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  1. What price range for TV use?

    Are you reading this, Alamy?
  2. What price range for TV use?

    I had 4 UK TV uses last year, all mid $$.
  3. January 2019 Challenge: Happy New!

    Three from me Happy New Face - one of my son's friends admiring his new face paint in a mirror Happy New Phone - my son imagining a conversation on my wife's new phone. Happy New Snow - the kids having fun in the first snow of the year.
  4. Free Cameracraft Magazine Link Reinstated

    Why? It was a generous link to a great magazine. You can put it back and blow a raspberry at the naysayer(s).
  5. very quiet

    Keith doesn’t boast or brag. He doesn’t have to. He sells 100 images per month taken within a 10 mile radius of Aberystwith Town centre. He gives lots of insights and information in his brief posts. Ignore them ta your peril.
  6. I would also add the giving of our full size high-resolution files for PU sales. if you just need a photo for a presentation or to make a card from then you don't need my 24MP file for that. PU buyers should get a smaller sized file.
  7. I always take brackets of -1, 0 and +1. The +1 is bright and gives the base exposure and then I blend in the others to bring the highlights back. Have a look at Aurora HDR for blending. It does all the ghastly cartoon HDR looks but it really is good at blending to give a natural result. Start at ISO3200, but don't worry too much about noise. I have images at 9000ISO accepted (from the D750 that is).
  8. Imposters syndrome (again)

    Thanks for mentioning this. I had never heard of it, but I sure have met a few.
  9. Commission change - James West comments

    You should have posted the whole thing, its spot on.
  10. It bothers me because it may hinder the buyer. I have a photo of my wife reading a guide book in Paris. There is only one person really who is the subject of the photo, the others far off in the street are just incidental. So if I put that there are 5+ people in the photo then the buyer looking for a photo of someone alone in Paris will not see my photo. Equally a buyer looking for a photo of a group of people in Paris will not be interested in my photo with one person and a dozen far off people. This is why I would like to see a way of distinguishing between subject and incidental people.
  11. December Challenge

    Nicely seen Kumar, a great shot. An A** reference number as well, it must have been one of your first uploads.
  12. This also brings up one of the things that irritates me - the number of people in the image. You (Estelle) now have a photo of a pigeon that has no people as the subject but you are obliged to put 5+ people. There should be a way of differentiating between the number of people as subjects of the image and the number of people in total including incidental background people.
  13. Law Enforcement Shoulder Patches

    Make sure its a pure white background. Even if you use white card it will still show as being white card. In your post processing you can select the background and fill with white, which is what I do. With a thousand to do its probably worth while getting a light tent and setting up your lighting to get the background white in camera.
  14. Commission change - James West comments

    Its a 20% cut Chris. Its ten percentage points, but dropping from 50 to 40 is a drop of 20%. The percentage points trick is as old as they come but still very effective. Don't be fooled by it. Not just here, its a principal weapon in the politicians arsenal.
  15. Commission change - James West comments

    If there isn't then there must be something very wrong at the management at Alamy. 48 pages of comments on the two threads now.