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  1. Close, I have finally found it, female purple finch. Just a little lighter than the others that come around here. Jill
  2. I was thinking probably a juvenile, but too hard to guess. And probably a sparrow, but not absolutely sure. Jill
  3. This cutie has been driving me crazy. I can't quite seem to identify with certainty. All my searches say likely a House Sparrow, but they are very rare here. Not unheard of, but rare. It's the yellow around the eyes that has me perplexed. Any help will be appreciated. If I can't definitely ID, I'll have to remove the image as I don't want to guess, even if it's a good guess. Jill
  4. Have you had a refund of any sorts? Check in your sales history and see. That's usually the reason. Quite often though refunds turn into resales under different terms. Jill
  5. I find the same thing. PU sales are becoming the higher value sales and I've never had a refund on one. Jill
  6. So cute. Looks like it's ready for a bedtime story. Jill
  7. Oh Betty, I can taste them. Mmmmmmmmm. Jill
  8. Thanks Michael. As I mentioned, an improvement in equipment can go a long way. I started out putting out feeders just to shoot the birds, now I have become fascinated with them. May see if i have a local twitcher's society here to join. Probably nothing right now with Covid still pushing restrictions on us, but probably in the fall when life will be sorta back to normal. It helps too if you spend time sitting out near the feeders, The birds get used to you being there, so as long as I don't make any fast movement, they hang around. Jill
  9. Thanks Ed. It helped when I upgraded my camera to a Canon 90D with a 32MP sensor and bought the 100-400 L lens. It has made photography a lot more fun. I am thinking of getting a macro lens later to add to my collection. And also much thanks to Topaz software for getting rid of noise from higher ISOs. I was away from photography for a couple of years, business was keeping me so busy, but Covid has pushed me back in and now look forward to heading out again now that restrictions are lifting here. Jill
  10. What I can tell is they told you that one image would pass on resubmission, but not the other two. In Image Manager, it should tell you on the images themselves why they failed. Jill
  11. I have another of a different dragonfly I have to keyword yet. I love the bokeh effect of the shimmers on the water. Jill
  12. Canada Goose Goslings - A little sibling rivalry.
  13. My first attempt at any insect, not too bad. Taken at 400mm as I stood on a deck overlooking a wetland.
  14. Most decent gaming laptops (those would be the Razers) will do the job for you. I run a custom built desktop with 16gb ram, i7 processor and radeon 8gb gpu and I run photoshop and illustrator at the same time without a hitch. I can see something more powerful if you are rendering 4K video, but $5000 is overkill for anything else. Jill
  15. I use One Drive as I looked all the cloud servers over, and found it the best deal for me. I travel a lot for my business (when Covid isn't around) and need to access my files from anywhere I am. Certainly don't want to be hauling hard drives around. And good to have off site backup. I have Amazon Prime, but don't use the free photo storage as it isn't for business, and I certainly don't need them to wipe out everything I uploaded should they notice they are definitely business files. I avoid buying from Amazon when I can, and often find prices better in a store. Just cause it'
  16. It's great software. The one thing, when doing sky replacement in Luminar, you can't see your sky choices. So I copy the sky folder on to my desktop and just open it so I can see which I'm choosing. Jill
  17. I know it is not an upgrade, but I did download the trial and the only difference I found was the auto reflection. According to https://bwillcreative.com/luminar-ai-vs-luminar-4-comparison/ Luminar AI is aimed at beginners and Luminar 4 offers more for those with experience editing. But since they only put the auto reflection in Luminar AI, I somehow feel cheated as it actually offers less than Luminar 4 unless it's the first time you are using photo editing software. I think Luminar 4 users should have been offered a decent discount to buy it. Full whack for a programme that has
  18. I have Luminar 4 which I purchased specifically for the sky replacement, which of course photoshop has now come out with. It also does offer adding objects into the image as well. The scaling of sky and objects is better than PS. The only difference I can notice with Luminar AI and Luminar 4 is the auto reflection, which is great but I don't do enough landscapes with water to make it worth it's money. I also was very ticked that instead of a small upgrade fee, they wanted almost the full whack for me to upgrade from Luminar 4 to Luminar AI. Jill
  19. When I had a horse farm in Orangeville Ontario, the groundhogs were a menace. If farmers saw one on the road they would go out of their way to hit it. Would dig holes in pastures with livestock and you would always worry about animals breaking their legs in the holes. In the hay fields you would constantly be breaking shear pins on your equipment as the tractor or baler would thump in a ground hog hole. We would buy something called a "ground hog bomb" that you would throw down the hole and then watch for where they came out. Every ground hog hole had two entrances. Then you would fill th
  20. Most of the larger birds love them, as the high protein count is good feeding for the kids. Now they know if they see me, there must be peanuts. Also, the contrast of the light peanuts on the dark sunflower seeds probably clues them in as well. Have to go get some seeds today. Almost out. Jill
  21. Today I moved my red muskoka chair even closer to my front flat feeder. Normally I sit in the shade, but those evil mosquitoes were attacking and they don't seem to bother me as much in the sun, so I moved my chair. I am now about 5' from the feeder and a lovely branch that runs right from the feeder up into the maple tree. I keep the branches in front of it trimmed, as the birds queue up on the branch waiting their turn at the feeder. When I first come out, I put a whole pile of peanuts in the feeder. It usually just has sunflower seeds in it. The birds all take off of course.
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