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  1. Canon 5D MK IV with 16-35mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm and 50mm + Nisi V5 Pro 100mm filter system. DJI Mini 4 Pro Good Luck! /M
  2. Hi Ian, How exciting - I'll definitely sign up and subscribe - love YouTube. I "used to" do a bit of vlogging between 2016 and 2018, maybe 30 episodes, but stopped (which is a big No No!). At the beginning of this year I erased everything from my channel to start on a new slate (mentally) and just now starting over by re-uploading my old vlogs as they are very popular within the family to watch from time to time. Then after that/now I'll start on new stuff, whether that be Vlogs or other things I've yet to fully decide. Love the feeling after having finished a video, uploaded it - a very tangible feeling of having created something. The biggest "Good Luck" and have fun - you'll do great and I look forward to watching them! Best! /M
  3. I think we're on the same page, roughly at least. In the future, I will probably add another "heavier" drone to the arsenal - probably be a Mavic 4/5 Pro at that point. But the no.1 drone, the one that is always with you, that can always get something will be something Mini sub 250 grams. And currently, those 48Mp images aren't too shabby with good acquisition (panos) and good/gentle processing. Adjustable aperture is something that I do "miss". That and a few more grams of allowance to use "heavier" filters such a GNDs and reverse GNDs. At this point I use it (drone) for 85% stills and 15% footage - footage is hard when one started out as a stills photographer for some reason. /M
  4. If you're going to use the Air 3 in conjunction with the Mini 3 Pro is that really the best choice? The main camera is the same (as the Mini 4 Pro), but in the Air 3 package which is less "allowed". If doing a 2 drone setup wouldn't something like a Mini 3 Pro/Mini 4 Pro + Mavic 3 Pro (with the 3 cameras) make more sense? Just thinking out loud! Best! /M
  5. Added a drone (DJI Mini 4 Pro) to the toolbox earlier this year, something that I've been wanting for years. "Refreshing" to have an entire new creative vantage point to use, both for stills and footage - really got my creative juices going. So only just started out with it, but already captured stills/footage that I previously would be unable to get that IMHO is pretty good and I believe will be selling well. Besides using it for stock, I'm also looking into Photogrammetry, as well as using it as part of my "offerings" for assignments/services and other content creation. I chose the Mini 4 Pro as it has good enough quality stills/footage, but in a package small enough to not add too much more bulk or weight "in the bag", but mainly because it enjoys the least amount of restrictions in terms of where one can use it - it is ok to use pretty much everywhere (close to and over buildings, close to and over people (just not large crowds)) as long as there are no flight restrictions. Also it is pretty quiet (hard to hear it when it goes beyond 10-15 meters in height), unobtrusive as to not draw attention from people. Also a lot of safety features which makes it difficult to crash/ruin unless you really almost want to or completely left your caution/logic/brain at home Not 100% foolproof, but not far off, something that is very much appreciated when for example one is using some of its many automated functions, using oneself as the subject (for example active track) thus not being able to check the flight path as intently as when doing other work and the risk of something getting in the way is much greater. Been taking my time to get used to it, gaining experience and one-by-one "educating myself" on all its functions of which there are MANY. Best! & Have a great weekend! /M
  6. Hi Ian - hope you're well! Printing is never cheap! Usually, the more expensive the printer the lower the running costs (due to having bigger ink tanks). In short - if you're looking for high quality and best longevity you should go for a pigment printer. Been using Canon for the last 10-12 years - first a 9500 and now a PRO-10 (which has been superseded by the Pro-300). My Pro-10 is still running fine, never caused any problems despite being unused for extended periods of time which can be a problem for many printers. I'm looking to upgrade probably in the next 1-2 years, partly to lower the running costs, thus looking at the Canon imagePrograf PRO-1000 or if I can manage, the PRO-2100. So - Canon and pigment ink/printers, perhaps the Pro-300 could be something for you? It does A3+. In regards to paper I strongly recommend Canson Infinity "Platine Fibre Rag". Don't forget to look into mounting, matting (a few tools and practise and you'll do it beautifully yourself) and framing etc. Best! /M
  7. There is an Alamy Lightroom plugin that I find extremely useful. Well worth the money IMHO. Good luck! /M https://www.lightroom-plugins.com/AlamyIndex.php
  8. Works fine for me. You haven't managed to "click" the scroll-wheel and thereby disengaged scrolling? Good luck! /M
  9. Did the same thing (live chat). Free of charge they cancelled my two current subscriptions, CC Photography Plan and a single-app subscription for Premiere Pro. Instead I got the CC All Apps (really wanted to get After Effects) for almost half of previous total cost, as well as three months (90 days) totally free. Adobe are very understanding and accommodating. Did the same thing with the bank, whom cancelled some service fees until after the summer. Sitting on the board of a quite well-off (a bit too much in the coffers currently) home-owner-association (a peculiar type of ownership very prevalent in Sweden, you own your house, but a joint association take responsibility collectively for exterior maintenance, boilers, heating systems etc.) so are working on how we best help ourselves (66 houses/households/families). Possible action will be to cancel monthly service payments for a few months, hopefully help people feeling less worried, not having to worry about losing their homes and hopefully spend more money in the local/regional economy. Everyone needs to do their bit. In every house around me all or part of the households have been put on notice that their jobs are about to be lost. It's brutal right now. So when stuff like above is done/prepared, I might edit a crappy crappy vlog, as that is something that I'd really like to get back into. Did it for a while about 18-24 months ago, but then stopped. Admittedly it is hard to focus at the moment, the heavy burden of responsibility of making sure one's family is healthy, safe, as well as extended family here in Sweden, but also out of reach in rural Scotland (with health issues and old age 75yrs and 80 yrs), as well as all the neighbours - about 30% whom are elderly that I worry tremendously about.
  10. Regardless of the validity or seriousness of the allegations I can't but help to find it all very tragic. Sincere sympathies for his family, his kids.
  11. You can change playback speed. Click the "cog" symbol (settings), then change "Playback Speed" to your liking.
  12. Canon 5D Mark IV which is perfect, but big and "suspicious", wanting to "scale back a bit", so consider going mirrorless - frontrunner being the Fujifilm X-T2 or X-T3, but also considering Sony RX-10 or even RX-100. We'll see.
  13. Started with stock at the age of 29, back in 2003 - blink and now I am 45! It has always been tumultuous, as well as imminent doom and gloom from the start! Oddly enough, this summer there wasn't the usual summer slow down, so actually my "indicators" are positive, been a while! Don't know what the future holds, take it year by year, trying to not stress hahah.
  14. Have had the bigger brother "Pixma Pro-10" for a few years. I know the Pro-100 is a different print technology (dye based) vs the Pro-10 (pigment based). However, inks apart they share a lot of tech I think and the Pro-10 has been great. Solid as a rock and always consistent prints, never had any issues (not a single one).
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