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  1. Contact contributors@alamy.com - they may, or may not, be able to help you. You cannot do it yourself. Check your settings for future uploads - camera / editing programme - what you have used may only be a temporary view rotation.
  2. Forgot to say that I don't think there is anything wrong with your workflow. Be critical about the sharpness to avoid more failures. You will soon get the hang of it and know how you will get the best focused images.
  3. The RX100 is not a dSLR camera, but can shoot the mainstream stock photo. My experience is with the RX100-3. If you shoot on automatic be sure the focus points cover your main object. Move around until satisfied. You can easily stop further down. F.inst. If you shoot night images it can be around f1.8 - 2.8. Try the automatic setting and see what the images look like. More accurate if you don't shoot on automatic - but A f.inst. - you can choose the focus area to be centre - then focus and compose. Sometimes it is necessary to downsize a bit or to the minimum acceptable - but most of my images are full size or 85% - I know that many downsize to the minimum - but you won't get the sales for larger image uses then. Take more images, if possible, to select the better one when editing. Shouldn't be difficult to pass QC. There are members here that have nearly one of each version - they might enlighten about changes in the Va version I still prefer my dSLR - but the RX100 can be great to carry all the time. Niels
  4. Will just add to this an old thread from summer 2013 - especially David Kilpatrick's wisdom on the different colour spaces. The issues have been discussed as long as I remember. Scroll down - lower third. https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/580-adobe-rgb-1998-vs-prophoto-rgb/ Niels
  5. If you make this change on the RAW file it replaces the camera setting. If you do the above on the jpg file there will be at least some deterioration.
  6. Yes, one should should think so. But in my case the difference was clearly noticeable - and it wasn't a microstock site - but a news site bought by one of the big ones. But my problem with this is long gone - images removed - and now producing aRGB only.
  7. I submit to Alamy in aRGB for the same reasons as you. Some years ago I also submitted news and reportage images to another agency, Dxxxxxx - and aRGB images seemed very pale and colourless there. People with a natural suntan were suddenly rather pale. Conversion is done much better at an earlier stage. So, if you need both colour spaces - I would probably today produce a copy of both colour spaces - and perhaps delete one of them after the uploads. Niels .
  8. WOW Air, Airbus A320, TF-BRO, flight WW902 from Reykjavik, Iceland, on final approach to Kastrup Airport, Copenhagen, Denmark. - 50% - quarter-ish $$
  9. Though it can be a pain I quite agree that it is necessary in today's world.
  10. Browsers are different. Try if your browser allows "copy image location" when using "Shift + Alt + right mouse click on the large image in normal image viewing. This link can be used in "Insert image from URL". In my case Firefox gives this opportunity, Chrome doesn't. Same thing about changing comp to zooms.
  11. Thomas Cook Airbus A321-211 on final approach to Copenhagen Airport, CPH, Kastrup, Denmarkhttps://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7044141/Are-going-administration-Worried-holidaymakers-flood-Thomas-Cook-fears.html - and hopefully not the last sale of the image - as I think will be the case with one of my WOW Air images - if they don't fly any longer, they will probably not sell.
  12. So did I - and neither did I quite figure out the idea.
  13. I'd say a lightbox would be the answer - perhaps on your website. Or great for social media or e-mail attachment. You would benefit from Twitter.
  14. Sankthans, Midsummer Eve, St. John's Eve bonfire. A Sunday sale on the actual day. Nivaa, Denmark. $$ Parties and bonfires everywhere tonight in the light northern summer nights . Probably in a decent summer weather this year. Thor and Odin will be there.
  15. - and the decent video opportunity - though not 4k but HD.
  16. If you have access to the Reportage upload opportunity (the Reportage / Archival part) - newsworthy news and reportage images can be uploaded and bypass QC - and you will get the 600 letters caption. Will be on line after the next server update. But you may have been accepted in the news section?
  17. But have never caught my second camera, the RX100-3- in walking around 😋 PS I don't find the JPG quality good enough, which excludes panos in camera - I always shoot in RAW.
  18. I really thought the original poster had been through this.
  19. Agree, not as easy as it should be to achieve clear information. Much of it on the Internet is interpreted by photo clubs, etc. - a few years ago Journalistforbundet had a page about it - but it seems to have disappeared. And as you said, the image on line was taken without knowing anything about the fee.
  20. The problem is that you have entered the gate to the parking facilities from Dronningens Tværgade, which will be private property - but with public access if you have a business/errand. His threat, which is probably meant to threat you, is actually a demand for a fee to photograph the building. Personally I don't think it would be worth taking the risk, trouble and hassle for this rather unimportant image. On the other hand you took the photo in question without knowing their policy.
  21. 10 sales - revenue decent - but half were distributor sales.
  22. Single-sculler start Kayak Polo Wakeboarder in cable park
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