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  1. This was super hard to judge as there were so many fantastic entries. I stuck to the literal of fog and mist to try and keep myself sane. There were just too many awesome shots to choose from. Colin's shot of the ship at sunset Betty's shot of the dog ring Gvallee's shot of swans Avpics of fog over the Thames Sally's Swan River Vbfolly's foggy forest Wiskerke's Millford Sound Malcolm's Richmond Park Poll closes midnight April 7th GMT. Jill
  2. I'm trying to do the poll. Got all the choices listed but couldn't figure out how to add the actual images or typed informatioin. Any help gratefully received. Jill
  3. Officially closing contest. Thanks for all the entries. Will post poll sometime tomorrow. Going to be a tough one as so many excellent choices. Jill
  4. Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the closing for the contest. Get those last entries in. Jill
  5. Day 7 at home and the dog is looking at me like, "See? This is why I chew the furniture."
  6. Here is the link to selling ectors on Alamy https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-vectors/how-alamy-sell-vectors/?section=6 . You aren't betting much of a response as all the people on the forum here contribute images. I'm pretty sure at one time Alamy stopped accepting new vectors but judging by the link, they must be accepting them again. I'm not sure how it affects CTR, probably the same as images. Best to email CR and get it from them. Jill
  7. I love learning new things. I have decided that during this minimum security prison term we all find ourselves in, I will learn some new software. I have Affinity Publisher and Designer. I use designer strictly to work on already made vectors, but have never learned how to do it myself. The time is now. I figure down the road I can save some money by creating my own vectors as opposed to buying them. Same with Publisher. Haven't used it as much as I thought I would as time has kept me from creating brochures etc for the business and I found I was purchasing already made mockups. Now is the time to learn how to do it myself. I have always wanted to learn Blender, the 3D software, so I will add that to my list of courses I will dig into. The sheer volume of tutorials on the web should keep me interested for quite awhile. And learning something new is never a waste of time. Jill
  8. A friend of mine was working at the GM plant in Oshawa doing some pipefitting. He is 72 and has decided it isn't wise for him to be going there. One of the guys he works with has a severe lung condition where he has to get a shot every 4 weeks. $4,000 for shot but he is covered for it. He lives with his 2 grown kids. One just came back from Florida and the other from Mexico. They haven't been distancing themselves from him and did not put themselves into a 14 day quarantine like they are supposed to and went to work. You just wonder about some people.
  9. I wasn't talking about remote, only transactions using PIN. Here, as John mentioned, you just have to tap your card on the top of the machine like you would your phone for remote payment. If you use the chip then you need to put in the PIN. I have customers that don't trust remote payment and think it is safer to use their chip and PIN. It sounds like for remote payment many countries have you slide in your chip but you don't need to put in the PIN. Have I got that right? Jill
  10. Although highly unlikely in major chain stores, scanners have been attached to credit/debit machines that that steal the info, including your PIN, which is the key part. With tap you don't use your PIN so it makes the information useless as well even if the somehow could get it from the radio waves used in tap. As you said, insecure for lost or stolen card, but you would quickly be aware that is was lost or stolen as you have lost the physical card. Stolen information takes awhile to crop up. I had it happen to me. I always check my bank info every evening and discovered that somehow I had purchased tickets to a football game in France and also bought sporting equipment there. I'm surprised the bank didn't call me as I had bought gas in Lindsay in the morning and somehow a few hours later I was attending a football game halfway around the world. Jill
  11. Actually, chip is less secure than tap. When using your chip, all your debit info is transferred on the machine and can be stolen. When you use tap, no info passes so no information about your account can be accessed. I know if you lose your card people can try to tap with it, but you are aware your card is missing and normally there is a $100 a day limit. With stolen Chip information, you are unaware your bank account can be accessed and it can be used for any amount until you check your bank statement and discover charges that aren't yours. Jill
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