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  1. The new version of Aurora which come out soon claims to have AI, so maybe they are pushing this technology into their Aurora and Luminar packages. We've come a long way since I bought my D70 in 2006.
  2. Favourite Photos in September

    As a lover of thunder and lightning, I have been disappointed this year. Despite record heat and high humidity (humidex of 47C a couple of times) with really heavy and threatening clouds, we had no storms here in Quebec. Imagine my joy then, when we went back to Gaspesie for a week, to see this cloud with us in the cross-hairs. I managed to get the tent up in record time, then me and my boy legged it to grab some shots. I also got this one below which I put on a couple of arty-farty sites. The rain and lightning did not disappoint. I was glad I got the tent up in time, or I would have had an uncomfortable exchange of opinions with The Leader of the Opposition.
  3. September challege: THINK LOCAL

    My three Moonrise sequence shot from my balcony when we lived in Gaspesie. Shot with a beer in one hand and the remote release in the other. Morning mist rising from the sea in a cold snap, it was around -30C or so. Shot again from the balcony when we lived in Maria in Gaspesie. The moonrise was shot about two frame widths to the left. No beer in hand this time. My lovely boy, jumping on his bike in the street outside our house.
  4. Lens repair

    I don't know Fixation being in Canada, but I had a recent experience that may be relevant. My everyday zoom was damaged and the zoom ring was jammed, so I had the world's first 115-120mm zoom. Nikon's price was $900 to repair a $1400 lens. They wanted to replace an entire optical element set, rather than dismantle and repair it. I contacted a local, well reputed, camera repair outfit. They charged me $40 for an estimate which would be deducted from the bill if I had the repair done. Their estimate - $200, for a deeper dismantle and replace a screw that had got bent on impact. So I would definitely contact Fixation and describe the problem. It may not be that complex.
  5. Moving from Nikons to Sony A7III

    Helen I know it's all too easy to get sucked into hype around a product. You should go to a camera shop and compare your D610 with its lens with an a7 with its lens. Is it really that much smaller and lighter? I was in this position a few years back when I wanted to change my D300 for something with better moving-subject AF and high ISO. I really considered going mirrorless but, after long reflection and visits to shops, ended up going with the D750. I know that mirrorless now is not the same as mirrorless was in 2014, but in the D750 I have a gorgeous camera that tracks AF, sees in the dark and takes Alamy accepted photos at 10,000 ISO, all for the price of a couple of hundred grams in weight and a bit more bulk.
  6. Anyone using the Canon Pixma Pro-100 Printer?

    Great, thanks. The reviews were all positive, but liking something for a week and living with it are not always the same. Looks like I'll be off to the shops tomorrow.
  7. Hi All I have been without a photo printer since my 2005 Epson 2880 stopped working a couple of years ago. At the moment the Canon Pixma Pro-100 is on a pretty good special offer, down to $280 from $500. Is anyone using this printer and how do you get on with it. The reviews generally are pretty good, but it would be nice to hear from someone who actually uses it, rather than from someone who gets to play with one for a few days to write a review. Colin
  8. 1000 up

    And as a small end of August challenge, we can try to work out why spacecadet's comment was worth a stupid red arrow. Some folks need to get out more.
  9. Going to Disney with the kids

    Hi All Does anyone have any experience with "kids at Disney" photos? Do they sell? We are going in a few weeks and the big existential question is do I take the big camera and shoot stock or do I just kick back and take family pictures with the little snappy Canon. If there is a good market for these photos then I don't mind having the SLR kit with me, but if they are photos that license rarely then its a job for the little camera. Anyone with any experience in sales of Disney pictures? Colin
  10. A new dawn cometh

    They do look pretty sweet, but they are not enormously smaller than my beloved D750 and if I went that way I would have to keep my current lenses, which would still be the same size. For me mirrorless has to be Fuji tiny or I stay with SLR. For that money I would probably jump to the D850, which seems pretty impressive.
  11. Hows your CTR doing from 1st August?

    It makes them much more discoverable. So your images will correspond to an increasing number of searches to which your images are not relevant, which means your CTR will take a hit. Just pretend the discoverability bar is not there.
  12. Court of Justice of the European Union Press Release

    I can't imagine infringers caring much for a new legal ruling.
  13. Releases for my own paintings' photos

    Plus if anyone searches specifically property released paintings you will miss out if you haven't got them PR'd.
  14. Nope, but you could post a RAW file for others to look at to see if the problem is repeated elsewhere.