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  1. Alamy customer service

    Ok good to know. Although I thought the acknowledgement email was automatic.
  2. Alamy customer service

    I sent 3 emails to contributors@alamy.com in the past few days and never got any confirmation emails that they got my messages and that someone will get back to me and never got any responses. Is this happening just to me or do others experience the same thing recently?
  3. Sales notification

    I got such email as well but there is no trace of the sale in my sales report. That was 3 days ago and the sale still hasn't showed up and I checked all my sales going back 1 year and I don't have such sale. I e-mailed Alamy abut it but have not heard back.
  4. sales communication

    Well, I got one of those "congratulations" emails, but I don't see such sale neither this month, last month and not even for the whole last year. Is it possible that it's coming, or is Alamy falsely getting my hopes up?
  5. Never on Monday (or Friday)?

    Nope, I didn't notice that. Had plenty of sales on Fridays and Mondays. I'm in the US.
  6. CTR

    Hare are my numbers jan 24 -feb 22 18 zooms ctr avg .40 total .40 last 7 days 0 zooms avg 0 total 0 this month 13 zooms avg .36 total .36 In addition to all of this the sales this month have been miserable.
  7. CTR

    Hi Betty, what do you consider high CTR? And what period are you looking at?
  8. Alamy Measures broken?

    me too.
  9. Alamy Measures broken?

    Is sales reporting broken too? I haven't had a sale since the 10th, which is unusual. Normally, I have about 15 sales a month on average, but only 3 so far this month and it's already the 19th! Just a little concerned...
  10. A small jubilee.

    Do you really believe that the buyers give a hoot where you’re from??????? If you have what they want they could care less.
  11. A small jubilee.

    I know what cherry tomato is. What I said is that from your keywords it’s hard to tell that cherry implies cherry tomato. If you had “Cherry tomato” in the title then it would be clearer. I bet that image shows up when one searches for “cherry” which is wrong. But having said all that, who cares if it’s a cherry tomato or some other kind of tomato since you can’t even tell from the photo.
  12. A small jubilee.

    What's this "negative place of residence"??? That makes no sense and is a poor excuse. Two simple reasons why you are not doing well, you have wrong kinds of images with bad keywords. It's as simple as that.
  13. A small jubilee.

    It's unclear to me from your keywords what that "brand" of the tomato is. Also, if I wanted a picture of that specific type of tomato why do you think I would like a picture of it splashing into a bowl of water? Is this what people normally do with these types of tomatoes? Throw them into water?
  14. A small jubilee.

    JM5MXF On this photo you have a good amount of copy space and a woman has a pleasant face and is normally dressed. I can see this image being appropriate for many uses HXPXWE this a conceptual image that can illustrate quite a few things HEEJF9 I can see this on a funny xmass card for example I have to think hard to think of a use for M0K94K for example.
  15. A small jubilee.

    Why do you have over 100 images of "Colorful abstract macro background with oil drops in water"? They are all almost the same. One, maybe two is enough. Also, in the past you were told that those images of chicks posing for the camera in skimpy clothes, doing nothing, don't really sell but you continue submitting the same images. You should follow the recommendation given to you instead of posing the same questions every 6 months or so.