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  1. zooms vs sales

    I find a lot of images zoomed end up showing up on spam websites. Images sold that weren’t zoomed are likely to be alamy customers who put them in a light box and then go back to them at a later day AFAIK. With more sales you will find that some were zoomed a month to six weeks or so beforehand.
  2. After a lot of trial and error I finally worked out how to do this without messing up my keyword hierarchy. As long as you have all of the higher level words - and capitalised or not exactly as they are in LR - as well as any synonyms as tags or supertags, then the keywords in the hierarchy stay the same when you fetch data from Alamy using Alamy Lightroom Bridge. You therefore have to be careful how you construct your hierarchy. If you keyword in LR, upload, then take out any higher level words, things won’t match. If you add words in AIM, then you just have to make sure you add any higher level words too. I decided it’s best to do all keywording in LR for this reason.
  3. Commission changes to existing invoices.

    I suggest that we ignore the usual advice to wait until four months has passed between use and no report.and insist that any known uses prior to the date of announcement are recorded and invoiced prior to the February cutoff.
  4. That’s a helpful tool to know about, thanks.
  5. Commission changes to existing invoices.

    And yet...images uploaded and used - but not yet reported - were uploaded in good faith that they would attract 50% commission. I am not stopping uploading though I am reconsidering other options however noone had a choice to decide not to upload something that is now going to earn less than was agreed at the time. I realise it's a bit nitpicking, but there is a principle involved.
  6. Commission changes to existing invoices.

    Not clear at all. But it appears to suggest that only uses reported prior to the cut off date will attract commission at 50%, even if the use occurred before the announcement.
  7. Commission changes to existing invoices.

    Yes, I mentioned this in the long original thread early on, but it’s got lost amongst everything else. I suspect that the new commission will be the same for all images, irrespective of the fact that one used by a paper last week, or last month, won’t appear in an account until after the change. This seems unfair since they were uploaded and the sale occurred before the announcement.
  8. Arnside seafront Richard Becker EP165B
  9. Images sold in December

    Oh dear, I wish I hadn’t seen that 😫
  10. Images sold in December

    A small $$ sale today. First for the month. Presentation Use.
  11. Commission structure single thread

    Just a very small point, but for those of use who do live news, it would be good for the new commission only to used for images that were used by newspapers after this announcement. Since it takes months for uses to be reported, let alone paid, these images were taken and uploaded in good faith that the commission would be 50%.
  12. Commission structure single thread

    Being new to this profession I am reserving an opinion about this but will be considering my options for the future carefully. I only have images on Alamy and was quite happy to keep it that way, but it seems that may not be a wise strategy. What I am most surprised at is the quality of the video. All of the CEO's behaviour shouted out hesitancy, uncertainly, and nerves. It was not a good explanation and a disastrous presentation of the company. I am not filled with confidence having watched it.
  13. Alamy Measures update

    Yes something funny is going on with CTR. mine has jumped for no apparent reason, and the point in the graph for December doesn’t match the figure given.
  14. Alamy Measures update

    Is is just me, or have the measures not updated since 7.22am on Friday?