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  1. Complicated captcha?

    I agree! Absolute pain in the butt! Hardly ever get through first time, waste of time
  2. That explains it! Mine main one had gone too, after finally having a decent CTR of 1.2 last night, down to 0
  3. Can't log in to Alamy site

    Me too! Can log in here, but not my dashboard
  4. Can't say on saleability, as if I knew that, I'd be selling more! But for me & on my screen, it's a mixture of the two, as the right hand one is too light and the left too dark, for me, bringing out the shadows on the one of the left would be easier, I think. Chris
  5. Ha ha it looks like, is this a new post bank holiday phenomenon?
  6. Before I risk an upload

    On my daughters laptop, the 2nd doesn't look sharp or in focus, but as they are on Flickr, Flickr could be adding sharpening to them, if in doubt don't upload unless you know them to be sharp
  7. Exactly Mark, The other thing to remember about QC is that if your image, has a fault in it and it actually manages to get through QC, then a customer buys it, as soon as they see the fault, they obviously won't pay and will return the image as faulty, What does that do to the photographers reputation and more importantly to Alamy's reputation, whilst initially some things from Alamy may seem strange, quality control isn't one of them. Like most things, it is all down to experience and like most things that are done in error, you take it on board and learn, or if you don't you start banging your head against the wall. Chris
  8. What's the strangest photo you have sold?

    Brilliant, what was it used for?
  9. What's the strangest photo you have sold?

    Now that is strange! LOL
  10. What's the strangest photo you have sold?

    ...and go backwards?
  11. What's the strangest photo you have sold?

    That's a classic for strangest sale!
  12. Slow/disappointing month

    It's not just me then! 6 zooms and not a sale to be seen
  13. News rejections

    I had that a couple of years ago which put me off doing live news, funnily enough, I guess they were right, it was Rangers stadium on a sunny day, I didn't think Glasgow had sunshine, so to me it was newsworthy :-) I'd previously seen a lot of what I thought were poor live news photos uploaded, but they were probably kicked out too, or Alamy has changed it's policy, although afterwards, I realised it had to be slightly saleable or relevant to news events of that day, if Rangers had been getting taken over that day, maybe it might have worked, otherwise it was just stock.