (Print or Digital with in-context online and social media rights in perpetuity) Media: Newspaper - national Placement: Inside and online Image Size: Any size Start: 21 August 2021 End: 21 August 2026 RM. Direct sale. Medium-low $$ I suspect it is from an US newspaper, because I had a similar license some months ago. I haven’t found it yet so, if someone see it and can tell me, I would appreciate it. Panoramic view of Sella river estuary with flowers and abandoned boats in Rib
  6. Have one of those a couple of days ago. For an image used in december 2020. 40% distro, 36% Alamy, 24% for me. Miserable commision
  7. Hello MizBrown, I think that spanish distributor, Agefotostock, has been an Alamy distributor since many years. In their website their are stating since a couple of years of so the Alamy tab as New, but I think the new thing is just that search form in their website. Regards! By the way...those thumbnails without watermark in the other distributor are worrying ☹️
  8. I have carefully and slowly read this thread through several days…it is so long and increased every days. Took me so long! About the changes in contract, as everyone stated here. My conclusion: very bad move, Alamy. Change in commision structure is unfair, vaguely and abstractly explained and totally unjustified. Tiers are ridicoulusly hilarious. New and modified contract clauses leaves us in a greater and total indefension. In my opinion, Alamy is telling us that they don’t care anymore in their individual contributors. They (we) are a pain in the ass for them. Too much hassle, too m
  9. Revista AD - Architectural Digest magazine 16/04/2021 (online) https://www.revistaad.es/lugares/articulos/escapada-canoa-por-granada/29299 Luis Dafos Mairena (Jubar) whitewashed village in Las Alpujarras, Granada, Spain - Image ID: D47MRC dbimages / ADB Travel El Bañuelo Arab Baths in Granada Spain - Image ID: BBFANB Nathan and Elaine Vaessen Fountain in the Paseo de los Tristes plaza, at the foot of the Alhambra, Granada Andalucia Spain - Image ID: C47FE5 mauritius images GmbH / Catharina Lux Granada (Spain), Mirador de la Churra, view to the Sacromonte district, Arab city walls - Image ID:
  10. +1 supporting the request. A tracking system with ticket numbers are mandatory. Tracking emails with CR back and forward could become a real mess. It has to be a win-win tool for Alamy (specially CR staff) and we contributors.
  11. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC España 26/02/2021 (online) https://www.nationalgeographic.es/viaje-y-aventuras/2021/02/el-escarabajo-un-coche-que-sigue-siendo-iconico-en-mexico Roger Cracknell 01/classic City Street Oaxaca City Mexico - Image ID: C26JKB ——————————————————— NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC España 22/02/2021 (online) https://www.nationalgeographic.es/animales/2021/02/turistas-podrian-contagiar-covid-19-otras-enfermedades-a-gorilas-salvajes Nature Picture Library Mountain gorilla (Gorilla gorilla beringei) dominant silverback Akarevuro completely drunk due to the consumption of new bamboo stems which f
  12. You are welcome, Lynne. ——————————————————— MARRIOTT BONVOY TRAVELER en Español 19/02/2021 (online) https://traveler.marriott.com/es/consejos-tendencias/destinos-para-las-vacaciones-de-semana-santa-en-latinoamerica-y-el-caribe/ Henry Beeker Floating Pontoon bridge crossing the Sint Anna Bay of Willemstad - Image ID: EY1E2B Granada island, waterfall - can’t find it. robertharding / Michael Runkel Bar in Casco Viejo overlooking the skyline of Panama City, Panama, Central America - Image ID: J0C02K imageBROKER / Karol Kozlowski La Ronda Street, Old Town, Quito, Pichincha Provin
  13. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC España 15/02/2021 (online) https://www.nationalgeographic.es/historia/2021/02/cuanto-trabajo-se-invierte-en-una-lamina-de-pan-de-oro-20000-martillazos Godong Man praying in Mahamuni temple - Image ID: E1M6BY ——————————————————— NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC España 12/02/2021 (online) https://historia.nationalgeographic.com.es/a/cid-campeador-senor-guerra-siglo-xi_15448 Teo Moreno Moreno Statue of El Cid in the city of Burgos, Castille and Leon, Spain, - Image ID: W12P10 ——————————————————— NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC España 11/02/2021 (online) https://www.nationalgeographic.es/
  14. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC España 01/02/2021 (online) https://www.nationalgeographic.es/historia/2021/02/famoso-barco-funerario-anglosajon-sutton-hoo-podria-haber-sido-ultimo The National Trust Photolibrary A view across the frost covered burial mounds at Sutton Hoo on a frosty dawn morning - Image ID: B8YPEJ ——————————————————— CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 05/02/2021 (online) https://www.traveler.es/experiencias/articulos/futuro-aviacion-como-sera-viajar-en-avion-2021/20187 Andreas Zeitler Flying display of a Boeing B737-8 MAX at the Farnborough International Airshow, UK - Image ID: T09MWW
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