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  1. I had never seen this picture before. Literally its a knockout https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2020/dec/02/muhammad-ali-cleveland-williams-neil-leifers-best-photograph
  2. A bit off topic but DxO have sales pretty regularly so if you miss the bargain this time around I'm sure there will be a sale after Xmas. I get their emails all the time even though I am up to date.
  3. I will probably give you another answer tomorrow, but this one is hard to beat. The kids spent ages raking the leaves in to a pile next to our vegetable box, and then spent their day throwing them and jumping into them. This was one of the early ones and the uninhibited happiness on her face is a marvel. For me its clearly the photo of 2020 and a competitor for best photo ever.
  4. You asked about poor exposure - Alamy QC are good at what they do and they will know the difference between a correctly exposed moody image and an underexposed poor image.
  5. And when you get round to keywording, make sure you find the topics on here about the Discoverability Bar which is a rubbish tool that you should ignore. Its been discussed on half a dozen threads in the last few months. Do find and read those threads, there is good information in them.
  6. This opens up new horizons. As you said Ian, searching on Colstravel Alamy just gives me links back to my alamy images, and I gave up looking. For DACS do I just need the book title and ISBN or do I need a screen shot of the photo as proof?
  7. A little foam mat or square cut from an old camping mattress - great for kneeling or sitting on in the snow/ice. In fact its a useful piece of kit all year round.
  8. Thats Danny MacAskill, a cult hero in our household. If any of you don<t know him then feast your eyes on these gorgeous videos featuring Danny's skills - great production, great music and incredible riding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jj0CmnxuTaQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_7k3fnxPq0
  9. Three from me Photographer silhouetted at sunset Photographer watching the Riviere St Francois raging after torrential autumn rain Photographer taking pictures of jellyfish in Toronto aguarium
  10. Captions should be full descriptive senteces. So for you luxury brand shops your caption should be something like "The interior of X luxury brand shop in Terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport" or "The exterior of X luxury brand shop on Bond Street in London, showing Rolex watches in the window". You get the idea. Supertags absolutely use them all for the ten words that define your image. And, though this has been on a few threads lately, don<t over-keyword and ignore the discoverability bar. As long as you have answered Who What Where When Why and How in your keywords you can ignore the disco bar
  11. Most people are the same, but do not forget that you can have the best photos ever but with poor keywords they will never be seen. Keywording is as important as taking the photo and post processing. Don't do it poorly - when you get sick of it then stop and come back later or the next day. You won't lose out much if your photos go on sale a day or a week later than you wanted but if they are poorly keyworded then they will be lost forever (or at least until you rekeyword them).
  12. Getting this shot, and the others in the series, was pure luck. The day had been grey all day and my camera kit was packed away in the back of the car. We were camping on the campsite that is next to the lighthouse. We had booked a bit late and we ended up at the site that was at the very end of the campsite, miles from the loos but, luckily for me, a quick one minute walk from the lighthouse. I was getting the dinner ready when the light suddenly started to glow - it went from grey to this in about a minute. I grabbed my camera with one hand whilst throwing the spatula to Helene with the othe
  13. Stunning again, the ship in the ice and the top of the building are my number ones. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2020/oct/22/aerial-photographer-of-the-year-2020
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