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  1. Who Are We?

    I guess I would be classified as a hobbyist, as my main businesses take up the majority of my time. So much in fact this year, that I haven't had a chance to go out with the cameras. I do all right with sales. This year stared awful, but has picked up. Most of my images are from just being where I am. I don't usually go out for the strict purpose of photography, although I have the odd time. Really do need to take a little time for me, the Canon and the Sony to spend some time together. Jill
  2. Jeff, just make sure all three computers aren't online and signed in to Adobe at the same time. I keep PS on my desktop and laptop, but once went to my sisters, took photos, but hadn't brought my laptop with me. I downloaded on to her laptop, did all my images, and then signed out. Figured I would leave it on there as I go often and then don't have to worry about bringing my laptop with me if I don't want to. Jill
  3. June challenge - national parks scenery (pure nature)

    Like Paulette, this is a Conservation Area, The Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. View of the Serengeti in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. View from my balcony.
  4. Everything is there Jeff, plus lots more. Jill
  5. I have been searching for dog images to add to products that I make. I have searched on many sites including Alamy, and boy, the frustration of poorly keyworded images where: People include a pile of breeds of dogs even when only one dog is in the image People obviously don't know their breeds and have named them incorrectly Get lots of images of Bichon Frise when searching for poodle. It's very frustrating folks. Please don't add keywords that don't belong, and be sure to label whatever it is by the correct name. Do your research, don't guess. Think of those Bichon Frise images I won't see when I go searching for Bichon Frise because those photographers thought it was a poodle. Jill
  6. Images sold in June (one per day per contributor)

    Boy, sales 2 days in a row. Keep it coming. To Switzerland for book. Jill
  7. Images sold in June (one per day per contributor)

    To Germany. Media and design. Jill
  8. Now need good places to shoot in Rome

    I gave him all the info. Been away for the past 3 days, so haven't been online. At a dog expo in Niagara Falls. You guys have been great with the advice. Jill
  9. My son is leaving Amsterdam soon and first wanted me to thank Wim and funkyworm for their fabulous help on Amsterdam. Said it was very useful. He is headed off to Rome this evening and wanted to know if there are any hidden gems to shoot, and even just some great places to go as a tourist that may not be in all the brochures. Thanks in advance, Jill
  10. Okay Jeff. Have fun on whatever trips you end up planning. Jill
  11. Best photo opportunities in Amsterdam

    Thanks so much wim. You and funky have been an absolute fountain of info. My son plans to take some time and plan around this information. Jill
  12. Best photo opportunities in Amsterdam

    He's only there for 3 days not 3 weeks. He is a bit of WWII history buff, so the Anne Frank house may be of interest. I'll email your info as well, and he can decide what to do. Thanks for all the info guys. Jill
  13. Best photo opportunities in Amsterdam

    Thanks for such a detailed response. I have copy and pasted and emailed it to him. He is currently between Brussels and Amsterdam. Wonderful, helpful group here. I will also do a quick AoA search for him. Jill
  14. My son would probably be interested. Email me at info@jkmorganpets.com Jill
  15. Basically this post is aimed at Wim, but any info from anyone would certainly be appreciated. My son is currently on the train to Amsterdam (just through the chunnel and on his way to Brussels) and is a photo buff like myself. He would like any help on shooting spots in Amsterdam. He will be staying at the Bulldog hostel, so probably anything within range, but he is there for 3 days, so can bus it anywhere. Also, any great off the beaten path places to see and do would be great as well. Jill