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  1. Well they have done bicycles so a ladder should be a piece of p!ss🤣 https://youtu.be/X1I7btYlbfA Phil
  2. Yet they have no problem selling licences for contributors who no longer work with Alamy.... Phil
  3. Which is disgraceful behaviour! Come on alamy an explanation of this is well overdue! Phil
  4. On a walk on the Inca trail in Peru. On a walk on Montaña Blanca in the Las Cañadas del Teide park. On a walk we found this retired walker! Phil
  5. And they've unreasonably closed the topic with no proper explanation! Not good form Alamy🤔 Phil
  6. This is the 3rd for Jan and 1st at a halfway decent fee $$ for EU ebook use Phil
  7. 14 sales, averageish! 2 x $$$ which were distributor so I only get 24%, not good 😬 1 x $$$ direct 6 x mixture of direct and distributor low ball $$ 5 x low $ and distributor, 24% of too low fees 😬 And to cap it off 8 x "Other Fees", affiliate commission which I reckon Alamy should be responsible for or give us the option to opt out of it. Phil
  8. It's been best year also for me in volume, gross and nett, helped enormously by a 4 figure sale in July(pre commission cut!) without which although the volume and gross would still be up the nett would be down. I too am pondering just how much effort to put into adding more; if the only hope is for an occasional high sale to offset the stupid giveaways then I really do feel it's a waste of time. Also I'm 99% sure that I will opt out of distribution in April as getting a 24% share is utter crap! Anyway a happy new year to all. Stay positive & test negative!!!
  9. According to Catholicism, Jesus had wine running in his veins 🍷🤣 Phil
  10. It does smell of desperation all right... should let these crappy deals go where they belong... Phil
  11. Thanks for putting mine in there... She was photographed on my first trip to the Canary Islands, Lanzarote in 1988. I met her as I was wandering around with my Hassleblad and 150mm lens asking various people if I could photograph them in my then very broken Spanish. She was totally bemused by my request but happily gave me this lovely portrait. Just last year I was contacted by a woman who had seen the photo on my website and it was her grandmother who had since passed away, so I sent her a copy. Phil
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