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    Above and beyond everything else, my family - my supportive, gorgeous wife, my two "full of beans" kids, the constantly "on the hunt" exquisite Bengal cat Athena who really believes she is a leopard, but oddly enough collects drinking straws... Of course that isn't enough, so in addition we also have the complete bonkers, loyal, always in a good mood, cute, small but very able, ready to brave any weather Chihuahua girl Chloe that has a preference to sitting up like a human in the sofa watching TV with the rest of us - peculiar little thing. Small, but not forgotten are the two female Chilean Degus - Puff and Peach - absolutely adorable little things, one of the few animals clever enough to use tools in their quest for food. Latest addition is Titan the male Bengal Cat - only 9 months old, but built like a tank and currently wrecking havoc in the house - hopefully he'll mature fast and calm down soon!

    My work and passion - photography. Always had an interest in both stills and motion, but since late 90's early 2000 photography became a passion and eventually also my work. Then to the disdain to the rest of the family, I'm very into "guff" i.e. most things interest me, love to learn and watch documentaries about absolutely anything.


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  1. Ouch! Doesn't Finnish law require the Police to inform you at the time of a arrest what you're arrested for? Never had any issues with Police nowhere whilst working, which is mainly London, England, Scotland and now Sweden.
  2. You can change playback speed. Click the "cog" symbol (settings), then change "Playback Speed" to your liking.
  3. Canon 5D Mark IV which is perfect, but big and "suspicious", wanting to "scale back a bit", so consider going mirrorless - frontrunner being the Fujifilm X-T2 or X-T3, but also considering Sony RX-10 or even RX-100. We'll see.
  4. Started with stock at the age of 29, back in 2003 - blink and now I am 45! It has always been tumultuous, as well as imminent doom and gloom from the start! Oddly enough, this summer there wasn't the usual summer slow down, so actually my "indicators" are positive, been a while! Don't know what the future holds, take it year by year, trying to not stress hahah.
  5. another vote for the X-Rite i1Display Pro, way better then the Spyder Express that I had before. The i1 does a great job of calibrating a dual screen setup, a bit of a challenging dual screen set up with one wide-gamut full HD Dell monitor and the other one being a 4K Benq rec709/sRGB monitor. Re-calibrate about every 2 months. The i1 can basically calibrate anything with a screen, so even calibrated computer connected TVs, which was a revelation in terms of betterment of colours and contrast etc.
  6. Have for as long as I can remember had Lightroom set to automatically convert RAWs to DNGs at import, together with some basic metadata. DNGs with everything embedded into them, both images edits/setting, as well as metadata, has caused zero issues compared to back in the days when lost sidecar files threw spanners in the works from time to time. This works great, especially if working on multiple computers. I don't embed the RAW in the DNG.
  7. About 65% of zooms convert into sales, a number that has been increasing over the last 2-3 years.
  8. - Definitely a correlation between views/zooms and sales. - More uploads = more views, zooms and sales.
  9. Pretty sure that Alamy is reasonable with granting access for those that potentially could submit newsworthy images. Think it is good if they increase the "standards" a bit and becoming more competitive. Perhaps moving away from the frequent "could be any day really" weather images? Personally, I hope that they are making headway in their reach outside of the UK i.e. with other national or regional news images.
  10. If wanting full-frame I would just go backwards within the Canon 5D original to Mark IV lineup until within budget... The original 5D is missed, a truly great camera to this day - I still edit or re-edit raw images from it and it has big beautiful pictures with an organic look/feel to it. However, I'm biased, been a Canon 1D and 5D line-up loyal for a long long time, with a few sprinkles of APS-C ones as side-kick "convenience camera" or backup, currently on the 5D Mark IV which is an absolutely fantastic workhorse camera, capable of everything and muscle memory from having been within the same "line" is beneficial, efficient and makes you able to focus on other things then a complicated/alien camera. All IMHO of course.
  11. I agree with the others here that you're slightly confusing as you state "First Batch Submission" in the title for the thread + there are 0 images in your portfolio + joined late last year = that would very strongly indicate that this would be your first assessment submission - but you're saying this is all wrong and you've been contributing, with success for a while and know how it works - I'll take your word for it. So if this is a regular submission - if in Alamy Image Manager you click in on the the submission it probably stated "One or or more..." on most images, but isn't there at least one that has a specified reason? If no and you really don't know which one it is that wasn't up to scratch just simply e-mail Alamy member services - they are fast and super-helpful. Good luck.
