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  1. Waveski Surfing Bull Buffalo Racing, north Bali. Thundercats jumping in the surf
  2. Low $$$. Country: WorldwideUsage: Single company - multiple use editorial onlyIndustry sector: Media, design & publishingStart: 01 May 2019Duration: In perpetuity
  3. A few cents short of $$$. Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Television (editorial)Print run: Unlimited transmissionsPlacement: Use within body of showStart: 29 April 2019Duration: In perpetuity Licensed for a single edit, in perpetuity and across all media
  4. The worse month for many years, 3 sales, all direct & non exclusive. Gross $184.37. CTR steady at 0.93.
  5. RF for a bit lower than mid $$. 5 MB1638 x 1092 pixels 258KB compressedBook use. Japanese distribution of up to 2,000 in Japanese.
  6. Betty, I've been travelling and just logged on to read this. My heart and love goes out to you and your family. xxxx
  7. Second licence of this image by Alamy. Exactly mid $$. Country: World English LanguageUsage: EditorialMedia: Book, print and/or e-bookPrint run: up to 5,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1 pageStart: 21 September 2019End: 21 September 2024Rights include photo appearing as a thumbnail in Table of Contents or Glossary. Electronic, digital and PDF rights granted for the facsimile of the original publication. Promotional in-context rights granted
  8. Average month, 7 sales gross $424.27, including 2 at $$$ and one small distributor sale. The commission cut really hurt, just $166.77 for me. CTR .95. What really hurt was a refund of a $$$ sale from early December, which had cleared and was paid to me as part of my end of January amount.
  9. First licence of this image - an old film scan. $$$. Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Book, print and/or e-bookPrint run: UnlimitedPlacement: InsideImage Size: 1 pageStart: 01 September 2019End: 01 September 2029Rights granted for print and electronic versions, all supplementary e-usages (web, DVD, e-book, powerpoint downloads) Duration: 15 years
  10. I did not say this fish was not a clownfish, I said it was not a Nemo. The "nemo" clownfish in the movie (assuming that is what you are tagging this fish as), was a very different species to that in your photo - even though a "cartoon" fish, it was bright red and white, more in keeping with Amphiprion percula, or A ocellaris. Similar to my forum photo. The keywords that I can see for this image do not have a latin (species) name for this fish, eg Amphiprion clarkii (just an example, as I said in my previous post, I can't ID this fish from the photo). The only scientific name I see is Amphiprionae, which is only the subfamily name for all anemonefishes. It is not a species name for this fish. You should also include any common names as well. Perhaps you have refined the tags to include this since my advice, but the site has not yet updated? Because at the moment, anyone searching for this particular species of clownfish, will not see your image. And also a note that you have the tags clown fish (together, but with a space), but do not have the tag clownfish (without a space). This does make a difference, depending on the search term used. Example, since 1 July last year, to date, on AoA, there have been 10 searches including the words clown fish, but 19 including the word clownfish. Your image would not be seen in the 19 searches.
  11. I'm in Australia, east coast and using Win 7 + Chrome, I can clearly see the red clothed bearded bloke with trolley in the airport. And I can drag it as well!
  12. Definitely fix the keywords, another example T0KJ45, is not a "Nemo" and I can't suggest the species without seeing more of the animal. For shots like this, always grab a photo of the fish side on, so you can accurately ID it when keywording.
  13. Yes, thanks John. Having a lot of dark coloured fruits & vegies every day. Breakfast is a smoothie of (all raw) baby spinach, celery, carrot, cauliflour, beetroot, almonds, 1/3 banana , a hunk of lime with skin, a hunk of ginger, almonds, blueberries, (sometimes I add other dark berries) moringa and amla powders and coconut water. Plus a lot of supplements. Lunch is juice of carrots, celery, beetroot, a green apple, lime and ginger, and more supplements. Dinner, salad and coleslaw with purple cabbage and a small amount of good protein. When we go out, I eat what I want (within reason), but basically try to stay away from anything processed. I have maybe 2 slices of bread in a week, no dairy, minimal processed sugar. However, I do still enjoy a glass or two of wine each day....something that I really need to stop.
  14. Thanks, I hope so too. Breast CA, stage 2A with grade 3 tumour - the most aggressive. Had surgery, but refused radiation & chemo, as a major risk to my scuba diving. Aromatase inhibitors made me too ill to function at all, so stopped taking them. Oncologist has washed her hands of me, and breast doctor said he's not sure how to treat me, "when" it comes back. Have done a radical diet change, most days 90% raw plant based. Losing weight (14kg so far), so trying to help myself. 9 months since surgery and had scans just over a week ago, and clear of CA so far. Going to spend 2 months in Bali soon, lots of diving coming up!
  15. Gordon, I have many of my RM placed elsewhere as well as Alamy. Everywhere licences for low prices these days. If I was doing as well with RM images elsewhere, my decision may be very different. Statistically, and based on last years sales on Alamy, I know roughly how much my income will reduce by having images as non exclusive. I have decided to stick with Alamy for exclusive RM and also change some non selling images to RF and place them on "those" sites, where I seem to do quite well. I also have a very serious health issue that the doctors tell me has a very high chance of recurring and being untreatable. I want to make life easier for those left behind if things go belly up for me..
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