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  1. As a relative newbie I have to agree with Hanna_Fate. The way the figures are presented is a mess. It wouldn't be difficult to change the layout to make it all simpler. And as for the time it takes for payments to clear... Perhaps it's covid but I'm surprised at the length of time it takes.
  2. The number of images has reappeared👍
  3. Also found that an image that was on the first page had mysteriously become the last image on the last page. Do images get moved around automatically sometimes? I thought the editable portfolio page was for the contributor to amend only. I'm not talking about the blue numbers on the left by the way.
  4. Identical to what happened to me yesterday. I changed my password for the forum and all ok since. The gremlins are present though as when I use the link to my web page it shows 0 images although they are all there! file:///Users/tonystill/Desktop/Screenshot%202020-11-17%20at%2011.03.54.png
  5. Country: WorldwideUsage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale.Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use50 MB5120 x 3414 pixels2 MB compressedStart: 12 November 2020End: 12 November 2025 First Personal Use sale. $9.99 but exclusive so half for me. Second sale this month. Half way to my first payout since joining Alamy in March this year👍
  6. I guess it's both art and marketing. I have seen debates around how images should be marked and even more so on SS where the rules are restrictive for copyright and other reasons which I fully understand. As this isn't an appropriate thread for this I'll leave it there but at the end of the day any product wrapper will have an artist or designers input. Where lines are drawn is difficult IMHO.
  7. He said the songs were his favourites of the time. I agree this album gets overlooked but I guess it wasn't commercial enough. The luminous lettering on the reverse of the album cover I have found difficult to photograph as it seems to confuse the sensors on my admittedly basic Canon EOS100D. Tried a couple of times but never seem to have enough time to get it right🤷‍♂️
  8. Country: WorldwideUsage: Editorial, Online Learning, editorial website/video use, any size, single placement and design, worldwide, in perpetuityMedia: Website, app and social media25 MB2949 x 2992 pixels391KB compressedStart: 04 November 2020Duration: In perpetuity Only $4.08 and $2.04 for me but a sale when it has been a month since the last one. Bought this in 1973 and wonder if I have recouped the original cost! You can tell it's the original album sleeve by the yellowing of the cardboard at the edges. Still listen to this sometimes. Have a good day all.
  9. Not earth shattering but a good thing nevertheless I guess is going from two to three stars QC! Noticed this today having been two stars since joining in March this year. So, thank you Alamy and I hope this helps the visibility of my images and the speed of checking. Anything positive is good news at this time.
  10. No sales since August so pleased to see one at last! Image dates back to 2006 and I guess relates to Honda announcing they are leaving F1 once again. Low $$ but happy. Royalty-free Country: Worldwide Usage: Commercial electronic, Unlimited multi re-use across all Below the Line (BTL) platforms for 5 years, any placement, any size. Excludes advertorial and advertising use. Media: Website, app and social media 21 MB 3352 x 2235 pixels 760KB compressed Image Size: Any size Start: 09 October 2020
  11. Hello MizBrown. You were kind enough to give me encouragement early on in my endeavours with Alamy so repaying that with this which might help. I think your guess that it's a Piper Cherokee is on the right track. There are lot's of versions so the nose shape may well vary influenced by the engine fitted. The shape of the wings and tailplane look close. Been bugging me ever since I saw your first post!
  12. After emailing contributors@alamy.com the images from the 22nd have just appeared. Perhaps a coincidence as I haven't had or expected a reply yet but hopefully the system is catching up now. Have a good weekend all.
  13. Hello spacecadet. The difference isn't deleted images but the same number as those recently put on sale. The images have normally appeared the next day for me.
  14. And interesting that my image count on this forum shows 2938 but if you click through it shows 2908🤷‍♂️.
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