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  1. same for me, Alamy does my DACS 28 August 2020 Other income ASCRL payment 2020 3.62
  2. Yeah being used to a DSLR (or SLR back in the old days), Autofocus on a compact can be annoying and hit and miss, but it isn't the same camera, best to remember the image quality is very good, it's unobtrusive and although it has it's limitations, you will be able to take images you probably wouldn't take and also when you didn't expect to take them. Like any camera there is a learning curve. CC
  3. Everything is now back for me, couldn't get onto anything yesterday. I tried in the morning and until I went to bed, just the "try again in a few minutes" message, couldn't get on the Forum either, same issue, same period All good now CC
  4. As Avpics says, mine is always there in the metadata, maybe it's getting stripped out, depending on software, I always use Lightroom Chris
  5. As I said, I wouldn't because there doesn't seem to be that much advantage, for the price, but I'm not using the later versions, others will know the answer or have a better opinion If there was a slightly higher price than the mk 3 that had 24-120 equivalent, I'd consider that when mine bites the dust, but the rises in price are too much for me or if my sales of Sony photos went through the roof, however. I feel it is still a point and shoot, a very good point and shoot, but doesn't compare to my Nikons, but you can take it anywhere, be less obtrusive and I've not had anyone quest
  6. Ha ha it was at the top of the threads with comments, but I see others posted before me and I didn't spot that, so that's my excuse, ThanksπŸ‘πŸ‘ Chris
  7. My last 7 sales have all been 2013 2014 2015 & 2016 a couple from 12 & 16, the last sale was an image from 2016 that I uploaded a week or so ago, it sold a week later, but I have hardly uploaded for a couple of years. My last 9 zooms, all in the last month, 8 are from 2018 & 1 is from 2013. As my last sale example shows, if somebody wants a certain image and there aren't that many on Alamy, it might sell, if you are trying to sell a photo of the Eiffel Tower, then you probably won't do it, but with your butterflies keyword and correctly captioned, you will s
  8. I've got the Mk3, I found the deal with the Sony Case & grip from a supplier, was well worth buying. I do use mine on my bike and carry it around my neck with the case, rather than in a possible dusty pocket, you do need the wrist strap, but I find the grip helps when grabbing one handed and doesn't make it as slippy in general, if I bought another I'd buy a grip and case for sure . Others would testify to the benefits of the more expensive version, but as a point and shoot that you can grab extra photos, when not out taking "real photographs", it does the job and of course the s
  9. Wow! Such a great story, never heard of that or them before, what a fabulous place to stay CC
  10. No sales since April, but then again, Iv'e had a full time job for year and a half, so have hardly been uploading, started going through some old files and uploaded a photo of a train station on the 13th, passed the next day and sold for double digit PU yesterday 20th! CC
  11. Funny, just saw that and the first thought I had, was "Boldon Colliery". I had a sales role many years ago and my first visit to the North East, was to see a customer in Boldon Colliery Industrial Estate, must have been lat 97 or early 98, there was no sign them, but the houses looked similar! Nice to see what it actually looked like CC
  12. Not only that, but once they gave the file, they have the file, even if they return it, or a version of it? CC
  13. Well spotted Wim, it's very over priced according to our moggy, who said they are nothing special πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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