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  1. My first B&W darkroom tutor taught me the beauty of black and white is in the blacks and the whites! He also said to always remember KISS...Keep It Simple StupidπŸ˜ƒ Phil
  2. I did the upgrade on iphone 7 and so far all is ok. πŸ˜‰ Phil
  3. Traffic mirror Scrambler reflection Mannekin reflection Phil
  4. +1 This is crucial...Don't make the first choice available at the lowest price pint... Phil
  5. When I'm doing property shoots I often use Merge to HDR in Lightroom on the RAW files which then produces a DNG. I save the DNG as a PSD and if I open it in PS it shows as a normal layer. I then use the Create New background from Layer command to make it a Background.... Don't really know if that gives much insight into the workings of Layer/Background as I've absolutely no understanding of why it should happen this way but it is consistent. Phil
  6. Geometry is definitely a good ref with strong lines, also using minimalistic, minimal, on some... Visual impact is should be an important consideration for front page, especially the way it gets cropped on different devices. Phil
  7. Also I've been trying to think of emotive tags... mood, etc...but that is a tricky area as it's so subjective and what I think may, or, may not be, someone else's view; also others may see things that I don't....πŸ€” Phil
  8. I'll still keep shooting them and hopefully a few will fall into place... Fires this year were mostly on Gran Canaria, so not directly affected. The few that started on Tenerife were dealt with quickly before getting out of hand... Phil
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