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  1. My own site was originally hosted by Zenfolio and had great gallery features. The gallery holding images could be randomised as could the sub gallery ones, so it was different images every time you browsed. I changed to Photodeck which has better licencing and sales features, plus much better SEO, but I changed the gallery setup to just a single stock gallery and have since decided it's not what I wanted, so I will be changing back to multiple galleries again soon. Overall I much prefer Photodeck... BUT, it's expensive.
  2. First reported sale for 2020, as usual the sale showed up in my LR Alamy plugin a full day before showing in the Alamy sales report. Presentation use $$.
  3. I was going to get licenced, but I live in restricted airspace (DJI won't take off) in summer, and in winter when i'm in Spain the fines and restrictions are VERY off putting, even with a licence, ie no flying over beaches, no flying at night etc etc, with very big fines.
  4. There isn't a minimum sensor size and many people shoot with the RX series of cameras which pass QC ok. Be aware, you can't sell images if you obtained them whilst not having a (very expensive) CAA licence in the UK, and restrictions on flying can be mind boggling here and in some other countries.
  5. I was watching this video a few days ago, thinking how beautiful it looked. They were swimming in the crater lake one week before it blew!
  6. It's there (following link from NoelBennet, https://www.alamy.com/download-packs.aspx ) and it's usable through to purchase, last updated Jan 12th 2020. Grim.
  7. I had an overall block on personal use which I have now asked Alamy to lift as the price of PU can be much higher than some of the distro deals. I asked and they agreed, way back on December 5th, but they are still restricted so maybe I'll drop them a reminder...they did seem miffed about the 'difficulty' of doing it as the email reply to my request was a little curt.
  8. Nice to get a red arrow on my post about cameras, but a comment would have been more useful. The first image used to illustrate the camera was for news and I wouldn't consider it good enough for stock. The second image was just to show the reach of the camera and was deleted afterwards. The images were shown to demonstrate the capability of the camera not the quality (if that's the reason for a red arrow) I hope I haven't done the RX10 MK4 an injustice showing the previous pics, I do shoot clearer ones!
  9. It has to be Lightroom, which keeps being improved. It's subscription, and despite people whinging, about the model, we all pay bills by direct debit, we spend money on beer, holidays etc etc, and I use Lightroom nearly every day of the week, so I think it's good value. Import your files RAW DNG JPG, from any source, apply presets and metadata choices automatically, have them renamed and saved in multiple places as they are being imported if you like. Work on the file (I hardly touch PS now) edit and keyword, change metadata, then export multiple files to multiple destinations at the same time, ie one folder for images 1600px on the long side, one folder with full size files converted to jpgs, one folder converted to DNG, one for TIFFs, one for sending to Alamy stock, one for Alamy news... (for example), as many combinations as you like. There are also plugins to use to ftp images straight to Alamy, and also to download all the Alamy info as collections (sold, not for sale, no tags etc etc). I have only touched the surface, you can also import /export catalogues, reference images on external drives and work on virtual copies then apply changes to the originals when you re-connect... the list goes on.
  10. Thanks for the spot Bryan. I'm curious about the context for use in that section?
  11. I just got rid of all my FF Canon gear as I found I was using my RX100mk3 more than any other kit and getting stock sales with it. To get extra reach I bought an RX10iv which is a bit bigger, not pocket-able, but is light and has a 600mm equiv zoom. The 1" sensor in both cameras is not so good in low light, but it's the only thing I miss from my full frame stuff. This sunset weather shot is taken with the RX10iv and the buildings are about 50 kms away. RAW processed to JPG. The (heavily compressed) image below is taken with the same camera at 24 mm, then I zoomed to get the sunset shot (exactly the same position, just zoomed in). It really has got some reach and fantastic autofocus/frame rates/tracking ability etc, although both these shots were taken with manual focus and manual exposure settings.
  12. There are no refunds for digital products like software bought online... a hi-res image download should be the same, non refundable, but also, as has been suggested many times, not available as hi-res for certain uses.
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