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  1. My best monthly quantity to date at 9 sales. Revenue was $291 gross. Views consistent but zooms down around 30%.
  2. I am a list person! When the lockdown has relaxed enough so I can leap in the car and get around my local patch again I will back into list mode. I have found that no list usually means I end up with a thoroughly unproductive session so I plan a route and list various subjects such a view points, historic features, villages, and the like. It works for me. It's also helpful in that I can identify what I've covered before. After fifteen years or so of doing this it stops me repeating subjects! The memory fades!!
  3. A sale posted this morning got me to the landmark sales accumulative total of $10K. It's taken 15 or so years and I'm nearly up to 11K images. The last three years have been fairly consistent with an average sale of one per week - it will be nice to see this continue! Jim
  4. Sea Thrift, Armeria maritima, it certainly is, Colin. Just as a footnote, the Isle of Skye is one of my favourite places in the UK and I like to get there every year but this hasn't been possible since 2019 because of Covid. I did visit Elgol at the time. I see a nice blue sky in your image - I had to manage low cloud and rain. But it's still beautiful whatever the weather! Jim.
  5. Quiet month here. Just 3 sales for $90 gross. Views, zooms, and CTR have all maintained a consistent level. 😐
  6. Following on from my best year ever in 2019 it's a bit like after the Lord Mayor's show this time:- Sales down 6% Views down 7% Zooms down 7% CTR up 6% And horror above horrors, Revenue was down 47% Grit your teeth and carry on! Jim 😏
  7. Second worst month of the year for me. Just 3 licences for $$. Views consistent but zooms down almost 50%. Jim 😏
  8. My views seem to be holding up to about average but the situation regarding zooms concerns me. This particularly relates to CTR for which mine is dropping rapidly. I still access BHZ every now and again to see if anything has moved but in the last few years my three pseudonyms have all moved just two or three places each. As you say, the current algorithm and where we actually stand remains a bit of a mystery. Regarding sales this month, during the current situation I've managed just one. I've never had a month-end surge but maybe this is the time! Jim.
  9. On the same AIM subject, I have noticed over the past week or so that in 'Your Images' my zooms have completely dried up. Also the total zooms against searches seem to be unusually low. This may just be coincidence or a case of 'this is how it is' over the period. I normally have around 20 to 30 zooms per month on a regular basis. I'm just curious - has anybody else noticed a drop off in this area? Jim
  10. In Alamy Measures I have data of All of Alamy but absolutely nothing in Your Images. Jim 😩
  11. A definite improvement in November with 7 sales and highest fee at $44 (gross). Views consistent with previous month and zooms doubled. Better than the 3 sales from November last year. My optimism is growing! Jim
  12. I've been in the Newspaper scheme ever since I joined Alamy but for me a Newspaper sale is, shall we say, a rarity. However, last month I had a couple of licences which were both $$ and when I looked at my sales data I was taken aback to discover they were both Newspaper. Could it just be....... Jim
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