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  1. My trip there wasn't that long ago - in 2011. I remember all the spots in your photos. It is certainly a once in a lifetime place to go, and like nowhere else on earth, so it's a pity that it isn't really viable now. I put a few of my iphone pics here
  2. Trafalgar Square Photographer

    If you are in a public place then, as I understand it (and have benefited from), you are just as able to take photos as anyone else. Indeed I have had Alamy Live News contact me to question some photos, but as soon as they were reassured that they were taken in a public spot, all was OK. It’s sometimes worth emailing them to tell them so.
  3. Expert or novice

    A couple of comments about your keywords, which might help. Best not to add tags that aren’t relevant, for example for your canoes you have “gondola”, and for your duck you have “pheasant”. Neither are right for these photos. It isn’t necessary to fill up the 50 tags and irrelevant keywords may harm your ranking. Your captions also need to be more specific. I’m not a “professional” photographer either, indeed I only picked up a proper camera two and half years ago, but have made some success on Alamy in a year and a half by learning a lot here and elsewhere. So it’s definitely possible.
  4. Six day trek across the savanna and back, 1000m climb, camping on a ledge, walk to the Triple Point. Been there , too, but only phone photos. No way would I go to Venezuela now, though.
  5. Lightroom purchase

    True, though it depends how much use you get out of it before having to switch to a CC subscription. I figured that even if I got a year's use It would still cost me less than a year's subscription. As it is it, it will be about half the price if I use it for two years.
  6. Lightroom purchase

    But you can add a plugin called Prolost which is free and does dehaze brilliantly. I appreciate that there are other features that the CC version has, but am yet to be persuaded to take out a monthly subscription. Main advantage it would seem would be getting Photoshop in addition.....then a lot more skills to learn.
  7. Lightroom purchase

    That price for stand alone Lightroom seems about right. Don’t think you’ll get it cheaper. I’ve had it for nearly two years, and so far have avoided the monthly subscription, but not sure how much longer I will manage that.
  8. August is shaping up nicely. Sixth sale so far, and news still to come. country: Worldwide ; Usage: iQ sale: Single company, editorial magazine, print and or web, multiple use 5 years ; Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing $$
  9. It depends on the plan you want. I got the Pro which is above the basic plan. But I also had a referral discount from someone else here, so it seemed reasonable to me. it worked out at £86 for the first year. You can compare plans here
  10. Trafalgar Square Photographer

    Arrogant more like.
  11. If anyone is wanting to try using Zenfolio to set up a photography website, there is a 20% discount until the end of August if you use this referral code. H5B-YB8-S6X I have been using it almost a year now and keep finding more things I can do to tweak my website. It appears to do anything you want to customise a website.
  12. Favourite Photos in August

    More madcap Edinburgh Fringe
  13. Personal sale, so a little one, but the second recorded sale from this Photocall.
  14. One here too - Scottish mountains and Lothian bus on Princes Street here Cant find either of them, but them I am not very good at that.
  15. August Challenge - NEWS

    Yes, I am aware of the arguments. It's James Craig Page who organises this event in Dunbar. No beaches were spoiled in the taking of that photo