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  1. Hi All I use Transmit with no problems. Jon
  2. Hi All 23 sales down from 33 in pervious years Mostly Bs Then Es & Fs ?????? Regards Jon
  3. Hi All Only managed 256 last year (due to wifes car crash) 23 sales mostly Bs Es & Fs Regards Jon
  4. Hi All Mine was £269 disappointing as Alamy won't disclose information you need to claim . If they claim that have the info but take 50% so win win for them . Jon
  5. Hi Wanted to take. shot in a new Apple Store so asked them and they said no problem very helpful. Regards Jon
  6. Hi Sally Thought not will try to see other thread I used to have a very slow upload speed hence the FTP but last wee we got fibre in the village and we have a decent speed now. jon
  7. Hi All Have just uploaded 3 batches but they show up in Image Manager in 2 batches the last 2 batches were merged . All 3 were sent via FTP with intervals between . Is this normal ?? Regards Jon
  8. I meant the little rubber scroll ball on the top of the mouse
  9. Hi Edo If its the one with a rubber scroll ball then this gets full of crap and is almost impossible to clean you can use a little lighter fluid but its your choice. To take it apart and clean it is major surgery (check youtube) a new one is probably the way to go. Jon
  10. Hi All I have images marked on sale for more than 24H now. Jon
  11. Hi All First time for 18 months with zero sales but zoom and CTR ok. On the bright side though we got broadband in the village today so I have fibre right into my office no waiting hours for uploads. Jon
  12. It might be if they are a sequence or in some order.
  13. Hi All Just uploaded a larger than normal batch and they appear IM in a different order to that they were uploaded in and in in the finder. Is this norm or can I force an order? Jon
  14. Hi All 1 for $5.00 but sales every month for over a year now . Jon
  15. Hi Betty I can only get in through history not through google search. Jon
  16. Hi All The image search seems to be broken from my point of view the thumbnails load but when you click an individual thumbnail the single image page associated with it won't load you just get the three blue squares. Anyone else having problems this is on a MacBook using safari. Thanks Jon
  17. Hi Ed I would go for the 15 inch also ask for a discount I registered as a business and got s discount off this 15 inch so don't ask don't get good luck Jon
  18. Hi All They take longer to load in 2 or 3 sections . Jon
  19. Hi All One for $14.00 not much but now getting a sale a month for over a year. Regards Jon
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