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  1. Hi Paula. On your portfolio page, click the album name and it will show images underneath which are ALL your Alamy pictures. Use a search term and it will only bring up pictures having that keyword, then click the add button on each one to add it to that album. There doesn't appear to be a way to add them in bulk, so one album of mine will need over 2,000 clicks to add each images.
  2. I was in my local Tesco supermarket today dealing with a mobile phone issue and was perusing the large wall display images whilst waiting. One picture was a nice shot of a modern nuclear family going up a hill with a nice sky behind them, which was spoiled for me by the thick purple band down the edge of the dads sweater and along the arm of one of the kids. The CA or purple banding was VERY prominent and I can only assume that one of the directors nephews or nieces took the picture with one of the phones which they sell! In Morira, Spain whilst looking at images of multi million Euro V
  3. https://www.onevisionimaging.com/postcards Quantity Standard Price Panoramic Price 50 £30.00 £47.50 75 £39.75 £60.00 100 £48.00 £74.00 150 £60.00 £105.00 200 £76.00 £130.00 250 £95.00 £150.00 300 £105.00 £159.00 350 £115.50 £175.00 400 £124.00 £1
  4. September 7 total, 5 for $ and 2 for $$. Not much uploaded since Covid, but I intend revisiting my keywords through winter and shooting some indoor light tent images.
  5. If you are using Sony gear there are apps available which are free, and useful. Use your phone as a remote trigger amongst others.
  6. What drone are you using? Is it 48MP, image, which I doubt from a drone, or are do you mean the file is 48mb uncompressed size? If it's a fish eye or wide angle lens you should check right to the edges for noise/blur etc.
  7. I would just keep the pictures which contain the flag outside the shop and let a buyer choose to crop that image if they need a bigger flag. The problem might be if you had the image available for print/personal use download etc... as someone might print it onto a tee shirt (very unlikely) and deprive them of a sale. I wouldn't sweat it for a single image. Let it go.
  8. I use Fine Art America to host my 'arty' type images, but for photograph I have my own website hosted by Photodeck. I moved my website from Zenfolio last year as there are some options which are better on Photodeck, but I haven't been too happy with the SEO, for what I think is a quite expensive site. The print/product sales and digital licencing options are very good with no commission taken for any sales, but, due to having a 'proper' job I don't spend enough time updating the website unfortunately, and find that it may just have become a vanity project with very few sales.
  9. If staff are furloughed they can't work, hence there will be limited employed staff to deal with everything. Maximising sales and looking after paying customers must surely come before contributors.
  10. So, are they chosen by a real person (I realise it may be different at the moment due to the virus problem)? There are also some NASA images still on the feed from yesterday which aren't captioned or headlined properly, so I wondered if there wasn't anyone at home?
  11. Can this image uploaded today (noted as being from 2017) be live news?, and, more importantly, does it get automatically pinged to news desks and pee off picture editors? Do all live news images get pinged to news desks? There are more from 'Newscom' as live news with images taken of mundane things, even from 2010! Photo taken on Nov. 5, 2017, shows pan-fried "gyoza" dumplings (L) and boiled dumplings served at Utsunomiya-Minmin, a gyoza restaurant in Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture, north of Tokyo. (Kyodo)==Kyodo Photo via Credit: Newscom/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2BGXHKB
  12. I have the rx100 iii and have had plenty of licence sales from it, no worries about dust bunnies and CA which I had with my full frame gear. It's also useful, when hooked up to the Sony software for live news, captioning, keywording and getting images up to the live news feed in moments straight from your phone, but it's not quite straightforward. My RX10 mk iv which I bought in winter gets more use, but the RX100 has not been discarded. The video quality and the ability to do timelapse is also another bonus with it.
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