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  1. I had a sale last month for $538 for a fairly ordinary travel image. That's why.
  2. Boom! Look at that shot. Ten out of ten for observation and execution.
  3. Three from me Boats crossing on Lake Titicaca (not sure if they are crossing in Peru or Bolivia) Number 1, Queen St East in Toronto Rows of WW1 graves in a British cemetery (visiting these British, French and German graves is an intense experience) near Albert on the Somme.
  4. Have you seen this guy's work? Its hypnotic https://raycollinsphoto.com/collections/seascapes-landscape
  5. That<s excellent, I had never heard that one. Its up there with the advice on camera settings "f/8 and be there"
  6. So Alamy, maybe you could include a blog post about how crude a tool the discoverability bar is and how it invites people to add irrelevant keywords and hence ensure that they sink in the ratings. Or you could just get rid of it. It would save us a lot of typing.
  7. From those photographers brave enough to go into this hazardous environment https://www.theguardian.com/sport/gallery/2021/may/05/in-the-green-room-the-2021-nikon-surf-photography-awards
  8. Or actually free like Unsplash and the like.
  9. This was the same when it was slides that we sent off.
  10. That is what an agency is for. They do all the marketing and selling, I do all the shooting and keywording. We split the money. Where is the flaw? Why should they? - its the suppliers problem to get their costs down. The value of photos has dropped like a rock in the last ten years due (in my opinion) the enormous numbers of people ready to accept cents as a fair price for an image. Alamy did not create this situation and they are victims of it as much as we are. They would be more than happy to charge (and get) $1000 fees regularly like they did 15-20 years ago.
  11. It's worth doing the poll in two stages Ed. You click on the Poll tab in Start a New Topic. In there you put the title (Time to Vote for... or something like that) and in each of the 8 poll options you put the title of the image and the author. When that is done you publish the topic so all your typing is saved. Then you can edit your poll and add the photos. If something goes wrong in adding the images at least your text is safe. That said, if you have too much on and you don't have the time to set this up, then I can do it for you. You can send me your 8 finalists and I can do th
  12. Me too, which is why I do it as the first step. If I left it 'til later I would never get it done.
  13. MDM, who replied above, has a formidable understanding of Lightroom. If you use Lightroom then MDM can get you started on keywording there. I personally prefer DxO Optics for my RAW conversion and I use Bridge as my file organisation, for all my files not just photos. When I pull photos from my memory card I use Bridge to view them and delete the rubbish. When I have whittled them down to the keepers I keyword in Bridge (in the Metadata tab), then into DxO to convert the RAW to an image. When you click Metadata (this is the list of menus at the top right - you have Essentials, Filmstrip, Outpu
  14. Keywording is my least favourite part of the process of getting images for sale on alamy, ans I am not the only one who doesn't like it. That said, it is also the most important. We have had discussions here before about keyword generators. The few people who had experience said the same thing - the automated generator comes up with so many irrelevant (or words that are so loosely associated with the file as to be effectively irrelevant) words. And keyword spamming is a great way of ensuring that your photos won't get seen. By all means give it a try but in my own experience the best way is th
  15. Are you reading this, Alamy? You could put some time into this instead of the blog.
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