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  1. This topic comes up regularly. I too am surprised that Alamy still include it. Just pretend its not there and keyword answering the questions Who, What , Where, Why, When, and How.
  2. And three from me Empties after a quiet night in Happiness is a deckchair in the sun on an empty beach An abandoned roller coaster in the defunct Berlin theme park Spreepark
  3. This one is fantastic, but a bit too close for comfort. Especially seen in the light of the recent loss of Keith who, most likely, was out getting storm images.
  4. Ognyan will choose the images but needs help with setting up the poll. That will be great if you can Detlef, thank you.
  5. Hi all Without thinking it through I said I could help Ognyan with setting up the poll for the challenge this month. I had overlooked the fact that we are away for ten days from tomorrow night. Is there anyone else who can help with the poll?
  6. This is a great subject that gets people worked up into a froth, One thing I notice is that the anti-filter argument almost always says " why put cheap/inferior/low quality glass in front of your lens". If you are buying cheap/inferior filters then you might see a difference, but why would anyone who cares about their photography use inferior kit? Photographic equipment is expensive and if you have paid thousands for the camera and lenses, it makes no sense to try and save $50 with cheap filters. I always use a filter for exactly the reasons that MDM outlines. And it has paid off once - my camera with my 80-200 f2.8 on fell from the top of my rucksack and landed, as if guided by remote control, lens element first onto a big stone that was next to my bag. With no filter the front element would have been nicely wrecked, if not actually cracked. As it had a filter on, it was the filter (and filters are surprisingly tough) that took the impact. The glass of the filter was cracked in about five or six directions with a small hole about 2-3mm across punched out. I can't think what my expensive Nikon lens would have looked like without the filter.
  7. I have just realised that I can't help Ognyan with the poll, as we are going away for ten days on the 31st Oct. Is there anyone else who can help with the poll?
  8. Some really strong photos here. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/gallery/2019/oct/29/2019-weather-photographer-of-the-year-winners
  9. There are so many slides that I thought were quite good, that are now jarringly bad. I can also now see just how weak my cheapo zooms that I had when I first started were. There is something nice about physical film but I do not miss it at all. My D750 files are just so good.
  10. Yup. Exactly what I did. A batch of 120 went through QC just last week. But to the OP, you could post one of your scans here for the folks here on the forum to look at. There are a lot of very experienced and very helpful people here and you will soon have a consensus of opinion on the sharpness or otherwise of your scanned slides. When you say that the scans lacked the crispness of the slide, do keep in mind that when you are looking at a slide it is not magnified to the same extent as looking at a file on a screen. When you look at a file on screen at 100% its like looking at a ten foot long (I am guessing at this size, but you would have to print big) print from your slide. Even my sharpest slides look a bit soft when photographed (as MDM says above) but with a bit of sharpening they look fine. If you have a valuable archive of 35k slides, its probably worth gritting your collective teeth and getting to grips with Photohsop. The basics are not that onerous and there are a billion videos on youtube to guide you. And the awesome forum here of course.
  11. I am still on PL1 as I didn't see PL2 as that big an upgrade - would you say its worth the money to jump from PL1 to PL3?
  12. I see what you mean, but Alamy's rejections are on technical issues alone, so if they find a technical error in an image then they assume that it cold well be there in others, even if they are looking at illustrations which are created from scratch individually.
  13. Alamy do not have the time for this. This is QC policy in every industry across the world - as soon as an error is found then QC stop looking and send the work back. As for the error you can post your rejected image here so that the people here can have a look. There is a lot of accumulated experience here on the forum and you will get some valuable feedback. It might not necessarily be what you want to hear or phrased smoothly and diplomatically, but it will be valuable.
  14. 26 Jan 2013 - I was close. Tim Gainey set the theme " A Magical Moment" so he won Autumn. The winner of Magical Moment was Pretty Pictures with an unknown image as the photo does not appear and there is no reference in the description. Maybe it was not an Alamy image. So someone can now explain to me how I can remember that but not my mum's birthday.
  15. Was it Tim Gainey? This is a random far-off memory which could well be 100% dead wrong. No memory of which image though.
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