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  1. My three. People out for a walk alongside the St Lawrence in Quebec City. A man walking on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City A woman and her dog on the beach at sunset.
  2. More likely that the customer said "I will pay you 15c per photo" and Alamy said "OK"
  3. And today I have two at $0.15. Which means that Alamy have managed to undercut their own risible 17 cent license fee by 12%. Good work Alamy. Coming soon, Aston Martin shopping trolleys and Rolex kids' watches.
  4. Look at these, some stunning images in there https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2021/dec/27/the-best-photographs-of-2021-and-the-stories-behind-them I'm not sure that a celebrity pic of Kim Kardashian belongs in such fantastic company, but then my anti-celeb reaction is visceral so maybe it is a great photo.
  5. It is a peculiar (to say the very least) business practice to promote the big advantage that your company has, then bargain the prices right to down to the lowest levels of the most uninspired business competition. The fact that Alamy is uncurated and open to anayone's weird and oddball photos was what made Alamy such a great start-up and why it became a world-size company in a short time. Its too bad to see all that squandered for keeping down with the competition. Quality and exclusivity does have a value - I can't see Ferrari making a $15000 hatchback or Armani making a $100 department stor
  6. Three from me My daughter, happy to be riding her bike off-road, and proud to be wearing her camelbak. You know you've made it when you get your camelbak. My son modelling the Ice cream face. My daughter registering her pleasure as she sees her big brother wipe out on his sledge
  7. I'll watch it when I get time. He is excellent and has the gift of disseminating information in a logical and structured way. And his accent gives his speech a charming musicality.
  8. Well, Time Machine didn't work. Well, it worked very well. I went back to before I upgraded and there, in Applications, was Pages. Greyed out. I restored it anyway and sure enough the message This Version of Pages is not compatible with your computer. Oh well, without a link to a Catalina compatible upgrade I will do without. Its not like I am writing documents all day long, Word will be fine for what I need. I just found Pages more intuitive.Maybe Apple will tempt me when the new M1 27 inch comes out.
  9. When Pages wouldn't work I thought that Numbers would not either. In fact its just Pages, and I'll give the Time Machine a go.
  10. This is very odd. For me it wouldn't open Pages at all (Numbers still works) on Catalina nor will it allow me to install the current version. Been there, checked that. And no, I have only had the one AppleID that I created when I bought the computer in 2013. I can't remember when I installed them, but the three programs (I got Keynote at the same time) are in my history. I will have a look at the time machine route when I get back home. Thanks for all your input. Colin
  11. Thanks Wim, I'll have a look at that. I don't fancy going round the hack route - I am tech savvy enough to get into trouble but not enough to get out of it.
  12. Hi all In fact my question is indirectly related to Mac OS. I am on a late 2013 27 inch iMac. I recently upgraded to Catalina which has left me in a bit of a bind. Its nothing serious but I would like to resolve it. I have always used Pages and Numbers as I prefer them to Word and Excel. Now however my versions of Pages and Numbers will not open as they are too old for Catalina. The sting in the tail is that when I try to download them from the AppStore it tells me that I have to upgrade to MacOS 11 (Big Sur), and Big Sur tells me that my computer is too old (it still works as well as whe
  13. Three from me Weather passing - golden sunlight appearing after a storm Weather coming - very dark clouds and a lovely wooden church in Jokkmokk in Sweden. Yes, it rained. In weather - white out conditions in the Swiss Alps
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