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  1. What a shame for you. So many things cancelled, and the festivals in Edinburgh are unlikely to return to what they were like before.
  2. A relatively slow month so nice to get a $$$ sale today for.a French book. Mark Haddon, author. Yet another one from the Edinburgh Book Festival. Which I should have been at right now getting more saleable images.......
  3. Yes it looks good next to a run of news tiddlers above it in my sales list.
  4. A lovely $$$ calendar sale (with only a one year license) to end the month.
  5. It's a well-established psychological phenomenon: intermittent reinforcement results in increased behaviour. 😉
  6. Plus https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/scotland/rise-in-optimism-at-small-scottish-firms-vzfdxm38j Arch White 2C8FXAW City Centre, Edinburgh Scotland, UK. 24 July 2020. Tourists appear to be trickling back into the city centre streets after 4 months of lockdown, Pictured: people sitting outside cafes in Cockburn Street. Credit: Arch White/ Alamy Live News
  7. Thanks, Bryan! Nice the see that one used, and I have certainly seen hundreds of these butterflies this Spring/Summer.
  8. This turned up in a magazine called Sporting Gun, June issue and licensed today - you can’t choose who buys a image. Single figure dollars. Second sale of the day. Luckily the other one was a better price.
  9. Two sales of a trip to Easter island sold today. A slow month but the sales are trickling in.
  10. Click on the Account Balance tab and you’ll see which sales have cleared and which haven’t. The only crucial figure in your image is the Current Cleared Balance $24 which is not yet above $50. Hopefully now your question has been answered several times you’ll be able to work out what’s going on. And it isn’t anything to do with stealing.
  11. I think it is more relevant if you have gained access to a particular place or people that isn’t necessarily open to the public. Eg if I go in and ask a shop owner if I can take photos and agree it’s only for editorial use, or as I was advised to do so when taking photos of authors at a book festival.
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