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  1. 8 sales for me which is a slight improvement but revenue only just scraped into $$$. Views remain stable and zooms just about doubled. Jim
  2. Yes, not bad Betty. The course was at an appropriate time too. Yesterday there was quite an active and developing low pressure area just of the East coast in my part of the UK producing over 3.5 inches of rain (according to my rain gauge) and winds of 60 mph plus. Glad I was inside doing the course! It's still raining this morning and it seems we are getting more than a month's worth in a couple of days after weeks of near drought conditions. I suppose this is some sort of legacy of climate change! However, good for gardens, and it will be good for preparing my other half's wild patch in readiness for next year. When the weather calms down it should be good for searching out fungi so a nice change of subject.
  3. As a follow-up to my "bad thing" reported earlier this month, I have now successfully completed my National Speed Awareness course. It was very informative and well worth doing. Additional benefits were no points to go on my licence and in the current Covid-19 situation it was a Digital course done on line which made me go another step up the technology ladder by purchasing and installing a Webcam which worked like a dream. Jim
  4. I have to let go with something good today! I set off for the Norfolk (UK) coast this morning just after sun-up with the objective of some beach photography and capturing some old collapsed breakwaters. When I arrived at the car park I looked over the cliff and there close to the shore was a small jack-up rig which was a delightful diversion. On a small scale but reminded me of my early work days flying out to offshore gas platforms. My guess is that this small rig is a service structure used with offshore wind farms. Anyway, apart from this it was one of my most productive days lately. By mid morning is was just a bit too warm so I finished. It's now 27 deg C in the garden and my daughter has just arrived. Time for a cold drink and to reflect on a good day! Jim
  5. This is a good excuse for a bit of nostalgia! I joined in Nov 2005 and in common with lots of others at that time my first submissions were scanned slide images submitted on CD's. I had terrible problems with QC in those days. Looking forward I had to wait until April 2008 for my first sale which was to a newspaper for the princely sum of $172 gross. Most sales were around this mark for me at the time. Some lower and some higher. Contrasts greatly with my latest editorial website sale this month realising $3.18 gross and 'in perpetuity' at that!!
  6. I couldn't resist another look and it's now around 2035hrs and my submission is now in QC. Interesting thought on PA migration - could possibly slow up processes. Jim
  7. Strange happenings! After my last submission passed QC, I uploaded another batch around two hours ago and this is now 'stuck' in processing. I'll retire for the night now and see if they have progressed in the morning - perhaps just that matter of time!! Jim
  8. Update from me now - just been notified that my submission has passed QC ok. Jim
  9. Oops, mine are stuck in QC. I understand what you mean regarding stuck in processing! Looks like you have some investigation into the problem which hopefully will soon be resolved. On the rare occasion I do get a delay on mine in QC and I tend to sit it out and it's comes right in the end. Jim
  10. No worries - my latest batch have been there since 1915hrs, Monday 7th Sept. They get there eventually..... Gives me time to do something else.
  11. I thought it was strange that my CTR had dropped without apparent reason. Maybe this is why. Jim
  12. A little improvement for me with 6 sales for $144. Views still well up but zooms down around 50% as is CTR. Jim
  13. Some regional 2021 calendars by Carousel Calendars are on sale in my area. Below is one I picked up with Alamy contributors. NORWICH Calendar 2021. January - Jim Laws/Alamy February - Alison Thompson/Alamy March - Anthony Smith/Alamy May - Howard Taylor Images/Alamy June - Cesar Asensio Marco/Alamy July - Martin Philpott/Alamy August - Chris Herring/Alamy September - Adarch/Alamy October - Zoonar GmbH/Alamy November - Chris Dorney/Alamy December - Jan Duplinszki/Alamy Considering they are now on sale I haven't seen any sales reports as yet. Anyone any idea how long to wait for payment? My previous calendar sales have been settled fairly promptly.
  14. So far this month no sales and one zoom which is worrying considering the number of views!! My CTR has nosedived but what exacerbates this is that on a couple of days a large amount of views occurred in two areas where I 'specialise' in travel and have no option but to tag the location otherwise it's worthless. It's happened before and over time it has levelled itself out - the only way is up.... Jim
  15. You are correct. The option is still on the form and I've just my sent details off so I'll just have to wait for the final outcome/choices. I just feel disappointed that this is my first 'blip' in 50+ years of driving!
  16. On the 7th August I set off early morning for North Norfolk to catch high water for a stock session. It was brilliant. However, before 6am on the way out and within three miles of home I was recorded by a speed camera for doing 35mph in a 30mph zone. Today I have received notice of prosecution, but when all is resolved I wonder how many images I will have to sell to cover the penalty!! Can't argue with the camera - I was driving the car!! Not a good start to the day. GRRR! Jim 😩
  17. Still waiting here for Monday's update too (11.00) - bit late this morning. It does happen but will get there eventually. Just checked again and it's all done! (11.06) Jim
  18. Plumbing the depths - just one sale which was a PU for low $$. Zooms and views both maintaining a reasonable level.
  19. Slow month but better than May last year. Just 4 sales for $$ but zooms and views surged somewhat - the optimist hat is on again! Jim
  20. As a suggestion, try Rambling Rector for #3. Coincidentally, I've just dead-headed one of these on an arch in my garden and it's a rambling rose. It certainly looks as if it could be it! Jim.
  21. No surge here. This month views are up 38% over last month and zooms up 46% but still only two sales........
  22. After an unusually low zoom count last month and none for the first ten days of this month I've recovered to now get back into double figures. Just two very disappointing sales so far this month, both $ with net result not large enough to visit the take-away coffee shop!
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