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  1. I have sold one that I uploaded before I knew better. Rocks on an Icelandic beach.
  2. Thanks. Yes, I realise it may be a tougher challenge than usual as it's limited to one year. Maybe it will encourage people to take pandemic related photos though - you don't have to go outside to do so as some of my examples show.
  3. If you have taken any photos during 2020 then you will undoubtedly have something that reflects a very unusual year affecting everyone across the world. It seems fitting I think, when cases are on the rise in many places and the end still seems a long way off, to make this the first challenge of a year which will hopefully end better than it starts. Given the long list of topics already set, I found many I thought had already been chosen. It’s going to get increasingly difficult to find new ones and it will be interesting to see how inventive we can be in forthcoming months.
  4. Wow! Many thanks indeed. My first win in this challenge. Great to do so with that photo, too. I have a topic in mind and will post something soon. Thanks all again.
  5. Sorry the submit button didnt appear to be working.
  6. If you mean that the search resulted in one of my images being used, I don’t think so, since any recent uses (as far as I am aware) were live news which couldn’t have been the result of a search.
  7. These aren’t strictly misspellings IMHO. They are variations. I wouldn’t put ‘desert’ for ‘dessert’ but I do include words that may or may not have spaces such as paddle boarding, kite surfing/boarding, coronavirus etc. I also use Covid19 and Covid 19. I don’t bother with hyphens in my tags.
  8. Good start to the year with a mid$$ sale for magazine use in US. I’ve sold quite a few different photos of this author.
  9. Oh gosh, thanks for including my Jackass penguins. I love that photo and have it framed on a wall.
  10. Approx 50% of my sales and also 50% of gross revenue during 2020 compared to all sales and revenue since I started in 2017. More photos, better photos, better idea of what sells.
  11. Many thanks once again Bryan, and a very happy festive season to you. Thank you for all the spots this year. It is very much appreciated.
  12. How can someone get away with this on Twitter? If you have had a photo published in one of the major UK newspapers online, then it's been copied by this account, increasing the chance of further infringements. I had two showing up and got Twitter to take them down. Doesn't seem possible to stop this from happening though. @PixiedustJtT
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