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  1. Yeah I'm with you on that, the file size should be lower for personal use, plus not many seem to be actual personal, but what do I know, people are strange, I know that much!
  2. I'm not as concerned about them as the NU as I realise it's different markets & I sort of understand the reasoning, so I'll stay in that for now
  3. Just a reminder, I've just realised it's April, so I can opt out of Novel Use along with anyone else, (even though I didn't realise I'd signed up). I'm also in "Distribution" and "Image Options" I know distribution can be low, but has anyone any positive experiences, or any Territories or Countries that would be advisable to definitely opt out of. Image Options hasn't affected me yet, but Alamy says they will e-meil about this, so again if anyone has any advice on this for the rest of us, please let us know? ChrisC
  4. Premium!! Yeah I agree and thought that John, if they had a tab upon upload to add some for Novel, we aren't as impressed with, that would be better, but possibly encouraging lower prices, when they seem pretty low anyway, but seems a better solution CC
  5. Hi John, Thanks & sorry I know it's been around for ages, I meant that the Alamy blurb says "for new & Innovating ways......." I didn't think I oped in, but it says 2011 when I joined, but I haven't looked at that part of the dashboard for a while, but thought I unticked most things as there used to be more! Interesting to know a dollar is the going rate! CC
  6. I think it's more of a down tick for the price, I nearly did, but thought better of it CC
  7. That is shocking, as is you can only opt out in April, I've just noticed I am "in", which I don't remember clicking, but it was a long time ago, but it does say 70% of us are in! For me there should be a minion sale of $9.99 or £10 would be better and if anyone wants less they can opt in to such schemes, or just go down the Microstock route! So out of interest though, has anyone had any big sales from this new marketing procedure? Our sales teams are always looking for new and innovative ways to evolve our business, whether that’s with the next big idea or a tailored so
  8. Exactly! Shocking to be arrested 6 hours later and have everything taken off you, without some kind of evidence, rather than what exactly? Seems to me to be symptomatic of this Government consistent lies and covering up the truth Chris
  9. As Spacecadet says, then wait 24 hours or so, as a new contributor for them to appear onsale, depending on updates
  10. 4 for me, all low $$ 2 on BBC website, one in the Mail and one personal copy of a couple of Cherry Pickers being used by camera crews, I did think I should get a print framed and offer the option on a POD site!😀 ,
  11. same for me, Alamy does my DACS 28 August 2020 Other income ASCRL payment 2020 3.62
  12. Yeah being used to a DSLR (or SLR back in the old days), Autofocus on a compact can be annoying and hit and miss, but it isn't the same camera, best to remember the image quality is very good, it's unobtrusive and although it has it's limitations, you will be able to take images you probably wouldn't take and also when you didn't expect to take them. Like any camera there is a learning curve. CC
  13. Everything is now back for me, couldn't get onto anything yesterday. I tried in the morning and until I went to bed, just the "try again in a few minutes" message, couldn't get on the Forum either, same issue, same period All good now CC
  14. As Avpics says, mine is always there in the metadata, maybe it's getting stripped out, depending on software, I always use Lightroom Chris
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