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  1. A figure quoted by James was approx 17million images were exclusive and benefiting from the 50% before the cut... I don't know how many contributors that equates too. Phil
  2. Overall it was a good experience... Had to show vaccine cert or clear covid test on entry. Good wide walkways, lots of hand sanitiser stations and I did feel people were mostly respecting personal space. Got a good deal on a spare battery and an L bracket. Saw various talks including Rankin who was entertaining and informative about his experiences in the industry. Had a long chat with James Allsworth and it would appear there are some changes in search and website which will be implemented over the next year. The 40% commission rate is purely a PA thing, doing it because
  3. Am now ensconced in the Premier Inn 10mins walk away and looking forward to going tomorrow... Any other Alamyites attending do message me and would be delighted to meet for a coffee and chat. Am on Facebook, messenger, wattsapp, easy to find!!! Phil
  4. Have booked to see/hear him on Monday... Hoping to not empty my wallet😁 Phil
  5. If average licence fees have been maintained how do you explain the fact that the majority of fees are lower? The sales team may well be working very hard, but I know from experience that if a client wants a photo then they will pay a fair price, as on many occasions I have negotiated with publishers and they have paid well over the low fees being negotiated by Alamy after making low bids and being told no... Phil
  6. As @Sultanpepa says... It's time to start driving prices up otherwise the stock industry will die. If a client is not prepared to pay fair fees then just say NO! Phil
  7. I’ll not be there that early if at all on the Sunday, but will be on Monday if anyone else is… Phil
  8. Papaya salesman at our local farmers market on the first day it reopened after lockdown Banana plant silhouette on dusty netting surrounding the plantation at dusk Farmer on mechanical donkey passes by in a rural area of Tenerife Phil
  9. That is a seriously Bullsh!t reply.... Alamy should be negotiating better deals, and when potential clients aren't prepared to pay a fair price just say NO! Phil
  10. @Doc Looks like EFCS and IBIS set to "Shot Only" has sorted the issue for me. Shame that Canon can't get the IBIS to work with Mechanical shutter... Phil
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