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  1. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Hi Rick, Thanks a lot for kind words. You also have awsome portfolio... Fahd.
  2. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Thanks to Allah Almighty. 3 Sales so far in this month ° Bulk Discount ° One time Web Use ° 3rd is for $66 I am very happy with Alamy.
  3. Very few contributors are interested in pseudo and I wish some could explain it better.
  4. Thanks a lot Brain, kind words mean a lot...really appreciate your time. You also have an awesome portfolio, nice Dog shots and pretty train pics...
  5. Hello fellow Alamysts

    Welcome on Board....I searched you on Twitter, you have some awsome picture... My Twitter handle, @eusaphzae
  6. Getting images noticed

    Thanks for supporting... But he might be kidding...
  7. Getting images noticed

    I mostly believe hard work with prays pays... But sale this early, I really meant to thank God...
  8. Getting images noticed

    I think you need good number of pictures and appropriate tags to be sold. I recently sold an image and I am also having very small number of photos in my portfolio. But I am very pleased with Alamy, just joined a month ago and had a sale as well....Thanks God, Thanks Alamy.
  9. Tips from the Alamy stand at the Photography Show

    Wonderful information, thanks for your time and effort... Wonderful forum and generous members
  10. Dear Tony, Thanks for kind words... I am trying my level best to get good shots and tagged them properly... I really appreciate you took your time and comment...
  11. You are absolutely right about guidelines...Sir.
  12. I have no intentions to upload mobile pics...Fujifilm is doing good for me...
  13. I did, I don't know, intentionally or not, I uploaded a batch of 3 to 4 pics all taken by my Huawei P10...and no issue with QC. I have no plan to provoke QC team...they are doing great...
  14. I do not encourage this but Alamy does pass images taken by mobile.
  15. Thanks Geoff, For such a thorough answer. I am listening to all senior contributors and learning good stuff every day... I will do the same, for the time being, focus on shooting good images and relevant tags...