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  1. ALAMY Please reply to this topic with a YES or NO
  2. Do we have re ranking anymore ? When was it last done?
  3. Travelshots

    Video ???

    What progress is being made on the vIdeo front ? Is software being designed or is it all on the back burner ?
  4. How about a nice modern office setting with maybe a xmas tree in the background. Peter Happy Xmas
  5. What is the point of having the choice of Creative and Relevant boxes on the SEARCH Page.? How many people actually know what the difference in the search results will be ? Surely a much better box is "Popular" which helps searches for what are most likely the most saleable images
  6. I would like to see a select number of Video contributors who have a good pro knowledge of video and a good (say 500 videos) able to upload them to the current video site after editorial approval. PA have the software for their own video . Just re jig it to Alamy. I was one of the first people to upload video to Alamy but took 150 files down after it was established that only RF and not RM was going to be sold . I now have some RF video which I would like to be onair with Alamy.
  7. What percentage of alamy sales are RF? do customers really care any more ? Any contributor with equal quality (ie good images not second best). RF and RM have any comment? Are the fees the same? Do we have special offer purchases for RF ? Personally I prefer to sell RM ( I have 5000 + and they have earned a lot of money on Alamy ). Getty sell video with what they call RR (Rights Ready, The fees are still terrible apart from the very occasional high value Advertising use ) I am not sure what RR really means. I suppose it means similar to RM.
  8. This is now working well on Google . Many Alamy images . Also video from Getty. Try "Buckingham Palace video" for example. You have to select :"images" : then "tools" then "Licensable commercial"
  9. Not yet perhaps , But supposing google charged a small fee to an agency , a group of photographers could set up an online e commerce agency and display its images on worldwide google with the copyright link. The client can then buy an image from the small agency charging just a small commission to its own photographers, There would be no more selling people , very low costs and 100% of the fee which each photographer could set. No more paying 80% to big G or even 50% to Alamy. It is getting your images in front of clients that is the thing that an individual photographer cannot easily do.. G
  10. Why am I getting sales for $2.99cents ? I have not signed up to novel use or anything. I know bulk discounts exist but these prices are just stupid.
  11. just switched off all my videos on SS . Hope many others do the same, It must be breech of the contract terms which are implied when you start to upload content. You should not by law be able to vary those terms by giving 3 days notice . USA law ????
  12. Why are you selling 10 years rights for 49$? to a travel company who would be quite happy with 2 years rights.
  13. IT really is about time you allowed some selected contributors to upload video.
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