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  1. After being rather confused when I first logged in, I stuck it out through the day and it seems to have all fallen in place for me. I can do exactly what I did before and I actually quite like it. At least it's now bright and cheerful and the 'greens' keep me awake! Jim 👍
  2. You are quite right. A cruiser does provide a 'bubble' and wide open spaces and fresh air shouldn't be a problem. As with other places more populated areas seem to be where many people are avoiding masks. I guess I should be like you and your RX100. I do usually carry by old EOS M (original) around and these cameras are nice and light and convenient.
  3. What a gorgeous morning it was here in Norfolk. I took a short ride to Thurne in the Norfolk Broads and took my equipment for a walk. I walked by the River Thurne on the Weavers Way and really enjoyed the sunshine, crisp air, and those 'big skies' we get in this part of the world. Many people were boating in large cruisers and the majority waved or shouted a greeting from their craft. It's good what a nice day can do. It's been mentioned earlier, but it was noticeable that I didn't see one person wearing a face mask. Considering the Covid levels here I'm quite surprised! Nothin
  4. I have to admit I was thinking more on the lines of quantity rather than revenue! Just one sale did scrape into $$ (net). If I carry on at this rate I may get to thirty sales this month but revenue will probably be nowhere near a single sale price we managed all those years ago! It's been a lovely sunny day here in Norfolk and I spent most of the afternoon in the local supermarket. A few months ago that would have had to wait while yet another submission took shape. Oh, joy! Ah well, onward at a snails pace. Jim.
  5. I'm getting sales in at the beginning of the month too. Is there some room for optimism? Looking good so far. Jim 😏
  6. Recovering a bit during September with a bit of a surge in the last week! Seven sales for $192 gross with a large range of prices from $ to one at $$$. Views remain consistent with zooms down slightly. Total CTR 0.45. Keep going! Jim 😏
  7. I still share your thoughts on this one. My Measures results are following a very similar pattern to yours and my Dashboard appears very 'inert'. Jim 😐
  8. My level of motivation has dropped considerably these days. As regards contributing to Alamy it is about 50% of what it was but I am still submitting in a smaller way. I do not want 16 years of work to go to waste. I run a small business and am now winding down in the way I do things. At 76 years of age I don't have to do stock but I love photography and this was all part of it and provided some income as part of my business and in a very small way it still does. One thing I would add is that in terms of the love of photography is that I enjoy submitting entries into National and In
  9. A slow month so far with just one sale but on the bright side it's a $$$ effort!! Jim
  10. You have a point there! After all. at the end of the day we are here to try and make sales irrespective of zooms.
  11. What I meant was any sale from anywhere! But I do agree with you regarding zooms that result in sales - very few from here too.
  12. I have actually got a 'zoom' today which is good news. All we need now is a sale to go with it!! Jim.
  13. This still bugs me to a certain extent. The recovery of views and zooms up to the end of August produced a lot of missing data which improved my statistics although, to be fair, not quite to where they were in previous months. Since the 1st September my views have recovered slightly but still down a touch but absolutely no zooms for which I expect an average of one per day based on past experience. CTR is starting to drop like a stone. Has anybody else noticed this or am I just being paranoid? My suspicions remain that this is still not performing correctly. Jim 😐
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