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  1. The Pros and Cons of Culling Our Collections

    I have some dross in my port, but since some of the dross has sold, I hesitate to remove. I still remember Jeff's sale of the pic of the friend's futon for $150 so that is what keeps me from removing images. Hoping to add a lot more this year. Hopefully no dross this time, but my PP skills are much better and that is the major flaw in a lot of my early port. Jill
  2. PC upgrade

    It's a 27" LG. I love it. I also have a 24" Huion IPS monitor that I use for doing graphics work. It is a great monitor as well, but I do the photography on the LG. Jill
  3. PC upgrade

    I have a Lenovo that has 12GB of RAM, (expandble to 32GB) 2 TB hard drive, fast processor (would have to look it up). Paid $600 Cdn for it 2 years ago and it works great with PS. And I can have 3 or 4 programs running at the same time. If you get an SSDrive it would be even faster and the drive would last for ages. You don't have to spend a fortune any more. Do spend on the monitor though. Jill
  4. Images sold in January

    Rogers Centre, Toronto, another presentation use
  5. January 2019 Challenge: Happy New!

    Happy smiling white lion at the Toronto Zoo Happy Family using dog sleds as toboggans
  6. How many did you upload in 2018?

    I only uploaded 2 images all year. Real life was quite busy. Hoping to do a lot more this year. Jill
  7. January 2019 Challenge: Happy New!

    Cute happy Labrador puppies that always make me smile.
  8. If you are in a large mall, where tourists may like to go, such as the Eaton Centre in Toronto, no one pays any mind to people taking pictures. I haven't had any issues in smaller malls either. I did have someone ask me once in my local mall why I was taking pictures and I simply said got a new lens and had to try it out. One advantage of the Sony RX100 (which pretty much use all the time now) is that it looks like a lower grade camera so people just think you must be a tourist taking snaps. Grocery stores are different. I have had the Sony around my neck with the camera wifi on and me holding my tablet, running the camera that way so I just look like someone playing on her tablet. The wifi feature is great. Jill
  9. very quiet

    No sales this month so far, but December is usually a slow one for me, so no surprises there. May actually start uploading some more in the new year. Jill
  10. Alamy annual revenue

    To cost your time, you need to take your total average income per year divided by the number of hours you spend per year on photography and post processing. You can't base it on what an image will bring in in one year as it is available for sale for many years. We all have images that haven't brought in a penny for the time spent and other images that have brought in 100x what the costs were. It's an average. I haven't spent any time uploading to Alamy this year yet have still equaled last years sales. With no effort on my part whatsoever. Jill
  11. December Challenge

    If you open a new window with your chosen Alamy image, you can drag the image from one window into your message box. Jill
  12. How was your November?

    4 sales for gross $75 Jill
  13. December Challenge

    Woman spinning rainbow hula hoop at World Pride in Toronto 2014 Toronto Reference Library Allan Lambert Galleria in Brookfield Place Toronto Jill
  14. At the end of last year, my CTR had sunk to .20 although I had decent sales, zooms and views. This year my zooms and views are only about half of what they were last year. Now, I haven't uploaded anything new this year due to the real world keeping me busy. Yet, my CTR has climbed to .45 and sales and revenue are are slightly above the same point last year. Is this because of the new tag system, where multi word tags are keeping images from showing up in early pages if only one word in the tag matches the search? Has AIM improved the relevancy of the searches, keeping the less likely images farther down where they should be? Jill
  15. Surge time?

    I had 3 book sales pop in over yesterday and today. Glad they now tell you the book. Jill