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  1. For the first 8 months of this year my sales quantity is at 88% of last years total which was my best year. Most positive for me is the revenue side which has already surpassed my previous highest annual total in 2016. An interesting point is that my average per sale (gross) last year was $18 and this year to date has risen to $31. Jim
  2. An improved month for me with 8 sales up into the $$$ area. This is despite 5 PU sales (suspicious - looks like someone is doing an article!) and a distribution item. One good $$$ sale helped it along. A significant increase in zooms and CTR and views holding up. Jim
  3. For Number 4, I've come up with Greater Knapweed too. Jim.
  4. Just a couple of sales for the month. A sale on the last day saved it from being the worst month since October 2017! Views and zooms remain fairly healthy. Jim
  5. Saturday 0730hrs UK time. Once again can't sign in and I'm sure I'm not the only one!! Need to complete my updating and stuck yet again. Jim
  6. Set this morning aside for some keywording etc and can't get in. Anyone else with this problem again? Jim
  7. Took a break to cut the grass before the expected rain and just tried again and I'm up and running now.
  8. Morning Folks, I'll miss out good! It appears to have happened again - anybody else not able to sign into Alamy this morning? I've tried for about two hours now and it just don't want to know. Jim
  9. Four licences for me this month but all above my prior year average. CTR up at 0.68 and views holding. Better than June last year! Jim
  10. All very strange. Yesterday evening at 1903 hrs I uploaded 10 images and it was one of the quickest uploads I've had in recent times. One image was, however, duplicated which was strange but was corrected at this mornings update. Oops, sorry folks, I've just realised you're talking FTP which I assume you are uploading to Alamy externally like FileZila. Mine was direct on the website.... Jim.
  11. Quiet month for me with just a couple of sales and one was a distributor job which wouldn't buy a slice of toast! However, for year to date, sales and income are both fractionally up on last year so just hope it keeps going.
  12. Disappointing (again!). Just 4 sales for $$. Mind you, April is not historically a good month for me. Views, zooms, and CTR all down. Onwards and upwards....
  13. Well done, John. I'm in my 13th year and still got 570 to go!! Seems an age ago when my submissions went in by CD!! Jim
  14. I'm not an expert, but could it be a species of Milk Cap? Might give you a start point. Rufous Milk Cap fits the coloration. One of those not to be eaten! Jim.
  15. A disappointing 3 sales but March is usually low for me anyway. Zooms and views are up and CTR at 0.58. On a more positive side my average price per image continues to be up on last year. Jim
  16. My images on Alamy have always been exclusive and, currently, I can see little change. Sales are up slightly, views are up, and zooms holding on an even keel. Jim
  17. 7 sales here and average price per image up slightly. Views and zooms down a touch as is CTR. BUT - not a bad start to the year! Jim
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