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  1. Well done Steve - its hard to know where to start sometimes.
  2. Not necessarily - I had a $351 sale in July. Hope springs eternal.
  3. The wildlife comedy photos, brilliant as usual. My vote goes to the happy coloured fish https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2020/sep/11/comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-2020-finalists-in-pictures
  4. Thanks for all your generous words. It is an unhappy time indeed, but that's the way it goes sometimes. No use crying, just keep going. Time is indeed the great healer, as is looking at these great photos. Keep 'em coming.
  5. Last month my wife of 20 years, for whom I left the UK to live in Quebec, for whom I quit my career, everything in fact announced that she was fed up with me and was leaving. To say I was disappointed is to miss my turbulent reaction by a light year. Several topics came to mind - WTF? and In the Sh*t were a couple that sprang to mind. I settled on BROKEN in the end - a bit melodramatic but what the heck, I'm allowed to be a bit dramatic. You can interpret Broken as you wish, it can be physically broken, emotionally or spritually. Over to you and as usual your three entires must come from your Alamy selection and I will pick the eight finalists at the end of the month.
  6. Yes, it was just my innate idleness coming through. Better to get it right first time than start mucking about with other bits of software.
  7. I tried it and couldn't even get it to install. At the moment I still with CS5 which does everything I need, but my ACR does not support my D750 files. Maybe the free C1 is worth a look, or better still, I take more care in processing in the first place.
  8. I use, and like, DXO PhotoLab for my RAW conversions. There is one thing that I don't like though and that is the fact that it is long to load and a bit slow to use. When I am doing a batch I don't mind. Just this morning though, I had an image that had a rock in the middle of the image on which the highlights were blown. It was a bit long to go into DxO PL and re-process the image just for the rock. So, does anyone have experience of a RAW converter that is quick to load. It could be a basic one, I don't need all the bells and whistles, just a simple coverter for a small part of an image. I just need it to load quickly, reprocess a RAW for the errant pixels and export to be blended in PS with the DxO image.
  9. Last month I had an image go out for $350, so $175 to me. Which is $174.90 more than most of the sales on my much-regretted dabble in MS and $164.12 more than my highest ever MS sale.
  10. I am looking at either the Sigma or Tamron 100-400mm. At the moment I have the 24-120mm and the 70-200mm, so my tele zoom is just there for 120-200mm. I think I will sell it and get one of the 100-400mm. They get pretty good reviews as far as I have looked at the moment - I am still in the early musing stages and not yet ready to actually get one. If anyone on here has actual real-life info on either of these itwould be appreciated.
  11. I had to push the definitions a bit to get something suitable, but here goes. Home-made boy doing raspberry fingers with home-grown raspberries. Home-made bath on a campsite. Big brother watches kid sister having a bath in a plastic storage box. It was when I got in after her that people started to look. (Kidding of course) Home-made energy in Nepal. Various trekking companies supply the lodges with parabolic mirrors to heat water to save the burning of the scarce wood at high altitude.
  12. Three from me Fire and Water - autumn trees in Quebec Earth and water - the superb Aiguille Verte reflected in Lac Blanc, Chamonix Alps Air and Water - high altitude cloud reflected in very calm water
  13. And there we go, we have a winner. It looked like Losdemas's frog was going to be the winner but John Richmond's wet leaves put in a final surge and takes the podium. Over to John then to set the challenge for July.
  14. I'll be closing the votes this evening, so if anyone want to vote then do so today.
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