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Slow/disappointing month

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That's one more sale than me.  And only one zoom so far.  Generally I have found since the December rerank, I got shoved to the bottom.  Not sure why as sales were great, but not much I can do about it.



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Definitely a slow month. No sales reported at all, and that’s only happened to me in one month so far since I started to get sales a year ago. Hopefully there will be an end of month surge, and I know of at least 3 live news photos that were used this month.

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One mediocre sale this month; 19 zooms. Sure hope there will be a month-end rush.


That said, on looking back, I see that May had been a poor sales month for me every year except 2017; can't think of a reason for that pattern.

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16 zooms - 5 reported sales - totalling $$$


PS Actually 6 sales now - an image from your territory just turned up, Martin. Helsingborg Town Hall. But I am probably situated closer to this than you are.

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