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  1. One of the cats broke my rice cooker. The Magic Keyboard seems to have lost the magic despite the temporary improvement after cleaning. And my dog has an infection, probably where the groomer nicked him when the dog got a hair cut. She'll need two injections a day, 7 days for one and 10 for the other. Rice cooker will cost around $27 US to replace. I do have a backup wired keyboard, but haven't used it in a while, so muscle memory, irk. May check to see if the local computer store has one I'd like better.
  2. I've had to reboot my wifi router at times to get it reconnected to my repeater that serves the back rooms on the other side of the courtyard. I suspect just leaving the circle to spin got in all the information the iPad and iPhones needed to get a connection set up and call home to the Apple servers and stuff. I'd also check to see if there's some kind of security filtering on your router. I have at times locked down my router to only accept certain MAC addresses. I use Claro's router/modem only as a cable modem, and use routers I bought for wifi and ethernet (one serves as a repeater).
  3. Are you shooting in raw or jpeg? The dimensions in pixels should be fine. Also, open in PhotoShop to see the full size uncompressed.
  4. Lightroom Classic can Copy as DNG, Copy, Move, or Add photos to a catalog. I tend to use Lightroom Copy from a SD card and put photos in folders on my hard drive. Betty, your way would be to move photo files to a folder manually (I think) and then Add them to LRC catalog. Swings and round abouts. My newest folders are arranged by years and months and were created inside LRC.
  5. I think I've cleaned up my iMac's Magic Keyboard II's right hand shift key enough that I don't have to buy a new one next time I'm in Managua. Shall see, but looks OK so far. Used canned air, Residual Oil Remover, paper towels, and Zeiss Lens Cleaning Wipes. Saves me $100. Keyboard looks clean again, too. My desk has a glass top over the keyboard shelf so I can keep the cats and some spills off it and still see the keyboard but over times, it does get cruddy.
  6. Sometimes the company goes bankrupt; sometimes, the publisher cancels the project. Any sign that the photo was actually used? I've had one go around a year but they did finally pay.
  7. As an old Usenet veteran, I've seen the best way to derail a troll or mission poster is to start an independent conversation with which they have nothing to contribute. Friend of mine talked about doing "fluff attacks," where you started talking about fluffy girl stuff, but I haven't seen any Alamy women engaging in these threads, just one rolling her eyes metaphorically. Coverage of the Capitol events was brilliant. That had to be the most photographed and videographed and posted to social media insurrection in history so far.
  8. I understand that it's a bit more complicated than that globally, especially in Asia. True for US and Europe.
  9. Basically, unless you've been around for a while and an art/photo director can recognize your name, no buyer will search on your name but may look at "other photos by this contributor." Searches are generally for illustrations of a commissioned article, calendar, website, or stills used to illustrate videos. In some cases, an assistant has done a very broad search and hands off best possible image IDs which get search for by image ID number later. The question for key words is "what is this an illustration of?" I did a deep dive through "All of Alamy" once and don't remember
  10. Had a home visit interview with the National Police and Nicaraguan Immigration today. They wanted to see banking information, size of my pension, my lease, know what I did for a living in the US, where my pension came from, and what Nicaraguan citizens knew me. Couldn't get my ex-landlord on the phone and another friend is sick, so sent them to talk to two neighbors here, one the owner of the time-sharing cat, the other the owner of a pulperia across the street. Migracion will be in touch, now that verification of where I live and my money and such has been done. I managed without an in
  11. Hope she makes a decent recovery or is not in severe pain.
  12. Keep at least one of them for sentimental reasons. If I could get medium format film in Nicaragua and chemistry for developing, I might regret having sold the set of two bodies, four backs, and three lenses more. This was a scan from before selling everything and moving to Nicaragua: I really loved medium format Fujichrome Acros in Diafine, scanned on my Epson flatbed scanner. Never did optical enlarging but had some from a 4x5 Calumet view camera done by the last photofinisher in Philadelphia that still did that work.
  13. My niece has one of the Minolta Autocords I found used at a camera flea market in Philadelphia. I used to have this, which I really regret trading off for a Hasselblad prism viewfinder and a 150mm lens:
  14. Check with your bank. I've had a bank in the US who took two weeks to process large checks from out of state banks. Federal banking laws were passed to stop that. My Nicaraguan bank takes a month to clear a foreign check.
  15. Sometime, the database is slow to update. Check briefly to see if your captions and keywords are still there. If they are, they will be on sale when the database is updated. Go ahead with your new photos that have passed QC. If you have a metered connection, and if you use LightRoom, you can caption and keyword before you upload which would be more sparing of your bandwidth. I believe there are other ways to do this in other programs but don't know those. The Caption field is in the Metadata tab at the bottom of the Library section. Keywords are the same as tags. Other
  16. At least two fifty something guys died from cardio-vascular events (stroke in one case) from the sheer overload on systems suffering from high blood pressure. I know when I was out photographing in 2018 here, my heart was racing and my adrenaline was spiking. I've heard that Nicaragua will be getting the vaccine in March. I've seen more people masking again than in the last couple weeks, so am waiting to see what the official health report from the government is and also what various friends have seen in their areas.
  17. I've got the end of rainy season orchids blooming in the courtyard -- mainly Laelia rubescens, but also one of the geraniums.
  18. I got one for M42 lenses from B&H for around $40 and one $50 Nikon adapter from the camera store that sold me my a6000. Neither have aperture control or internal glass. The lenses are fully manual. The Yashinon was around $3 US from a local second hand store. My brother gave me the Nikkor 105mm. The thing to look for is that the lens on the adapter will reach infinity. More than infinity is not a problem. Less than infinity is.
  19. If you have sufficient Spanish, or a friend who can translate for you, email them and explain what stock photography pays. It's Mexico, not a soft bargaining place with a max. 10% discount like Nicaragua. Consider what they quote as an opening. However, if they have staff photographers, they may prefer to preserve their monopoly. The lighting in that place is brilliant. That may be what they're copyprotecting :).
  20. LensTagger works, but set up a text file for each lens for the usual bits. I can generally tell by looking which of the two lenses I used, but if you had lenses closer in focal length, tagging while you remember would be useful. It uses metadata .xml (?) files.
  21. I didn't get a permit to do commercial photos. You can email them and start negotiating, but I think it was something like $200 US as a figure they mentioned. I think you'd have to negotiate with them.
  22. I have a Thai-Chinese net friend who got very irritated by a white photographer who was following and taking multiple shots of his Thai-Chinese wife while his family was touring some historical site. There is a point where fascination with the Other gets creepy.
  23. I have an adapter that allows me to use a 105mm f/2.5 Nikkor from the 1970s or so (version with the large rear element) on my Sony cameras. And my other adapted lens is a Yashinon 50mm f/1.7 on another adapter. Both manual only with no connections to the camera, but I can use LensTagger to add focal length and other data in Lightroom Classic. I admit things were easier with the 105mm and other older Nikkors on the D300.
  24. Mexico also has more stringent protection of people being photographed. I've got some from the museums, but took down all the ones from the National Museum of Anthropology and most from the Frida Kahlo museum but did re-add some. Have some up from the Palace of Fine Arts. Lots of people seem to search for Frida Kahlo and my first sale was of her self-portrait with frame and some wall around it. Since copyright on her work is no longer in effect, this is an edge case, but I did take the photo down after the sale. In all these museums, I had gotten a permit to photograph. Check the v
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