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  1. Images sold in February 2019

    Shame about the low value for the BW image... but the BBC used some of my archive BW shots, which, like yours are unique... and only paid $ prices.
  2. News images watermarking

    Shouldn't the watermark be the photographer's name?
  3. News images watermarking

  4. News images watermarking

    The very group who had a competition to see which local rag could get the most free content.

    I use the Lightroom Alamy plugin to publish straight from LR and can use the PC for other things whilst it's happening. I did use FTPo it's own before changing to this method and it's way quicker than the web upload.
  6. Is Alamy turning into a Microstock agency?

    A quick look around and it's text content seems to be generated by AI, ie 10 best bars in (insert name here, then let the robots find the content) They also use a lot of Flickr CC images.
  7. Odd Alamy Measures

    No update here for me either (UK) and my Alamy LR plugin is showing a higher sales figure than my sales history on my dashboard, so there should be at least one more sale hiding somewhere.
  8. Strange marking someone down for a comment... so I gave a green to balance it. I was only searching that term (in general stock not live news) to see if the consensus was to remove the phrase after the image went into general stock and was surprised at the strange results, that's all. I've downloaded my metadata now and will probably be re-doing all my captions which have the credit at the end.
  9. A little strange that when I searched the term 'Alamy Live News' there were 9,840,329 hits (I was looking to see if many people didn't remove the phrase after loading live news pics). The results, certainly after page two were from only two contributors in an alternating fashion for page after page.
  10. AIM update notes - **Updated Jan 2019**

    Thanks Andre, I'll try that.
  11. AIM update notes - **Updated Jan 2019**

    There still isn't a way to select ALL images though. I sent an email December 20th asking for all my metadata to be sent to me as a CSV.,.. no reply!
  12. Images sold in January

    You can contact ALAMY and ask them to restrict all your images from personal use sales.
  13. Dry January

    Quiet for me this month especially after opting out of PU, but my second sale of the month is from the BBC, website use, very low $, so maybe I should have kept PU.
  14. iPhone RAW pictures and QC

    309,000 images from that contributor, with badly scanned descriptive text as well. Why would they want these in their library?
  15. Should be treated the same as APP or other software downloads, no refunds (although I have opted out of PU).