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  1. Slow month but better than May last year. Just 4 sales for $$ but zooms and views surged somewhat - the optimist hat is on again! Jim
  2. As a suggestion, try Rambling Rector for #3. Coincidentally, I've just dead-headed one of these on an arch in my garden and it's a rambling rose. It certainly looks as if it could be it! Jim.
  3. No surge here. This month views are up 38% over last month and zooms up 46% but still only two sales........
  4. After an unusually low zoom count last month and none for the first ten days of this month I've recovered to now get back into double figures. Just two very disappointing sales so far this month, both $ with net result not large enough to visit the take-away coffee shop!
  5. Hi Pam, Hope you get to the Broads before too long. I do count myself lucky as having this as my 'home patch' so to speak. A large percentage of my Stock is done here whether travelling on the water or walking by the rivers. What else is nice is the variation between the seasons. Keep up your good work. Jim.
  6. Don't want to go off the thread but I have to admit I'm not too bothered. I happened to start going 'back to the beginning' recently to redo keywords and tags and all that while in the lockdown situation. I couldn't believe all the failures I had then which have long been forgotten.
  7. Hello Pam, as a follow up from what Steve has quite rightly said, just make sure you are extra diligent with preparing your submissions. When I started with Alamy some 15 years ago submissions were mainly scans from negatives and slides and submitted on CDs. I had a terrible time then and I think as a result of quite a few failures then I too am stuck on a 3* rank. Failures are very rare nowadays and I'm quite happy with a 48 hour wait as it spreads my workload. By the way, I had a quick look at your colourful portfolio and I'm glad to see you've got a few images from the Norfolk Broads! If you don't mind me saying, in some of your captions you've spelt Acle incorrectly. You've put a 'k' in (Ackle) which shouldn't be there. It might help any searches of your images if you tweaked this. Good luck with your work. Jim.
  8. I have to agree with you there. I had to mention zooms, as in the past it's been an almost daily occurrence for me and from many comments on the Forum they seem to have dried up significantly for many contributors. I've got to the stage where I'm thinking it's positive to get just one! I will have to hold back and wait for a $$$ sale or some other significant event!!
  9. I remain an optimist! First sale yesterday for 12 days, but only $, and first zoom for 10 days! There's still life out there! Jim
  10. Thanks for sharing that, Mark. Very interesting. All rings good on sRGB for me but clipping on the outer red and into magenta on AdobeRGB. As has been mentioned, I also find that the grey scale squares on AdobeRGB appear to be a bit more 'punchy' (better contrast wise?). Jim.
  11. Although you were kept awake, that must have been a great sound to hear all the Nightingales. It's not so good now and it's reported that only about four males occupy the territory on Salthouse Heath. I missed any possible song because it was the wrong time of day but the area is not short of many Skylarks. I have heard that Fingringhoe Wick is one of the beast places to hear Nightingales in the UK.
  12. Well done to you and your wife for doing a bit of cycling! At this moment in time I am supposed to be in Wester Ross in the part of the UK I really like where I get my fix for hills, mountains, and lochs as opposed to salt marshes, windmills, and Broads. The current situation knocked that on the head with flights from Norwich being cancelled plus all the other travel restrictions so it's looks like that may be next year now! I do enjoy a bit of hill walking as long as it's not too steep. Anyway, what about the 'good thing'? I looked out this morning and there were puddles on the back paving. This is the first rain in my part of the world for over a month. The brown lawn will rejoice although it take a bit to get back to normal state. I enjoy reading about the progress of your allotment so this could well be a bonus here for you too.
  13. You're right, it's not all flat! You may be pleased to know it's still quite popular for cycling. I was parked just off road on one of the highest sections attacking my flask of coffee and three or four groups of cyclists came past. They were all travelling uphill and you could hear the gasping before they reached me. I wish I could do it but my legs don't work that well these days!!
  14. It's a winding ridge of sands and gravels deposited by meltwater from a retreating glacier or ice sheet from the last ice age. It's just inland from Blakeney and runs about half a mile inland behind Cley and Salthouse. It reaches about 50 metres in height and very good for views, wildlife, and all that sort of thing. Wish I'd found it earlier!! Should be plenty of info on the Web if you want to search it out. Jim.
  15. For the first time since 22nd March last, I loaded up all my camera gear and went out on location. I picked North Norfolk which is one of my favourite spots and had a real productive morning before the weather changes later in the week. Best of all I discovered footpaths, which were new to me, over the Blakeney Esker glacial ridge - a relatively high point in our local 'flatlands'. Managed some interesting 'scapes and I live in hope that some of these will sell!! Jim
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