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  1. I've wondered if the disk was actually failing. Has he run the various checking utilities to see if there are problems with the hard drive?
  2. I think we're all more grown-up than that. We almost never have Canon vs. Nikon squabbles that seem to be common elsewhere. Problem here is getting a Mac requires going to Managua and paying almost twice what the same machine would cost in the US. And they're likely to be the last year's models. So even with the same economics with any machine, being able to get stuff in town wins over trying to drag a iMac back to Jinotega (figure another $80-$100 US for getting a car trip down and back).
  3. I love my iMac, but I'm thinking my next machine maybe be in a metal case, with everything upgrade-able, and running Windows. Windows looks better than it did over a decade ago when I worked on Windows machines. My ex-landlord wants to buy my iMac when/if I'm ready to make this move.
  4. I think that there was a greater difference between consumer cameras and even serious amateur cameras in the 1960s through the last popular film cameras. The amateur photos in the 1930s and 1940s may have been more likely to have been taken on bigger negatives with better lenses. Newspapers could use lower resolution, but probably amateurs were less likely to take the news photos. The newspaper I worked for in 1975 used 35mm cameras, but not brands that I'd heard of. The press prep guy developed the photos. I remember seeing Speed Graphics for sale in a local camera shop in 19
  5. If you're going to have the screen off anyway, adding a 512GB SSD shouldn't be that much extra. I ordered an M.2 drive from Amazon (shipped in to Nicaragua) and installed it myself. I think there's an M.2 slot in many of the iMacs building in the era when a fusion drive was one of the options. Talk to your repair guy about that.
  6. Did you have an upcoming payout showing on your contributor dashboard?
  7. Philadelphia Drummer in front of a record store. Mexico City, street musicians with dancers from the audience. A birthday celebration complete with band in Jinotega.
  8. Something slightly off about the water in the foreground-- seems to be a bit disconnected from the water in the mid-ground, and the two smaller water falls coming out of the glacier or cliff face seem slightly weird.
  9. Might be worth looking at Medieval and Elizabethan cruck houses and the later cruck houses that had far more regular shapes (cruck houses, if I remember my reading, were cut from naturally bent trees, half to one side, half to the other). Some of the older houses were being demolished as late as the 20th Century. This one might have been an homage to one of those.
  10. I've seen houses in Philadelphia built in that style in neighborhoods that were relatively new (19th Century and more recently). Philadelphia had detailed property maps that could help date houses, don't know if anything like that exists in the UK or if you have public deed records. (My own Philly house was built in the 1880s as a brewery workers cottage.
  11. Got my new cedula with the new photo which is good for six months from today, not for six months since my last cedula expired. Fifty two US dollars. Everyone was handled a leaflet telling us what rights and responsibilities we had. In Bold Large Print, we foreigners have all rights and responsibilities that Nicaraguan citizens have except we don't have a right to get involved in politics and we can not intervene in the political affairs of the country. And some other things we can't get involved with. They had close to a full house since they'd made phone calls in the last of
  12. If anyone is going to do the surgery on a 27 inch 5K iMac, OWC/MacSales has how to videos and kits. IFixit also, probably. If you're not running an SSD, that would be a good addition besides just opening it to clean it. I'm slightly tempted since an SSD made a significant difference in my Dell laptop. Many machines open with guitar picks.
  13. Changing things in a laptop is easier than in an iMac. I'd like to have my next serious work machine be a case with monitor separate. I've used an external drive for a boot drive for a while with an eMac (big bulky beast.
  14. Opening iMacs involves taking off the display. The intake vents are along the bottom of the screen and the exhaust is behind the stand. A computer vac with appropriate narrow heads could vacuum the intake vents, but getting to the out take vent to vacuum that requires taking the machine off the stand. Blowing into the intake vents is more likely to spread dust inside than anything else. Best practice with iMacs is to keep the area around them clean and not have anything under the intake vents on the bottom edge of the machine.
