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  1. Use both, absolutely. The filter is a physical barrier, the lens hood will keep stray light from the front element, which helps keep the contrast high and flare low.
  2. Just to add, get a good filter of course. Filters are very easily faked, so buy either from a shop or a good online dealer.
  3. I use a simple UV filter to protect the front element of my lens. Dust never hurt a lens, no. But sometimes I get water drops or spray on there which don't always clean up that well. I would much rather have to polish and clean a disposable filter than my front element. I have also had oily splats on there as well, again much more easily cleaned on a filter. Also, once, my rucksack fell over and my camera with 80-200 f2.8 landed, front end down, on a stone. The filter was cracked and the filter ring bent, but the lens undamaged. You can get people worked up into a fine lather over the image degradation of a filter, but that lens cost you a lot of money and with care it will last a lifetime. Put a filter on it.
  4. Agree with Paulette 100%. Do not even bother looking at the Discoverability Bar. Just add keywords to answer who what when where why how, then add any "emotional" keywords like happy, happiness...If you stuff in keywords with borderline relevance then you risk your photo irrelevantly appearing in searches and your ranking will suffer. We have discussions on the use of paid keywording services from time to time and the conclusion is always the same - that the paid services will give you lots of keywords of almost no relevance. I dislike keywording immensely, but we are still better off doing it ourselves.
  5. There was also an interesting discussion on how to copy slides with a DSLR and a macro lens. I can't seem to paste the link for now but its under Alamy Quality Control and Technical Talk. The thread is titles Slide Copying and was started by Liam Bunce on Jan 19th. For 12k slides it may pay your client to invest in the slide copier device (Nikon ES1). I have one and it works a treat.
  6. Yes, you really should put the latin names of all plants and animals in the caption and keywords. If you can't identify something then post the picture on the forum with a title like "Flower ID needed". This forum is awash with knowledge and helpful people and almost invariable someone can identify the object. I have seen flowers, trees, animals, tanks, planes, cars and helicopters all ID'd in a couple of days.
  7. Me too, this is one of my gripes. Nor, if they search on three people, would they want to see a photo of one person with two out of focus blobs behind.
  8. Did you click "Save" after you checked the box? It works for me so it might be time to email Alamy themselves.
  9. Three from me One of son's first grade friends in blissful communion with her maple toffee. My wife feeding a Dartmoor pony with an apple. Give my boy an ice cream and he knows what to do with it.
  10. No kidding. In Quebec we had the coldest day of the winter so far last week. -27 and windy, it was -36 with windchill. Can I say that we are looking forward to the spring. Not too quickly though, if the enormous amount of snow we have here melts in a week we will have floods.
  11. Super tags are the most important tags for each image. Next to each tag there is a star. Click the star and it goes blue. That makes it a super tag and has a higher priority in searches. You are allowed 10 per image, so you pick the 10 tags that define the image.
  12. I would like to know if Alamy are fighting tooth and claw to negotiate the best price, or if they hardly negotiate at all and accept the buyers offers. I was concerned to read in a post a month or so back when (I think) our John Mitchell said, when negotiating his own prices directly with a client, he normally gets what he asks for. Does that mean that Alamy only ask these low prices that we are seeing more often?
  13. Yes. Effectively putting an image as RF is a statement that you have releases. If you haven't got releases and you put an image as RF you could be heading for bother.
  14. Yes. Uploading now and its slow, about 7-8 minutes per image (normally 7-8 seconds per image).
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