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  1. One would normally shoot raw to have a better file to begin editing. Theres no point shooting raw just to convert it to jpeg... just shoot jpeg.
  2. 7 for $97, mainly low single figures, but a couple of $$ ones. Accepted back on news feed, but worried about sending weather shots now... although aerial shots of Chinese agriculture seem to be popular, so maybe I need to move to China and fly a drone.
  3. Is there a team, or is it just one person? They were advertising a while back for someone to monitor the news feed at the weekend, I assume it was for one person doing it remotely.
  4. It was very clear that people were uploading without captions, as multiple singles flooding the page or just images which were clearly not news or unusual weather just to bypass QC. Did this happen when they allowed anyone to upload to live news, instead of having people apply to upload? I would have thought they could have just allowed the people who had originally requested, and been allowed access to continue but closed down the others. I have been allowed the archive/reportage route, but I never used the live news route to bypass QC and had both live news sales (albeit mainly weather pics) and secondary sales so I have re-applied, but it peeves me to see the same stuff on the news feed even today... ie rape fields in Germany for instance, and wonder why?
  5. There was proof available indeed. Newsquest is to give £9,000 in prizes to its centres which publish the largest amount of free copy and photographs taken by readers. Henry Faure Walker, the company's chief executive officer, has written to staff giving details of a competition which will result in a league table of newspapers and websites which can produce as many pages/stories as possible on the cheap. The "good, competitive fun", as he described it, will involve a top prize of £4,000 plus £3,000 for second place and £2,000 for coming third. I was banned from my local newspaper when I questioned their 'Facebook Camera Club', which in my opinion was simply there to harvest pictures for their paper. https://blog.mickflynnimages.com/2017/04/love-to-see-your-pictures-in-print-so.html https://blog.mickflynnimages.com/2017/05/banned-from-my-local-newspaper.html The editor also let me know that they really don't want to pay when I had an infringement dispute with them. "In the highly unusual event of us purchasing a general image for online use we would not pay more than £25+VAT."
  6. They have re-used a Sun newspaper article (with permission) the only difference is that I have full name credit for images they have used, not just Alamy. If it's a genuine site what would be the licence situation?
  7. Such a shame Bryan, it would be nice if you could re-consider your decision It's rather telling that more than one person today has thanked you for finding images which had not been reported to Alamy (do they not track anything?)
  8. 9 mainly newspaper use so only $ sales.
  9. I have all my images PU restricted so would I be right in thinking that this licence couldn't be offered for one of my pictures?
  10. Not always quickly. At the weekend the live feed can look like a disaster zone for hours.
  11. Shame about the low value for the BW image... but the BBC used some of my archive BW shots, which, like yours are unique... and only paid $ prices.
  12. https://blog.mickflynnimages.com/2017/05/banned-from-my-local-newspaper.html
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