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  1. Well spotted Wim, it's very over priced according to our moggy, who said they are nothing special 😂😂
  2. I've only had 6 small uploads this year and uploaded last night around 9-10pm, and they, as has happened every other time this year, they cleared at the end of the next working day, ie today;long with the Alamy congratulation, you've passed e-mail, I only have 3 stars for QC rank, so it doesn't look like it QC rank related? Chris
  3. Obviously, the person the photo was a U.S. citizen who wanted a copy for himself😂😂
  4. Great to see some people are still doing well, or doing better than previously, in these strange times! Chris
  5. Just saw this on Twitter, sums this up really & I’ve only read two pages! “Woman on the Jeremy Vine show complaining that a policeman asked her to go home when she was sitting on a park bench having a Prosecco; ‘it’s my right to have a “rest” after my walk’. Can’t you rest at home? ‘No’. Also “they didn’t stop runners drinking water....” #lockdown
  6. No problem Mickfly, I'd say there is no unlawful infringement myself, but we'll see
  7. Sorry to clarify, I think it's the same, I meant I get the idea, but if it's in a public place and they are filming there, it should be fine, If they gave closed the roads off and built barriers, like they did with War Of The Worlds and then you climb over them, then that is different, if they are filming in a public place, a public place is a public place, so I don't understand that, if they wanted privacy, it should be filmed as such Chris
  8. I sort of understand the film set idea, but if it's in a public place, but I'll be interested to see what replies you get. I'll reply to Alamy for Monday morning, but were does it end if you can't take a photograph on the streets? Chris
  9. Yeah none of mine have sold, but out sends an alarming precedent, we already have enough hassle on the streets, with people saying "you can't take my photo", "do you have permission?" etc. Generally, one idea of accreditation is that you are getting preferential access to an event others aren't able to get, but as this was on the streets and is also many years later, it is setting a precedent that Alamy and their lawyers should be helping Photographers with, in my opinion anyway, other wise what is the point? Chris
  10. Yeah that's exactly what I thought, I was on the streets of Liverpool and also in Stanley Park, I don't understand why Alamy hasn't asked my opinion and then helped to defend a "Photographer", taking photos on the streets, it wasn't a paid event, there weren't any tickets, I guess you can say its an artwork, but surely marking as Editorial is the answer, it sounds like a large franchise type of idea, Royal De Luxe has only done well, because a) it was popular and b) people went along and took photos Chris
  11. I do find it strange that people seem to object to someone with a large camera taking a photograph, as being "up to something", or a "terrorist", but take out your mobile or pocket camera and people are fine. One of my daughters won an award in town and we went to the local art gallery, opposite the venue for a coffee, so I asked my two daughters to pose together outside the gallery to take a photo, 1) to remember the occasion and 2) because they were smartly dressed, when some idiot walked past, I think he came out of the gallery and asked if I had permission? I was a bit shocked and said "eh what?" so he repeated it and as I was saying, "they are my daughters...blah blah." he walked away!
  12. Anyone else Photographed the Giants in Liverpool have an e-mail off Alamy regarding Royal De Luxe asking for removal of images understand the law below? There are over 2,000 on Alamy. My photos were taken in 2012, the first year the Giants came to Liverpool, I didn't have a press pass, but as this event wandered the streets of Liverpool and the photos by everybody, made this event and Royal De Luxe famous in the UK, after several visits, it seems to me, they have gotten to big fo their boots, can any advise? :- Dear Chris .....They say they have not authorised these images to be displayed on Alamy and that the reproduction of their creations constitutes an infringement of the Theatre Company’s copyright within the works, as such they have requested that the images be removed. As the creations are not permanently situated in a public place, we understand that images of the work would not be eligible to rely on the freedom of panorama exemptions under s62 of the UK Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988. We are however aware that Royal De Luxe grants use of the works for press purposes when prior consent is obtained. We just wanted to check whether you have the necessary permission from Royal De Luxe to attend the event in question to provide editorial coverage so we can let them know. Alternatively please let us know whether you would like us to remove the images in question...... Thanks Chris
  13. Thanks, I was hoping it wasn't going to take until next week, perhaps I can now change my train ticket seeing as I can't get a refund, although having just checked I have had the e-mail conf Chris
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