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  1. "Your Alamy portfolio page"

    I started to mess with this, but yes, another clunky unworkable mess made by a member of staffs 9 yr old nephew, like the POS AIM interface I'll bet!
  2. I bought the plugin and it works a treat. I just need to find a way to copy 'super tags' and 'tags fields' in LR Bridge over to the normal ITPC keywords field now.
  3. Excellent Clarence, I've been googling but didn't even see that plugin. I do use LR bridge and have synced all my metadata between Alamy and my local files and the search and replace plugin looks like it will be just the ticket, thanks. I'll try the trial on a small number of files first, then report back.
  4. Thanks CHP, I know that MS can do that but wanted to do it locally. I need to export a CSV, append it and then re-apply it somehow.
  5. Does anyone know if it's possible to append metadata text in multiple files? I want to remove the 'live news' text element from my image caption/title fields but leave the rest.
  6. Is it just me? The 360 pano blog seems like an advert for their direct competitor 360cities, and the blurb seems a bit pointless as it's hardly a new thing and Google has tons of 360 imagery available. On the main website page they devote three panels at the bottom about contributing 360 panos... is it the new Stockimo? For the big effort involved would we be able to get more than the $3 distro prices for normal stock I wonder?
  7. Commission structure single thread

    I think that when the customer gets fed up of poor quality 'phone' images (like Stockimo) our own DSLR stock may be worth something... but we may all have left the building!
  8. Surge time?

    I've opened Lightroom a couple of times today and it's reported an increase in sales total, but no sign on Alamy until this evening with a late surge of 7 licences, bring a total of 11 for November.
  9. Select all

    Contact Alamy, they will add a blanket restriction, I did it to restrict PU and they obliged.
  10. Share your contributor portfolios

    A lot of news pics in my port at this time of year, just can't seem to get the Spanish media buyers via Alamy. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/113875.html
  11. Low price

    It does make one wonder if it's all just a vanity project when it takes up so much time for sometimes very little reward.
  12. I'm going to cancel it now (it's taken 10hrs to do 400) and may try your date batch method, thanks.
  13. It does say a long time, but ...days? My current internet connection is not the best, which may be making a difference, but I couldn't work out how to do the 'next' 1000 after fetching the first 1000. Maybe I just need patience?
  14. I'm struggling timewise to fetch my 6,000 images. It's taking ages. Is it something I'm doing wrong? My passed Alamy images (jpegs) are in a separate folder and have been imported into LR5.6, from there I use the fetch settings which goes fast to begin with, then slows to a crawl. I've aborted a couple of times at about 1,500 images. Now it's at 2,398 taking 18hrs so far and seems to have almost stalled.
  15. Alamy in Spanish?

    I'm in Spain and it gives me a choice at the top of the page (like the cookie pop-up) which I dismiss. On the main page there is a language choice button next to the blog one at the top, but it only offers English and German.