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  1. NU use, so very meager $ amount. And I spent ages removing all the telephone and hydro wires. But who knows, may sell later for big money. Jill
  2. How awful. Condolences to his family. I also only knew Keith from this forum, but it feels like a close friend has passed. Jill
  3. I take it you mean that you tried to upload 3 but only one of them uploaded and for some reason the other two didn't. Then you uploaded again and only one uploaded. Then when you tried again it wouldn't let you upload 3 as you already had uploaded two. If that is the fact, then just upload the one that didn't make it. Or delete the two from the Image manager and start all over again. Did I get that right? Jill
  4. Is the MB size based on jpeg (which is what most personal use buyers are looking for) or on the uncompressed size? If based on uncompressed than size would certainly be consistent with MP size, but if based on jpeg, then depending on the content of the image, the pixel size would vary all over the place. People buying for personal use usually don't know anything about Raw or Tiff files. They deal in jpegs and want to know what size image they are getting. Giving a choice of 5 MB doesn't tell the buyer who may want it for a full page photo how big the image is. More confusion. Alamy seems to have problems in the size defining area. Look at all the issues with the 17MB uncompressed minimum. How many newbies have been so confused by that one? Jill
  5. Good month for my small port. 4 sales for $189 gross. CTR in great shape as well. Only a couple of zooms though. Jill
  6. Thanks for including my eagle Colin. Lots of great images this month. Jill
  7. I did try it Allan. No adjustment brush. That's a tool I'm addicted to as it use it all in my graphic design as well as images. jILL
  8. Thanks for all suggestions. Hoping to find an Affinity user, but not so far. I have considered buying Lightroom 6, as it's the ACR part of PS that I have a hard time living without. And of course after years of PS, I am so comfortable using it, everything is second nature when I'm working. I probably spend 2-3 hours a day in PS as I use the artistic side as well as the photo editing side. But I have a few monthly subscriptions necessary for my business, so I have been trying to cut down on the fees. I'll probably continue my subscription for now, and if Affinity has a Christmas promotion may buy Affinity Photo anyway. Right now it's only $70 CDN, so if they have a promo, I could get it for $50. Not a big risk. As mentioned it does work well with my other two Affinity programs. Jill
  9. I am getting tired of my monthly PS fee. With exchange it is costing over $15 CDN per month or $180 per year. Just getting too pricey. Anyone using Affinity Photo/Capture One? I use Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher but awhile ago I tried Affinity Photo and decided to stick with PS. But I'm reconsidering. I don't think I can do another free trial, so opinions gladly taken. When I checked it out before, it did not have a adjustment brush tool like ACR, so that kind of disqualified it for me. Does it have one know? Jill
  10. How's your CTR? Do you have a lot of similar images where the image may not be the same, but a lot of the keywords would be, causing a lot of extra views? Jill
  11. I accidentally uploaded an image of some friends with their Belgian horses competing in a horse pull. The image at 100% was out of focus. Instead of putting it in my personal file I put it in my Alamy file and accidentally uploaded it. I noticed right away, but it was too late. I emailed Alamy and let them know about the mistake but they told me I would just have to wait for QC results. It didn't fail so I immediately deleted the image. Sometimes I wonder if Alamy intentionally let it pass to see if I would delete the image or let it go through. They probably didn't, but I do wonder sometimes. Jill
  12. I ran into the same issue as Ed a few years ago (posted about it here as well I believe) of a woman being loaded into an air ambulance. Just couldn't bring myself to take the pic. Felt like I was invading her space. Certainly would fail me as a photojournalist, but that one I just couldn't bring myself to take. Jill
  13. My last two Two Lion sisters at the Toronto Zoo Bald Eagle Jill
  14. Lbs and ounces still used in the US. Here in Canada, horse racing is still in furlongs (1/8th mile) and Canadian Football is in yards not metres. A lot of cooking is still done is ounces, cups, teaspoons etc. Jill
  15. Alamy does not reject for content, only for technical issues. There are certain images that aren't allowed, such as close ups of any type of artwork, where the work fills the frame. I believe images of National Trust properties are also not allowed. No releases are necessary for editorial usage (which is what Alamy is mostly). Jill
  16. At first, I put the browser image next to the image in PS side by side on my monitor and it looked like Alamy's image was larger than the image in PS. Then I realized my browser is set at 150%. So Liverpx, is your browser set normal, or are you like me and enlarge the browser Once I realized this, I reset the browser to normal, the image crop is the same size as the image of yours that I put in PS. Jill
  17. Standard Poodle looking over Lake Huron on cold winter day. City of Toronto just before severe thunderstorm A totally frozen Lake Huron (something that happens about once every 10 years). Dunes mixed with sand and snow cover the shore. Jill
  18. Girl riding a mechanical bull Kids using dog sleds as toboggans Little girl learning how to skate Jill
  19. I added this to my bookmarks bar. If I click on it on a page that has no images, it tells me so. But if I click on it on any page with images, it does nothing. Doesn't seem to matter what site I use it on. So I too would like to know how to get it to work. Jill
  20. You can use a daylight setting for the screen to see better in bright light. Jill
  21. I use the Sony RX100 II and love it. Never had any images fail QC. Can't beat it for a walkabout camera. Jill
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