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  1. ...but my this year's earnings so far just reached half of my last year's earnings... N.B. I've posted the first part of this statement in the "....good thing happened..." thread
  2. My this year's sales so far just surpassed my overall last year's sales, but ... N.B. I've posted the second part of this statement in the "....bad thing happened..." thread
  3. So far this year I have two images licensed for 2022 calendars. Both cleared.
  4. $1 cleared balance for the last 10 days or so... It's still $1 this morning... Phew 😏
  5. Yes for the Measures. No for the newly uploaded/keyworded pics. It's good for your soul to keep your expectations low for about 48 hours after any action related to the business
  6. Yes, it's quite calming (this place)! I'll never forget the beautiful summer evening with the setting Sun and the ROW OF PALMS along the road !!! What a first impression! Now, 9 years later somewhere further further west I think differently, but I still love it !!! 🙂
  7. A few years ago I touched the Irish soil for the first time at this place. Nice!
  8. Yes, I've just noticed a few more duplicates from the same shoot. And no rainbows even in a single video on the page.😕
  9. I'm assuming that, as well... Tried to find one of mine videos searching for "rainbow at dusk time lapse". Mine was not there, but there was a video from Tokyo, shot vertically and presented flipped horizontally ....And it's uploaded 7 times !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Similar video, this time horizontal uploaded 7 times as well! Same contributor. Take a look, guys! There are only 68 results and IT"S WORTH checking it ! Not to mention there were no rainbows at all......🙄
  10. That's OK, Paulette! There are a few green ones, as well 🙂. For me it's not that important, statistically.
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