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  1. On the main page, the word Alamy, next to Login is now a dropdown menu.
  2. Did the AA say “it’s with the accounts dept” or was it Alamy?
  3. Having recently changed all my FF Canon gear for an RX10 mk4 (I had the mark one for a while a couple of years ago) to accompany my little RX100 mk3 I have decided to use the free Sony Apps on my Samsung phone for Live News. So, if anyone is interested I have now got a fast workflow to get images from camera, to the phone, to the newsfeed, including basic picture edits, metadata and caption templates. I will be making a blog post with an explanation shortly.
  4. I earlier uploaded some to reportage and the same happened to me, but I didn't worry, I just refreshed the page 10 mins later and they were all there.
  5. I am about the average age of the rest of you old buggers, I'm 61. Started shooting in the late 1970's mainly with Yashica 35mm cameras and BW film like FP4, HP5 Tri X etc and developing my own prints, I also loaded my own film stumbling around in the dark with film canisters and lengths of film which, when stretched from my nose to finger tips in my outstretched arms would give me about 36 frames. In the late 1980's in my wisdom I decided to dump thousands of prints to clear some space and kept only pictures with family and friends on, thereby losing great archive of my home town, for which I'm still kicking myself, although I did find one biscuit tin a few years back which still had some of my 'proper' photography prints in it. Since doing stock the main difference I have found when shooting scenes is that when I was younger I would wait patiently for people to get out of the frame.... now I wait for them to come into the frame instead.
  6. My comment that you were just a delicate flower was gender neutral, so please keep your 'friendly and gentle' warning as you have proved the point I made by your very reaction!. I do understand that you won't read this as you have noted at least four times that you are leaving this thread, so good luck with your future in the stock game, but I for one have taken on board the advise given to you by people here who are more experienced than either you or I.
  7. Thanks for taking the time to type this up Steve. It's almost identical to my workflow, but I wish I had had it available when I started to submit stock. What a shame that your effort was thrown in your face by such a delicate flower, but it's the reason I very rarely critique anyone who is a stock beginner as it seems that they just want a back slapping session to boost their ego.
  8. 8 for £232 gross with pu restriction enforced, but depending on the outcome of the Alamy survey I may lift that restriction.
  9. On the matter of digital music (it's a product) or even software; try getting a refund on those items, even 10 seconds after you downloaded it! I'm sure the consumer legislation is meant to cover items which are faulty or not wanted which can be RETURNED for a refund.
  10. Yes Alan, I changed from Zenfolio, it is much better overall in my opinion, but the UI is a bit unintuitive (for me) compared to Zen. I just have to work on it and make it pay for itself as it's quite expensive. https://www.mickflynnimages.com/
  11. I would reduce pixel size, not necessarily the file size, so they can only download an image with small dimensions for use on the web, social media etc. My own website settings for download only images.
  12. I buy software to download and there is definitely no refund available. I would remove my blanket restriction if there was, as has been suggested, a smaller download size depending on required use. On my own website I offer downloads at different resolutions depending on the use.
  13. Has anyone had success using the Transfer and Tagging App for Imaging Edge on an android phone for live news (or stock)? Is there a way to test the metadata transfer and FTP functions of this app on a windows 10 local machine?
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