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  1. Hey, Blinking Eye, I just took a quick look at your portfolio. It appeared that your newly uploaded photos of orange sky are tagged for the 9th Sept 2019...
  2. It's definitely not! I've never had even a single fail out of 400+ submissions so far and I'm still 3 star (happy with that !)... So, THERE MUST BE something mysterious out there... 🙂
  3. 11th September CT article about Cork, Ireland and a few photos from Alamy contributors: https://theculturetrip.com/europe/ireland/articles/the-top-10-things-to-do-and-see-in-cork/
  4. Same here and for everyone, I guess. I've just noticed I can't send attached files through Gmail and when I "asked Google", I found that it's a major issue and there're discussions everywhere. .. Could it be related to the recent events on the Internet causing problems to numerous websites? Just wondering.
  5. Jay Maisel is my hero and I love him! Have his two books and watched a few videos about him! Brilliant teacher and a kind human being....
  6. "The Salt of the Earth" - a GREAT documentary about the GREAT Sebastiao Salgado by Vim Venders!!! from 2014 (warning for sensitive content)
  7. Yes, it'd be great to be easier for us the contributors, to create lightboxes from scratch ...
  8. Isn't this info for buyers? As a contributor I think, you have to find your own images and to add them one by one into a created lightbox or do I miss something?
  9. I'd do some experiments by uploading large jpegs (at least a few dozens) and only the time will tell...Nice work, by the way! 🙂
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