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  1. Me too and it claims that only 8924 of my 20odd thousand are exclusive, but I'm sure they all are... Puzzlin...???? Phil
  2. When the weather turns here it can be fierce, but fortunately short lived! Next time you're coming this way get in touch and we could have a mini Alamy get together😁 Phil
  3. Glad not to have been on this ferry! Ran aground in the early hours whiles entering los Cristianos harbour. Phil
  4. Thanks...I'm hoping to put together an exhibition in the next year. Phil
  5. Thanks Alan...It's challenging stuff, but good fun. Phil
  6. This is where my personal photography has taken me recently: https://www.philcrean.com/abstract I've sold a few as prints and am hoping to develop that side further....😉 Phil
  7. Thanks John...I appreciate it is a bit small in the frame😉 Phil
  8. Any Arachnophiles here who may know a name for this guy....? Shot in Tenerife. Thanks, Phil
  9. Thanks MDM I'll probably do it later today after I've finished my edits and done some backups...😁 Phil
  10. Some great stuff there! Has anyone on here updated yet? Any bugs/issues found? I'm reluctant to update for a day or two as I've got a bit of editing to do and don't want to risk any unwanted/unforeseen issues...😉 Phil
  11. Best ignored! I upload both as I don't trust them to do as good a job as me on a conversion😁 Phil
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