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  1. Just meant in terms of possibly fixing the issue. I'm sure it saves everyone in the building a lot of money. Jill
  2. This happened to me once Ed. Trouble is I'm trying to remember the fix. Have you unplugged router and/or modem? Leave for a couple of minutes then plug back in. The your computer has to refind the networks. Might be worth a try. Jill
  3. Ed, first you have to find your routers IP address. This website gives you the instructions how to do that on a Mac. (it shows Windows first, just scroll down). Then you have to get your WPA2 key. Copied and pasted this from another site: In most cases, you can also obtain your network's WPA2 key by logging in to the router's configuration page. Open a browser and type your router's IP address (often or Press "Return," and then type the administrator username and password for the router. If you need to find your network's WPA2 key because you are unable to connect to it using your Mac's AirPort menu, connect the Mac to the router with an Ethernet cable to log in to the configuration page and recover the WPA2 key. Consult the router's instruction manual for more information. Hope this was helpful. Jill
  4. Thanks for including my cute Labs. Good luck to all. Jill
  5. Lightroom is the same as ACR when it comes to processing RAWS. It has the added benefit of creating a library if you want. But the RAW processing is the same. The only problem is you can't get ACR without PS. You can get LR stand alone. Luminar is quite good as well. I have just started using it, so don't want to make any claims till I have delved in to its features, but appears fairly comprehensive, much like LR and ACR. Jill
  6. As I mentioned in a previous post, my son does his film editing with 16GB of RAM, running Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects all at the same time. Render times are good for Premiere Pro, and these movies are large files. The GPU has 8GB of VRAM. I think I will be more than fine with this. If I'm having no issues with 12Gb of RAM on my Lenova with an intergrated GPU that has no VRAM of its own but shares the system RAM, then I can do nothing but speed up with 16Gb of RAM and a dedicated GPU with 8GB of VRAM. Still no one with any great filter software outside of Topaz and Filter Forge? Jill
  7. The graphics card I am getting is a NVIDIA, so will be CUDA enabled. Jill
  8. I think a lot depends on the machine you are using. When you custom build one, you can design the machine for what you are using it for. Most premade desktops come with an integrated gpu as opposed to installing a separate card with more power. It makes a whale of a difference. I don't really need the i7, but my son already had it so figured I will use it. Need more fans to keep everything cool, but that's okay. The cooler the better. My Lenova has 12gb of RAM and no issues running PS or Luminar. I even run PS on my ancient laptop that is 8 years old. It only has 8gb of RAM and a much slower processor but does the job. Can't have more than a few pics open at a time though. I can't run Luminar or a few other apps on the laptop as the gpu isn't powerful enough. Jill
  9. Nik is more for photo improvement and enhancement as opposed to creative arty effects. I can find tons for phones, but almost nothing for pcs. The ones I do find for pcs compress the images way down and are useless. Designed for web use as opposed to print. Jill
  10. Topaz didn't seem to have enough of the funky kind of creative I am looking for. Maybe I didn't hunt through it enough. My 2 gaming sons told me 16gb was more than enough. The graphics card was more important. I have 8gb on the gpu. My one son does film editing and runs Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop all at the same time moving files between them and they run seamlessly. Jill
  11. With most of my sales going to be online this Christmas, I am looking to design some artistic creative images for tote bags, mugs, masks, etc. I've purchased Luminar and absolutely love it. I want to create some crazy artistic images using software that comes with some really creative filters. I have played with Filter Forge but the rendering time is insane. I am building a new desktop for myself with an i7 processor, heavy duty graphics card and 16gb of RAM so hopefully the creative will move a bit quicker. I wasn't impressed with the new edition of Topaz Labs Studio filters. I have done tons of googling, but can't seem to find what I am looking for. I don't mind spending the money if the software is worth it. I believe you get what you pay for. Jill
  12. Belgian horse during horse pull at local fair. Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Editorial websiteIndustry sector: Media, design & publishingImage Size: Any sizeStart: 12 August 2020End: 12 August 2025Digital only book product, volume discount, images up to any size, any placement. Rights for life of product. Mid $$ One of my earliest submissions. Jill
  13. I know it is probably one of the toughest things for developers to conquer and it is pretty good, but not good enough. To do it well you have to do your mask at 100% so you can have the thinnest line possible along the mask. Most of the dog stuff I do for customers is never needed to be that large but if I want to put in a different background, the halo is a no go. Would have to erase it almost pixel by pixel. Not worth the work. Fine if I just want to remove the dog and place it on a white background. Could do some artistic stuff with it, but not gonna spend that kind of money unless it can do the full job. Jill
  14. I have given that a try, and although it does help in the smooth areas, doesn't cure my halo over hair. I will play with it. I've watched quite a few videos, but as usual most show fairly easy objects to mask and remove. It does do a great job with complicated backgrounds that show through tree branches etc. Much better than PS does. I'll find a way. I also find that the area of the dog along the edge that gets covered by the outline is partially transparent when you bring it up to 100%. For $100 it needs to be better. High contrast and flat areas are fairly easy anyway. It is the wispy hair that is the challenge. Jill
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