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  1. I have got myself an uncleared sale from August 2021 from a Spanish distributor (don't know which one). Spanish distributors in this link: https://www.alamy.com/contactus/local-distributors.aspx Spain Age Fotostock Tel: (34) 93 300 25 52 age@agefotostock.com ACI Agencia de Fotografia, S.L. Tel: (+34) 935 519 728 carlosz@aci-online.biz Cordon Press Tel: (+34) 913 614 552 Fax: +34 917 262 901 info@cordonpress.com
  2. I’ve contacted DACS yesterday requesting alternative payments to international members. They have answered me very kindly: “Your point is valid and I shall look into it as I can appreciate it must be very frustrating to lose such a large proportion of your royalties in bank fees. The next payments will not be made until September so we have time to look into this properly and see if we can come up with a solution that we can integrate into our systems.” So I would encourage you and any other EU and international DACS members to contact them requesting alternative paymen
  3. Country: Worldwide Usage: Presentation or newsletters, Uso en una presentación/charla (por ejemplo, Powerpoint y Keynote) o en un boletín informativo. Start: 10 January 2022 Duration: In perpetuity Low $$ (standard EU presentation price) Dusky grouper (Epinephelus marginatus) underwater close-up in Ses Salines Natural Park (Formentera, Balearic Islands, Mediterranean Sea, Spain)
  4. Comparison between 2021 vs 2020: - Portfolio: +10% (poor motivation) - Views: +30% - Zooms: +9% - Sales: +16% - CTR: -16% - Gross income: +25% - Gross per image (average): +8% - Average gross price per image: $23 - Net income: +12% - Net per image (average): -4% - Earnings per image per year: +1% Best year ever (my first significant year was 2018), so can’t complain too much. Last quarter was awful. Still pending a BBC magazine license to appear and several unauthorized use claims. Happy New Year to everyone and best photogr
  5. I think you may be right, an intermediary bank to make the currency conversion and send it to the receiver. What surprises me most is that my bank detailed the fee of the intermediary bank. My question would be if the DACS payment were only a couple pounds…how much the intermediary bank would have charged? I would love to cut out banks. I will ask DACS for another payment method for next year. Thank you and regards.
  6. Alamy Infringement Team contacted me this week asking for more information about a couple of Unauthorized Forms reported by me on July. They are working on them now, so hopefully the backlog is starting to disappear.
  7. I asked DACS one month ago, but haven’t received an answer yet. It is strange for me, because they usually reply very fast. But viewing your answer…mine would be the same My bank swear they didn’t charge anything and that I should ask the emisor…so, we are caught in the middle of the fire shots. Yes, we should ask DACS for another payment method for next year for EU citizens (Paypal wasn’t supported as far as I know, only bank transfer). Regards
  8. I have wrote DACS asking for this issue. Waiting for their reply. Anyone from EU can tell me if they have got a similar commission? I wonder how much I would had received if the DACS payment were a couple of pounds... nothing?
  9. Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial, Images to be used in an editorial context across website, associated micro sites and social channels. As per Contract Media: Website, app and social media Start: 17 November 2021 Duration: In perpetuity Additional details: Images to be used in an editorial context across the Colossus Bets website, associated micro sites and social channels. As per Contract RM, but license terms are quite RF. Almost $$. I yet have to to find it in Colossus website. Spanish civil war rusty canyon located at Pinos Alto
  10. As commented, I think the UK still remains in SEPA area. And my bank states that they do not charge a commission for transfers in this area. So they claim it is from the sender part. Despite that, it could be as you say...a Brexit thing Let's wait to other EU members experience before asking DACS. Thank you, spacecadet.
  11. Thank you, John. As far as I know UK still remains in SEPA area. And my bank states that they do not charge a commission for transfers in this area. So they claim it is from the sender part. I use bank payment with Alamy, and never had a commission charged, even being "shared costs" bank transfers.
  12. Hello all, I write to ask to Alamy colleagues from EU about bank commissions charged in DACS direct claim payments to their EU bank accounts. This year I received my first DACS payment directly claimed by me. On 1st October I received the payment of 35pounds in my spanish bank account. In the transfer detail I can see a charged commission of 25€. So I got only 15€ of a 40€ payment I asked my bank and they said that they didn’t charged me any commission. They claim the transfer has shared costs and that the commission was collected by an intermediary bank, wh
  13. Today I luckily found one of them in the ¡HOLA! online magazine, published on August. It is by subscription (which I don't have), but google managed to find it. Maybe it could help you.
  14. Congrats for the license, Jorge. If you ever find the magazine, please let me know. I have got two licenses yesterday with the exact same details (and I'm pretty sure, price). Or maybe it is not from the same magazine, but a generic monthly license nonchalantly reported by one of the spanish distributors. Thank you and best regards!
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