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  1. Hmmm. As we don’t know how the system works difficult to say. My book cover use will get whatever the commission rate is at the time of billing I’m told even though it’s already been published. A live news use from 8 months ago that I have pestered them about for several months has been earmarked as needing to be billed this month so it qualifies for 50%. A query about a license that may be incorrect and probably incurs a higher license fee….in my view ought to be billed as 50% if the original license is incorrect. But if they just issue a new one…..
  2. After tiddlers yesterday comes a decent highish $$ sale for cheese. Probably one I won’t get again now it’s been marked editorial only.
  3. I really really wonder how much attention to pay to CTR. Mine has stubbornly stuck around 0.4 no matter what I do. I have healthy zooms, now around 60-70 a month. I have decent sales, too. When, occasionally, I use a search term to see how high up my images are, they are generally on the first or second page. So I tend to not worry about CTR any more.
  4. I saw that in a newspaper the other day but unfortunately cannot remember which one.
  5. Three tiddlers today (I presume CT) with one of them below. More importantly I just found a book front cover published on May 27th that hasn’t yet been reported. Surely it should have been by now? Have emailed Alamy to ask that they honour the current commission rate since it’s already been used.
  6. I’ve only had a cursory look so far at the rewording, which appears to simplify the language, nevertheless a thorough examination of the contract is a wake up call. I will be taking similar steps to others: deleting any images I think could cause problems, making all images with no model or property releases editorial only for now, making all exclusive images (most of my portfolio) non-exclusive before the new contract kicks in…but the problem still remains that Alamy is taking more than I get for any image sold and I am not comfortable with that. I am not bailing out but what I upload here wi
  7. That must be a new phenomenon. Never happened when I celebrated the end of my exams.
  8. Not if they are compostable which the ones I use are from Lavazza
  9. Two more sales today, one $$ and one $, making 5 sales since the start of the month. I’ve sold two of Fingal Edinburgh amongst them...not sure why.
  10. Use on msn is usually an (unfortunately legitimately) copied article from another newspaper so you need to find the original use.
  11. Not sure what you mean. If your images aren’t “in” LR, then you can simply import them from wherever you store them, then use the plugin to capture the Alamy data. It’s a bit fiddly at first until you have the photos in your catalogue matched with those on Alamy but after that there are huge benefits.
  12. Nice to get a $$ sale for a pear tree (marketing package).
  13. Second highest number of sales in the last year (50) and second highest revenue in the last year. Five $$$ with one being my highest sale ever at over $200 but that’s only because they were all live news. Some $$ stock and loads of tiddlers. Without live news it would be a different picture. And I am not embracing the prospect of only 40% for live news in the new contract. Edit: just had two $$ sales reported so hopefully a decent June too.
  14. Yes, it is a Lightroom plugin that connects with Alamy.
  15. I know that I boringly keep banging on about Alamy Lightroom Bridge, but again, this is something you can do with images that are in limbo waiting to be deleted. Otherwise you cannot.
  16. As far I understand it, whichever contract you are on, it will change to the new one, whatever the exact clauses. You will be a Gold contributor to start with, and depending on whether you hit $250 GROSS sales during 2021/2022 you will either remain on Gold at 40% commission or go down to 20% on the Silver commission rate. If at any time during 2021/2022 your gross sales hit $250, you’ll automatically go up to the Gold 40% commission rate. Easy to understand n’est pas? 😗
  17. Thanks Paul. That has been suggested to me before. Not familiar with how to do it, not sure whether I can be bothered with the paperwork. Worth mulling over as the extra work involved in many news shoots is worth more than 40% IMO. It wasn’t actually in the Scottish print version: they had a photographer working for the shoot so were sending out free photos and used one of those, hence I was surprised anything of mine was used at all. Sorry for the diversion...back to the thread.
  18. No, I don’t read that clause that way as I said in a previous post, though it could be worded much more clearly. The sentence is “ except for any rights that have previously been licensed or granted in relation to the Content, there is not and will not be during the term of this Contract, be any limitation or restriction on Alamy’s ability to license the Content;” The highlights state, IMHO, that Alamy can license as they see fit except for the rights a contributor has allowed. They can sell an image for pennies, make it for. 5 or 10 years or forever, but only within the restrictions
  19. Yes, that doesn’t help me at all. I still don’t know if I should Mark anything without releases as editorial only eg people on a beach. If they don’t clarify that, I will err on the cautious side and do so. If that restricts sales, they will have to contact me to lift it.
  20. Don’t forget that the papers often make their own mistakes. I had a news image published today in The Times which gave the correct name of one of the people in the photo but somehow Peter got turned into Paul. Makes me look bad.
  21. Only by using Alamy Lightroom Bridge. You just choose all your uploaded on sale images, use metadata search to find those with no releases, tick editorial only box for them all, the upload Alamy data.
  22. Oh well, it’s easy enough to change everything to editorial only using Alamy Lightroom Bridge. Then, if I can be bothered change individual photos back.
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