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  1. What exactly is the difference between Creative and Relevant in search results?
  2. There are too many contributors who have posted many images who never sell. The agency needs to remove those collections reduce server space and cost and tighten up the website so the purchaser sees the best images without wading through tens of pages. Then Alamy can be advertised as new tightened up collection.. at the moment it is in danger of .becoming another micro stock agency
  3. I know this is not about Alamy but it is a relevant piece of news in the stock photo world, which many of you may have read. . Flickr agency is now limiting uploads to 1000 images unless you buy an annual "PRO" account (50US$) and deleting images over 1000 if you do not pay up. My sales seem to have plummeted recently on Alamy not for any particular reason that I can find. There are now millions of images that are uploaded by non professionals some of which are excellent , and many are rubbish and lots of duplicates. Alamy surely needs to prune it's collection , one to save storage and two to make the many similars and duplicates to be removed. I think this strategy would be a good idea, and if implemented I would be quite willing to pay an annual fee to have a large collection online. Alamy is great agency but dilution of content must make searching more time consuming. for clients. Alamy would gain something over Shutterstock etc if the collection was tightened up and advertised as such. Would Alamy like to comment ?
  4. Personally I would like to be able to opt out of any use of my images as a free promotion or anything that gives client my images for free. I have to make a living and just because other agencies are using this tactic to try and increase market share I do not agree with it. It is bad business. Experiment yes , layouts ,trials yes but published online or in print in any way without proper payment NO.
  5. 14 years . I joined Alamy just after it started. in those days it was possible to finance shoots in Europe and other places. ... sadly not any more unless you spend your whole life living out of a suitcase and no mortgage .
  6. My ranking seems to have fallen badly over the last 6 months. I have been with Alamy for many years and have grossed a total of almost 350,000 US$ in sales. Is the value of a contributors overall sales included in their ranking and if not should it be ?
  7. I have just sold an image to a large business ( more than 10 employees) for worldwide use and sold for 65$ gross. I am told by Alamy that it is the rate for Shop Front Pricing ? I have never heard of Shop Front pricing.? Have you ?
  8. If the information is taken from regular customers comparing weekly results would be an interesting statistic.
  9. When I select " all of alamy " and count up the number of sales for the last business week it comes to 516. That does not seem very much. If average sale value is about 40US$ then total earnings are about 20600 US$ . That is 10,300 to Alamy about £7300. Has anybody else followed these sales figures? Am I doing something wrong?
  10. In the days when fees were reasonable reuse fees were always 50% of the original license fee. With many editorial fees now less than 40$ reuse should in my opinion not offer more than 25% discount. Your thoughts ? .time for a change.? We are all struggling. I have just had a fee of 32$ and a reuse of 16$
  11. I recently sold a shot for "Large company more than 10 employees* for $144. A week later the sale was refunded and then resold to " a small company with less than 10 employees " for only $39. I wonder who the company is and that it is not a design group working on behalf of a client ?. The difference in pricing is very great. Surely a small company fee should not be less than 1/2 of a large company fee.? Some adjustment would seem to be in order.
  12. The Panasonic DMC LX100 takes fabulous RAW mages and excellent 4k Video. Its demanding to use and a bit fiddly but has an excellent Leica lens.
  13. I notice some of my IQ sales have a clause Usage: iQ sale: Travel client. Marketing Package Use. Any size, Any placement, Excludes advertising. Repeat use within the terms of the license. Industry sector: Travel & tourism, This licence is for 10years That means they can reuse it as often as they wish with no extra payment? This is an RM image. A travel magazine / brochure only needs rights for 2 years max, This appears to just be giving away future revenue,
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