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  1. ALAMY HAS NAILED IT AGAIN !!! This time with Alamy measures. Instead of updating this tool early in the morning, as it should be (according to my way of thinking, being on the positive side of things), what they do by updating it LATE, LATE in the evening (IF EVER)? Mainly - reducing drinking early in the morning because of the results - positive or negative, of despair or of excitement! It's way way better to have your precious tea LATE, LATE in the evening - WHAT A RELIEF !!!, no matter of the end result... Peace!
  2. It's still not updated and it will be like that, from now on... Who cares?
  4. All of Alamy measures has no data AT ALL. My images measures HAS data, as normal (or maybe not, who knows nowadays) The "measures" saga is getting more and more weird...
  5. Dear Steve, I think you are too helpful. Some dudes don't deserve it. Just look at the portfolio of a guy trying to say not that kind things about the submission process on Alamy . It's just time wasted...
  6. "The boy searching for the issue with his binoculars" shows up EVERY SINGLE MORNING just right after the update when a bunch of us starting checking the new results at the same time. Then the system experiences a glitch for about 15-20 mins ... It's nothing new.
  7. Thank you, geogphotos1 It could be, sometimes I can see LU, date, MB, etc. as a search requirements . But I'm talking about a plain search, only a word or two...Who knows, the world is a rich tapestry 🙂 I'll keep on taking notes, anyway ...I love statistics!
  8. Guys, it happens very, very often to me (in Alamy Measures), to see some of my pics viewed within a search of only 100 views. And when I go to that search, I don't see my viewed images in these first 100. It happened again today with 6! of mine out of 100 - I found 3 of them on the third page (which is out of the search measures), couldn't find the rest... It'd be OK, if it wasn't to affect my CTR. Any thoughts? Thank you!
  9. The Alamy Measures update coming in the afternoon is quite annoying, as well ...
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