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  1. CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 10/07/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/viajeros/articulos/aerolineas-mas-pet-friendly-del-mundo-volar-con-perros-mascotas/18574 Jaromír Chalabala Young pilot with dog are sitting in front of the airplane - Image ID: HPRWPM ———————————————— CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 09/07/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/naturaleza/articulos/calblanque-murcia-playas-desconocidas-donde-ir/18558 SCFotos - Stuart Crump Photography Beach at Calblanque on the Mediterranean coastline, Murcia, Spain - Image ID: BK2TD9 ABEL F. ROS Cartagena, Region of Murcia, Spain. Flamingos at the Regional Park of Calblanque © ABEL F. ROS/Alamy Stock - Image ID: MDG081 ———————— https://www.traveler.es/experiencias/articulos/navarra-nueva-normalidad-que-se-puede-hacer-medidas/18487 NATUREWORLD Autumn Selva de Irati fall beech jungle in Navarra Pyrenees of Spain - Image ID: DT66FP ———————————————— CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 08/07/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/naturaleza/articulos/centro-interpretativo-destruir-espacio-virgen-comunidad-valenciana-salvem-renega-oropesa/18531 Vicente Soler Marmaneu Vicenfoto The coast of the renega in Oropesa a clear summer day, Spain - Image ID: 2B2BYMY ———————— https://www.traveler.es/viajes-urbanos/articulos/edificios-arquitectura-de-madrid-lugares-desconocidos/18401 erhard Hagen / Bildarchiv Monheim GmbH Ateneo Bibliothek, Vortragssaal - Image ID: C1NCW5 DCarreño Quinta del duque del arco. El Pardo. Madrid. España - Image ID: MXJ31K FLHC 1G Palacio de Xifré - Image ID: RC45TN or Historic Images Palacio-de-Xifré-5 - Image ID: JG4BBX ———————— https://www.traveler.es/naturaleza/articulos/donde-banarse-extremadura-zonas-de-bano-permitidas-2020-piscinas-naturales/18543 Juan Aunion Natural environment of Alardos ravine in Madrigal de la Vera, Vera county, Caceres, Spain - Image ID: F5FC87 or F5FD3T (same) Eduardo Estellez Garganta Jaranda. Landscape near Jarandilla de la Vera, Caceres. Extremadura. Spain. - Image ID: PR8ENG ———————— https://www.traveler.es/viajes-urbanos/articulos/museos-de-viena-que-ver-que-hacer/18526 Madeleine Jettre / dbimages Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien and Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, Vienna, Austria - Image ID: R54JGG Stanislav Halcin Museum of Ethnology, Vienna, Austria - Image ID: PGP5PB ———————————————— CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 07/07/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/naturaleza/articulos/autorizan-construccion-hotel-cabo-de-gata-que-pone-en-peligro-el-parque-natural-playa-genoveses/18522 Alberto Paredes Genoveses beach CABO DE GATA NATURAL PARK Almeria province Andalusia Spain - Image ID: AM1E4N Alberto Paredes Genoveses beach CABO DE GATA NATURAL PARK Almeria province Andalusia Spain - Image ID: AM1DWW ———————— https://www.traveler.es/viajes-urbanos/galerias/las-calles-mas-bonitas-de-espana-para-caminar-pasear/2698 Manfred Gottschalk shaded Calle Marques de Larios pedestrian mall, Malaga's most fashionable shopping street, Malaga, Andalusia, Spain - Image ID: F5Y670 David Blázquez Albacete - Image ID: 2ATJ28E ———————— https://www.traveler.es/naturaleza/articulos/caminito-del-rey-que-hacer-que-ver-alrededores/18454 Ken Welsh Ruins of Bobastro Ardales Parque Natural Inland Costa del Sol Malaga Province Spain - Image ID: AXR6NK ———————— https://www.traveler.es/naturaleza/articulos/lugares-de-espana-sin-turistas-descanso-y-silencio/18517 Randolph Images The town of Covarrubias, Burgos, Spain - Image ID: E16NRH david martyn hughes europe spain asturias costa verde green spain santa mera - Image ID: A80224 Ramon Espelt Gorgozo Waterfall i9n Ezaro, Galicia, Spain - Image ID: D4MRFA Maria Galán Street. Covarrubias, Burgos province, Castilla Leon, Spain. - Image ID: 2AK5M73
