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  1. First licence of this image. Zoomed a few days ago. Exactly mid $$, direct & exclusive. Shows four new arms regenerating from a single arm (the longer one). Country: WorldwideUsage: Editorial print and digital use. Full page inside.Industry sector: EducationStart: 24 November 2020End: 24 November 2025
  2. Only my second licence this month, but not too bad at lowish $$$. First time Alamy has licenced this image, but second overall. Now exclusive. Direct sale. Country: AustraliaUsage: Indoor displayMedia: Non commercial displayIndustry sector: Government (local, regional, national)Print run: 1Image Size: up to 1/8 areaStart: 17 November 2020End: 17 November 2023
  3. We took a trip to Grafton, in northern NSW, Australia. It's a lovely old town about an hour away from us and each year their jacarandas transform the area into a sea of purple. Getting shots in the morning was a problem with lots of photographers out and about very early and hogging the roads. I was lucky to find this couple walking away as I arrived at one of the popular spots. It was even nicer they had such bright clothes on! This is the historical cathedral, looking lovely in afternoon light with a couple of jacarandas framing it.
  4. Low $$. An old shot from 2006 when I had just received my Canon 5D. Frame number 502. And rather poignant, as the same magpie family still come to see me most days and brought down this years chick 2 evenings ago for the first time. Country: WorldwideUsage: Commercial electronic, Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years. Rights include extended use across social media.Media: Website, app and social mediaImage Size: Any sizeStart: 08 November 2020End: 08 November 2025
  5. The jacaranda tree in the yard behind us has finally flowered, and the Blue Faced Honeyeaters love the nectar. It's a challenge to get a shot from almost underneath as most of the time the birds hang totally upsidedown so you can only see the back of their heads. I did get lucky a couple of times though. This is my favourite.
  6. Many thanks for choosing one of mine, there were so many amazing images.
  7. I had an awful October, just 5 licences for $130.17. CTR was great though at 1.64, with a few zooms where mine was the only image looked at. DACS $270.01
  8. Cal, yes, I did use fill flash but this is taken from about 12 meters away as the nest is in a neighbours yard with me up the top of a ladder in our yard. The nest is in shadow much of the rest of the day from overhanging branches and it's impossible to light the birds otherwise. The babies are fine, in fact one fell out of the nest prematurely so we took it into care each night, but put it in a hanging planter each morning in line of sight with the nest and the parents fed it. Once it was strong enough to fly a bit, we left it out overnight and the parents encouraged it to a safe spot overnig
  9. One of two images to the same buyer. Third licence by Alamy but also licenced 13 times via Age. Image now exclusive. Direct sale low but reasonable $$. Country: WorldwideUsage: Single company - multiple use editorial onlyEditorial print + digital use.Industry sector: Media, design & publishingStart: 27 October 2020Duration: Unlimited
  10. Very low $$. Second licence of this image via Alamy. Direct/exclusive. Used by Australian Geographic here. https://www.australiangeographic.com.au/blogs/creatura-blog/2020/09/the-sunda-stink-badger-is-the-cutest-little-stinker/ Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Editorial websiteIndustry sector: Media, design & publishingImage Size: Any sizeStart: 27 October 2020End: 27 October 2025Includes use on website, PDF and tablet platforms; Excludes printed and advertising use. Single Use
  11. Same here. Sometimes it just won't work. I cleared my cache and it helped for the first day.....but back to almost not working again for me today.
  12. Mine was almost $60 up on last year and a decent $$$.
  13. My gross sales figure just popped over $50K. It's taken far too long, but gives some small encouragement.
  14. First licence of this image which was zoomed a few days ago. Low $$. On the ++ side however, it did get my gross sales over $50K. Country: WorldwideUsage: Editorial, Use in a single article across e-newsletter, magazine, and/or editorial websiteMedia: Magazine - print, digital and electronicStart: 21 October 2020Duration: Unlimited
  15. I have a lot of repeat sellers and I usually mention the number of times when I post an image in the "Images sold" section. Having a quick look a couple of images have sold upwards of 20 times over the years. Some via other agents, before I became exclusive to Alamy for my RM images. I also have a small number of images on "those" sites, some images sell weekly and have had well over 1,000 downloads.
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