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  1. I do like the 'call to action' button in bright green on the individual images which proclaims 'download', which everyone assumes is free, then it takes you to the sales page where the image is almost free.
  2. Was this 'forest fire' a sale? https://lightbox.terna.it/en/environment-sustainability-2021-july
  3. The little RX 100 is too slippy, even with a grip and there are very few buttons, but I find them ok, except I keep promising to put a blob of something on the shutter button as I keep going for the on/off swith to shoot. I also defocus the viewfinder quite a lot and have to keep adjusting the tiny lever. the RX 10 is fine but I don't use back button focus as I always did with my canon cameras. The menus are vast and although many buttons can be preset with your own options, my memory can't and I soon forget what I set on different buttons. I also don't like the electroic manual focu
  4. I got rid of my Canon FF DSLR gear a while back and bought an RX10mk4 to accompany my little RX100mk3 as my total kit, apart from tripods and a single flash gun. Checking lightroom stats I found I had taken more images with a previous RX10 which I owned than I had with my 5D's or 6D's. The main reason wa ssimply that I had taken my RX10 out more than the heavy cameras and lenses. With the returns on stock images it seems that we shouldn't be investing big money in gear to get little return, and if I just shoot for pleasure or personal projects then I don't need big, heavy, expensive kit.
  5. I'm not sure he would have been flying a drone when Helicopters are in the air, so probably a long lens and, maybe a video frame capture. My RX10 mk4 produces some acceptable video caps.
  6. Would like to go, but I told my wife I won't buy any more camera gear... ever, but I don't have the willpower to resist!
  7. Villager Jim is more than a local enthusiast, he has 330,000 followers and would have provided the images himself, no doubt for payment. he has a website and shop... and may even be on Alamy! The shots look like video screen captures, but he has a massive library of good pictures. As far as I'm aware facebook can't supply it's users posted images to the media and all use is based on the users own privacy settings whilst using the platform. Any licence (even if it's neccesary for them to be able to serve you your own images on their platform finishes when you delete your account, and medi
  8. Facebook certainly don't claim to own, have any rights to, or even choose to use your images for their own business, but they need your permission to post them on their platform, on 'your' page.
  9. If it's a valid number plate it's a vehicle identifier which is meant to be visible surely? In the case of a crime or RTA it might be advisable to cover it to prevent false accusations/speculation, or grief to accident victims family, but generaly it should be fine.
  10. There's a 40% Covid tax on them right now due to staycationers.... wait for the crash when the borders re-open fully.
  11. Hi Christine. On your Alamy dashboard there is a link to your Alamy portfolio page, and from that page there is a 'share' button which is the direct address in this form... https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/mickflynnimages
  12. I have a folder on my pc 'upload to Alamy' which, when I open Filezila it is set as the home folder in the manager tab, then I right click the files and upload. I've used Filezilla for years without problems and have a few different sites set up in the site manager. If you like I can screenshot and post my Alamy settings (passwords hidden) for you to compare.
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