  2. EL PAIS - EL VIAJERO 12/07/2020 (online) https://elviajero.elpais.com/elviajero/2020/07/09/actualidad/1594307503_789354.html Edwin Remsberg Entrance to the Teatro Colón also known as The Christopher Columbus Theatre , Bogotá , Colombia - Image ID: 2AETBR9 ------------ EL PAIS - BABELIA 11/07/2020 (online) https://elpais.com/cultura/2020/07/10/babelia/1594385527_746157.html Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpa/Alamy Live News Berlin, Germany. 13th Nov, 2013. US American entrepreneur Bill Gates (R) and Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson (L) stand in the studio of Eliasson in Berlin, Germany, 13 November 2013. Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpa/Alamy Live News - Image ID: DHNCEH ------------ EL PAIS - EL VIAJERO 09/07/2020 (online) https://elviajero.elpais.com/elviajero/2020/07/01/album/1593622010_868172.html Christina Falkenberg / Westend61 GmbH Waterfall by Ponte da Mizarela in Peneda-Geres National Park - Image ID: 2A16BFP MacEaton Castel del Monte mountain village, Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park, L'Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy - Image ID: G35FND
  3. I think it is ok, too. Sure we all celebrate with you for your sale 😃 And envy you too
  4. Do you want me to delete my posts which refers to your image?
  5. I used your image ID to search for it: https://www.alamy.com/marfret-guyane-container-ship-at-port-of-spain-trinidad-tobago-image228713192.html In that page I just drag and drop the image to a new tab. Then copy the obtained URL and paste it in "Insert image from URL" in my post. This is the URL: https://c7.alamy.com/comp/R82P08/marfret-guyane-container-ship-at-port-of-spain-trinidad-tobago-R82P08.jpg I'm using Safari 11 in MacOS El Capitan. Cheers!
  6. My previous sales with Conde Nast Traveler were back in oct’18 as: Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: General business services Image Size: Any size Start: 01 September 2018 End: 01 September 2023 Additional details: Spain, Web, One month, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate My doubt is that “One month” in the additional details, and if a repeated use of those images in jun’20 will generate another sale…I very much doubt it. We will see. Happy welcome back to Spain. Don’t forget your “chanclas”! Take care.
  7. You’re welcome, Jorge! As a curiosity, do you know if in this kind of uses (editorial through distribution, bulk discount, flat rate…) each use in different articles of the same website are different licenses or just one? I ask this because I have got a recent repeated use of the same image in the same client…with the first license in 2018 as: “5 years license. Spain, Web, One month, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate”…and I’m not sure if the second use (last month) would appear as a new sale or is included in the first license. Thank you and regards from the hottest Spain
  8. EL PAIS - EL VIAJERO 07/07/2020 (online) https://elviajero.elpais.com/elviajero/2020/07/03/actualidad/1593792287_513309.html Ioannis Mantas Cine Paris open-air theatre in Athens, Greece - Image ID: 2AGJ298 ———————————————— CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 06/07/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/experiencias/articulos/castilla-y-leon-fin-estado-de-alarma-que-se-puede-hacer/18416 Jorge Tutor Panoramic view of Las Médulas, with a balcony at the end of a visitable tunnel, Las Medulas, historic gold-mining site, Castile, Spain - Image ID: W4DF39 ———————— https://www.traveler.es/viajes-urbanos/articulos/suzhou-china-guia-que-ver-que-hacer/18438 Natalia Lukiianova Humble Administrator's Garden in Suzhou, China. Summer day - Image ID: R8442M Lou-Foto Yunyan Pagoda, Tiger Hill or Huqiu Hill, Suzhou, China.12-Aug-2011 - Image ID: C6EDRM ———————— https://www.traveler.es/experiencias/articulos/el-museo-del-louvre-abre-de-nuevo/18518 Godong / robertharding Cour Marly sculpture room inside The Louvre Museum, Paris, France, Euruope - Image ID: F4J78G ———————— https://www.traveler.es/naturaleza/articulos/bajo-genal-paz-en-pleno-corazon-de-malaga/18503 Jürgen Feuerer Town Gaucin with mountain scenery, province of Málaga, Andalusia, Spain - Image ID: HYBKN8 Mike Kipling Photography Gaucin, Andalucia, Malaga, Spain - Image ID: BNFA3E Rudolf Ernst Benarraba white village in Malaga province, Andalusia, Spain - Image ID: TWA996 Peter Adams Photography Algatocin Andalucia Spain - Image ID: AJ54D9 Mike Kipling Photography Atajate a white hill village Ronda Province Andalucia Spain - Image ID: AATW5T
