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  1. Average for me. 5 x $ and 2 x $$. I'm still trying to upload more, and with better contol of captions/keywords.
  2. The excuse that they (the end user) didn't understand copyright is probably the most common excuse for small website infringers, but they often PAY social media influencer/website or content providers to deal with their websites and social media platforms, and it's these people who are genuinely clueless chancers who use very simple, easy to use template driven programs to make a living and really don't have a clue about copyright , and, because they found it online it must be free. Thieves who run websites etc, should be made to pay more than the standard licence fee as a deterent because
  3. In Liverpool, the criminals would assume it was a knock off, not a genuine one.
  4. Summary for 01 March 2021 to 01 April 2021 ( 7 item(s) totalling $188.19 )
  5. First time in a supermarket today as we've been getting deliveries. There's a big sign outside telling people to wear their masks properly but I saw 3 customers and one member of staff wandering around with masks only covering their mouths and I was straight in and out so I dare say there were many more doing the same. I've become more of a grumpy old man since lockdown! AND, I should have shot the sign for stock doh!
  6. Didn't Alamy instruct us a while back to remove all images of graffitti if they were the subject of the image and not incidental to the image?
  7. I'm sure plenty of you have seen this, but it's fascinating to me. This is my Grandmother, animated from a still image taken about 1915 and saved as a small video file. https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/3988ef00-fa2f-4cf2-82b9-759702aa6385/downloads/Hillary3-0-Animated.mp4?ver=1615733443403 The animations are done online (5 goes for free) when you upload an image at My Heritage.
  8. I have a bunch of OOC scans from an old book, but I manually captioned them all. No zooms yet, but one PU sale. Surely the ones reffered to above will cause problems in the ALAMY search alogrithms, and be a waste of server storage space?
  9. I use LR for panorama stiching, but, if you are a windows user there is the excellent 'hidden' feature which is ICE (Image Composite Editor) which it's very powerful.
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