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  1. On adobe.ca I get the option of the two photography plans plus Lightroom alone with 1TB at $9.99 Jill
  2. As someone who buys, (pics of dogs) I come across many images where the breed is incorrect. I have found Labradors being called Golden Retrievers and vice versa. And even find images where the contributor has put more than one breed in the keywords. If someone didn't know their breeds, it could cause some embarrassment to the buyer who depends on the photo supplier to correctly caption and keyword properly. I would want to be told if I had something keyworded incorrectly. Jill
  3. I remember when I first uploaded to one of those other agencies, it was 10 days before your images were either passed or failed. I believe they are a bit quicker now, but not sure how quicker. Outside of the weekends, I have usually had mine through Alamy's QC in a day, with the odd one taking longer. Jill
  4. I wasn't referring to docked tails, but in North America the sport of dogs diving into pools is called Dock Diving, as in diving off of a dock. I wasn't referring to the docking of tails. A Dock Dog is one who participates in this sport. Jill
  5. I would certainly say a German Shorthaired Pointer. And add"dock dog diving", "dock dog" and "dock dogs" to your keywords as well. Jill
  6. I couldn't decide which flyboarding one I liked best, so will put in both. Drivers urging horses forward in a horse pull competition Jill
  7. Maybe "Latest Upload" as client is looking for the most recent shots of the park and the market? Jill
  8. So sorry to hear Betty. Will be thinking of you. ❤️ Jill
  9. Not viewable here in Lindsay, Ontario. Chrome Windows 10 Jill
  10. School of carp fighting over a Cheeto Rhino eating hay while idiot stands on edge of rock to watch Tortoise eating lettuce at a pet expo Jill
  11. I use Affinity Designer for doing my vectors. Found the high cost of Illustrator way too much. It has been great software and I recommend it to anyone wanting to do some vector work without spending an arm and a leg. Very user friendly. I haven't tried their photo software yet. I may just do that as I mainly use PS for design work these days as opposed to photography. Hard to compete though with Camera Raw. I shall download and see. Jill
  12. Thanks for choosing my sister lionesses. I love lions. Good luck to all. A tough group of images to choose from. Jill
  13. When I first looked at it, I thought the boat makes the picture and wouldn't have considered cropping it out. Jill
  14. When I saw the notification that you had quoted me, I clicked on it, it took me to this thread, but my post wasn't there, neither were the two after it. After refreshing twice, they showed up. It seems it behaves for awhile, then starts screwing up again. Jill
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