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  1. When I pop my clogs...

    That cannot be the case if the account in a limited company - which is an entity in is own right.
  2. Nikon Mirrorless

    Chuck, I am with you; I feel this will be Digital Milleniums moan for some years to come ...
  3. Was my image purchased?

    Maybe I should have added that virtually all my LiveNews license has been for the UK broadsheet newspapers. Don't see anything exclusive ...
  4. Was my image purchased?

    My experience of LiveNews has been very positive with Alamy I normally get a cutting email over a few days after the images are used and generally the end of the following month the sales appears on my account.
  5. Can't log in to Alamy site

    same here on Chrome .... and no password reset access
  6. Which bag

    I have tried many over the years ... some good, some ok, some not so good. But the lesson I learned more than any is you get what you pay for and not all bags are equal A couple of years ago I colleague recommended Think Tank - initial thought was very expensive but I bit the bullet and bought one ... wish I had done years ago, without a doubt one of the very very best for what I need.
  7. Website importance

    As said before what do you want the website to do? Really important to specify that and the either build one or not Personally, as someone who built and now maintains six websites I would not be without them, virtually every day they give a return.
  8. hello

    Take some time out ... learn the art and skills of photography and enjoy doing so like most of the regulars here have in the past, then come back and have a look You will be beating yourself up with a big stick if you try using Alamy as a way of learning how to use your camera, lens and produce quality images
  9. Image Exposure - Poll

    Should you not be asking this of Alamy clients?
  10. News images - from the Pic Ed's side

    Plenty of non-weather news stories out there ... but it takes time to research, plan and refine and then be ruthlessly selective and know what the markets want Just like any other business strategy
  11. News images - from the Pic Ed's side

    .... the alternative is only shooting news that you know no one else will be sending - the result more time, able to edit the image and send without the rush. It works for me!
  12. No Photo Sales

    And you are surprised you have no or little sales on here? Think about it ............
  13. No Photo Sales

    Are they all still on MS sites?
  14. "Not for sale"

    ... and I have to confess more than a little irritating when they do not come to back to the forum and reply to the help offered after asking for assistance!
  15. Have you found any Alamy images in May 2018

    Thank you Bryan