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  1. Must admit in that case such behaviour goes against the spirit of the Gospel. My early joy has been somewhat tempered by this. i have just seen that there is a facility to message the culprit and ask him to take the image down. https://id.pinterest.com/pin/636133516105959511/ Just developing the theme a little. I have had a number of wall murals and similar graffiti stencil images refused by other agencies on the grounds that I have not the permission of the original artist to copy them.
  2. It is always annoying to find any image has been stolen or misused. Particularly when its impossible to do anything about it. I have found a few of my own on that forum from time to time. In this case however you might have some consolation for, as you probably know, your image contains a verse that is absolutely vital to the New Testament Gospel Message. It is contained in the Bible book of the Acts of The Apostles Chapter 4 v 12 when the Apostle Peter preached publicly the Gospel of The Grace of God after Jesus was raised from among the dead. It is a verse that is very precious to me and it brought joy to my heart to read it on your post first thing this morning at 7.20 am. I sure hope it will be a blessing to many others who read it on Pinterest and even on this post. Take care
  3. It really is grim to have a refund after all of that time but does it have to be like that. Surely Alamy could put a time limit on refunds etc. A period of even 12 months would give any client the time they need to use licensed material. Its hard to imagine that the introduction of such a time limit would stop a buyer from licensing an image.
  4. Nice suggestion Allan but that was the original uncropped image.
  5. Agreed, there's nothing to fight. I was just really amused at the petty approach to an image that has no commercial value to anyone in terms of trademark copying. The image was marketed clearly as editorial only.
  6. I have just received the following communication from the Alamy legal team: Hi Michael, We’ve heard from one of our distributors as they have been contacted by lawyers on behalf of Beitar Jerusalem Football Club concerning an image of their registered trademark available in your collection. P24XCT / Football Flag They say the use of the club’s trademark and making available for licensing in this way is not authorized and have asked for the image to be withdrawn, which we have done while we investigate. If you believe you hold permission from the club to license images of their design on their behalf and wish to discuss keeping this on sale let us know and we can put the club’s representatives in touch with you to discuss further. Kind regards Dan Alamy Copyright Team This is the offending image. Any comments or guidelines.
  7. I'm a humble 3 star "should have done better" foot soldier but thankfully my submissions generally sometimes usually mostly always clear overnight or sooner😰
  8. You should be aware that there are very many positive reasons why you should take up knitting. Perhaps it's time for a rethink.😉😄
  9. Are you sure they weren't corpses that hadn't found their way to the morgue. Grim💀💀
  10. I have never considered myself to be anything more than a very small fish in a very large stock photography pond but I just like taking pics when I am out and about. So I suppose that I will just continue to do that and enjoy it as always.
  11. Working fine for me Betty. Try this: Recorded when he was much older
  12. Yup. Watched High Noon many times in our working class home when I was growing up. Here goes. In for a penny in for a pound. Try This Love Me Now (while I am living)
  13. Betty If your thinking of going country why not Tex Ritter: If you ever goin ta love me. That's going back a bit
  14. "Save me" by Aimee Mann. Soundtrack from the movie Magnolia. A must and the best version of the song. Well worth a listen with a packet of razor blades handy 😃
  15. This could be the Last time --Rolling Stones It's Over Roy Orbinson Save me Queen It's Killing Me UFO
  16. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Umfz4wbn8bkvkjEir0rOcR50PBX1emYr/view?usp=sharing
  17. Please don't include Sweet Caroline...touching hands, reaching out, touching me, touching you 💀
  18. How Can I put an amusing MP4 from my computer onto this forum post
  19. For what it is worth it is mentioned in the Bible of all places in the book of Hosea Ch 9v6 "For, lo, they are gone because of destruction: Egypt shall gather them up, Memphis shall bury them:" Memphis= "haven of the good" A capital of Lower Egypt located on the western bank of the Nile about 9 miles (15 km) south of Cairo. Mofe is the ancient Hebrew with a variation Noph mentioned another 3 times. Just shows that "Nope" There is nothing new under the Sun, not even in the States
  20. In view of all of the above I would ask if there is a copyright issue in photographing and selling as stock, photos of food product boxes etc that quite clearly have artwork. Presumably of course most producers would not baulk at what amounts to free advertising.
  21. Looks like I got my surge after all. 1 sale to ITV (British Television) of a FlyBe check in desk at George Best City Airport.$61.55. More Please
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