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  1. BIG Sale....refunded after 3 weeks...

    Yeah extremely annoying, last year I had my biggest licence for a couple of years, $144, in December, refunded 5 days later, then sold again for $38.42 the same day as the refund, then the following month (January) again for a few cents more at $38.98! This one was credited a month later in Feb, all exactly the same sale conditions. I've found this seems to happen with large sales, I've got no idea why?
  2. Cheers, I missed that bit, but we still need to see the detail, it's a step back in the right direction, but prices need to increase and maybe not let "Exclusive" images available for cheap fees Chris
  3. Interesting and a quick turn around, which as some have suggested may have been the plan, but of course it may not. At least James can now say, you can't find these images anywhere else, so the customer can pay a premium, or that would be good if it was the case? Let's hope it is. Even though 2/3rd's mine are exclusive to Alamy in the way I've ticked the button, we need a clarification as to what this actually means, are we handing them over and we can't use them on our own websites for example? Also, it would be very handy if, seeing as we can see the images we have ticked the "exclusive image" button on, via the Attributes button in AIM, if there was also another Attributes box that shows, images that aren't exclusive. This would really help James! Overall though, considering the company is still growing, I'd have preferred, the new 40% to Photographers, to be for new uploads from February, that aren't exclusive and not taking 20% off my non-exclusive image images that I have uploaded already, especially at the continued overall lowering of prices in general. Thanks Chris
  4. Commission change - James West comments

    Right Alamy I have double checked, on 15th October, titled Changes to your contributor contract, this being the e-mail regarding changed to the contract which came via this Alamy e-mail;- Alamy [] which I didn't check the full info, Then on 1st November the "Keep up to date with our latest contributor blogs" e-mail, same sender. Again I didn't bother checking the content, Then on 22nd November the "Curate and share your Alamy image collection", which I did look at and replied to you via twitter, you liked my link, & I put it up on here, with other contributors. The other Alamy e-mails I have received are replies to the Forum which come via Alamy [] I haven't unsubscribed, as although I'm not a main contributor, I do like to check on what is happening with Alamy. Therefore what date did James e-mail go out to everyone? The one in October I only read the changes link and the contract still says 50%? Thanks Chris
  5. No problem! Not sure how it's done that, was it via your phone? I know whenever I try that it does very strange things Chris
  6. Commission change - James West comments

    Page one of Tea Cup ride
  7. That#s weird. I don't know why that says Chris C said??? I didn't say that, I've never downsampled the size of my images ever, I said Alamy always states what the problem is
  8. Commission change - James West comments

    Personally, I don't remember the 45 minute notice either, but I will double check, as I haven't unsubscribed and then check with Contributors
  9. Commission change - James West comments

    I haven't unsubscribed
  10. Might be best to e-mail them, the last time one of mine failed, it had a darker band across the image, giving the reason, rather than a grey band saying it's failed, it is hard to spot at first, even on a laptop, probably impossible on something smaller, but if not there, there is no harm in e-mailing Alamy & telling them
  11. They do tell you which image has failed, but if an image has failed, then until you are clear again, all the other images will fail. Whilst they will all say "one or more of your images has failed....." at leas one will have the correct reason, or should do! If it hasn't you need to e-mail Alamy
  12. Commission change - James West comments

    There is nothing in my spam filter on my phone or PC, so I't'd be interesting to see who the e-mail was sent to? Is it just the top earners, or those with the biggest amount of images perhaps?
  13. Commission change - James West comments

    I normally always receive any e-mails Alamy related, but sounds like seeing as this is a bad new story, it is being hidden under the carpet Chris
  14. Commission change - James West comments

    Hi Colin, it was late, but I did realise it is a drop to us of 20%, so Thanks for pointing it out. I was paraphrasing James saying, "we are only currently up 2% after a lot of serious growth, so it;s acceptable for us to drop your fee by 10%", but I forgot to say it's a drop of 20%.which isn't really acceptable Chris