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  1. Farmers inspecting tractor at local auction in Woodville, Ontario. Population around 3500 Jill
  2. I also noticed the comparison is between 2 different images, as in the first, their poor example, it is about a Cocker Spaniel, where the second, the supposed good example is about a French Bulldog. I see there are no comments allowed anymore on the new blog posts either. Jill
  3. There are many factors that go in to a contributors placement on pages, CTR is one. Having green discoverability is not one. If you are new and don't have any reputation of sorts as good sales percentages, etc, CTR is going to be a higher marker as there aren't a lot of other factors to include. Useless views are just that, useless. Telling the contributor to put in a better caption, such as "Portrait of Cute Purebred Black and White French Bulldog Sitting and Looking At Camera" would get the contributor more relevant views than keywords such as muzzle and walk. And they left out plurals su
  4. If these are the images, lets add standing, reflection, countryside, and walk to the list of useless words. And if these are the images, the caption is crap. Jill
  5. I checked out Alamy's new blog on discoverability, and it seems they are pushing really low low important keywords that will give people more false views than real views. This is there image of good discoverability for keywords on an image. They don't show the actual image, so not sure how many other's are relevant. Now maybe the people at Alamy don't know anything about dogs, but French Bulldogs and Bulldogs are two different breeds of dog. So there should not be a Bulldog tag. And using idiotic keywords like ears, muzzle, patches. snout, nose, eyes and e
  6. I have a squirrel that keeps stealing my suet feeder and taking it up a tree. Want to come and catch him? 😀
  7. I have started shooting in live mode on the camera, and since it sucks a lot of battery power, I bought a battery pack for my 90D. Of course it makes the camera/lens combo even heavier, but I am finding it sort of balances the weight and with the pack on, I get a firmer grip. I was out on my porch this afternoon and did a pile of shooting with the camera mounted on a gimbal head on my tripod. First time I have bothered to use it since I got the tripod and head. But with the battery pack, figured I'd let the tripod carry the weight. Anyway, I drift. When I turn off t
  8. If someone is looking for Mary Simon, they will know who she is. But someone else could be looking for a female First Nation's person and she would come up. There is where you would have your problem. And now to the Zoo. Jill
  9. None of these are of equal comparison. You cannot intentionally misidentify a race of people. End of story. That is all I will say. Time to go to Toronto Zoo for my appointment and see the wolves. It is up to your conscience what you choose to do. Also, you are setting yourself up for one of those law problems in the future. Jill
  10. Sorry, but comparing Skydome/Roger's Centre to intentionally incorrectly identifying a race of people is not an equal comparison. Jill
  11. Yes, but it was once Skydome. The Inuit was never a First Nations person. I just missed adding that keyword and it would have been correct. Jill
  12. I have this image up and have sold it a couple of times. He is Ojibway. I could have included a whole stack of different First Nations tribes, but didn't as he is Ojibway and I'm not going to identify him as anything else. Jill
  13. It is up to us to help those that don't know the difference. Identifying something intentionally incorrectly means the ignorant buyer assumes the photographer knows what they are talking about, since no buyer can know everything about every subject they search. They in turn look like fools when they print an image and identify it incorrectly. This has been one of my tirades on this forum in the past. Inuit are not First Nations and should not be identified as such. If someone is looking for a First Nations person then why would you want them to buy your image of an Inuit person? They a
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