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  1. The Nik Collection

    For me its not about avoiding paying for the CC package, its just that DxO's RAW conversions are so good. Instant eradication of CA, fringing, distortions, etc.
  2. distributor sales

    In. Yes there are low prices, but last month I had a $165 sale via distribution.
  3. Adobe doing well but DxO struggling?

    I have been with DxO for about 10 years now and love it. It will be a real shame if they do go down. Some sources say that they have gone into protective proceedings to re-organise, though everything is rumours in the absence of any word from DxO.
  4. The Nik Collection

    That's a shame. DxO is an integral part of my workflow. I hope they can get their finances in order and carry on.
  5. DxO Optics Plugins for Mac Photos at £10 each

    I have been using DxO for years now and love it, so these plugins will be superb. Their automated lens corrections is great, I haven't had CA on a photo in ten years. The Prime NR is good too, well worth a look. If you can live without the data management of Lightroom the DxO software is well worth evaluating. Its called DxO Photolab now and finally includes local corrections.
  6. April 2018 Challenge: On The Water

    Thank you Colblimp. If only picture buyers shared your opinion.
  7. April 2018 Challenge: On The Water

    Three from me A boat in a fiery morning mist in Gaspesie, Quebec. It was very cold and this mist was boiling off the water and the just risen sun set it all on fire nicely. Best of all, it was taken from my our balcony in between getting the kids breakfast on the table and the milk in my tea. Boats crossing on Lake Titicaca , Bolivia Man walking on a floating walkway in Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia, Canada
  8. The $100,000+ club

    Agreed Paulette. He was one of those whose contributions were always worth reading. I learnt a lot from him.
  9. Other contributors' sales figures

    Carol You’ll find that people here will give you endless help and advice on all topics except one - what they sell. The monthly “Have you found any Alamy photos “ thread and the “How was your month?” thread are both rich sources of information that repay careful study. Colin
  10. What formats do you shoot in Raw Or JPEG

    RAW all the way.
  11. Image size

    I posted the below a while back and have pasted it in here as I think its relevant in this thread. When I started I used way too many keywords, I put in words that were only tangentially linked to the image. After a while I had a rethink and after consulting this ever generous (if sometimes tetchy) forum, set about deleting rotten images and loads of keywords. The original thread is called "How to Recover this situation" started by KODAKovic on Feb 1st. The link to this thread is above in my original reply to the OP. I was in the same situation. I had about 5000 images online and was getting only occasional sales, really poor performance. Every search I tried I was down right at the end. I had a good look at other portfolios that were doing well (from what people reported). I concluded that I had three giant errors in my portfolio - too many similar images, too many rotten images and too many barely relevant keywords. It was a long task but I set about correcting this. I deleted about 1500 images (I cringe now when I see what I uploaded back then) and deleted at least half and in some cases three quarters of my keywords. The only keywords I kept were directly related to what I could see in the image, no general broad keywords at all. I was also guilty, because I dislike keywording, of copying and pasting into batches of pictures too much which only increased the number of irrelevant keywords. It took me a good few months to redo all my images. That was in 2010. Set about a good hard edit now while you have 'only' 3000 images. Directly relevant keywords only and a long detailed caption is my way of working.
  12. Image size

    Absolutely, but adding keywords just to get into the green is not optimising the image. Its de-optimising it as it will appear in more searches. If it appears in searches that are not relevant to that image then your CTR will take a hit.
  13. pseudonym

    Customers will search by keyword, so don't worry about pseudonyms. I have two, one for travel and one for general images. Many people have just one, others have several to manage their collection. Your pseudonym is fine.
  14. Image size

    Lorenza, don't try to achieve any number of keywords. Just type what you see in the image, including plurals and american equivalents if relevant (colour, color etc). If its 10 and they are all relevant, then there are 10. If its 50 keywords and they are all directly relevant than its 50. Don't have a target number of keywords.
  15. Image size

    You have no problem with image size. Trying to reach 50 keywords is a big mistake as it will increase your number of irrelevant views. Include directly relevant keywords only (who, what, where, when and why). I have images with just 10-12 keywords. Have a read of this thread as it contains some good information on keywording.