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  1. Robert I'm getting the paper version as well . Don't trust the iPhone NHS software to work in Malaga airport next month.
  2. A number of the videos that I have looked at here are poorly shot and not very saleable , but there are some good exceptions.
  3. If Alamy are distributing the poorer non selling clips from Pond5 then they have lost a great opportunity to create a UK based video library that is an edited collection of the best footage available.
  4. How about keeping the commission at 50% and raising the 20% band to minimum of 500 $. That would please all of the active contributors who probably have the best images. The ranking should also favour those who have the best sales record.. This would possibly produce the same financial result for the agency in terms of revenue.
  5. The whole Alamy short term contract is unsatisfactory to both Alamy and its contributors. A new Contract should be made that lasts for one year snd renews annually . It should require 6 months notice of any proposed changes in terms and 6 months notice if you wish to leave. The commission rate especially should be guaranteed for 12 months. Nobody can operate a business where their financial return can be altered with 45 days notice. The whole thing should be reviewed and put on ice for a while . Peter
  6. Our growth plans are beginning to take shape. Your own individual results on our platform will vary, but overall sales via our website in 2021 are 45% higher than they were in the first 4 months of 2020. This increases the earning potential for all our contributors and we want to be sure our model supports sustainable growth. Increase in number of sales maybe ? What is the increase in revenue?
  7. This Forum is confusing. Let everybody post NET sales that is how much you actually will receive ( LessVAT)
  8. My recent sales to newspapers have been very poor. I hope Alamy are raising the base price for editorial usage as the fees after their 50% are often the price of a Coffee.
  9. General impression is that people on this forum have little interest in a blog. There are more than enough photographers here and encouraging new contributors just dilutes our earnings even more. It may sound bit harsh but its true. My sales used to be fabulous but now they are pitiful.
  10. ALAMY Please reply to this topic with a YES or NO
  11. Do we have re ranking anymore ? When was it last done?
  12. Travelshots

    Video ???

    What progress is being made on the vIdeo front ? Is software being designed or is it all on the back burner ?
  13. How about a nice modern office setting with maybe a xmas tree in the background. Peter Happy Xmas
  14. What is the point of having the choice of Creative and Relevant boxes on the SEARCH Page.? How many people actually know what the difference in the search results will be ? Surely a much better box is "Popular" which helps searches for what are most likely the most saleable images
  15. I would like to see a select number of Video contributors who have a good pro knowledge of video and a good (say 500 videos) able to upload them to the current video site after editorial approval. PA have the software for their own video . Just re jig it to Alamy. I was one of the first people to upload video to Alamy but took 150 files down after it was established that only RF and not RM was going to be sold . I now have some RF video which I would like to be onair with Alamy.
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