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  1. The house sparrow is female. Massive decline in the species in the past twenty years in the UK to the extent that it appears on the red list. Common in some other parts of the world though and not currently globally threatened. Gareth
  2. Wikipedia gives the subspecies. If yours was taken in the US, it’s presumably pandion haliaetus carolinensis. Gareth
  3. The phrasal verb ‘set up’ is misspelt as the noun form ‘setup’.
  4. Just sold my first of the month. Not sure if that counts as a surge. Gareth
  5. Two from me Istanbul Sana'a Gareth
  6. Four, one better than my monthly average, and so a good month. Gareth
  7. Travel, nearly all Middle East. Gareth
  8. Black trumpet mushrooms. I think. Gareth
  9. I think I’d want the word ‘faience’ in there somewhere. I don’t know Italian, but the word may be of Italian origin. There’s a word in the Wiki entry that looks close. Perhaps a place name? Gareth
  10. Two of a National Trust property in the UK. These were reinstated when I clarified that there was no charge for admission to the site. I don't understand why this should make a difference. But it did. Gareth
  11. I think that with the proverbs one, the biggest single factor was interpretation of the proverb. Agree about street art - my three don't have people in either, neither artist nor passers-by. Unfortunately. And I think that the most important thing is it's fun. Gareth
  12. Many good ones to date. Football, Hungary Shoes, Hungary Insect, Bahrain Gareth
  13. Five sales today. A personal record and double my monthly average in one day. All taken in Bahrain for use elsewhere in the region. Won't talk about prices beyond saying I've had worse. Gareth
  14. Geoff - now's the chance to go out and take some! Gareth
  15. It's midnight in the UK and we have a winner. Congratulations to Stanislav for an eye-catching shot of London buses by night. An honourable mention to Gen who, with her huskies, ran the winner close. Thanks very much to everyone who participated and to everyone who voted. Congratulations once again Stanislav - and over to you for the June challenge. Gareth
  16. To remind, the polling deadline is midnight tonight, UK. At the moment huskies and London buses are going head-to-head in the lead, with a small car and underground carriage lurking just behind. Here's hoping there won't be a four-way tie. Gareth
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