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  1. I click on the "Unread Content" link at the top and it shows all unread posts in all the forums at once. I haven't looked at a specific forum in a long time. Jill
  2. When using the Camera Raw filter directly, once you make changes in there, you can't go back and adjust them like you would in Camera Raw. If you want to be able to go back in and readjust your choices, make your image a smart object and then use the Camera Raw filter. This will give you the filter on a separate layer and you can double click that layer to go back in to Camera Raw as many times as you want and make more changes or adjust the changes you have already made. Jill
  3. I wonder if he had bought the couple a wedding present? Jill
  4. I would also like to be able to see both, as with prices dwindling, need to be able to see if maintaining gold level. Still trying to muster the enthusiasm to upload more images. Jill
  5. Thanks for the support wim, but the Boston Red Sox beat the Nationals so my beloved Blue Jays will have to wait another year. Still great baseball. Jill
  6. Michael, are you a Nationals fan? I'm rooting for them today as they are beating the Red Sox. My Blue Jays are thumping the Orioles so if the Nationals keep it up it would be a tie with Boston for the 1st or 2nd wild card spot. Could be a tie with 3 if the Yankees lose to Tampa Bay. Great baseball final day. Jill
  7. I have the following checked in General in PS Auto show the Home Screen Export Clipboard Resize Image During Place always Create Smart Objects when Placing Nothing dangerous in there. Just tick the ones that you want to apply to what you do. Jill
  8. My C drive is 900GB SSD so I made all the changes to what you have. Bridge is down to using 787MB with the same folder open I had before. Selected about 20 images and they all loaded into ACR and then into PS without a hitch. Thanks Wim. Still glad I ordered the new RAM. I often have PS, AI and InDesign open at the same time so my machine should be super speedy from now on. Jill
  9. I use Bridge to go through my images and every time there is an update it becomes a bigger and bigger memory hog. I am going through a folder that has 150 images in it and it is using almost 6gb of RAM. I have 16gb on the computer. When I try to load a bunch of images into PS, it crashes. If I open PS without loading from Bridge, it takes up 4-5gb without even doing anything. Add in what the other apps take, such as Chrome, and it slows to a crawl. Trying to stream a baseball game and anytime I do something in Bridge, it stalls the streaming. I have ordered some more RAM, ano
  10. I've never minded driving. Until my sister moved slightly closer last month, I used to do a 5 hour drive to visit her in Grand Bend, along Lake Huron, at least once a month in nice weather. Not so much in winter, but I would probably do at least one trip in winter. She is only 3 hours away now, so will be visiting even more often. Rail is also much cheaper for us oldies as well, but it isn't as accessible out here in the country. Our passenger rail network is still pretty much limited to around the cities and suburbs for commuters. Jill
  11. My son has come to visit from Calgary and great to see him. Both of my sons have moved there, so been lonely here in the east. Look forward next year to driving out for a visit. Jill
  12. I usually buy extended licenses as I use a lot of the images in products I design. And of course I use a lot of my own images. So are you talking about a collection from one photographer? There is one site where I have bought collections of images by one photographer for one extended license for a reasonable cost to me but each image is usually about 3"x3" generally at 300 dpi. No full size high resolution images. Jill
  13. I'm a little different, as I have to buy a commercial license, which costs more. There are no packs for those, but costs vary widely among the different services for the same image. Jill
  14. That reasoning is one of the reasons image pricing has plummeted. Jill
  15. Jeff, I buy images and if I see an image I like, I simply right click and search on google for the image. It will tell me in 5 seconds if I can find it in one of the cheap joints. Jill
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