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  1. Thanks, folks, for a very interesting thread. Something to learn everyday! Jim.
  2. Extrapolating, zooms down 77% compared with last month and down 41% compared to May last year. Not so good!! Jim.
  3. Pretty dire so far! One sale with zooms and views way down but CTR holding up - just! Jim.
  4. I also looked at Cystolepiota seminuda but edged towards Cystopepiota bucknallii because of the bluish colouration of the stems. It would appear to be between these two. Jim.
  5. Thanks for sharing your images, Gen. It's always nice to see other parts of the world. Scotland is as far as I get these days and your trek reminds me of last October when I set off in bright sunshine to climb Stac Pollaidh (pronounced Stack Polly) at a mere 2,008 feet. It has a shattered sandstone crest and about half way up a large black cloud appeared, the wind reached gale force, and the sleet was horizontal. No shelter and had to retreat. The weather can change so quickly here and I made the unforgivable mistake of setting off without waterproofs!! This is something to try again after lockdown! Jim.
  6. Dave, I am perplexed! I'm not an expert on fungi but just as a guide or starting point try Cystolepiota bucknallii. I'd be interested too if anyone had a precise definition here. Jim.
  7. Good one, John. Love the Banner! It never crossed my mind to put out some bunting!!
  8. Three Swifts seen overhead from the garden this morning. A little bit earlier than usual here and they may regret it with a cold plunge coming over the weekend. It does remind you that maybe summer is just round the corner! .......just finished my last Yorkie bar from Easter! I wouldn't say that was a good thing but on the other hand the waistline may rejoice. Jim
  9. My worst month since October 2017! Just one sale for $ - won't even buy a 'Costa' but they're shut anyway!! On the brighter side my views were up 12% and zooms up 55% and consequently CTR up. Maybe something more promising in the near future! Jim
  10. I've had a go at this one and found it very difficult. I'm not saying this is correct but the nearest I can get is Populus alba, White Poplar. It's a member of the willow family and the tree looks mature. Leaves on the mature tree should be green on the upper side and silvery underneath. The thing that pointed me in this direction was the bark which does have characteristic diamond-shaped marks. Food for thought but I'm not absolutely sure. Jim.
  11. It rained in my corner of the world after about a month without any! The garden is soaking it up and the allotment holders down here will be rejoicing. Betty, good to read you again and I have joined you in a fried egg sandwich. My first for a long while and it weren't half good! Jim
  12. Nice surprise - found one of mine today. 05/04/2020 Mail on Sunday p84 WHNY11 - Jim Laws - Holidays - Yacht sailing towards St Benets Abbey on the Norfolk Broads. Jim
  13. You've probably found out this but the Little Red Robin grows to about 1 metre in height so it looks like it's Red Robin if it growing to several feet. Interesting, we've learnt a bit too! Jim
  14. I let my wife take a look at the image and she too come up with Red Robin. Due to the tightness of the foliage she thinks it's the smaller one. Jim.
  15. Almost the same as March last year! 3 sales for $152 gross with views and zooms consistent with this years monthly figures but down on last year as I believe many contributors have noticed. Just one outstanding licence from The Guardian to be invoiced. Jim
  16. Well done, Doc, from north of the border!! A great achievement. Jim
  17. Today became a necessity day. Three things to do which I decided could all be done at my local Supermarket which had also introduced an 'elderly' hour between 9am and 10am. This was the first time out since last week. Firstly, I filled up my car with fuel (not that I'll be going anywhere) and two staff members were hand cleaning the pump nozzles. Secondly, I went to the Pharmacy to request that the staff access my wife's repeat prescription because our local surgery has closed it's doors and is open for business by 'phone only and it seems you have to get the authorised medication from wherever you can. The staff were most obliging and helpful and got the job done. Thirdly, into the shopping area. It wasn't crowded, no queues, there were social distance markers everywhere, and hygiene was very evident. But the shopping!! Among all the necessary things I had to get, I was able to get eggs, bread, kitchen towel, AAANNNDDD TOILET ROLLS!!!! Not many on the shelves but does this now indicate that the stockpilers are getting to the stage where they are running out of storage space and store stock is now catching up? This really made my day and my wife was as chuffed as mintballs when I got back. I can now relax behind closed doors and enjoy the garden and maybe even get my studio lights down from the loft!! Jim
  18. My bits... Long Road Out of Eden - Eagles Life Goes On - Poison Here I go Again - Whitesnake Jim.
  19. Apart from month-end payout, very quiet. No Sales since 20th February and nothing else updated. A few zooms and that's it. Jim
  20. Disappointing month with only 3 sales for $54 gross. Views down a bit but zooms holding up with CTR around the Alamy average of 0.58. Still optimistic! Jim
  21. Maybe only temporary, but there appears to be a quite a log jam in the whole system at the moment. Jim
  22. Don't ask me where, but when Alamy opened the opportunity to make DACS claims for contributors something appeared with two boxes. One box to be ticked if you wanted Alamy to do your claim for books and mags and another for claims for TV usage only. I can remember just ticking for TV usage and not the DACS claim as I've always done my own. Jim.
  23. Slowish with 5 licences at $98 but still keeping to my average of one licence per week!
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