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  1. Panoramic image sales

    I don't have very many but I have never even had a zoom. It shows that there is a market for them though, however small. Did you get a decent price for it?
  2. What?!

    Because this is an open forum and publicly displaying very low fees could lead to buyers seeing how low prices can go. Not everyone subscribes to this idea but quite a few do, including me. Buyers already have almost all of the negotiating power, no need to give them any more
  3. July Challenge FUN

    My three Superman imitator on the summit of the gorgeous Beinn Alligin in Scotland Brother and Sister sledging My boy, having fun on his bike.
  4. Multiple Delete Function for AIM

    You can use Ctrl/Cmd and + to magnify the screen. This gives you a slightly better chance of hitting either the blue supertag star or the delete x. Its still a maddening process though, I quite frequently become a bit psychotic after using the AIM for any length of time. Which is a shame as there is so much that is good with it, its so poor to use.
  5. Another world cup match another bout of disorder

    Would you arse around if you thought a Russian policeman could be on your case?
  6. Upsizing question

    Before you print it John, make sure you sharpen and do a test print of a representative section of he photo. You could print a, for example, 12x8 inch section of the photo and view it from a suitable viewing distance. if it looks good on the small sample your sharpening is good and you can commit to that giant print. A few years back I was in an exhibition in Quebec and my photo was the one printed to about 10 x 6 feet. It was from a 12MP D300 file and I was astounded by how sharp it was. It was than that I really understood the futility of chasing ever increasing megapixel counts.
  7. Who Are We?

    I am a full time dad with a camera. All the money I earn comes from photography, so that makes me professional. My ability, after 12 years in stock, to fail to spot great shots makes me still an amateur. Fortunately we don't have to live on just my income; The Leader of the Opposition is a doctor so makes pretty good money, certainly enough to keep a family of four comfortable. I take my camera everywhere with me and shoot regularly, and every now and again I plead professional exhaustion and go and spend a weekend at my father-in-law's place in Montreal for a dedicated photo weekend.
  8. You need property release for every building or vehicle in the shot. Like Alan, most of mine are listed as "contains property" and "no release available". Only pure nature photos can be labelled as having no property.
  9. Do try again, use RAw converted to jpeg at the very end of treatment and do not upsize. There's no reason why they should not pass QC unless you are using higher ISOs.
  10. Shoot RAW always. The OOC jpeg might well be your problem. Your SLR is old now and compared to the sensors available today the noise performance at high ISO will not compare. Shoot RAW at base ISO and you should be OK.
  11. Inserting Images into post

    On Mac its drag and drop.
  12. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    Four thousand a month. We just rented our second house at $1450CAN per month - that's a three bed house in Quebec City.
  13. Keyword advice

    Adding extra and generic keywords to get the numbers up will only work against you as it will lead to your photos appearing in searches where they are not relevant. Put in what you see in the image who, what, where and when. Don't forget plurals, abbreviations, american vs english spellings (colour and color etc).
  14. Poor Keywording from A Buyers Point of View

    This is something that Arterra used to point out, and he's absolutely right. It looks so unprofessional to have incorrectly labelled images.
  15. Backup camera body?

    When we go away I bring my old (but still superb) D300 with me, but it stays in the rented flat/B&B when I go out on a shoot. If my main camera packs in then I have the backup for the next day. With two small children we don't out into the wilds much now, so I don't mind risking losing a day's shoot. I would probably think differently if I really was way out in the wilds on an expensive trip. And in 40 years of photography I have never had a camera pack in. Batteries however are different, I always have 2 spares.