  9. The problem (not really big one) is that if I had your same configuration, I wouldn't have received the notification that you has quoted and replied me
  10. CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 03/07/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/viajeros/articulos/libros-para-viajar-a-asia-inspiracion/18200 Spaces Images / Mint Images Limited Asian monk reading by ornate doorway to temple - Image ID: E69D55 or T3WD2G (same image) ———————— https://www.traveler.es/naturaleza/articulos/potes-capital-del-turismo-rural-2020-que-ver-que-hacer/18491 Potes village Image ID: can’t find it MISCELLANEOUSTOCK Potes infantado tower in Cantabria of Spain - Image ID: PPGNRN carmen sedano Bridge over the Deva River in the Village of Potes in the Shire of Liebana Picos de Europa Cantabria Spain - Image ID: BBT9F2 ———————————————— EL PAIS - IDEAS 03/07/2020 (online) https://elpais.com/ideas/2020-07-03/desprecios.html Henri Martin Aerial image of the Paraná Delta (Spanish: Delta del Paraná) is the delta of the Paraná River in Argentina and it consists of several islands known as - Image ID: T9MBDT
  11. Another one with the same opinion. There are a lot of votes in the posts, and this kind of notificacions makes difficult to trace the real responses.
  12. CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 02/07/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/naturaleza/galerias/costa-brava-mejores-calas-escondidas/2674/image/143934 Seaphotoart Mediterranean sea peaceful rocky beach in summer with a hut and fish underwater, split view over and under water surface, Spain, Cap de Creus - Image ID: 2AR2FYA Seaphotoart Spain Costa Brava beach and rocks in Cala Estreta cove near Calella de Palafrugell, Mediterranean sea, Catalonia, Baix Emporda - Image ID: MMJJFC GUIZIOU Franck / hemis.fr Spain, Catalonia, Cadaques, Cap de Creus nature park, hiking to Cap de Creus along the coastal path, Cala Jugadora and Cap de Creus lighthouse in the background - Image ID: P2T6NX Seaphotoart Cove with an old fishermen refuge, Cala Prona, Mediterranean sea, Cap de Creus natural park, Spain, Costa Brava, El Port de la Selva, Catalonia - Image ID: MMJJ5H Jordi Sans Galitó Cala de la Roca del Paller, Calonge. - Image ID: EXE10D Pep Roig Cala Taballera (Taballera cove).Cap de Creus Natural Parc.Costa Brava.Gerona.Catalonia.Spai - Image ID: 2B46W5H GUIZIOU Franck / hemis.fr Spain, Catalonia, hiking from Cerbere in France to Llança in Spain on the GR 92 and European long distance path E 12, Cap de Ras, Cala Bramant - Image ID: P2T7B1 Seaphotoart Spain peaceful Mediterranean coast with fish and sea grass underwater, Roses, Costa Brava, Catalonia, split view half over and under water - Image ID: RYF45H Stephen Hughes Cala Futadera beach, Costa Brava, Spain - Image ID: HR2RBJ Jordi Sans Galitó Cala Mateua Island, L'Escala. - Image ID: ETKFGA ———————— https://www.traveler.es/experiencias/articulos/galicia-nueva-normalidad-que-se-puede-hacer/18455 Tim Graham Roman Catholic cathedral, Catedral de Santiago de Compostela, and cityscape from Alameda Park, Galicia, Northern Spain - Image ID: KEHWM4 Luis Dafos Young couple looking at the Loiba cliffs (Acantilados de Loiba) Coruña province, Galicia, Spain, Europe - Image ID: HTWGFK ———————— https://www.traveler.es/viajes-urbanos/articulos/mejores-tabancos-de-jerez-donde-beber-y-comer-flamenco-vino-tapas/17483 Jose Lucas Typical Tavern called "Tabanco El Pasaje" located in Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz province, Region of Andalusia, Spain, Europe - Image ID: D5AC9G ———————— https://www.traveler.es/experiencias/articulos/planes-para-el-fin-de-semana-3-4-y-5-de-julio/18488 FLHC M1 Benito Pérez Galdós (May 10, 1843 – January 4, 1920) was a Spanish realist novelist. Some authorities consider him second only to Cervantes in stature as a Spanish novelist - Image ID: RT7R54 ———————————————— CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 01/07/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/gastronomia/articulos/ganador-test-traveler-mejor-plato-verano-espana/18477 BlueOrangeStudio Seafood paella - Image ID: EMDBNH ———————— https://www.traveler.es/experiencias/articulos/extremadura-nueva-normalidad-que-se-puede-hacer/18475 Maria Galan Man walking by the church. Hervas, Caceres province, Extremadura, Spain. - Image ID: EYB5B2 ———————— https://www.traveler.es/experiencias/articulos/el-teleferico-de-montjuic-barcelona-reabre-al-publico/18476 JHeinimann The fortress Castell de Montjuïc above the city and harbor of Barcelona, Spain. - Image ID: CPB95E ———————— https://www.traveler.es/experiencias/articulos/reabre-el-embarcadero-del-retiro-en-julio/18461 Tardyfido Palacio de Cristal, Parque Del Retiro, Madrid - Image ID: KEY6X3 ———————————————— EL PAIS - EL VIAJERO 02/07/2020 (online) https://elviajero.elpais.com/elviajero/2020/07/02/album/1593692405_930467.html juan moyano a view of Playa de los Genoveses beach in Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park, in Spain - Image ID: E9H6E6 Kevin George Area Maior Beach; Muros; Coruna; Galicia; Spain - Image ID: R9HE64 or R9P4Y0 (same image)
  13. 1 for $35, direct exclusive. At least, some licenses cleared on time, so I'm getting paid this month. And found a couple of uses, so waiting for the sales to appear.
  14. The last of the month... CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 30/06/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/viajeros/articulos/australia-abrira-sus-fronteras-al-turismo-extranjero-en-2021/18451 DPK-Photo Road to mount Cook, Southern Alps, New Zealand - Image ID: CTWBW1 ———————— https://www.traveler.es/experiencias/articulos/cataluna-nueva-normalidad-que-se-puede-hacer/18450 Bob Gibbons Extensive marshes, or marismas in the Natural Park / Parc Natural dels Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, Catalonia, Spain - Image ID: DGT4BE ———————— https://www.traveler.es/viajes-urbanos/articulos/provincia-de-viterbo-italia-que-ver-que-hacer-lazio/18462 Cristina Annibali Calcata, medieval village in Italy - Image ID: J20EHC ———————— https://www.traveler.es/experiencias/articulos/playa-de-las-catedrales-visitas-a-partir-de-julio/18460 Lukasz Janyst Playa de las Catedrales - Beautiful beach in the north of Spain. - Image ID: G1BW67 ———————————————— CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 29/06/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/naturaleza/galerias/mejores-playas-nudistas-espana/2700/image/145227 Islandstock Cofete beach, often seen on best beach lists, on the unspoilt west coast of Fuerteventura,Canary Islands, Spain. - Image ID: 2AG10GM Gonzalo Azumendi Chiringay Restaurant. Es Cavallet Beach. Ibiza. Balearic Islands. Spain. - Image ID: T6B18R jmeyersforeman Waves from the ocean roll in, leaving the soft sandy beach damp glistening in the morning light. near Malaga Spain - Image ID: F6Y9EX Islandstock Nude female on Cofete beach on the undeveloped south west coast of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain - Image ID: D0GGMR Zoonar/Barbara Boensch Beach - Image ID: D8K4TC Werner Hinz Playas de Papagayo, Lanzarote, Canary Islands - Image ID: B72HFP ———————— https://www.traveler.es/naturaleza/articulos/cinco-escapadas-naturales-para-conocer-lleida/18442 Antonio Molinero Parque Nacional de Aigüestortes Landscape - Image ID: EBE9GB Edwin Toone Mountain landscape with colorful leaves and a reflecting pool in the Pyrenees. - Image ID: G0T6AX Santi Rodriguez The Lord Valley in Lleida, Catalonia, Spain. - Image ID: HRTDKY Cristian Zaharia Peak of Pedraforca, Catalonia, Spain. - Image ID: 2BFBAD4
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