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  1. And feedback you will certainly get, so make sure that you are not thin skinned and oversensitive. The forum here at Alamy is a helpful concentration of a very high level of technical and business expertise and you will get some pointed and helpful suggestions. We occasionally get here posters who are offended by the feedback. Take any replies you get in the right way and you can learn a huge amount here.
  2. I always thought these were very impressive as well. Nothing dark or gritty but so well executed. http://www.carlwarner.com/photographer/?foodscape-commissions
  3. Hi All I am currently in the process of building a website and in it I would like a link back here to my Alamy photos for stock use. I remember a while back there used to be a cut and paste link for that somewhere on the site but I can no longer find it. Does anyone know where it is? Colin
  4. I don't know but I can't imagine you getting a bigger ding for a batch of 100 images failing than for a batch of 10. What reasons are Alamy giving for failure? Are you checking your photos for dust/blemishes at 100%? What camera are you using? When you know what Alamy want there is no need to be afraid of big batches - my biggest ever was nearly 500 pictures.
  5. Please lets not turn this into a Mac vs PC flame war. I too whimpered at the price when mu old PC gave up. The Leader of the Opposition gave me the budget so I closed my eyes and clicked on the "Order" button. That was mid 2013 and since then I have had zero crashes, bugs, glitches, udpate issues, etc. It just works. Nor has it slowed down one iota. I personally would not go back and when the time comes I will readily pay the premium for a hassle free computer.
  6. I have never had a problem with them. One thing that you have to keep an eye on though is CA - it can really show up. Aurora HDR does a good job of controlling it, and processing in DxO (I think you do use DxO) in the first place is also a good idea (if you are merging Tiff/jpeg instead of RAW).
  7. To pick up george's theme, you are adding way too many irrelevant keywords. I looked at the Merrry Christmas letters, and you have"candy cane", "snow", "top down" in there. Are you trying to get your photos optimised using the Discoverability Bar? If so, ignore it. Keywording is a bit of a dark art in which the gravest transgression is keyword stuffing. Your keywords should answer the question Who, What, Where, Why , When and How. Then you can add any emotional themes such as peace, peaceful, heppy. etc. Just describe what is in the photo. Sometimes that can take lots of keywords, others can be completely described in less than ten. Using the Discoverability Bar invites you to add irrelevant words just to get green. If you add irrelevant keywords you will be seen in more searches, but if you photo is not relevant to that image then it will not be clicked on. Alamy uses the number of your images clicked on to determine your rank in searches, so if you have lots of images coming up in searches and none of them are clicked on, then your position in future searches will go down. Search the forum on Discoverability Bar to see past discussions on the curse of a feature.
  8. Ouch. A really tough subject. I don't think my three are literally ironic, but they do represent a contrast of concepts which is as close as I can get to irony in my photos. The photos here looks a bit squashed, so click them to see them in their natural dimensions. Spreepark in Berlin. It used to be the only theme park in the socialist people's paradise. As soon as the wall came down the owner ran off to Peru with the best rides and all the money and the park fell into disrepair. Jewish war grave at Fricourt on the Somme. Jewish soldiers fought (and died) in large numbers for their homeland. It counted for nothing 25 years later. Life and death. Roses growing against the grave of an anonymous soldier.
  9. And if you really have found a big empty niche, the most important thing to do is to keep it to yourself. Its an easy going gang here but don't lose sight of the fact that we are all competitors. By all means share your knowledge but keep your trade secrets.
  10. I have lived in Quebec since 2002, so no. Great music though, though their last album was a bit off.
  11. Aah, the mighty Clash. This was in the Guardian yesterday for those who have an interest in this superb group. London Calling is one of my desert island discs. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/jan/09/the-clash-40-greatest-songs-ranked
  12. We are suppliers of a product to a company and we are required to meet their specifications. If a photographer thinks its too complicated they are in the wrong business. Alamy's requirements are pretty basic and straightforward. Submit focused, exposed and sharp images that are free of aberrations/blemishes. It absolutely is not their job to inspect the quality of our work.
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