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  1. Thanks for the help, but these actions are really more for the graphic design and artwork side of PS. It's because it seems to happen with every single action, not just the odd one. I have gone through them step by step (and some of these may have a hundred different steps) and once in awhile do find where there is a missing step or a file wasn't renamed properly. If it was not every one, I would think it was simply a sloppy designer. I'll keep on chugging and see if I can figure this out. Jill
  2. I have quite a few photoshop actions that I have created myself and others I have bought or download from some of the services I subscribe to. I usually don't have any problems with the actions that I have created (although they are mostly simple) but always have issues with the ones I get from other places. Sometimes they run fine the first time I use it, and then after that I get lots of errors. Anyone here have experience dealing with tempermental PS Actions? I get something like "The command select is not currently available". Or some other command that is not av
  3. I keep all RAWs. I also keep the jpgs I submit to Alamy. As Rebecca says, you may want to go back and redo some as editing tools improve. I have done this to a few with the improvement to PS and LR as well as Topaz AI software. You never know what's coming down the pike. Jill
  4. Glad to hear Betty made it through. Hope the X-Rays are clean. Jill
  5. My guess might be that because you have twelve apostles as a supertag they came up early because that phrase was used first. Possible that people who had australia as a supertag came ahead of you when australia came first in the search. They may not have had twelve apostles as a supertag. Try that. Change one where australia is a supertag but twelve aposltes is not. And search using the two phrases again and see what happens. It may also be what people also have in their captions. Or Alamy's computer throws some dice to see which order the images will be arranged. Just as li
  6. -29 here this morning, but up to 0 tomorrow. A quick deep freeze day. Jill
  7. I use all these methods during the good weather. I even keep bean bags in my van for resting my long lens on the car window. But as it is winter here right now, and today is -14C, leaving the doors open is not an option. I'd like some nice winter snow images with the Blue Jays, Goldfinches, Woodpeckers etc but my windows are in my way. I may try putting it up against the window and using he wifi setting to use from my phone or tablet, but sometimes I want to catch them on the moment and I can't leave my camera and tripod blocking the door. It may be my only option however.
  8. I have a lot of bird feeders outside my kitchen doors. I have nice big windows on the doors I can shoot through, but if I try to put the camera right up against the glass, the birds fly away and don't come back. If I back up, the window really causes issue in getting sharp images. Is there a good way to shoot through glass without pressing right up against it? Jill
  9. Urban Life. Man walking his two dogs while on the cell phone. People walking on frozen sand dunes on a totally frozen Lake Huron. It freezes up once about every 10 years. Woman walking along the Ausable River
  10. Congrats Michael, looking forward to the January challenge. Jill
  11. I'm not sure who told you that doodles don't shed. Only one of the parents is shedless. Labs shed more than any breed I know. Once you cross two breeds, you have no idea which traits from which breed the puppies will acquire, and almost all doodles will have some of the shedding hair from the non-poodle parent. Jill
  12. Nice to have you back. Jill
  13. You can now just drag the image into Google Image search in another window and then google searches for that image. Jill
  14. I take it you are saying that under all 3 images they said "This Image will pass if resubmitted" yet failed the lot without giving a reason. So if all would pass if resubmitted, why did they fail in the first place? Is that correct? If so, Alan is right, you will have to contact contributors@alamy.com and ask for clarification. Jill
  15. At least the software would be tax deductible. 😁
  16. I spent most of my adult life around horses. When I was 17, my parents gave me money to go and buy a horse as a Christmas present. I bought Rennie and he was wonderful. After a few years, he hurt his shoulder where I had him boarded, so I didn't ride him for a few months. When the vet said he was sound to ride, I walked him around and he was perfect. Put on the tack and headed on out. All of a sudden he began to limp and I swore and turned him back. When I turned him around, the limp was gone and he picked up the pace. The big faker. He had figured out that when he was limping
  17. Went to the vet's with a friend of mine yesterday. Had five puppies to get their shots. I almost always take my camera with me when I go out, but figured with working with wriggling puppies I'd leave the camera at home. As we sit in the truck waiting for the vet (not allowed in of course) this gorgeous bald eagle with wings spread full lands on the hydro line about 300 feet from us. And he sits there for ages. Vet tech comes out and says he has been hanging around for a few days. Definitely a young one, so probably from this year's crop. No camera, just the phone.
  18. The Canon 4000D is a good start. I have a Canon T4i which was my starter DSLR. Got it in 2013. Most of my images in my port were taken with it. I bought a used 70-250 lens and added a used Sony RX100 and that was it up until last year when I stretched the budget and got a Canon 90D and a used Canon 200-400 L lens. I'll never make the money back on the lousy license fees we get these days for images, but I spent it for me, not for Alamy. I wouldn't spend a whole pile of money on kit right now if the point is to make money doing stock. Really hard to to that unless you have thou
  19. Selling on Alamy is very different than selling on micro sites. Very editorial base. Also if you are putting the same images everywhere, then people hunt for the cheapest place to buy. I am a buyer as well as a seller. As soon as I see an image I like, I right click on it and the click "Search Google for this Image". Then I will see everywhere this image is for sale and I hunt down the cheapest venue. Buyers are very savy. If you have images of common subjects where there are lots available, buyers will always seek out the cheapest one. Jill
  20. I think the "Welcome to Kabul" image at the airport speaks volumes. Awesome images. Jill
  21. In Canada, we have been bagging our own and bringing our own bags for awhile. You have to pay if you want store bags. Sobeys, one of the chains here, no longer carry plastic bags at all. Back to paper. Funny how back in the 70's we switched over to plastic to save trees. Now we are full circle. I like bringing the bags I make. They are much stronger than those you can buy. Jill
  22. I have learned more PS stuff from this guy than I ever could have learned in a structured PS class. A very good interview with him from a couple of years ago. I didn't realize just how young he is. Jill
  23. No problem here. You're running the show. Lots of good shots to choose from. Jill
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