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  1. Yes, I see. I just tried to put some positivism to lift our spirits 🙂
  2. ...and after getting the affiliate cut you end up with 56,5% of the full price.... Think about that! 😉
  3. Today I have a difference between my "current cleared balance" on my dashboard and the balance (cleared-to-date), shown on the "Net sales revenue report". N.B. It's more on the dashboard... I've never noticed that before. 🙄???
  4. BEFORE ... ...and AFTER (though not cooked in the mini "Dutch oven")
  5. Just got one of those, I've heard about....... Full size from 36.3 MP, distributor's for 0.25 (0.10 for me)... Never been so proud!!! Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Website, app and social media ; 103.4 MB;7360 x 4912 pixels;4.4 MB compressed ; Start: 21-January-2021 ; Duration: In perpetuity ; Additional Details: Single use across website and/or digital publication such as E-book or PDF, any size, any placement, in perpetuity.
  6. You can put the image in a separate window, enlarge the image, drag and drop it onto your post e voila!
  7. Sales up by 370% on 2019 Revenue up by 300% on 2019 I doubled my port during the last year and I guess that's the key factor here. NB: I'm talking about relatively low numbers compared to the regular forum members, but I'm quite happy 🙂 Bring it on, 2021!!!
  8. I want to apologise to this forum community and to Alamy for my premature comment... It was quite inappropriate! I'm sorry! Stay safe!
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