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  1. Sailboats on Lake Ontario. Canadian Shield Lake Huron in Grand Bend Ontario Winter Jill
  2. On your Dashboard is a link to Alamy Manger, that is where you edit all your information. Jill
  3. Can you not just use a different email addy for a new account? Jill
  4. Sales and revenue at 48% of gross of last year, so hanging in there to finish around the same. May actually add some images this summer if I get out and about since I'm not doing any trade shows. Jill
  5. I had a couple of those timbit sales yesterday as well, and after complaining about nothing clearing, a bunch of stuff has cleared and I'll have a payment this month. Jill
  6. I'm finding the same. Sales at beginning and end. I'm finding it is taking forever for sales to clear. Jill
  7. For a business my size, it isn't worth subscribing to one particular agency as my subject matter is very specific. And I haven't seen any great deals for commercial use in subscriptions. Jill
  8. As I have mentioned before, I buy images, and the first thing I do when I find one I like is do an image search to see where else it is. Almost all the searches will find the image at 5 different stock agencies at minimum. I buy where it is cheapest, as I have to buy a commercial license, so want to save where I can. I can't be the only buyer who does this. Jill
  9. You will probably find that images that sold well on SS do not do as well here. And sales are not as frequent. I have images up that have been digitally altered. Alamy used to require you to state that in the image, but doesn't anymore. Any images submitted through Live news can not be altered in any way. Alamy checks for technical issues only. They do not reject images based on subject. Check you images at 100% and make sure the main subject is in focus. Jill
  10. Trees reflecting in a river Garden shed surrounded by greenery A green skater learning with a green support Jill
  11. You can donate, but how many do? And it is still offered for free, undercutting those trying to make a living at it. And are the bigger companies undercutting the smaller ones by giving their products for free? Is Sony harming smaller companies by cutting them out in the price war for image software. I'm sure most of us have some form of free software on our computers and have thought nothing about using it. Thankful that someone is doing it for free just because they like to code. My son is a programmer and resents those that offer up free software, same as we the photographer resent those that don't care if they get paid very little or nothing for their images. It's everywhere. According to Wiki: GNU is a recursive acronym for "GNU's Not Unix!", chosen because GNU's design is Unix-like, but differs from Unix by being free software and containing no Unix code. The GNU project includes an operating system kernel, GNU Hurd, which was the original focus of the Free Software Foundation (FSF). Jill
  12. As we complain of those willing to take little or no money for their images being a big part of the downturn in stock, are we too not just as guilty when we use free software instead of paying for it? There are people willing to give away their expertise and offer GNU software for anyone to use. I am just as guilty. I use free software to edit my videos. Before I increased my OneDrive cloud and got Office 365 with it, I used Open Office for all my spreadsheets and documents. I use Wiztree to check on drive space and file hogs. 7zip instead of Winzip. I use Opencart for the ecommerce platform for my website. The list goes on. If these companies or individuals did not offer these products for free, I would have to buy them. Jill
  13. Google ranks every page it indexes based on some algorithm that no one seems to be able to figure out. So small town pages would probably have a higher rank than an individual photo on Alamy as they probably get more visits than a single image. The image itself isn't ranked but the page it resides on. Jill
  14. Google also indexes the text on the page as opposed to just the words in the SEO fields and tends to prioritize that text. That could be an issue with some of your images on Photoshelter, but hey, I'm just guessing. It was only a few years ago that Alamy allowed the google bots to index their pages. Maybe Google is holding that against them. 😁 Jill
  15. One of the issues with google is if you use the same wording on a lot of pages, then google sees that as spamming and won't index your page. This is where I was taught that when selling products, if there are many with the same descriptions, put it in an image and use the image file instead of text. Not sure if that is your issue Ian, but I know it can be with products if you sell a lot of the same type of thing where a good part of the description is the same in every product listed. Jill
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