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  1. That will sit nicely above someones fireplace! I restricted all mine for PU... then had them unrestricted again as the value is nearly always higher than my average distro or newspaper sale, and there is always the chance to make more in the future from an infringement.
  2. I have an acquaintance (VIA Facebook) who does handheld stacks and seems to have mastered it. Here's an early one of his. https://www.oliverwrightphotography.com/portfolio/view/five-times-magnification-portrait-of-a-marbled-white-butterfly/macro
  3. There were two security people stooping movement only during filming. Sorry Chris, not trying to hijack your thread so I'll leave my problem after this snippet which I sent the film people. The general rule under Spanish law affords greater weight to freedom of information than to the right to privacy.Image rights under Spanish law entitle the owner to prevent the obtaining, reproduction or publication of his or her own image by a third party, whatever the aim pursued by the party taking the picture (whether commercial, scientific, cultural, etc). However, there will be NO UNLAWFUL INFRINGEMENT of these rights provided that there is express consent from the owner of the image or THERE IS A GENERAL INTEREST TO PUBLISH THE IMAGE AND THE INFORMATION IT CONVEYS.
  4. Is a film set in a public place, which can be viewed from a public place, any different too a publicly viewable display the likes of which you were shooting? I think not, but I'm not a lawyer. I hope that Alamy support you, or at least refuse to remove the images, as they should be safe re their T & C's.
  5. I have a similar problem with a Spanish Council department who say my images from a film shoot, in Spain, in public areas, need to be removed from sale. Alamy (with my permission) passed my details to them and I am now in correspondence. They are all marked editorial only, but they (the Spanish film department) pointed out the possibility to download them for presentation or newsletter use. I will post the results at some point.
  6. It shouldn't matter. If I download software, then don't want it... it's tough!
  7. One from a batch of food shots which had been sitting on my computer, by the time I had got around to editing it all the menus had changes and I can't remember exactly what it was!
  8. I don't think PU's should be refunded, every other kind of digital download is non refundable (because it can be copied).
  9. A batch of this subject went straight to QC and I was a little worried about passing, but I had written a note at the end of the description. Intempo high rise residential property. Sun rays reflecting off golden glazed tower block through mist. noise in image due to mist. 2AYY25D
  10. Get exact confirmation from Alamy that it has never been licenced, remove (or hide it) from your Alamy port then give all the info to Pixsy.com. If they take it on, and are successful. you will receive more than what Alamy would charge if they bothered to pursue it. I had an unreported use a few years back, the 'team' couldn't find the infringers details so gave up and suggested I go after them... In reply, I gave them all the users (easily googled) details including the home address within minutes!
  11. Their website articles aren't all attributed to Newspapers, so maybe not a scraper news site, but full of Alamy images.
  12. I thought the same at first as he was so well respected, and admired, but then we are all consumers of news and our time here is spent trying to produce news (even if it's stock), so as unpalatable as it may be... it's news.
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