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  1. Yes agree been using phase software since 87 great results . You wouldn't expect to learn French overnight so why is software different.
  2. Well what a dogs breakfast this is, fonts spacing k er n in g colouršŸ¤¢ its all over the place confusing and not what a CUSTOMER wants to see when they are buying images . Save the BLING for advertising . It's a no from me Simon.
  3. Who cocked up the website design just because you have "FONTS" you don't have to use them all did they buy a personal use graphics package .
  4. Hi all is measures working have had reported sales but measures returns no data??? Regards Jon
  5. Thanks Ian As normal font of all knowledge is there an Alamy section in pond 5 ?? for members to sign into?? Jon
  6. Hi All Looking at the new front page it has video content how do we submit ????? Regards Jon
  7. Thank you for the info Ian Im sure that I miss out every year. What about a split claim like Alan suggests ?
  8. I didn't know you could do that Alan But they still get their cut for withholding info
  9. Yes had the same reply but if Alamy clan they have the info ???????????????
  10. Hi All Its DACS time again this year im lucky with a TV sale Alamy won't say BBC or otherwise and DACS say they won't pay unless I say who its for how do you deal with this. Jon Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Television (editorial)Print run: Unlimited transmissionsPlacement: Use within body of showStart: 29 January 2021Duration: In perpetuity
  11. If we can't sell it or give it away can't we rent out the hard disk space to them.
  12. Or we could just set this image free just by itself on the internet forever. Jon
  13. Thanks for the feedback Ian strange my image has been sitting there since 2008 and has survived one cull. Jon
  14. I wasn't on their turf and DYDC49 is on Alamy and G don't think they are going after G .
  15. Hi All Has anyone had an email from the copyright department re Chatsworth House regarding image removal .? Regards Jon
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