  12. Re. "f/4 and beyond". Don't know exactly why, but on a full frame I tend to find the too shallow depth of field just too gimmicky in many cases. Sure it can look great sometimes and has it's place, but personally I think I care less about effect and more about the image as a whole. Also, depending on the situation you might want to have a bit of critical sharpness "cushion" around whatever you intend to lay the focus on, the less controlled environment the more you may need. f/1.2-f/2.8 can be very very shallow and if not places exactly right, especially on high resolution cameras, the image is wasted. I think many, when they are new to the "art", want to distance themselves as much as possible from what they consider to be "amateurish" and try to look as "professional" so tend to overdo/overthink the technical bit instead of the image and perhaps it's message. Re. "neglible trade-off". I was referring to quality/sharpness. Going back in time 5-7 years and zooms couldn't quite match primes in terms of achievable perceived sharpness. In my opinion, and others, that has been pretty much eliminated through lens development, in camera processing and in computer processing. So to ME it doesn't make much sense to set myself up for a lot of lens-swapping, call it lazy, I call it more efficient. This whole thing is assuming that one doesn't NEED the extra stops/lights that a f/1.2-2.8 lens offers. I don't need it, even when I had it available to me I very rarely used it, BUT we're all different, with different needs and taste. Good luck!
  13. After many years of swapping around both brands, primes vs zooms, max aperture speeds etc. I settled on an all stabilised Canon L lens line-up of 16-35L f/4 IS, 24-70L f/4 IS (with useful macro function) and the 70-200L f/4 IS. Currently used with a Canon 5D Mark IV. All these lenses are fantastically real life sharp, especially the 16-35 is an amazing lens, super-sharp corner to corner - replaced my much loved, but soft-cornered 16-35L f/2.8 II. Today, with modern lenses there is negligible trade-off going with a zoom instead of a prime, so why not choose convenience? I also used LR to analyse images to see how much use I did of my f/1.4 primes, my f/2.8 zooms etc. and came to the conclusion that I preferred the look of and spent the majority of "time" in f/4 and above territory. Also ISO performance on cameras have progressed to a point where it is almost, for me, a non-issue/consideration. Now, of course, Canon has released and mapped out an amazing looking and amazingly expensive RF line-up...don't have any desire for mirrorless per se, but this new Canon RF mount and thus new lineup is looking sweet (unfortunately) giving me some serious GAS. Also, many look into filter systems and after having spent many $£ and years going through different brand I can whole-heartedly recommend the "Nisi V5 Pro" 100mm system. Very expensive, but worth the premium IMHO - tough and durable, the integrated CPL (Circular Polariser) solution and no cast - an absolute gem of a system and tremendous quality throughout.
  14. Sorry for the off-topic! I refer to them as my hairy children, very proud of them all. Female Chihuahua dog - Chloe. Best dog ever, with a preference for the wife. Female Bengal cat - Athena. Amazingly beautiful and a coat that is unbelievably soft, unreal. Born in our bathroom, lost her mummy and our beloved Caiua at 4-5 weeks due to veterinary incompetence/negligence. Best friend with/to my son. Young male Bengal cat - Titan. A complete "boy", with no limits and thoughts of injury to himself or property. A total daddy's boy. Bred for size (my sister is a breeder www.minileo.com) so should hit about 12kg. 2x female Degu (Octodon Degus) - Puff and Peach. Absolutely lovely little creatures with huge personalities. Clever little buggers and one of the very few animals that use tools (a rake or stick, for example, to retrieve hard to get food). Quite developed language and there are dictionaries so one can understand them (happy, hungry, groom me, acknowledgement, excited etc.). Should be my daughter's responsibility, but I'm a sucker for them and we hang out quite a bit. Potentially bird(s) - son keeps going on about a budgie, but by law, they have to be at least a pair. Resisted so far - think the current setup is plenty.
  15. I know - trust me, she (the wife) would love some, but as a photographer's wife, two kids and 5 pets it's just not happening. However, she's quite content with the fact that the budget for fancy footwear is quite extensive as they have paid for themselves many times over and of course looks good on her too! No complaints from me. Maybe one day a pair of Louboutins will make there way into her shoe closet
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