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  1. Hope you are successful. I hope you don't mind me pointing out that in quite a few of your pics you have misnamed Theresa Villiers, former NI Secretary of State, as Theresa Vickers. πŸ˜‰
  2. Edo used the word Unatural in his opening comment. That just about sums it up for me re tattoos. Sometimes I might even use the word grotesque. I personally have no interest in photographing such.
  3. Chuck I really don't know who that last remark was directed to seeing that I am in my 73rd year. and able to recognise contempt when I see it.
  4. Chuck have you been checked out medically. You may be in the early stages of dementia
  5. Chuck, Mine was a genuine set of Questions with an accurate observation or two made on a thread that I started. . I didn't offer an opinion. You have chosen to treat me with contempt. Thanks. A further observation is that during the few years I have been on this forum I have come across more than one or two offensive pompous asses but have come to understand that they usually cant help it as it due to some psychological or emotional trauma suffered earlier in life. PS Thanks for the insight into my portfolio even though I don't remember asking you for it
  6. Chuck, perhaps you would care to define "Micro Images". When I examine your small portfolio I see a range of images largely with a very specific emphasis on "celebrity or political" figures.This is clearly successful for you and you are in a position to pursue this type of image. If Alamy were depending on portfolios of this type alone it would be a much smaller and less profitable outfit. I also see in your port a large McDonalds draped with a sign saying "Hiring Now" and other pics of a similar editorial nature.. However when I look at some portfolios from other apparantley successful Alamy contibutors I see a much wider range of subjects. My point being that Alamy's success appears to be built on the inclusion of a very wide range of image types What exactly are you saying re "micro pictures"
  7. I have had another sale for a pittance. NU Editorial and Website use in perpetuity. $1.21 total. This is definitely not the Alamy I thought i was signing up to those years ago. I am genuinely beginning to think that Alamy is not worth the extra effort
  8. As much as that ???? Wow. πŸ˜‰ I'm afraid that amount and lower is becoming the norm for many on Alamy these days.
  9. It was meant as a joke but obviously not made well enough. I sell a lot more on microstock agencies than through Alamy and often get better prices.
  10. Same here. 4 sales this year for the grand total of $19. The latest of these today for a total of $1.27 Novel use in perpetuity. However I keep reassuring myself that Alamy is an elite agency and not a low class microstock agency for second rate photographers.
  11. Notwithstanding who can see this image or where is it not true that here in the UK and Ireland we can always see things that others cant see . Sure we just have to look at the current BREXIT issue for proof of that. I'm off before I get jumped onπŸ˜‚
  12. Yep clearly visible on my desktop using Chrome browser but not visible on my Android device. No web page found etc message.
  13. This beggars belief if what you say is true. Have you contacted Alamy directly. The images look exactly the same to my untrained eye. How will Alamy deal with this. This raises a lot of questions in my mind. Will this thread be taken down to save embarrassment etc. If this allegation is proven does the offending contributor's entire portfolio be removed by Alamy. How can it's integrity be relied upon. If the image has been licensed does Alamy recover the funds and pay the legal owner or is my mind running away with itself. However I must remember "Innocent until proven Guilty"
  14. I have a lot of sympathy with what you have said but I must admit that many of your images do look underexposed to me and I am using a bog standard Dell monitor. Everyone who has commented is looking at your images on their screen and most have said the same thing. A good question is how do other peoples images look on your monitor. If they look much the same as yours in terms of brightness, vibrance and saturation it would be reasonable to assume that your monitor settings are out and giving you a false view of images. If however they look much brighter, more vibrant and saturated etc then it is reasonable to assume that the issue is with your own personal processing criteria. We are on Alamy to try to sell our images and in that we try to give what buyers want for magazines, brochures and web pages etc etc. Few want dull winter's days in the UK unless they are emphasising that particular issue. i should qualify that by saying that i too have recently uploaded a number of such images following a mid winter trip to Newcastle County Down in Dec 18. I struggle with colour blindness so I keep comparing my work with others on Alamy to try and maintain a valid point of reference so to speak. By the way i cant sell much on Alamy. Its hard going but I keep trying.
  15. I also had a massive sale today. $1.25 gross. Why would anyone bother with Microstock agencies when we can earn as much as this on Alamy. This is my second sale recently and have grossed $7. I don't want to be greedy but I remember a little boy called Oliver once upon a time asked for MORE. Please Sir More Sadly the full proverb as I remember it is "Live in hope should you die in Despair"
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