  15. MacSales (Other World Computing) has used but more recent iMacs than yours most of the time. Consider that a 2020 or 2019 iMac may be considerably less expensive than a new M1 or M2 iMacs. MacSales sells memory if you want to add more (up to 60 GB for that model. More memory on the graphics card is better as others have said. 2GB graphics cards are the minimum for the current Lightroom Classic and more would be better. Machines with Solid State Drives (SSD) are particularly nice. MacSales is here: https://eshop.macsales.com/. They didn't have anything for sale newer than a
  16. I have a photo of a car with Vermont plates in my portfolio -- dedicated tree peepers in northern Virginia. Most distant plate I ever saw. Some people do follow the peak for days and maybe weeks. Here, no autumn, and this year no really dry season so far. One of my orchids is into a second flush, not one of the gaudier ones unfortunately.
  17. A number of on-line magazines are collections of product and venue placement ads, where the client pays someone to write what is given away. Most of the photos that get used for that will be like International Living paying a writer $75 for an article on a location they're promoting and giving it away for free (knew someone who did that once -- IL edited out the "shacks" he mentioned and called them "cabins"). Since the Unsplash photos are used a lot, this looks promising for product placement visuals that aren't obvious ads. Getty uses the numbers of the free downloads to sell
  18. I have multiple Godox flashes and accessories at this point. I'd recommend buying from the British Godox reseller as the Chinese vendors on eBay are not useful in warranty issues, and I'd be cautious about buying used. The latest Godox flashes seem to be better made (color stability has improved) and the latest radio controllers are easier to use than the ones I have. Used Nikon vs. new Godox, your choice. From some comments here and on Godox users groups on Facebook, the earliest Godox products were rather funky. Gary Fong light modifier is around $60 plus shipping from B&
  19. Bunch of different solutions to this: MagMod MagSphere, that, some larger than usual bounce card-like things, repurposed Tupperwear container, and the Gary Fong thing. The smaller difusers and bounced cards work, but not as well as the larger ones. Other thing to do is take as many photos as possible with people away from wall by at least four or five feet. My Nissin i40 flash came with something like the Sto -Fens. It works sort of, but the bigger diffusers (Gary Fong, MagMod MagSphere, or the repurposed Tupperwear) spread the light better.
  20. I think I used a towel when I did the memory add on mine, something thicker than a sheet.
  21. Looks like Carol's iMac can take up to 64 GB memory according to Other World Computing/MacSales. They have videos. I put my two 8 GBs in adjacent slots and the two older 4 GBs in the second two slots. 8 8 then 4 4, in pairs. Bought my memory and Thunderbolt One drive from them. https://eshop.macsales.com/shop/apple/memory/iMac https://eshop.macsales.com/shop/memory/imac-2017-27-inch
  22. If you're saying total for both should be around $300 Canadian, I think you're going to have to go used to make your price point and get a decent tripod and head. If you're shooting from inside your home and won't need the tripod to be that luggable, you might also look at some of the wooden tripods if they'll accept your chosen tripod head. Berlebach makes decent wooden tripods for cameras and for telescopes. They're not something to carry on backpacking hikes, but not so heavy that they can't be moved around the house. I had one for a view camera. If you meant $300 for the l
  23. Yesterday, Luis made Nicaraguan style guacamol (note the missing e -- that's the way he pronounced it) which uses eggs, avocado, tomatoes, onions, lemon juice (substituted balsamic vinegar) which with chips and a fresco of orange juice and chia seeds makes a complete meal. He cleaned the house and did the laundry and bought some of the ingredients so I paid him C$400 (roughly a bit over $12) for the work since today will be the last day before the Semana Santa holidays (Thursday through Sunday). And today, after Luis came back from shopping for his old ladies (my British friend
  24. For iMac, adding more memory is fairly uncomplicated. Should be instructions on line. But if you're really not comfortable and can get to a shop, take it up to 32 MB. My iMac is late 2015 and the graphics card only has 2 MB of memory. If your graphics card has more than 2 MB of memory ("About this Mac" has this information), then you're good to go for a few more years.
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