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  1. A polarizer maybe and to put the camera positioned in advance?
  2. Probably it's a system update issue. I've never experienced this before like sales not to appear on the dashboard on the next day, no matter if it's on a weekday or on the weekend. I don't do live news on a regular basis, so I don't know about it. What I can see on my dashboard is "last updated on 7 Jan 2022" ...
  3. I can confirm that my live news images from today are live under the "New" tab, but my sales from Friday don't appear on the dashboard.
  4. In 2021 I have doubled the 2020 sales (+ another 5%, to be more precise) while increasing the gross income with 10% only...
  5. It looks like a new Chinese business model of buying photos cheap this year and selling them at a higher price next year (we are credited, of course) .... Oh, well - wishful thinking!
  6. Mine are RM. Food. P.S. Just got another two from the same food series. Sigh!
  7. meanderingemu, if you check the license details you'll see "Start - 01-January-1900" - long, long time ago before you opted out of distribution to China. 😏😏😏 I have one of them today, as well .... and they've picked the best one from the series. Sigh
  8. Hello! Check the forum's older posts on that matter ....
  9. Alamy TOLD me IT'S a Novel Use when I asked about the unreported usage, but it wasn't said in the sale details when it became reported ... a few months later ... 😕
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