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  1. Absolutely. I was just commenting on the noise question, but to the OP - start to save up to buy the very best lenses that you can. Digital cameras come and go but your lenses, looked after, will last you a lifetime. My lenses are Tamron 15-30mm f2,8 stunning Nikon24-120mm f4 very good and as this range is so useful I can forgive it its occasional weaknesses Nikon70-200mm f4 Stunning Nikon 50mm f1,8 super sharp and a snip at a couple of hundred dollars Nion 60mm f2,8 macro superb Don't fall into the trap of buying cheap to get your lens a bit quicker, cheap lenses will just let you down. A set of good lenses is a big investment. Don't overlook the third party companies like Sigma and Tamron as they are making great lenses now. And don't forget that this forum is a generous source of great practical information, so if you want opinions on a lens you will get it.
  2. I would say its fine as it is. I have uploaded images with more noise than that and have never had a problem. The link works and I was looking at 100%.
  3. get your air guitar out and mime along to Coronavirus Rhapsody. My wife is a doctor and director of her clinic and she is pretty much in the thick of it at the moment, getting ready for the cases that will arrive in a couple of weeks. She came home and played me this, and its pretty well done. Worth a laugh, which is valuable right now.
  4. The huffing bear, the animals in the tree shadow and the rocket plume are my top three. And you would certainly have a surprise if you leant against that tree.
  5. Best photo I have seen in while. Love it.
  6. Nice idea - lovely photos just for the sake of it. Two from me, very large and very small Sunrise behind icicles in the French Alps. We had got everything ready to sleep out under the stars down on the glacier prior to climbing our mountain the next day. The weather was a bit threatening though so we decided to chance it with dossing down in the cable station. Sleeping in the Midi cable station is not allowed and it depends on the night guardian. Some will revel in their power and throw you out into the night. We were lucky, our guy just made sure that we didn't put our sleeping bags so they blocked the passage. So we had a luxury night in the warm. We were all awake early to get going and when we went out to look at the weather we were confronted with this superb scene, a sun rising into a clear blue sky with these lovely icicles to frame it all. A treasured alpine memory. I was with my wife at her mum's house when the conversation turned to some particularly feminine subjects. Beating a hasty retreat I grabbed my camera bag and headed for the safety of the garden. We had had a little shower and I whiled away a pleasant half hour shooting the raindrops.
  7. Unless you are really at the sharp end, climbing unroped, rock climbing is less dangerous than a lot of sports. You are attached and even if it goes badly wrong, you can usually be rescued. Surfing is way more dangerous, and not being a water lover, is not something I would even consider. Same goes for caving/pot-holing.
  8. From the Guardian today https://www.theguardian.com/sport/gallery/2020/mar/19/catch-a-wave-the-2020-nikon-surf-photography-awards-in-pictures Fantastic images one and all.
  9. As written above this is a UK based agency, so all you titles and keywords have to be in english. And, as John said, add another 5000 well exposed, varied, and accurately keyworded photos. There is nothing quick about making money on Alamy.
  10. If you have a lot to do it might be worth test driving DxO Viewpoint. I use it a lot and really like it, as I do all DxO products.
  11. I too am hoping that there is a bug in the system somewhere and that I have dozens of $$$ sales waiting to pop up, because this month is rotten for me.
  12. Three from me A tree in the mist in Mont Tremblant, north of Montreal. For some odd reason, some of my pictures get all squashed when I post them here. To see it in its proper dimensions you have to click on it. A boat in the morning mist in the Baie des Chaleurs in Gaspesie. This was photography the lazy way, taken through the window of our house. It wasn't all easy for me though - I actually had to put my coffee down before taking the picture. A hiker in the mist on Snowdon in Wales, UK.
  13. I think this was discussed a while back - try a search. I use Luminar a bit but I think one of our technical experts (MDM maybe) said that Luminar was not colour controlled so not appropriate for primary editing. I could be totally mis-remembering this though.
  14. Absolutely - electrifying arguments, dazzling use of english and a phenomenal memory. A Talisker or two and Hitch on Youtube and my evening is made. His books are excellent too, especially god is not great.
  15. Along with Lemmy, Hitchens is one of the few heroes I still have. Much missed and more relevant now than ever.
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