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  1. Images sold in January

    This is an awesome picture. Khan.
  2. Tips to improve Alamy Sales ?

    Dear Ollie, I cant thank you enough for your time and going through the Portfolio, I welcome your criticism and will make a note of that. I have removed some once but it will take the time to completely removed from my portfolio. Soon I will go through the similars again and leave the best only. By the way you have wonderful and well diversified portfolio. Once again, thank you very much. Khan.
  3. Tips to improve Alamy Sales ?

    I must thank you guys for very positive feedback. Now one thing is clear that sales are good everything is on track. Had you look into a page or two of my portfolio for any suggestions, I would really appreciate and love to hear something. Khan
  4. Tips to improve Alamy Sales ?

    I really appreciate your response, thanks for positive feedback Khan.
  5. Tips to improve Alamy Sales ?

    15 sales are good? I mean some are mid $$ and some are low $.
  6. Tips to improve Alamy Sales ?

    This means my portfolio is fine, need to upload more.
  7. Tips to improve Alamy Sales ?

    Thanks for your time. With your comment I am guessing I am right on track. Khan.
  8. Tips to improve Alamy Sales ?

    Dear Seniors, I wish someone look into my port and give me some tips to improve my port at Alamy, jn order to get some sales. I am bit disappointed with low level oc sales which demotivates me to caption, tag and upload more. Regards Khan.
  9. How many did you upload in 2018?

    I've just started in Feb 2018 and uploaded around 1400 in a year with 15 sales in total. Khan
  10. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    It was a long wait to post on this thred. 2 sales $ popped up yesterday...bulk discount, flat rate but welcomed. Khan.
  11. What to shoot in Abu Dhabi for Alamy Stock

    Dear Ollie, I used %abu dhabi% and as described it gave me the result, which I checked and there is quite a lot to photograph. I am still learnig this research thing. Khan
  12. What to shoot in Abu Dhabi for Alamy Stock

    Thanks a lot for the response, I am really looking into different subject matters and hope to implement your advice in my next shooting. khan.
  13. What to shoot in Abu Dhabi for Alamy Stock

    Dear Wim, tha ks for the detailed answer, I will definitely go through the AoA and will follow what you said. I am fed up of looking my dashboard for the same zooms and same sales over and over. Although my port at Alamy is not that big but still. Anyhow, I really appreciate your time and advice. khan.
  14. What to shoot in Abu Dhabi for Alamy Stock? I have uploaded different type of images to Alamy, however the efforts and time which I spent from my very busy schedule does not seem to pay off any soon, I have tried weather, events, and general seascapes etc but nothing seems to be working from Abu Dhabi. Any guidance will be appreciated from senior members. Khan.
  15. Picture needs and photography trends - BETA

    Hello Losdemas, thanks for your answer and I thought I am the first to see the Change. Khan.