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  1. My last two Two Lion sisters at the Toronto Zoo Bald Eagle Jill
  2. Lbs and ounces still used in the US. Here in Canada, horse racing is still in furlongs (1/8th mile) and Canadian Football is in yards not metres. A lot of cooking is still done is ounces, cups, teaspoons etc. Jill
  3. Alamy does not reject for content, only for technical issues. There are certain images that aren't allowed, such as close ups of any type of artwork, where the work fills the frame. I believe images of National Trust properties are also not allowed. No releases are necessary for editorial usage (which is what Alamy is mostly). Jill
  4. At first, I put the browser image next to the image in PS side by side on my monitor and it looked like Alamy's image was larger than the image in PS. Then I realized my browser is set at 150%. So Liverpx, is your browser set normal, or are you like me and enlarge the browser Once I realized this, I reset the browser to normal, the image crop is the same size as the image of yours that I put in PS. Jill
  5. Standard Poodle looking over Lake Huron on cold winter day. City of Toronto just before severe thunderstorm A totally frozen Lake Huron (something that happens about once every 10 years). Dunes mixed with sand and snow cover the shore. Jill
  6. Girl riding a mechanical bull Kids using dog sleds as toboggans Little girl learning how to skate Jill
  7. I added this to my bookmarks bar. If I click on it on a page that has no images, it tells me so. But if I click on it on any page with images, it does nothing. Doesn't seem to matter what site I use it on. So I too would like to know how to get it to work. Jill
  8. You can use a daylight setting for the screen to see better in bright light. Jill
  9. I use the Sony RX100 II and love it. Never had any images fail QC. Can't beat it for a walkabout camera. Jill
  10. I agree with John here. Some images are too dark, but in lots it is due to heavy shadow areas. You need to open up the areas with the deep shadows. Jill
  11. Thanks for picking one of mine. One of my fave photos. Jill
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