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  1. Do all the images in one upload, then you can go on and do something else. Jill
  2. Enhancing Photo Images

    Adobe has a lot of good videos. I use Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) for post processing but others use Lightroom. Same programs when it comes to post processing, but Lightroom has a file management system as well. Look for videos on those two programs and start from the basics. ACR works in conjunction with PS, whereas Lightroom is a stand alone program. Adobe also has an event called Photoshop Week. It's usually in February and if you watch live its free. I learned a lot from those videos. Jill
  3. You would have to check with contributor services to be sure, but I think so. Jill
  4. Changes to Alamy Contract

    I wasn't specifying the free samples, but the low prices sale items that get people to come in to the store. No type of use can be policed effectively any more. The ease of digital is a double edged sword. The supplier no longer has to spend buckets of money on film, chemicals and paper. Can take thousand of images to be sure to get the right one. But the down side is it is easier for people to steal your work. One of the costs of doing business in a digital world. Have to take the bad with the good. Any time you give a client the full res image, it is a risk you are taking. Many sites offer free shipping. Of course the shipping isn't free. I have offered it. It gets people on to your website and hopefully come back. I eat the cost of the shipping to develop a long term relationship with a client. Alamy has not specified on how or when they will be offering images for free. I certainly don't think it will be an advertised gimmick, but something to attract some clients away from competition. Get them to look at Alamy's unique collection. We really can only wait and see on this one. And to be honest, where else can a photographer go to earn a decent commission? Alamy is the only game in town online. There are boutique sites, but not really for the general stock photographer. Unless I am missing some that I am unaware of. Could be. Jill
  5. Changes to Alamy Contract

    The method of the free image (I get emails from other sites on what is free this week etc) is that it gets you to the site and you will see the non-free along with the free. Like lost leaders in grocery stores. The specials get you in, and hopefully you will spend more than you thought. Age old marketing. And it works. Many sites offer free images and vectors, but on a lot of them, there are severe restrictions on the use of the free stuff. I don't know if Alamy will have any restrictions, and from the sound of the contract, it doesn't seem to be something that will be advertised but something that they may offer a client in the background. Jill
  6. Web, app and social media, so not a big dollar sale.
  7. Equiptment

    I almost always have my Sony RX100 with me. The small Sonys are so easy to carry about all the time. Jill
  8. My Desktop ain't My desktop - Mac query

    I thought so. Not sure what Colin was referring to then about the software he was talking about. Or maybe he wasn't referring to the software just Ian's problem. Jill
  9. My Desktop ain't My desktop - Mac query

    You mean on a Mac you can't have side by side windows naturally, you have to buy aan app for that? Jill
  10. Toronto meet-up?

    Look forward to the meet up. Email sent. Jill
  11. Toronto meet-up?

    Love to do a meet up. Only a couple of hours to T.O. for me. Could use a day out with the cameras. Jill
  12. The minimum size confuses many people. The 17MB minimum is related to your RAW file size just before you turn it in to a jpeg. Jpegs can vary widely in sizes depending on the content of the image. I have submitted jpegs from 3 - 15MB. Just remember that you need a 6 megapixel camera minimum. And as Mark said, if you do 3000x2000 minimum then you will be all right. Or any combo that comes out to 6 megapixels. Jill
  13. Rejection again?

    You have to upload the image elsewhere and then link to it. You can't upload directly to the forum. And if you do upload, it has to be a 100% size. Or at least a 100% crop of the image, or we can't truly see the flaws. Jill
  14. According to their site they are UK based and Australia based. Prices are in USD though. So they obviously ship from those two countries depending on where the goods are going. The started out as an ebay store according to their About Us Page. Jill
  15. Unreported usage of unwatermarked image

    Just might be a coincidence. Take a screenshot and keep it for 3 months. If no other use shows up, send it along to Alamy. Jill