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  1. Yes, if you want to see what it could look like have a look at my Zenfolio-powered website. www.sallyanderson.co.uk Happy to offer a discount referral code to anyone who wants to sign up with Zenfolio.
  2. Thanks Vicky. However, the advice generally is not to upload black and white versions since the customer can easily convert to B&W if they wish. I’ve only done it a couple of times for some of my archive images. I have had at least two photos sold which were converted to B&W by the customer: One was in The New Yorker which does everything in B&W. Another was an archive image in colour from the 1950s which was converted to B&W.
  3. Sometimes black and white sells. The original is actually in colour, but I also uploaded this version. US presentation use.
  4. My first TV sale (to Germany). Only just in double digits though.
  5. I’ve made a horlicks of my diary and now can’t come on the Monday so will be there Saturday/Sunday. I had hoped to avoid the bigger crowds at the weekend, but heyho. Anyway if anyone will be there over the weekend, perhaps we can have another meet up then.
  6. Got a four word Alamywhack today, but I don’t suppose that counts. Not sure it was what the searcher was looking for though 😕
  7. Sales doing well this month. Sixth sale so far for $$ to Brazil for a book. And the first from a trip to Egypt to sell.
  8. Clerodendrum schmitii ? Chains of glory
  9. You are a star, thanks. The first is a climbing plant if that helps.
  10. I have managed to identify a few flower pics I took in Vietnam but two have eluded me. Can anyone help? From a garden in Ninh Binh.
  11. Yes I imagine it has been used recently because the falls are down to a trickle again. Great place, but we didn't stay in the town.
  12. Ha! Been there done that and recently uploaded a photo of myself on S******o. There was a rainbow then, too. Maybe there always is.
  13. A good but tricky topic. My three (PS I searched for ‘juxtaposition’ instead of irony): Probably needs no explanation Parking garage, Petra style A bridge in Boston
  14. Yes, the fetch options in the plugin take a bit of figuring out. What I have learned to do regularly is first to Fetch using ‘merge’ which merges with any existing keywords, then Fetch again using ‘replace’ which removes the unnecessary repeated keywords. Then of course it's easy to do a purge of keywords not used by any images.
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