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  1. But seems to be a bit erratic at the moment.
  2. Mine have been taking a week each time so definitely something to chase as I only have two stars😳
  3. Betty, you're not being overly teaching, you are being extremely helpful which I appreciate. I'll have to think about the way forward as it's obviously better to make a decision now and stick to it rather than let the numbers build to a point where it becomes more difficult to change in future. I can understand being able to stay away from trouble in Kansas. It took me two days to drive across Kansas west to east on a mega tour of the US a long time ago now. Very empty and only rivalled by what I remember of the Ukraine even longer ago. Have a productive day!
  4. Thanks for looking at my portfolio and your feedback meanderingemu. When I first looked into stock I wasn't aware that Alamy was different and finding accurate information about each website and the way payments vary proved difficult. I am learning and the forums are a great source of information that I would advise anyone else to read before taking the plunge and starting the process of uploading anywhere. I agree that it may not be the best way to continue to have the low paying microstock companies advertising images for next to nothing and given what Shutterstock just did I see my portfolio being available on there as short lived. It does appear that many contributors here also make images available on most of the main stock websites though so perhaps this is selective, only uploading the best work to websites like Alamy and then images which are perceived as of less valuable or less saleable perhaps going to other sites?
  5. Thanks spacecadet. From the outset I viewed stock as a long term small side income so not worried if it takes time to see any sales. Pleasantly surprised to have seen sales of some old photos of mine on other sites.
  6. Great insight Betty, I appreciate the advice. I am a bit overawed by some of the content I have seen which does sometimes look heavily manipulated but perhaps that's what it takes to get noticed. I'll keep uploading and see how it goes although exclusivity is a tricky one for me to know what's best at the moment. Thanks and stay away from trouble in the USA.
  7. Thanks for replying Mizbrown. Many images have been checked before uploading to the competition but some are new so I need to check more closely.
  8. Thank you Marianne, for looking at my portfolio and for your advice. I'll go through what I have uploaded so far and remove images which may not be at the standard I would like them to be and I understand what you have said about similar images. Those who depend on stock for their income (which I do not) must be devastated by the Shutterstock situation which I cannot believe is sustainable in the long run as from what I have seen on the forum contributors are walking away and/or stopping contributing. A company that exists because of the hard work of so many talented people and who at the end of the day are distributors and should be making a good profit, unless it's really badly managed. Shareholders may well be the problem there with greed being the most disappointing human condition. I have stopped contributing there too and have decided to wait before pulling everything just in case there is a reassessment of the lunacy.
  9. 16 uploaded now passed QC already. Another 35 waiting in QC now. Perhaps the waiting times are coming down. How quickly do sales appear typically? I saw my first sale within a month on shutterstock and there has been a steady (now badly paid) stream of sales since then.
  10. Pleased to see the spat has ended and don't want to restart it but I have to agree with spacecadet, content is what's in an image regardless of the quality whereas image quality isn't about the content. Fairly obvious I would have thought. The subject of this thread is how long it takes to get through QC and I had re uploaded all the images without the offending image which caused 169 failures. A week later I get a fail message again with one of the images causing the 168 images re uploaded to fail again. Frustrating to say the least. This has meant I have re uploaded only 16 images this time which will take another week to check and will slow down how fast I can add to my portfolio on here. Shutterstock do at least check images fairly quickly and only reject those they find fault with rather than the whole batch as I'm sure most of you know. As they have today ruined the contract I have now registered with other stock sites to widen any potential earnings but a shame that Shutterstock decided to be greedy as they are the only ones I have seen regular sales with so far. The 100+ images I created this morning are waiting to upload to Alamy but they will now wait until QC ok what is sitting there. Shutterstock are unlikely to get any new uploads from me unless they change the contract again soon (unlikely). Meanwhile I will add to Adobe, Pond 5 and have registered with Yay Images too. Thought this would all be so simple. Haha.
  11. Ok, thanks for the clarification. The image in question passed first time with SS.
  12. So about a week before looked at by QC at the moment and regularly uploading has shot me in the foot as one image was deemed to be too grainy so all 169 images waiting were failed, yuk! Strangely the failed image is one which was passed by Shutterstock who seem fairly strict and at least with them if one image doesn't get through it doesn't mean everything is rejected which seems to be a more sensible approach. I guess it's because Alamy don't try to check every image while SS have a system which may well have some AI input from what I have read and theoretically looks at everything. SS are another story as most of you have heard I'm sure with their new payment structure which is why I have registered with Pond5 and may start using Adobe more where I have very small numbers. SS have at least provided regular sales in the short time (since February this year) I have uploaded images to them. Learning all the time about this business which certainly has its share of pitfalls! All fairly irrelevant in the general scheme of things but I will keep trying. Stay well and safe all.
  13. All uploaded photos passed today. Perhaps an end of week clear out? Relieved that I can get on with making them available and upload more. Have a good safe weekend all.
  14. Hi all. Same situation again. I have been uploading more images since the 8 May but have stopped again as this has now reached 98 images sitting in QC. I am fearful that if I continue and have 300 sitting there that the whole lot get rejected and I have to start again. I do understand the strange circumstances we are in but find it difficult to believe that QC should be so affected when this must be people sitting in front of a screen which they could continue to do at home or anywhere. My main source of income involves regular international travel yet I have adapted to the current circumstances. I hope the staff and whoever checks images are all well and that the virus hasn't decimated Alamy! Apologies for being frustrated but life must go on and my impatient nature is a reason I get things done. This is a hobby for me not a profession so it isn't the end of the world if I never earn a penny from Alamy but if I'm going to put in the small effort needed to at least try to make this work then a continuous service needs to be available. I am with Shutterstock as well who seem to be coping better and I believe are New York based where as we all know the virus has been rampant. Please everyone avoid this virus at all costs. If you get it the long term affects could change your health for the rest of your life. My wife is a doctor so I hear on a daily basis how this is affecting patients. The truth is gradually coming out that a vaccine may never eradicate covid-19 and we are likely to have to live with it as with HIV/AIDS, measles, etc. Have a good day despite my gloominess and thank you to anyone who reads this and has any positive input, which I think I need to hear! Stay safe everybody.
  15. Seems it's just a case of it all working very slowly at the moment as images are gradually converting from "Processing...' to Image in QC. I'll need to clean up the duplicates and learn to be more patient!
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