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  1. No problem Martyn. You can always tell dairy cattle from beef cattle. Dairy cattle will have very boney hips, with little muscle on the hind end. Beef cattle are - excuse the pun - very beefy with lots of muscle over the back end. Jill
  2. The black and white are Holsteins. The others could be crosses but not sure. Young heifers or dry cows as none of them has an udder of any kind visible. Jill
  3. Kensington Market Sign for bicycles Loo With A View Sign for Temporary Loo for Tourists Having Breakfast on the Serengeti after Air Balloon ride Sign on back of truck at Demolition Derby Jill
  4. As you have started with a new account, remember that Alamy announced that new members are now looking at 4 weeks to have their initial 3 image submission assessed, so you probably aren't looking at much difference, except perhaps in ranking as your current ranking is probably low due to such few images. Jill
  5. My sister passed away 7 years ago and her facebook account is still there. No one knew her passwords and she didn't leave them anywhere, so her social media accounts just sit inactive but live. Can't bring myself to remove her from my friends list. I have given my hubby all my passwords to bank, social media and others (including this one). I don't want to linger online. Jill
  6. A friend stopped by on her way back from the vets with her 9 chocolate Labrador puppies. I got zillions of kisses and lots of love.
  7. Crowds heading into the Rogers Centre for a baseball game. (Man, I miss baseball) Crowds at the Canadian National Exhibition Kids playing with bumper balls
  8. That reminds me of the Lung Association Commercial: "When you can't breathe, nothing else matters."
  9. Nice to see you back. I have been thinking about your daughter and so glad to hear she is on the mend. A good friend's nephew has it, but his case has been not too bad. She also has a niece who had a double lung transplant 2 years ago. She has been having issues and she was back in the hospital but they sent her home with all kinds of stuff telling her she would be safer there than in the hospital until this outbreak is over. I've rediscovered jigsaw puzzles. Jill
  10. Some super videos. One can never learn enough. I would like to see more videos on the art and painting world of PS. I won't say I've mastered the photography side, but have become fairly good with it over the last 10 years. As I am shifting to doing graphics, I am searching for really good tutorials on painting in PS and creating vectors in Affinity Designer. I have come across a course on skillshare for Affinity, but still haven't found the perfect set of tutorials for PS. Creatureartteacher is pretty good. He was an artist for Disney. But a good beginning to end course is what I'm searching out. Probably have to buy one on skillshare. Anyone know any? Jill
  11. Thanks to all who voted. Your up Colin. Look forward to your challenge. Jill
  12. This was super hard to judge as there were so many fantastic entries. I stuck to the literal of fog and mist to try and keep myself sane. There were just too many awesome shots to choose from. Colin's shot of the ship at sunset Betty's shot of the dog ring Gvallee's shot of swans Avpics of fog over the Thames Sally's Swan River Vbfolly's foggy forest Wiskerke's Millford Sound Malcolm's Richmond Park Poll closes midnight April 7th GMT. Jill
  13. I'm trying to do the poll. Got all the choices listed but couldn't figure out how to add the actual images or typed informatioin. Any help gratefully received. Jill
  14. Officially closing contest. Thanks for all the entries. Will post poll sometime tomorrow. Going to be a tough one as so many excellent choices. Jill
  15. Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the closing for the contest. Get those last entries in. Jill
  16. Day 7 at home and the dog is looking at me like, "See? This is why I chew the furniture."
  17. Here is the link to selling ectors on Alamy https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-vectors/how-alamy-sell-vectors/?section=6 . You aren't betting much of a response as all the people on the forum here contribute images. I'm pretty sure at one time Alamy stopped accepting new vectors but judging by the link, they must be accepting them again. I'm not sure how it affects CTR, probably the same as images. Best to email CR and get it from them. Jill
  18. I love learning new things. I have decided that during this minimum security prison term we all find ourselves in, I will learn some new software. I have Affinity Publisher and Designer. I use designer strictly to work on already made vectors, but have never learned how to do it myself. The time is now. I figure down the road I can save some money by creating my own vectors as opposed to buying them. Same with Publisher. Haven't used it as much as I thought I would as time has kept me from creating brochures etc for the business and I found I was purchasing already made mockups. Now is the time to learn how to do it myself. I have always wanted to learn Blender, the 3D software, so I will add that to my list of courses I will dig into. The sheer volume of tutorials on the web should keep me interested for quite awhile. And learning something new is never a waste of time. Jill
  19. I keep busy by making up stock for the shows I won't be attending for quite awhile. I had just bought a hoard of supplies before the outbreak, so figure I'll have a massive amount of stock made up before I get to sell any of it. Which is good, as I figure once we are set free, people will be getting out as much as they can due to weeks of cabin fever. Probably do a show every weekend, so won't have time to make stock then, so might as well get ahead of the game. Will also go over keywords from older images. Benefit of being on the farm is lots of room to roam outside and get fresh air. I feel sorry for people stuck in apartments with nowhere to go but the balcony. Jill
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