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  1. November doldrums?

    Sales are reported on real Time on the ‘download sales report’ page. You get to see what you have sold when the database updates which does seem to be at about 2am UK time.
  2. Model release necessary for gloved hand?

    This has changed a lot in the last ten years. When I started with Alamy any people in the picture had to be recognisable, but with the ever increasing fear of lawsuits this has now ended up with even a gloved hand needing a model release. Absurd indeed, but its Alamy's game and we have to follow their rules. on the other hand, this way is less open to interpretation of the word recognisable, so I guess its safer all round even if it is a bit frustrating in obvious cases like a gloved hand.
  3. Wrong license for a Lonely Planet cover

    That's a beautifully seen and executed photo.
  4. Model release necessary for gloved hand?

    Not here no. The glove and coat are not recognisable with a brand name so no PR needed. Just an MR for the hand if selling RF.
  5. Model release necessary for gloved hand?

    This illustrates perfectly why the way that Alamy implement their 'number of people in the image' is frustrating, for us and surely fo the client as well. We need to answer two questions instead of one. We need to answer' how many people are the subject of the image' and how many people in total in the image'. So for the bird shot above the answer is zero and one respectively. Same goes for city or street type images. A photo of my wife reading a guidebook may have many people in the background, but its a photo of one person. Surely if the client is looking for an image of one person reading a guidebook, they will miss out lots if all the images are labelled as 5+ due to people in the background.
  6. Everyday surrealism pics

    Those first two photos are really well seen and executed. And I am jealous because I would never have spotted them.
  7. Flickr starts charging for uploads

    While there is undoubtedly lots of poor stuff on Alamy there is also so much of the weird and wonderful that a traditional agency would never touch. And which sells. I think a large part of Alamy's draw is the fact that it is unedited and hence a source of really offbeat images. While we all groan when we see a really poor shot or, worse in my opinion, lazy and unthinking keywording we all profit from the attraction of this enormous pool of photos to image buyers. Plus, I can't imagine how long it would take to sift through 160 million photos. If you could edit 10k photos per day, it would take 16000 days or 43.8 years. 160 million really is a very large number.
  8. I am glad it has reappeared as I missed it when it was current and it contains some gems like " I admit my images are not razor sharp" and " if I ever manage to get a crisp image". Did the OP ever communicate again.
  9. Noise

    Ah, that'll be it then. Thanks
  10. Noise

    How do you see metadata from Dropbox?
  11. Noise

    It also looks a bit like you have a smear or something on the front element/filter. On the second photo of your second pair there looks to be a more blurry area running vertically from centre at bottom towards the upper right. Definitely try this photo again at f/11 and see if it is sharp.
  12. Noise

    The photo is very soft, probably because of f/22. Is it my eyes or is the image softer on the right? Which camera are you using? Is it a small sensor?
  13. Have you shot it for Alamy?
  14. Anyone using a Canon 5d Mark 4?

    Same here. I found I was leaving my 80-200 f2.8 behind often as it was so heavy. I sold my f2.8 zooms and got the f4 VR versions (24-120 and 70-200). Love them, almost 1kg each lighter and the 70-200 is really sharp. I bought the Tamron 15-30 f2.8 but I use it mostly for astro photos. One day I'll get the 20mm f1.8 for a walkabout wide angle. The only time I miss a large aperture is for taking portraits of the kids, and then I put on my nifty fifty.
  15. November Challenge

    3 from me Sign for a cycle path in Montreal Lovely Paris from on top of Notre Dame. A triumph of photographic technique as I was being jostled and bumped by, at a conservative estimate, a billion tourists all intent on wrecking my photo. Busy streets in Hong Kong. There is something in the pose of this chap that tells us he is waiting for his girlfriend.