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  1. Three from me Fire and Water - autumn trees in Quebec Earth and water - the superb Aiguille Verte reflected in Lac Blanc, Chamonix Alps Air and Water - high altitude cloud reflected in very calm water
  2. And there we go, we have a winner. It looked like Losdemas's frog was going to be the winner but John Richmond's wet leaves put in a final surge and takes the podium. Over to John then to set the challenge for July.
  3. I'll be closing the votes this evening, so if anyone want to vote then do so today.
  4. Fantastic set of sports photos https://www.theguardian.com/sport/gallery/2020/jul/02/world-sports-photography-awards-2020 Every one just wonderful
  5. Thanks to all who entered. As ever there were some great shots and I can only pick eight, and here they are Steve Hyde's Inside-out brolly Michael Ventura's Wheat field Marianne's Green bucket John Richmond's Wet leaves Losdemas's Frog Doc's Snake Olivier Parent's Chartreuse (which can deliver a hangover as I found out the hard way) TeeCee's Bottles
  6. OK, The challenge is closed and I will put the eight finalists up in a few minutes.
  7. Already enough for a shortlist - keep 'em coming!
  8. Greetings all After the tie-break finish from the last subject, its me to set the new challenge. With people starting to think beyond the virus, with shops, restaurants starting to open, we look to be having a green light to live again. So, the subject for this month is about as broad as you can get. Green. Anything green, either all green, or green in contrast with the rest of the image. It can even be green for envy, environmentally friendly or green for an untrained beginner. Its up to you to scratch your collective head and interpret green. As ever, the images should come from you Alamy collection. You can post a maximum of three. On the last day of the month I will choose my favourite 8, and the winner has to set the next challenge. If you are new to this, don't be intimidated by setting the challenge - its easy and there are plenty of helpful people here to ask. Looking forward to seeing what turns up. Here are three from me to get the greenness going Young indian boy wearing a green headscarf A lone tree on Exmoor in south west England Don't drink the water - lurid coloured water in the Tongariro volcanic area in New Zealand.
  9. I thought the tie-break was going to be a tie. Busy day for me tomorrow so I will probably set the next challenge on Thursday.
  10. Ian Yes its those that are labelled as Zermatt. I just sent you a message on your geographyphotos site. Colin
  11. Hi Ian Just looking at your cornucopia of old images, and stumbled on your Mountains from the Air. Numbers 2,4,5,6 and 7 are aerial views of the Chamonix valley in the French Alps. I can't identify the peaks in 1,3 and 8 but they are probably from the same area. If you want the main peaks IDd for keywording I can easily do so. Colin
  12. No, a fire extinguisher packs much more punch. 😀
  13. Yes, its very easy to do. Search a bit on youtube and buy some sealed individual cleaning pads and fluid. It takes a couple of minutes. No need to pay for that.
  14. Surprisingly low, given the number of loud shows I went to over the years.
  15. I saw Motorhead 28 times between 1982 and 2010, and their volume was terrifying, especially in the 80s. You know its loud when you can see your own clothes moving to the bass.
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