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  1. Finally got a decent bird in flight image.
  2. Close I think, but they are round and these are slightly oblong. Still been hunting with no luck. Any other ideas anyone? Jill
  3. I would think people based in the UK would definitely have higher views than people in other parts of the world. Regular contributors get higher placement that those that don't upload for a long period of time. Mine did go down over the last couple of years, as I hardly uploaded anything. I do believe that is one of the criteria for placement on Alamy. My views for the past year are 4725 with a port of just under 2300 images. Only 24 zooms but still average 1-2 sales a month. Hopefully as I am back contributing, it will go back up. CTR of .51 But I am
  4. This cheeky Blue Jay seemed fascinated by the sound of the shutter on the camera.
  5. Any good berry experts out there? These taken in woods while I was out on a trail a few years ago. Central Ontario. I've hunted online, but can't find the colour combo anywhere. Jill
  6. I figured out a work around. I copied the file "Sky Textures" from the Luminar program folder and put it on my desktop. I will now open that so I can get an idea of what I am adding. Not perfect, but will do the trick for a bit until Skylum implements it into the program. Jill
  7. Thanks David. I was sure there must be a way. I have a lot of my own skies loaded as well. I have to think of something so I don't waste time clicking my way down the list. Jill
  8. I find it annoying to have to click on the skies in Luminar 4 to see what I am getting. I can't seem to find a way for the skies to be displayed as thumbnails as they are in Photoshop. I figure there has to be a way, I just haven't found it. Any help would be appreciated. Jill
  9. Betty, Ian posted in on page 2 of the forum. I have tried to quote him here, but since the two posts I'm trying to quote are on two different pages, it puts them in two different responses, so I will just paste it. New Alamy Infringements Team We know how important it is to protect the use of your images against unauthorised use. Here at Alamy, we now have a dedicated Infringements Team in place who will shortly start working with multiple Partners to maximise our potential and secure payments
  10. You should contact Alamy at contributors@alamy.com and ask them. There are not a lot of illustrators that upload that are on the forum, but there are some. Jill
  11. That is the problem of not knowing who the purchaser was. Any of those images you might have to tell Alamy not to chase as you don't know if it is an official license or not. You would have to check back on the license details when it was originally bought. Not selling the images. Using them on the site as headers, banners etc. Jill
  12. You can choose to have Alamy contact you first regarding the infringement before they proceed. I have to do that as I use my own images on my website. Don't want to be called for infringing on myself! Jill
  13. The fact is, if Alamy is going to accept photographers with just a low example of work, then they know they are going to get a lot of inexperienced people that have nice gear. If they are going to accept green photographers, then they should do their best to make sure their work is up to snuff as the entire Alamy port (good and bad) reflects on Alamy and all its' contributors. There are so many other blogs out there, and videos on YouTube telling people all the money they can make with their images. And many are silly enough to believe it. So as much as we would like to see peopl
  14. A real pretty bird Betty. I don't think we have them here in Ontario. Jill
  15. One has to remember that customers put in qualifiers sometimes on an image search that we don't see. They may have just wanted landscape images, or just porrtait images, a certain time period, with or without people, and a bunch of others. Those can be the reasons particular images, although seem to fit the search terms better than the ones shown, don't show up in the customer's search. Jill
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