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  1. Seems that there is a delay with the system at the moment as I have uploaded about 160 images today and instead of the images appearing they remain greyed out with 'processing' written across them which in my limited experience usually disappears almost instantly to be replaced with the message saying they are in 'QC'. I noticed that the total items on Alamy just exceeded 215 million so perhaps an inundation from ex Shutterstock contributors (like me) is causing an extra burden. Finally dumped Shutterstock completely as sales for me had become minimal there anyway. Hated Shutterstock for having to keyword everything in advance only to be rejected! Almost at the point where I will be fully exclusive on Alamy.
  2. Thank you John. I've looked at other online images and I think you're right. The colour is perhaps misleading as the image was captured only a week ago in strong evening sun so summer not autumn. Appreciate you heading me in the right direction to find the information.
  3. Anyone? Thanks in advance.
  4. Plant experts! I take the time to correctly identify flora as far as I can but struggling to find this one. Growing wild in the north of Spain with small red berry clusters. Anyone know what it is? All help much appreciated.
  5. Thanks Robert. I was asking for future reference as you might imagine. I hardly see the image becoming a top seller! Thanks for the information. All understood.
  6. Country: Worldwide Usage: Presentation or newsletter, Use in a single presentation (e.g. Powerpoint or Keynote) or in a newsletter. 27 MB 3114 x 3055 pixels 1 MB compressed Start: 25 August 2020 Duration: In perpetuity Not going to win any competitions with this photo but pleased to see a second sale this month after joining in March this year. Royalty free image. After the Alamy cut of 50% equivalent to 61 sales on SS! Does the in perpetuity licence have any effect on the image being sold again? Sorry to ask but still learning.
  7. Been there twice and never noticed this! Need to get my eyesight checked.
  8. Two stars and taking 3-4 days at the moment.
  9. Thanks dunstun365. SS was my introduction to stock photography and it has been a steep learning curve since. SS will survive as long as they keep the client side happy but the attitude to contributors shows pure contempt. The view of many contributors is that the quality will decline on SS and clients will abandon them but this will take a long time while the directors continue to benefit from the extra profit from the smaller share to contributors and deals like the recent one with Microsoft will keep them going. The good and the bad of the world wide web fully exposed by SS.
  10. Thank you Bella. So nice to be on a forum without the bickering and insults you see with SS which has descended to lows which are sad. I'll disable my port on SS at the end of this year and I will be exclusive on Alamy, all new content is already exclusive here. Great to hear from good people with talented work.
  11. Thank you for giving me what turns out to be a simple solution! Here's the image. It is a real poppy but I like the texture which makes it look like paper or cloth. Busy bee was going round and round in circles. Have a good day all.
  12. Thank you. I did attempt to add the image here but it seems the methods which usually work don't here! Any hints welcome.
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