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  1. I haven't been going farr in the UK lockdown, but I've managed to stay cool.
  2. I was looking for an angry emoji, could't find one so clicked the sad one... the red might have been a sign of anger at the situation, not the poster.
  3. The Express version is free, any other versions are more expensive than the Lightroom sub, and for my £10 a month I get LR and PS (just wish I could afford Premiere Pro).
  4. I'd also be worried about using the Adobe skies for any use other than personal due to possible copyright problems.
  5. Roux at the Landau @Craig Millar, Fife Cheap Tapas bar in Spain, 7 tapas and a BOTTLE of wine for 6 Euros! (pre Covid) I've just noticed the fly on the skewer.
  6. On the Alamy website (not image manager) choose your picture then click to enlarge and drag and drop that popup image into the comment box here.
  7. A national newspaper print sale from November $$$. I saw this in Alamy bridge 3 days ago and thought it was a mistake, but it showed up today.
  8. I went to my local park today and my wife says, no, you're not taking your big camera, so I took my RX100mk3 and whilst I was there I saw loads of people taking pics in the snow, mainly with mobile phones, some with small cameras, but at least two with DSLRS and one with what must have been a 600mm lens shooting across the lake towards a family. I doubt that any were paedophiles and struggle to think why, if they were, they would be taking pics of kids where you can hardly even see a face for scarves and wooly hats. The teachers in my grandaughters school in Northern Ireland post hundred
  9. I'm sure that a picture editor would use his judgement. I should really have screenshot his reply as now people who read it will be under the impression that he was correct. He did say along the lines of , but very clearly "no newspaper will publish without the childs permission between 16-18years old, or the parents permission if under 16! He also said the photographer had knocked on a door and asked for permission to shoot the kids. I couldn't challenge him as we have history as he was a big supporter of Newsquests Facebook Photography Clubs to get free content for newspaper
  10. I use FTP and find that if it's a slow connection they split up sometimes, but with a fast stable connection they always stay together when they all get there.
  11. A strange day today. I was out this lunchtime taking pictures of local people sledging and playing in the snow for the live news feed and didn't have any problems. An hour later my missus pointed out a picture making the rounds on Facebook which looked like me (but with more hair) and holding the camera badly, taken literally around the corner from my house, of a man taking pictures in the snow. This man was probably a paedophile and needed a good kicking said many of the commenters as they happilly shared it over 300 times. I commented and tried to educate them that, wether they l
  12. Hi Paula. On your portfolio page, click the album name and it will show images underneath which are ALL your Alamy pictures. Use a search term and it will only bring up pictures having that keyword, then click the add button on each one to add it to that album. There doesn't appear to be a way to add them in bulk, so one album of mine will need over 2,000 clicks to add each images.
  13. I was in my local Tesco supermarket today dealing with a mobile phone issue and was perusing the large wall display images whilst waiting. One picture was a nice shot of a modern nuclear family going up a hill with a nice sky behind them, which was spoiled for me by the thick purple band down the edge of the dads sweater and along the arm of one of the kids. The CA or purple banding was VERY prominent and I can only assume that one of the directors nephews or nieces took the picture with one of the phones which they sell! In Morira, Spain whilst looking at images of multi million Euro V
  14. https://www.onevisionimaging.com/postcards Quantity Standard Price Panoramic Price 50 £30.00 £47.50 75 £39.75 £60.00 100 £48.00 £74.00 150 £60.00 £105.00 200 £76.00 £130.00 250 £95.00 £150.00 300 £105.00 £159.00 350 £115.50 £175.00 400 £124.00 £1
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