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  1. John, just for the sake of accuracy the National Express coach is on Chelsea Bridge with the Albert Bridge just visible in the distance. Having crossed Chelsea Bridge a million times I spotted this straight away. Hope you don't mind me pointing it out.
  2. I have looked into this as well Jill, but been put off by quality issues reported for many non-Canon extenders. The Canon products are very expensive for what is an empty tube! I'll be interested to hear from anyone who has any recommendations.
  3. That is concerning and not good for you or Alamy. My QC rating is 3 stars and I am only waiting one day for images to be passed with submissions going in every few days so not sure why you and others are experiencing long delays. I understand the frustration. I would take it up with Alamy via email to contributors@alamy.com They are helpful and may be able to tell you if there is any reason. Good luck.
  4. The calm after the storm! Early morning Santander Bay Spain. It would have been impossible to hold the camera still from this spot with a howling wind the day before.
  5. Don't worry Kos. My irritation comes from years of experience of using service companies who forget that without, in Alamy's case, the contributions from you and me they wouldn't exist. A trend sets in where said company then starts treating you as if you are employed, very annoying. Not saying it's the case with Alamy but as you can tell, it's a sore subject with me! Nothing to do with Photoshop. Translation doesn't always work that well so I hope this comes across the right way. Good luck.
  6. One comment which always causes me irritation is when someone says they work for someone when they don't. Alamy work for you selling your images. I think of it that way round as I believe we all should. I also don't use Photoshop or anything I have to pay extra for. Unless the income stream from here justifies it I won't. Steve is always very thorough in his advice and with my limited experience I wouldn't add anything to his excellent comments as always.
  7. Uwe, Upday is an online news app. Sales just started to be noticed to them so a package deal must have been done as prices are low.
  8. Country: WorldwideUsage: Personal use, Use in slides/materials to support a presentation or newsletters or talks such as PowerPoint or KeynoteMedia: Newsletters - external23 MB3456 x 2304 pixels1 MB compressedStart: 10 February 2021End: 10 February 2026 Mid $ only but happy to see a second sale this month.
  9. This was my phone but I promise I wasn't influenced by Beckham! Not a PU so hope it sticks.
  10. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-55939344 Couldn't find much today:(
  11. Only uploaded recently and not zoomed. The end of a dry patch since mid-November. Mid $$ and could mean I reach my first payout from Alamy soon. Happy:)
  12. Thanks for the info Danny. Just shows how much effort Bryan makes! Hopefully he'll be back soon.
  13. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-55931548 Another one here! and this one.
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