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  1. Have always been mirrorless. Started with a Panasonic Lumix G7, then a G80, now I use full frame Lumix S1 which I love, though it is a lot heavier.
  2. Getting a decent number of sales so far this month (all direct) but the amounts are so varied. High $$, mostly lowish $$ to very low $. Latest an Upday Samsung news image - part of a monthly 400 image package for which my princely take home pay is $1.54. Microstock prices perhaps? Janey Godley who has been in the news lately
  3. Twitter and other social media are your friend. Read all the national newspapers (use Press Reader) because sometimes they have press releases about forthcoming events. Cultivate local contacts. It’s a lot of hard work; but for me it’s beginning to pay off after several years.
  4. My views look fine but I haven’t had a zoom for over a week which is highly unusual and I don’t think can be attributed to the bank holiday. Hopefully the lack of any data today means that something is being fixed.
  5. Recent news sales means I’ve just now got 20 more sales than the whole of 2020. But about $1,500 less. I guess that may not be such a positive result.
  6. I noticed that too. I usually check zooms every day but ones I saw then disappeared. Apparently I have only had two zooms since last Monday and that definitely isn’t right. Measures is also telling me that I have only had 3 sales since then which excludes all of the news sales that came in on Friday so something has not updated that’s for sure.
  7. Presentation use at full price for 19th century graffiti in Egypt
  8. Think this might be my first TV use. No idea what it might be used for. $$$ sale.
  9. Cheers TeeCee. A grand job you’re doing. One more I noticed in Alba section 😉 Nick Barley Edinburgh International Book Festival Director at programme launch, July 2021, Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland, UK Sally Anderson 2G6PYD7
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