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  1. Re the spelling ‘Dhahran’, I meant just where you’ve got ‘Dharhan’ in your captions. ‘Dhahran’ is the commonest spelling, I think. Confusing indeed. Personal names are the trickiest - especially Mohammed, which can be spelt in many ways. Maybe dozens. Gareth
  2. The Saudi desert is littered with those outcrops. Do you know for sure that this one’s in Eastern Province? BTW suggest you add Dhahran as a spelling. Gareth
  3. Qasr Ibrahim Mosque, Hofuf, Eastern Province, KSA. Renovated since this was taken. Gareth
  4. I regularly submit images taken on a Lumix GM1 dating from 2013, which has the same sensor as the GX7. I have never had a QC fail with this camera. Gareth
  5. It’s not clear from Alamy’s explanation why a contributor who has never had a QC fail is on three stars.
  6. The house sparrow is female. Massive decline in the species in the past twenty years in the UK to the extent that it appears on the red list. Common in some other parts of the world though and not currently globally threatened. Gareth
  7. Wikipedia gives the subspecies. If yours was taken in the US, it’s presumably pandion haliaetus carolinensis. Gareth
  8. The phrasal verb ‘set up’ is misspelt as the noun form ‘setup’.
  9. Just sold my first of the month. Not sure if that counts as a surge. Gareth
  10. Two from me Istanbul Sana'a Gareth
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