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  1. Its now late in the day on the 15th and as there is no sign of a new challenge from the winner the runner-up (me) will set it, as was discussed in the August voting thread. The theme for the month is Faces. It could be formal portraits, travel shots of locals, mountain faces, anything that fits the theme of Faces. As ever the shots must be on Alamy and the challenge will close at midnight my time (EST) on the 30th September. I will pick my favourite eight from the entries and put up a poll for voting. In the event of the winner being unable to set up the new topic, the runner-up can set the topic on the 12th October (which gives the winner 5 days to set the new challenge). Here are some to get you going A lad a bit nervous about getting face paint done A very lovely face in my entirely biased opinion- my daughter. The north face of the gorgeous Aiguille de Chardonnet And of course I couldn't leave my lovely boy out. This was him at two years old.
  2. Thanks you. It was so hot that I had to resist putting the camera aside and leaping in myself. The kids were going nuts there, I was sat back in the shade shooting with my 70-200mm and got some nice photos.
  3. I was the runner-up and can set a new topic. If LSP has not set a subject by the end of the 15th then I will post a challenge, if that is acceptable to all.
  4. This is why I always leave 2-3 days between processing a batch of images and doing a 100% check on each. Its easy to keep on working on a picture without really looking at it. By leaving it a few days I see the picture with fresh eyes, rather than just looking to reconfirm my original choices. There have been plenty of occasions when I have saved a masterpiece and retired satisfied, just to re-open it a few days later to think "yuk, what was I thinking" and delete it immediately. This is more frequent when I am working arty shots for POD, when "arty" can very easily slide into "overcooked rubbish".
  5. True, but nothing competes with seeing the print emerging on the paper. A photo emerging from a printer doesn't have the same magic.
  6. Therein lies the issue. The OP sees his image as fine and that Alamy have got it wrong.
  7. To add to Chuck's wise words, remember to keyword everything. I know how easy it is to overlook simple words. I was looking at your image of the Class 37 jobbie (stop me if I get too technical) at Kidderminster and you should add eg, " train, trains, locomotive, locomotives, engine, engines, old, vintage, classic"....A knowledgeable buyer might search on "Class 37 jobbie" and will see you photo but another might be looking for "old train" or "vintage locomotive", and will not. If photography is an art, keywording is most definitely a dark art. Its worth including plurals too as a buyer may search on "classic trains" which is just a generic term, not necessarily meaning "more than one classic train".
  8. Put your camera on a tripod and, using a remote release, take a photo of something a few feet away at f/8 at a reasonably high shutter speed (1/250 or 1/500th). That will be as sharp as you get. Keep that photo as your comparison. That is how I learnt to be diligent and, no matter how much you like an image, not upload anything that is softer than your reference image.
  9. Agreed. Quite often I see a great shot on the front page and would like to have a link to the portfolio. It can't be that hard to do surely, compared to all the things that Alamy are working on. Its the first time that I have been on the front page so I don't know if it leads to sales. Probably not.
  10. This one, a building in Toronto.
  11. And this morning I opened Alamy and thought "is that one of my photos on the front page?". And it is. Sat back now waiting for fame and fortune to sweep me to new heights and wondering how I will spend the first million.
  12. I often see GIMP recommended but have never touched or even seen it as I am a PS user. https://www.gimp.org/
  13. Three from me Climate Change. A sign on the Mer de Glace in Chamonix showing the level of the ice in 1990 with the glacier now (photo taken in 2014) a couple of hundred feet below. Quebec's summer climate - a young boy cooling off and playing in fountains in Montreal. Quebec's winter climate - a ship passing the Pont du Quebec on a frozen St Lawrence river.
  14. Yes. There are lots of photographers who shoot almost only editorial. All sorts of things sell si don't worry about releases. Just make sure that you say that you have neither model nor property relases when you are filling in the image information in AIM. Get out and get shooting.
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