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  1. Actress identification

    Last one looks like Lauren Bacall to me. Jill
  2. Payment cost by Funds transfer

    It sits in my paypal account as USD until I want to transfer. Then I change it over to CDN (in the Paypal "change currency" option.) Then I transfer to my bank account. Jill
  3. Payment cost by Funds transfer

    There is no fee using Paypal, Alamy absorbs that cost. I would check with your bank to see if there is a bank transfer fee. Jill
  4. Yes, if not spam and actual advice seeking, I use a Huion IPS Graphics Monitor. Would love a Wacom, but can't really mortgage the house right now. Does a fabulous job for me. Although it's main purpose is my graphics work, its wonderful for drawing marquees in PS in images. Jill
  5. I got two zooms!

    Some zooms become sales, some do not. but progress. Jill
  6. There is no hope left.

    John, here in Ontario we have the Trillium Plan. My sister's drugs were astronomical in cost (from $1000 - $3000 month). Based on income, she was only responsible for $1500 per year and Trillium paid the rest. Jill
  7. There is no hope left.

    My sister died of kidney disease 5 years ago. She was on dialysis for 5 years then my other sister donated a kidney. So kidney transplant. After 4 years that kidney was rejected, back on dialysis for a couple more years and she had another transplant operation. Finally he last month was spent in intensive care getting daily dialysis, had 2 operations hoping to save her, but she died in the end. We were told by the doctor that her final month's hospital bill (if she or her hubby had to pay) would have been over half a million. Scary. Jill
  8. Lightoom underexposing

    So glad you figured it out. Frustrating isn't it when you know somewhere there is a setting that is wrecking your work and you can't find it. In previous post, I wasn't suggesting using Photoshop but Camera Raw. You just need PS or Bridge to access Camera Raw, I don't think you can run it on its own. But it is exactly the same as Lightroom for developing, just can't catalog. I do 90% of my work in Camera Raw, just use PS for things such as cloning, patching, merging, etc. Jill
  9. Best tool for the Job

    My favourite lens is the one permanenty attached to my RX100 M2. Perfect for walk around shooting. 18-70mm. Jill
  10. The 17mb file requirement is the size of thew RAW file, not the jpg you submit to Alamy. JPG's vary depending on detail. a 6mp shot (3000x200) is the minimum. So your submitted images need to be at least that or more. Jill
  11. Noise

    Live News bypasses QC. If Alamy decides the images are not newsworthy (your's obviously were) then they move them to regular stock upload and then they will go through QC. Jill
  12. Noise

    Some grain noise is acceptable at times, but Alamy will always fail for colour noise. There are noise reduction choices in Lightroom. I tend to bin any noisy images unless the noise is minimal and using noise reduction doesn't affect the sharpness of the image. I rarely shoot in situations where I will need a high ISO which of course will give me noise. Jill
  13. Lightoom underexposing

    Do you have Photoshop, or just Lightroom? If you have Photoshop, then you will also have Adobe Camera Raw, which is the same as Lightroom without the cataloging features. If you have Bridge, it's even faster. If you have Bridge, open your images in Bridge, select the number of images you want to open at a time, right click and click on Open In Camera Raw, Then select all, hit the auto button, and click done. Do that for however many images you like to open at a time. If you don't use Bridge, then open Photoshop, click File - open - select however many images you want - click open - and they will automatically open in Camera Raw. Do same as above. Be sure to click Done, not open images or they will all open in PS. Once you have done that, you can open in Lightroom and they should open with the auto saved changes done in Camera Raw. It seems you are using the CC version of Lightroom, so you should be able to download Bridge for free and PS as well if you don't already have them on your computer. Thought this might be a quick workaround until you figure out your problem. You can do all the changes in Camera Raw, just like Lightroom, but you will need Lightroom to do your cataloging. Jill
  14. Lightoom underexposing

    Maybe uninstall LR and then reinstall and see if that helps. Could be some setting somewhere that is stuck and you don't know where to find it. Amazing what uninstall and reinstalls can do. Jill
  15. Lightoom underexposing

    On that particular image, I would leave the dark background (I kinda like it) but use the adjustment brush to increase shadows and exposure on the flower and parts of the insect. Jill