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  1. Image Editing

    I have just changed the settings on my computer and monitor to reduce glare and brightness. Unsurprisingly the way my images now appear has changed. Many look too saturated with colour and also appear too dull even though they have been accepted by QC both on this site and on other stock sites. Obviously in many respects these are subjective observations but is there an unexpensive way to ensure standardisation of brightness and colour saturation levels etc to make them more universally acceptable. i may not have presented my question is a very coherent way but I hope you understand what i mean.
  2. That's it?!

    Here here my friend. There are far too many condescending, patronising and gratuitously rude comments from ill mannered cranky (old men ?) on this forum at times
  3. 5000 Milestone at last

    Great work. Nice portfolio and encoraging to note your comment about sales. I am a long way behind you both in content and sales. 1 only to date after 15 months but zooms are definately increasing significantly. Keep it up
  4. Which Shooting Format

    Still way off topic. Sally's definition is spot on. Thanks! Sadly I have just discovered that the spelling I have used carries a very distasteful meaning in Continental Europe.
  5. Very disappointing

    I have 1300 + images and growing, uploaded over 1 year approx. 1 sale €40 gross €20 net.. I am working on the premiss of "LIVE OLD HORSE AND YOU'LL GET GRASS". My zooms have just taken a bit of a leap however so maybeeeee more to come. Don't know about Hellonearth but the prophet said "Hell from beneath is moved for thee, to meet thee at thy coming"
  6. Which Shooting Format

    Interesting question. I am a bonsai enthusiast and the word futter is an Ulsterism (Ulster, Northern Ireland otherwise known as "Nor'n Irn" for messing about, dabbling in or doing something in a clumsy or unskilled way. That just about sums me up. If someone is struggling with something and is all thumbs and no fingers we would say "he's a bit of a Futter". I am waiving all charges for supplying this vital info
  7. Which Shooting Format

    No He is not a professional but a keen amatuer. He has had many images published (calendars etc) And has many large prints framed and hung about hids home and they all look excellent to me. HE'S a bit of a natural to be honest but he would be impossible to bear with if I told him that. Lol. BTW I shoot raw but am just asking the question for info and guidance.
  8. Which Shooting Format

    I would value some input on the shooting format my fellow contributors use. I currently shoot everything in RAW format with almost all camera with little or no in camera processing etc. This means I must must edit every image before submission etc and this makes for a very laborious and time consuming process. I have very recently been looking at samples of a friends portfolio shot with a quality Lumix compact camera in JPEG format and his results are very impressive indeed even without much post shoot processing. This holds good even for images printed on large canvasses and on display in his home. I would love to hear some responses and comments on the merits and demerits of JPEG shooting for stock photography purposes. Any constructive criticism or advice will be gratefully received. Thanks
  9. Going to Malaga - what to shoot?

    Mad Irish men 😎 Selfies🤔 suggested as a fellow countryman
  10. A dollar per year for each image

    I have found this to be a most interesting and useful thread. I have been struggling with Alamy, chasing, hoping and waiting for the bigger juicy lucretive sales and wondering if I am wasting my time with microstock etc. I am now learning that if I do eventually achieve modest success on Alamy I will not make anymore than I am already earning on microstock. I know there are big earners on Alamy. MOST WITH BIG portfolios and contributing for years. Well done them!.I am new to this game. Just over a year. Its hard work at times but the fun and challange is great. and I get a bit of a buzz every time I get another few cents from a microstock image sale. As far as Alamy is concerned I will just keep trying for the meantime.
  11. Zooms and Sales

    From your personal experience on Alamy can you say what is the relationship of sales to zooms. To date I have 1 sale but it was never zoomed and many zooms that never made a sale. What do zooms actually tell us. Thankx
  12. How was your March 2018?

    Nil again. Still struggling to make a breakthrough. 1 sale only in just over a year. CTR POOR but I am here for the long haul. Well done all who are reporting success
  13. Sales notification

    Congrats, Well It will probably appear later. It would be great to have the image reference just to have a wee look.
  14. Bush ID please

    Yep, Forest Flame or Forest Fire after flowering and now with seed heads. My Guess
  15. Workflow advice please

    Does Darktable facilitate spot healing, cloning etc etc. Thanks I currently use "A VERSION" of Photoshop that works well for me but am always willing to learn and experiment.