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  1. Folks, it's just the second day into the challenge and you're doing GREAT ! I'm really concerned how could I manage to pick the finalists in ANOTHER 29 days ! 🀯 Keep on rocking !
  2. So here's this month's Challenge ( huge "thanks" to Colin, Wim, Paulette and Marianne - you rock!). "Attention to the Reflection"? Hm, what's in my mind? I imagine mostly puddles ( come on, guys, it rained at least once in your place and being good, you had your camera with you ) and whatever grabbed your attention (!) in there. The more colourful - the better ! It works with glasses of wine as well, of course...;-) It's close to mind that the photos must be on Alamy and the challenge will close at midnight your local time (am I that generous? Yes, I am!) on 31st of October. Please, upload up to 3 shots. There will be 8 photos picked by me which will compete for the top prize and a voting poll will be set for one week. The winner will be able to set the November Challenge. That's it! Let's do this! (Sorry, no examples)
  3. Thoughtful ! Thanks, Paulette!
  4. That's great, Colin! Thank you! So it's a Challenge time - coming soon !!!
  5. ...or if you could do it for me when the time comesπŸ˜‰...
  6. That's what I was thinking about - the poll...πŸ€“ And I was pretty sure there's no poll ready for use πŸ˜‹ Thank you, Colin!
  7. Ok then, I give up πŸ™‚ And thank you, Wim, for the list. I wondered about the previous Challenges. Just give me some time, guys.
  8. Hi all ! I'm sorry for not responding on time... First a big THANK YOU to Colin for picking my image for the competition and THANK YOU to all of you who voted for it. ... Guys, I check the forum EVERY DAY and read EVERY POST. Even though I'm (on paper) with Alamy since 2013, I started uploading pictures from the late 2015. There were some occasional ups and mostly downs for me and it wasn't until this last February, when I "discovered" the forum ( and I'm very ashamed because of this) just to realise what stupid things I'd been doing with my account. Since then I've been trying to "save" what I can and to re-organise the things, so actually I could say that I'm quite new here. And what is the most important - everything is getting better πŸ™‚ YOU, GUYS, ARE GREAT !!! Extremely helpful. So, since I'm mostly a "listener" than a "talker" on that forum, I think it will be fair the new challenge to be set by someone who is more proactive. And I will be taking part again and again. Thank you!
  9. Shocking! I was inspired by the same article a few years ago. Rest in peace, RedSnapper!
  10. It's always "I, me and myself"... ah, Chuck? I'm sorry, I couldn't resist... Please, forgive us, the human beings.
  11. Could be! At least the photos show up in searches ...:-)
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