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  1. Bryan, I went through the same issue earlier this year as I watched my hosting cost increase again - to best part of doubling in a year - so went looking for a new supplier. I have opted with SharkHosting (Do not worry about the name) and they have been outstanding and five months in I am full of praise, saved me best part of 80% of the previous cost plus I get a great, fast cloud-based service. Click Here for the details - Yes, this is an affiliates scheme but hosting at this price well worth a look!
  2. I suspect the original poster does not understand the stock market or how Alamy work, especially as there is no reply or comment. Sorry just me 10 pence worth
  3. Are you due a payment? and what makes you think you have not received a payment?
  4. As proof that the work is there if you get after it ... my best year ever on Alamy Sales up by just over 73% and revenue by almost 96% .... now for the 2020s PS: happy New Year everyone
  5. It will be worth the effort ... makes colection, records all sales, helps keywording etc does all you can ask for Been using it since started on Alamy, could not see me without it
  6. Or simply use Alamy Bridge which gives all this and more in linking LightRoom and Alamy ... https://www.lightroom-plugins.com/AlamyIndex.php
  7. My 10 pence for what it is worth ... Whatever system, drives or technology you use, make sure it passes the 3 - 2 - 1 test 3 - Copies of all data 2 - Copies stored on different drives 1 - Copy stored off-site It has worked for me for the past decade, or more, in which time it has never failed me as I have changed external and internal drives The current system, a dedicated data drive in the PC - this backs up to an external drive every 60 minutes - every four hours it backs up to a second external drive - plus a continual back up to a cloud storage site So 3 copies of data, 2 copies stored on different drives and the cloud storage off-site
  8. 1 - 3 sales per month with a collection of just over 4,0000 ...... you are doing about the average - in my experience
  9. To one and all ..... how long before Alamy is listed amongst the many micro stock agencies? Not the professional editorial agency we joined.
  10. Allen you did, my original schedule was returning from France last night hence my no attendance reply; but made an earlier return. Maybe next time ...
  11. Missed it again .............. and drove past Cambridge about 1:30 on my way back. Maybe next time ...
  12. LR in my understanding only 'keeps' 1:1 preview for a period of time to prevent the files from becoming massive and then issues with backing up. It is not unusual to have to rebuild previews on older collections.
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