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  1. Same old question

    I have a Tier 1 but not the exact same port. The Tier 1 is larger and earnings are significantly higher
  2. Same old question

    I don't personally. Do you
  3. Define Alamy

    Having listened to the CEO in his latest video about the proposed changes in the Alamy commission structure and his positioning of Alamy as a Tier 2 stock agency as distinct from Tier 1.He styled Alamy as the only agency in Tier 2 that is not an outright Micro Stock agency. By inference then Alamy carries what is considered to be MicroStock content. What is Microstock and what makes Alamy. A Wikipedia definition is that "Microstock photography,[citation needed] also known as micropayment photography, is a part of the stock photography industry. What defines a company as a microstock photography company is that they (1) source their images almost exclusively via the Internet, (2) do so from a wider range of photographers than the traditional stock agencies (including a willingness to accept images from "amateurs" and hobbyists), and (3) sell their images at a very low rate (from US$0.20 to $10 in the US) for a royalty-free (RF) image" If this is an accutate description or definition does the recent shift in commission payments suggest a drift in Alamy towards becoming more microstock orientated.
  4. How was your November?

    Somebody better tell the boss. I just heard CEO James West mentioning Shutterstock, Getty and Adobe in a video of all things. A video designed to justify Alamy's decision to lower commission rates to contributors in 2019. is this a sackable offence.
  5. How was your November?

    The sarcasm might be a clue. However if sarcasm wasn't intended i apologise,
  6. How was your November?

    I don't recall mentioning any names. I haven't personally driven any prices down as I am new to this business but am simply stating facts that all but the proverbial Ostrich with his head in the sand or "somewhere else" already is aware of. Among the other things that I have noticed on this forum is that the aggression, the patronising remarks and the intolerance always comes from the same quarters.
  7. How was your November?

    I seem to detect a sense of dissatisfaction if not disillusion on the part of many (not all) who respond to the monthly "How was your November etc" There seems to be a downward trend in the net fees received from Alamy and many report fees of less than $10 gross for licensed pics. It makes me glad that I didn't pin all my hopes in Alamy when I started to upload seriously some 14 months ago. In that time I have had 7 sales in total for $252 gross. Only one paying less than $8 net. Meanwhile however i have been working away at microstock in that time and have well over 1000 images licensed. less than 50% for the subscription pittance, 25% approx as "on demand " fees ranging from $2.59 to $7-10, 25-30% as single and other at $25-30 with a not insignificant number at $45-50 each. i know that this is not earth shattering and the bigger players will laugh it out of court but its early days and microstock is currently paying me much, much more than Alamy
  8. How was your November?

    2 sales for $98 gross. Quite an improvement for me. Things are starting to move at last and my zoom rate is also increasing as is the corresponding effect on CTR. Great oaks.........!?
  9. Post Processing

    It's just become a little bit awkward Kevin. If Betty was referring to me then thanks Betty. I do appreciate all the input on this thread and would confirm what Kevin has observed that I have put a little more processing into some very recent images. I use Photoshop and have no experience of Lightroom or other processing software. I am the proverbial old dog trying to learn some new tricks but I enjoy it very much. Kevin I don't know if you live anywhere near Bangor. If you do I would love to buy you a coffee. Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland that is. My home town.
  10. Post Processing

    Thanks for your replies, links and suggestions. I appreciate the insight into what it takes to degenerate an image in RAW processing etc and will experiment a little here and there , I admit I have tried to avoid over colouring as I prefer a natural look but I know these things are subjective. I suppose the issue is as much about what buyers want .
  11. I am interested to know your individual approach to post processing. I always shoot raw and try to do as little post processing as possible for fear of introducing noise etc into my images. As I review them from time to time I sometimes feel they lack "PUNCH" but am still afraid to do too much in case they are rejected by quality control. I should say that I do currently have a 3 star rating. Any help and suggestions, even criticism would be welcome. I have also mentioned before that I am colour blind which doesn't help much. Thanks in advance
  12. Images Sold in October (one per day per contributor)

    Formal gardens at our local town hall in spring. Marketing package - Small business, Brochure use, Print run- 750
  13. How was your October?

    Two sales last month for a modest total of $70 making a total of 5 for my first year of contributing. I started to upload seriously last November when I passed QC.Perhaps Great Oaks from little acorns
  14. Legacy Question

    I'm not getting any younger and my wife and I (51 years married) are about to rewrite our wills. Can anyone say if there is a process for passing on ownership rights of my Alamy portfolio to a grandchild who has an interest in photography etc. I would love to be able to leave her a "Dripping Roast" income of my meagre stock photography earnings. Thanks for any help in advance
  15. Regarding CTR

    Can anyone say how CTR is used in the order our images are discoverable by potential clients as they search the image data base. Are images for each Pseudonym ranked differently or is the overall average the sole factor. Thanks