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  1. Avoid too much repetition. You have about a dozen shots of those lovely cirrus clouds (you need the scientific names of the cloud formations in your keywords). All you need really is a horizontal and a vertical shot. And definitely ditch the whimsical titles - editors will search on keywords rather than humourous captions.
  2. Greetings everyone We have just finished a great subject and, as ever with these challenges, we had a great set of images to choose from. And now for the next challenge. The last weekend we were all mountain biking over at Mont Ste Anne near Quebec and I was marvelling at my son on his bike. He's 7 and he rides at 100% capacity all the time. Its so good to watch him learning his balance and position, just revelling in being in motion. Not just my boy either, all the kids love being outside and in action and its lovely to watch. Uninhibited joy in playing (and also not having cranky knees). So, this month's challenge is CHILDREN IN ACTION. Kids playing, having fun. It could be riding, swimming, running, with or without an adult. As usual, images must come from Alamy and entries close at midnight here on 31st July. Here are a few to get going My boy lining up for the next jump The kids having a blast on the sledges La Cocotte ripping along on her balance bike.
  3. Just back from our MTB weekend - I will put up the next challenge later or tomorrow.
  4. Pseudonyms can be a useful tool for keeping different collections apart. You could have a general stock one and a farming one. That way if one does poorly it does not drag the better performing one down. As John has said farming is of interest and often a political football. Each time you roll your eyes at a headline, go out and shoot the reality, or try to illustrate the idea.
  5. Was your one sale so far a farming photo? Having a specialist portfolio can be very interesting as you have an understanding of, and access to, a world that is inaccessible to many other photographers. You can easily create a second pseudonym for your farming pictures. In your position I would spend while searching Alamy using farming keywords and looking at the results. If you think you can do better than the photos that are there or you find that there are no results for more specific search terms, you could be in a position to build a nice niche portfolio. Farming is a topic that is of worldwide interest.
  6. Three from me Unknown soldier's grave near Ypres. Sunrise over the Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge near Fort William in Scotland Enduring sadness - the final price of war. A timely topic now that the war drums are beating around the world again.
  7. You bet. I moved to Quebec in 2002 and would not consider going back to live in the UK.
  8. Not at all, but from a photography (ie nothing to do with sales) point of view the change was extra-ordinary. I went from the Nikon D300 to the D750 and I was knocked out by the difference. Not so much by the resolution change but by the improvement in high ISO and dynamic range. If you have an older 12MP model then a change to a newer sensor will open your eyes.
  9. In case the OP is still not convinced, there's this. When I worked as an analytical chemist we were involved in a big study in fish lifecycles. It was studying the effect of chemical pollutants on the sex of fish, and it was a study that lasted 450 days. It was a big deal as it was the first time that this type of study had been carried out over several generations of fish. At the end of those 450 days the fish taken at different stages of the study and frozen were histologically analysed. The lab that carried out the histology was not fully used to working in a highly regulated environment and despite many entreaties to follow the required standards, they did not. When the file (when I say file I mean of course a small van full of folders) was QC'd they found a few errors in the paper trail of the histology samples. Out went the study. Rejected in its entirety. When QC find one error they are properly entitled to assume that the rest of the unchecked product/data will also contain errors. To say that the clients were annoyed is to miss their emotions by a country mile. Luckily our lab was in the clear as all my chemistry data and all the biologists data were accepted - because we were used to being QC'd. Without inspection standards inevitably deteriorate.
  10. Now that is a really exceptional photo. Great choice to go monochrome as well.
  11. Yes, this is really good. Well seen and executed.
  12. Way too paranoid. If you read on the forum a bit you will see that lots of people have problems with upload speed - me included. Try FTP instead - its super fast.
  13. This happens to us all, but a tightly edited portfolio remains a better bet.
  14. Me too, and am curious as my DACS deals with UK publications only. We'll see.
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