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  1. I would love a prime, preferably a 300mm, but too expensive. I am debating on what to get, so trying to be patient so I don't buy something that I won't be happy with. Trying to keep my spending below $1000 for new lens, that is why I am looking at used. There are a few that don't have IS, and I suppose if I was using a tripod most of the time, the IS wouldn't be as important, but do want to be able to use hand held, which is tough as the lens is heavy as is my 7D Camera. so the IS would be very useful then. I can put off the extender for awhile. I would love to rent, but there
  2. I did not use a built in extender. I used a 2x extender on the 200-400 for the image above and many others. I was pleased with the results, but again, I was using a $12,000 lens. I doubt I will get my hands on one of those again. If only. Jill
  3. Canon 650D and Canon 7D. Both 18mp. Below is example of pic taken using extender with the 200-400 L lens set at 400, so 800 with the 2x converter. I believe I used the 7D for this one. To buy a new lens, I can't really afford anything longer than the 70-200, although I would love a 300 prime. There isn't enough money in photography anymore to warrant a large expense. unless there is endless money, and of course I don't have that. Jill
  4. I've really got away from photography for the past couple of years and plan to get myself back into it this year. I just purchased a one year provincial park day pass permit, so I can venture out to the parks and do some nature photography during this Covid semi-lockdown. There are a number of parks not too far away so could manage in a day out (be it a long one as some driving times would total about 5 hours). I have a 70-200 EF IS lens and am considering upgrading to an L 70-200 IS. There are some decently priced used ones at the moment. I am also considering an Ex
  5. If the student is buying, that would fall in the license, but I did state that if the teacher was buying, that would be outside the use as the teacher is not using the images. Doesn't mean they don't do it. Jill
  6. We do have to remember that some students buy these for college assignments, so bulk would make sense for those. Perhaps teachers to a large bulk buy for students, which officially would be against policy as they wouldn't be used for themselves, but would get a lower price as the teacher would be buying a lot more than the one student would. Jill
  7. Close up of Barn door. Front altar at Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal Allen Lampert Galleria in Toronto Jill
  8. Could you not convert your RAWs do DNGs and then use your old LR version? Or is the DNG software not up to date with your RAWs? Jill
  9. My only hassle has been that I didn't notice my Radeon gpu only had one hdmi and the rest were display ports. Now have to spend money on another cable or two as I always have 2 or 3 monitors going at the same time. On Lenovo I would use the VGA and DVi ports but my son has told me not to use any of the video on the motherboard, do everything off of the gpu. Looks like more money for Jeff Bezos.
  10. This past week I got brave and built my own computer from the ground up. My son had moved to Calgary and left his gaming computer behind. I have been using it and last week he informed me he would like me to ship his computer out to him. Noooooooo! I have become totally addicted to a computer that does everything in a nano second. So instead of reverting back to my slow Lenovo desktop (which my husband has declared his and did not appreciate me trying to take it back) I decided to build my own system. After a lot of frustration and watching a bunch of YouTube videos
  11. I think you need to calibrate your monitor as on my monitor almost all of the images are very dark. Need to brush up on some photo editing skills as well. And as the others have said, proper keyword and captioning. As the number of images on alamy gets larger and larger, the more important your keywords are. I someone is looking for a hissing cat, they won't find your image as it's captioned as a waterfall. Jill
  12. I too had issues culling. My absolute favourite is one I took of my nephew 35 years ago, but that is on a slide somewhere so can't access it. My favourite Alamy shot is this one of a Harris Hawk. The eyes just penetrate you. Jill
  13. Orange Corvette Award Winning Pumpkin Flyboarder Jill
  14. Just meant in terms of possibly fixing the issue. I'm sure it saves everyone in the building a lot of money. Jill
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