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  1. You're welcome, Jorge and Nick! Last of the month: CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 30/11/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/viajes-urbanos/galerias/mejores-ciudades-pequenas-vivir-2021-menos-250000-habitantes-monocle/2891 Renato Granieri View of Swiss city Lausanne Switzerland - Image ID: CX8ECN Magdalena Bujak BOLZANO, ITALY - JUNE 24, 2017: Bolzano is a city in the South Tyrol province of north Italy, set in a valley amid hilly vineyards. - Image ID: JYWXA3 ———————— https://www.traveler.es/viajes-urbanos/articulos/oporto-mejor-ciudad-pequena-menos-250000-habitantes-vivir-2021-
  2. Good month…second best in gross, best ever in net. 4 sales for $121 gross. One of them an Unauthorized use reported in August Views as average. CTR above my average. And still waiting for various uses to appear. Best luck to everyone in this last month of the year! 👍
  3. CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 28/11/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/experiencias/articulos/empire-state-trail-sendero-nueva-york-hasta-canada/19688 Philip Scalia Bicyclists on the Erie Canalway Trail, near Canajoharie, New York State, during the annual Cycle the Erie Canal bike tour event. - Image ID: JPKMJW ——————————————————— CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 27/11/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/viajeros/galerias/diez-cuentos-misterio-sorpresa-para-leer-en-invierno-grandes-autores/2885/image/154438 INTERFOTO / History broadcast, radio, couple is listening to the radio during b
  4. Country: Worldwide Usage: Commercial electronic, Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years. Media: Website, app and social media Image Size: Any size Start: 23 November 2020 End: 23 November 2025 RM. Exclusive. Direct sale. Mid-low $$. A repeater seller. Underwater scene showing neptune grass (Posidonia oceanica) meadows at Ses Salines Natural Park (Formentera, Balearic Islands, Spain)
  5. CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 20/11/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/experiencias/articulos/avion-boeing-737-max-puede-volver-a-volar-faa-levanta-veto/19174 Trevor Mogg The exterior of a Boeing 737 Max aircraft. - Image ID: GDD94Y ——————————————————— CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 18/11/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/viajes-urbanos/articulos/reconversion-urbana-el-terreno-gomila-palma-de-mallorca-historia-inversores/19513 Dagmar Schneider Villa Rosa in El Terreno, Palma, Mallorca, Spanien, Europa. | Villa Rosa in El Terreno, Palma, Majorca, Spain, Europe. - Image ID: CE9F7J
  6. Country: Spain Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic Print run: up to 10,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 October 2020 End: 01 October 2025 RM. Exclusive. Distro sale. Mid low $$ Scubadiver with torch, cardinalfish (Apogon imberbis) shoal and moray eel (Muraena helena) at La Plataforma wreck (Formentera, Balearic Islands, Spain)
  7. One more that thinks the statistics column is not very useful, and that it takes a lot of space reducing posts and decreasing usability. Please let it be hidden in config. By the way...i had to reset my password this morning to be able to login. The new update locked my login attempts. For the ones suffering the same.
  8. CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 12/11/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/naturaleza/articulos/penalba-de-santiago-que-ver-que-hacer-donde-comer/19503 Olivier Guiberteau The small village of Penalba de Santiago in Leon - Spain - Image ID: P85FYA ———————— https://www.traveler.es/viajes-urbanos/articulos/arquitectura-sovietica-imperio-estalinista-moscu/19525 Alexander Blinov Moscow, Russia - July 8, 2019: Arch of the Main entrance to the territory of the All-Russian exhibition center (VDNKH) - Image ID: WTE2Y5 Olga Kolos Double-headed eagles, Russian coat of Arms, and the Four Season Ho
  9. You're welcome, Alan. CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 06/11/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/viajes-urbanos/articulos/guia-salamanca-gastronomia-mejores-restaurantes/19339 DCarreño Palacio de la Salina. Salamanca. Ciudad Patrimonio de la Humanidad. Castilla León. España - Image ID: KTBNTD JLImages Plaza Mayor at dusk, Salamanca, Spain - Image ID: BBXXJ1 —————————— https://www.traveler.es/viajes-urbanos/articulos/guia-rennes-que-hacer-que-ver-restaurantes-hoteles-capital-bretana-francia/19496 David Crossland Medieval houses in Rennes, Brittany - Image ID: J7W0MR GUIZIOU
  10. CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 05/11/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/viajes-urbanos/articulos/venecia-nuevo-futuro-turismo-despues-pandemia/19505 eye35 VENICE ITALY VENICE Gondolier rowing a gondola full of tourists on a gondola ride on the grand canal Venice Italy eu europe - Image ID: KERWY3 ————————— https://www.traveler.es/gastronomia/galerias/50-best-bars-2020-mejores-bares-del-mundo/2835/ Frank Rocco Attaboy speak-easy bar in NYC: Interior - Image ID: F3D6KT ——————————————————— CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 04/11/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/experiencias/articulos/e
  11. CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 02/11/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/naturaleza/articulos/sierra-de-francia-salamanca-senderismo-pueblos-que-ver/19157 Cavan Images / CI2 Miranda del Castañar, Salamanca, Castilla y Leon - June 7, 2013: Panoramic view of a small medieval village under a storm sky and a large rock at - Image ID: W6H3C7 Alvaro MZ Paisajes de la Sierra de Francia en el sur de Salamanca (España) - Image ID: M7Y5ER Raul Garcia Herrera Portraits of Mogarraz. Images of neighbors past and present guard the streets of this charming alpine village. - Image ID: 2BG5MY7 DCarreño Cast
  12. 3 distributor sales for Mid $$ gross. Plus low $$ DACS payback through Alamy, enough for my pay out in November. CTR in my average. Waiting for 4 found uses.
  13. You're welcome, Wim. Yes, it should be the online use. About the reporting...as we say here in Spain: "Espera sentado" (="Sit and wait") So it means that you have to be veeeery patient 😄 Check license details when it appears, I have got some wrong and misreportings from this distributor. Regards!
  14. CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER España 30/10/2020 (online) https://www.traveler.es/naturaleza/articulos/otono-magico-valle-del-ambroz-2020-rutas-senderismo-caceres/19481 Guillermo Avello Centuries old chestnut tree on Ambroz valley. Amazing nature. Spain - Image ID: MMGK7P Panther Media GmbH / Aunion Juan Stream of Ambroz Valley, Banos de Montemayor, Extremadura - Image ID: KPX7TX Eduardo Estellez Landscape with horses in the port of Honduras. Caceres. Spain. - Image ID: KW1DR2 DCarreño Castaños del Temblar en Segura de Toro. Valle de Ambroz. Cáceres. Extremadura. España - Image ID: 2CW3YAM ————————— ht
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