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  1. Hi Matt, I don’t have an iPad yet, but will soon, but this may help. I edit my iphone photos in Snapseed and then export to the Filterstorm app in order to size them. Chris
  2. Travel Camera?

    As a lot of people have said the Sony RX100 I bought one two weeks ago & mentioned on the forum under the title:- Quality Control & Small cameras blah blah blah Its great!
  3. Up to now I’ve done everything on a laptop, I do calibrate my monitor on a regular basis, essential not just for Alamy, but for using different print land and albu manufactures, in order to ensure what you order is what you receive. Hoping to get a desktop soon though
  4. Just thought I'd say Thanks, I've wanted a small camera for ages that had good quality and after finally buying the RX100 mk3 and taken a few shots, it is exactly the type of small pocket style camera, I've been after, perfect for when I don't want to carry my Nikon. So thanks for those who have recommended it, obviously their are some things it won't do, but it's pretty impressive, from a few test shots I've taken so far and as I've just been told, my small batch have passed quality control, I'm looking forward to taking more photos with it, when out and about on my bike and stuff. Ta Chris
  5. iPad Pro 12.5

    Sorry Julie, that should have been a reply to you, but it always seems tp go wrong on my phone
  6. iPad Pro 12.5

    Hi Julie, I tried the old Lightroom on my mobile & it was a pain, however Adobe are aware of the issues and although there are still some issues between the phone, iPad & PC/MAC they have renamed it Lightroom CC i attended this lecture at thePhotography Show at Birmingham NEC a couple of weeks ago, the full days seminars are on YouTube. For the Lightroom CC info, you need to fast forward to 4hours exactly, useful for anyone else, as it does look better regards Chris
  7. How was your March 2018?

    2 for $64 first ever live news sale and 1st PU for over a year
  8. Local Paper

    Yeah I've seen loads of good ones too
  9. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    Just been notified of my first Alamy Live News sale in the Sun on 28th February, funny as I almost felt it was a waste of time, as the photo is of Southport Beach, but no one was around, so I thought that won't sell! I literally stopped took a photo and carried on driving
  10. Local Paper

    I'd have thought all local newspapers do this, mine certainly does and have done for years, you even see them pinch stuff off facebook, or google if there is a local fire or something, just like the weather pics, they don't pay you, but too many people want to see there name and photo on the TV or in the paper for nothing, i'm afraid.
  11. Thanks everyone, I've been a bit busy, but there is a lot of info to mull over and I'll have a few more questions, once I've done so! Another one though, is what about my Lightroom back ups, with the current Adobe pay monthly photo subscription, is there anything I should be aware of? Many Thanks Chris
  12. Thanks Jill, I do know a programmer, who has built her own, so I understand the RAM and I don't know how I edit sometimes with what I have, as Lightroom and Photoshop chug very slowly, so that is another reason, but thanks to the economic climate and the Dollar to Pound exchange, it's all gone expensive whatever I choose, so It's a matter of reading and digesting more information and putting my money into what is going to help me, without going crazy, I think, & what will work for me Thanks Chris
  13. That was the other factor, I had noticed, I have asked in the Apple shop, but after I received the sales talk, that was mentioned Thanks Chris
  14. Thanks Norm, I was planning to keep the laptop, as you say in case of emergency and operator error and as you say if i'm on a deadline, but good info Thanks Chris