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  1. In common with some other contributors, I achieved 3 sales for $73 gross! However, this is better than July last year when I only had one sale. Zooms and views were both up significantly with CTR at 0.58. Promising - maybe? Look forward to the next month. Onwards and upwards.
  2. My cleared balance has been corrected plus a bit more due to two additional cleared licences.
  3. Me too, but looks like it's being worked on. Cleared balance yesterday was $85 and dropped to $49 this morning.
  4. 4079 views. 14 zooms. Av CTR 0.34. 7 licences for $241 gross including one $$$ item. Views and zooms down but licences up as is average per licence.
  5. Just 6 sales for less than $$$. Prices continue to decline with quantity up on last year but revenue is another thing. Views consistent but zooms and CTR were the highest for some time. 😩
  6. I too would have no problem with 50% share for the photographer and would hope for a reconsideration but I fear it's already embedded in concrete. I too am a fairly long standing contributor and this whole thing is demoralising. As has been mentioned by Ian above I am also reluctant to throw away 15+ years of work. I will take my time in considering options. I've have a quick look at your work and it is stunning. If you withdraw your work I can only say it's Alamy's loss. You will have no problem selling your work but it's just disappointing that stock has now reached t
  7. As an add-on, if the intent was to produce a draconian New Contract in order to reduce Contributor numbers then this is starting to take effect!! I do not like this whole business - it stinks!! Sorry about that, but after 15+ years of hard work and in in the last 5 just starting to get somewhere it really hurts to even think about finishing.
  8. A thought for all Contributors. In terms of Contract Law what if it happens that the contract is declared illegal in any circumstance or becomes void and you have agreed to it? To Alamy also in this context be sure of what your intent was in drawing up this New Contract. Could be interesting in a court of law. I'm no expert, but I'm a firm believer in Common Law in the UK.
  9. I tend to agree with you here. The fallout will be interesting but will we ever know. Disappointing, but one thing less to worry about. Still looking forward to getting stuck into my distinctions!
  10. One thing that has come out of this 'New Contract' situation is that it has made me think just a bit more more about what I am doing. I have tried to not have too much of a knee-jerk reaction and look at the way forward. One thing I have decided to do is concentrate a bit more on completing my photographic distinctions while, at my age, I can still lift and handhold a camera. I'm starting to feel good about getting back to this, and regarding my 'small' business, I can simply just retire. I will let things ride for a while just to see if there are any outcomes/reactions (doubt it!) and take it
  11. I also have been a fairly long term Contributor to Alamy and, to a certain extent, my path from early retirement has been been very similar. I love photography and set up a small business run in my own way which incorporated several aspects including stock, print sales, National and International Salons. The least successful of these has become stock which, to be honest, is subsidized by other parts of the business and hasn't been sustainable for a while now. I never include my successful Salon images in my stock portfolio. These fetch £££ as print sales and the though
  12. It's a lovely start to the day here in Norfolk weather-wise. Normally I would be up and out shooting stock but I've decided it's best to go to my barber and have a haircut and a friendly chat. I've realised there is a similarity. I'm a bit thin on top and maybe don't go quite so often but it's still subject to cut, cut, cut!! Soon there will be nothing left. Sad days.
  13. 5 for 89 gross. Views consistent, zooms still rising and CTR now around the Alamy average. 😐
  14. Disappointing 3 licences for less than $$$ gross and one refund. Views and zooms both up by around 30% so maybe not all that bad. Jim 😏
  15. Just notified of QC pass this afternoon the 26th March. All systems go now!! Jim
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