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  1. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    And now for something completely different today...... Robert the Bruce defeating Aymer de Valence in 1311 or thereabouts
  2. How long for payments to clear?

    These were Live News images used by The Sun, not normal stock images.
  3. 5000 Milestone at last

    Congratulations on your milestone. There is definitely something to be said for a small camera (mine is a Panasonic LUMIX G7). Not only easier to carry, it is much less obtrusive. I only get questions from people if I have a tripod set up or am using a long lens. I can be in the vicinity of professional photographers without attracting attention. It also helps being a woman though I think
  4. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    My local newspaper has an octogenarian taking free photos for them, which he does out of his own generosity.
  5. How long for payments to clear?

    Well, Alamy got working on it and not only has the payment from December cleared, those for January, February and March have cleared too. A nice big payment next month.
  6. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    I also happened to be in Glasgow on a training course the day of the fire, and took some photos on my way to the train station at the end of the afternoon. Got a few good shots, but too late. Yours had already made the headlines. Small world.
  7. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    Just saw your tweet about Clara Ponsati. I happened to be walking past the Sheriff Court that day after going to a class and saw the crowds gathered there. I spoke to a photographer to ask who she was. Possibly it could have been you. I took some photos too, naturally.
  8. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    Good idea. A few miles from where I live. I should be paying closer attention One of the photos was on the Alamy Live News twitter feed.
  9. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    Royal Wedding fever in Scotland! Someone found some here A village near me called Markle. Doesn't look like they are getting too excited though.
  10. Contributors playing the Live News system?

    I’m not sure about the ‘place holding’ thing. I’ve had to cope with some very slow upload speeds recently, which means that the first few photos start showing on the Live News system before the upload is finished. Once it has finished, the whole lot moves to the time of the last one uploaded. So, uploading one and then adding others won’t keep you in the same place. I suppose an early image might be sent out by the News team, but then presumably they have to send the rest separately if others come in later.
  11. Car ID

    Cheers. I have another photo with the number plate clearly visible which I didnt upload so I might try the pixelation idea, if I can work out how to do it.
  12. Car ID

    Actually, though you can’t see the yellow lines in that photo, what is the position about uploading a photo that shows a parking offence, or indeed any other kind of offence?
  13. May Challenge TWILIGHT

    There's a nice one on the Home page today.
  14. has Alamy issued GDPR white paper?

    So, in effect, almost nothing changes as far as I can tell.
  15. Car ID

    It was certainly attracting a lot of interest from people passing by. No one could do so without either having a good look inside, taking a photo (including me) or a selfie.