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  1. Girl riding a mechanical bull Kids using dog sleds as toboggans Little girl learning how to skate Jill
  2. I added this to my bookmarks bar. If I click on it on a page that has no images, it tells me so. But if I click on it on any page with images, it does nothing. Doesn't seem to matter what site I use it on. So I too would like to know how to get it to work. Jill
  3. You can use a daylight setting for the screen to see better in bright light. Jill
  4. I use the Sony RX100 II and love it. Never had any images fail QC. Can't beat it for a walkabout camera. Jill
  5. I agree with John here. Some images are too dark, but in lots it is due to heavy shadow areas. You need to open up the areas with the deep shadows. Jill
  6. Thanks for picking one of mine. One of my fave photos. Jill
  7. Here you go Ed. Hope I'm not ticking off the NY Times. Q. I am getting a pop-up message claiming to be from Google and asking for my password. It says: “Google Password Required. Enter your password for [account name] in Internet Accounts.” It won’t go away, even if I restart my Mac. Is this malware? A. If you get Gmail through the Mac’s Mail app and the program is having a problem, the Internet Accounts box from the System Preferences often pops up to ask for the password in order to reconnect the Mail program with the Gmail server. You may also see the Internet Accounts box if you have a Google Play, YouTube or other Google service linked to your Mac. Click the System Preferences icon in the Mac’s desktop dock and then click the Internet Accounts icon to go directly to the settings. You can link a Mac to online sites and services through the Internet Accounts box in the System Preferences area.CreditThe New York Times Image You can link a Mac to online sites and services through the Internet Accounts box in the System Preferences area.CreditThe New York Times Google recently confirmed that a technical issue had caused a number of users to get booted out of their Google accounts. Signing back in with your password should fix the problem. If you are concerned about your Mac’s security, log into your Gmail account on another computer or device to make sure your password still works. (This would also be a good time to update and change your Google password: After you log into Gmail, go to https://myaccount.google.com for the password settings, and to configure two-step verification.) If you have recently changed your Gmail password through a web browser and did not update the Mac’s Mail program, you may also see alert boxes asking for the password. If you previously set up application-specific passwords, you may have to update the Mail program with that app password. Malicious software can be very good at impersonating legitimate messages from the operating system, browser, mail program and other applications — and despite some protections, Macs are not invulnerable. Free utilities like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac or Avast Free Mac Security can scan your system, as can commercial security suites like those from Intego or Norton. Editors’ Picks w ads on nytimes.com. Support journalism you can trust.
  8. Looks like a virus Ed. You may have to do a factory reset on your Mac. I have never had Google request for that. Just found this online: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/06/technology/personaltech/internet-accounts-raise-password-question-on-the-mac.html Jill
  9. Images look good, but you need to flush out your keywords. I took a quick look at your image of the male and female lion and you haven't included the female lion in your keywords. You should also add: two lions, female lion, lioness, male and female lion, lion and lioness, captivity, lions in captivity, lions in zoo, lion in zoo, lions in zoos , lions, panthera leo (add in keywords as well as caption). Gotta think like a buyer and what they would type in the search box looking for your subject. Didn't look at any other images, but always think like a buyer and remember many buyers will type in the plural form of a word when they really only want an image of one, so always add the plural. Jill
  10. On adobe.ca I get the option of the two photography plans plus Lightroom alone with 1TB at $9.99 Jill
  11. As someone who buys, (pics of dogs) I come across many images where the breed is incorrect. I have found Labradors being called Golden Retrievers and vice versa. And even find images where the contributor has put more than one breed in the keywords. If someone didn't know their breeds, it could cause some embarrassment to the buyer who depends on the photo supplier to correctly caption and keyword properly. I would want to be told if I had something keyworded incorrectly. Jill
  12. I remember when I first uploaded to one of those other agencies, it was 10 days before your images were either passed or failed. I believe they are a bit quicker now, but not sure how quicker. Outside of the weekends, I have usually had mine through Alamy's QC in a day, with the odd one taking longer. Jill
  13. I wasn't referring to docked tails, but in North America the sport of dogs diving into pools is called Dock Diving, as in diving off of a dock. I wasn't referring to the docking of tails. A Dock Dog is one who participates in this sport. Jill
  14. I would certainly say a German Shorthaired Pointer. And add"dock dog diving", "dock dog" and "dock dogs" to your keywords as well. Jill
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