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  1. I've put some in the mail...should arrive for the weekend ๐ŸŒž Phil
  2. This is exactly what I do and the Spanish Hacienda,(Tax office) are happy with that. My bank doesn't care!!! Phil
  3. Should be retitled as the I Love Olympus OM film cameras thread๐Ÿ˜ My first SLR was the OM10 which is where I learned the basics of exposure, then I had an OM1n and an OM2SP, where I discovered the advantages of spot metering, especially when shooting transparency film and the Zuiko primes were superb. That kit got me started professionally but was nicked and I decided to replace it with a Nikon FM2 which along with an old Hasselblad 500C earned me a living until I went digital. Phil
  4. The RF lens is Canon... No doubt that the APS-C option offers a much lighter solution but for full frame I think the Canon R series, Nikon Z series, and Sony(There may be others?) are generally bigger and heavier than the Fujis or Canon M. But that's what happens with full frame! Phil
  5. The RF24-105mm f4 is quite heavy at almost 900g. Feels as big and heavy as some of the EF lenses. Phil
  6. Not sure if this originated with a photo, but it is definitely from life....by Martha Jimenez who did a set of statues of the local people going about their daily lives in the Plaza del Carmen, Camaguey, Cuba Phil
  7. I've been using the EOS R for over a year now, with the RF24-105mm f4, and the RF35mm f1.8, which has become my favourite lens. Also using the very old EF70-200mm f4 pre IS lens with the adaptor and it is great too. Getting used to reading the EVF was a bit of a learning curve, but a definite advantage is being able to review images through the viewfinder in bright situations. The menus on the R are a bit different to the 5D, I had a 5D MKII, and still have a MKIII, and the biggest issue when using both on a job is to remember that the 5D doesn't have EVF!!! CR
  8. I agree with all the above... Box to the right should be got rid of; ASAP Please๐Ÿ˜ Phil
  9. Still waiting, still waiting.... Images from Wednesday and Thursday still not appearing. Phil
  10. Just thought I'd throw this into the mix...๐Ÿ˜‰ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combination_printing Phil
  11. On searching I found I've got 70 images tagged photographer!!! Instant photography the pre-polaroid way! Photographing an ass! BTS I did whilst another photographer was shooting for a charity calendar. Phil
  12. Yes I was in the middle of a job, using bounce flash with ETTL and the first few shots were ok, then 3 or 4 in a row were complete whiteout overexposed, so I switched everything off and on again, same overexposure. Took flash off hotshoe, wiped the base with a tissue I had in my pocket put it back on and all worked perfect for the next 400+ exposures. I can only think somehow a bit of dust or something had got in between the contacts that feed the info re TTL readings between camera and flash... Good luck Phil
  13. Oddly I had exactly this problem last night with a Canon EOS R and the 580EXII flash... Again a wipe over the contacts on the flash cured it. Phil
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