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  1. Photographer's home page in Alamy?

    That is the best option yet. Jill
  2. Photographer's home page in Alamy?

    Yes, but we assume his port will build, and other users may want to use the link who have larger ports. Mind you, the images look better on Keith's link, but I think I would go with searchability. Jill
  3. Photographer's home page in Alamy?

    The only problem with doing that is when you type in a search term, it takes you out of Pradiop's images and searches within all of Alamy. If you use the link Sally mentioned, it will only search within your own images. Jill
  4. What about offering clients RAW files?

    I don't think most buyers want to do post processing. And when sifting through images, if your RAW file has not been processed to its optimum, then would it even be chosen in the first place? And would they want a discount if they have to do the work that they think the photographer should have done it the first place? Competition is stiff in the stock game, so do we want sub processed images even offered to clients? I think most buyers want to buy and publish, especially if you are talking about time sensitive image that would benefit from being online fast in the first place. Jill
  5. What about offering clients RAW files?

    Could you not do the same with jpgs? If you shot RAW and jpg, you could automatically upload the passable jpgs and then process and reupload later. I don't think I would want to offer unprocessed images. It would be nice if you could do an automatic deletion, so you could upload unprocessed jpgs quickly, and then once processed, have the originals removed and replaced with the processed ones. Jill
  6. When I popped over to Adobe, chat was "closed". Only 24/7 support offered was the forum. Jill
  7. I think they include the forum support when they say 24/7 Jill
  8. I haven't needed any phone support as if I have run into any issues, google is my friend. Can always find the answer somewhere on the web (quite often at Adobe) so haven't required any support. There are so many PS users, that someone somewhere has covered an issue, a how to, etc. Jill
  9. No sale!!

    They seem okay to me. How have sales and zooms been in previous years? I'm having an absolutely awful year after an amazingly great year. Haven't had one zoom this moth and only one sale. My assumption is I got demoted in the re-rank for some reason, yet if I do some searches on some of my images, I find I have some on the first page, so not really sure. Maybe I just don't have what people re looking for this year. Just keep waiting it out. Jill
  10. Images sold in April (Max. 1 per day)

    Although this is not what one would call a great image, I love the optical illusion of it. Sold to a website in Italy.
  11. My son has a 13" and he uses it to do all his film editing with no issues. Jill
  12. April 2018 Challenge: On The Water

    Flyboarding on Lake Ontario Sailboating on Lake Ontario Hippos in a lake in the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, Africa Jill
  13. April 2018 Challenge: On The Water

    Do they have to be right on the water? Can they be doing a watersport but not in or on the water but above the water? Jill
  14. Photoshop 2018 crashing

    Well I managed to fix it on my own. Out of frustration I tried signing out of Adobe Creative Cloud and back in again. Low and behold, Photoshop works. Jill
  15. Photoshop 2018 crashing

    I probably will try it out of curiosity, but yes, I need to have Chrome open pretty much all the time. I use Photoshop for more than photos. I do work on my Huion tablet and today I was trying to do designs for my new line of dog mugs. This also while updating website. I'm a bit of a multi-tasker and am always working on a few things at once. Blame my ADD. I will probably just stick to 2017 while Adobe comes up with a fix. Jill