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  1. Quick question: is there a separate payment for editorial use of an image in a tweet that links to an article or is that generally covered by the license?
  2. It’s been a rather slow month but with a small sale yesterday for a repeat image and a bigger one today, things are looking up. German magazine use for my first Easter Island photo sold.
  3. Have you Found any Alamy Photographs October

    More dredged up old Alamy Live News winter photos in The Scottish Sun but a brief search did not reveal whose they are. Keith Morris EEHH0Y is there again. and more repeated uses
  4. Ok, thanks for the explanation. I don’t have many RF images and not very many RF sales compared to RM, but those are the only two with such limited information. The rest of my RF sales all have the use listed.
  5. I think I follow that, ie so long as your statement shows a book/TV use then DACS will accept it. But the two images that Alamy paid me for didn’t have any information about use at all. They just said eg 21 MB3444 x 2162 pixels 2 MB compressed so if I had just sent in a list of all my sales these wouldn’t have been accepted, presumably. Do you know , if Alamy does the claim on you behalf, whether the contributor gets put into a higher category, or is it Alamy who is?
  6. Just seen this. So, are you sure that DACS has the wherewithal to know which of your images have been used in a UK magazine, book or or TV programme if you don’t have the relevant information? Or are they just paying you for the ones you have given ISBN/ISSN numbers for? I don’t expect you to know the answer, by the way, just making a point related to my last post.
  7. I asked Alamy which of my imagess qualified because I didn’t think I had anything which would have done so. For the two images that did I wouldn’t have been able to find their uses. So, the lack of information may well outweigh the advantage of claiming for myself.
  8. Have you Found any Alamy Photographs October

    Now I’m confused. Seems to be the correct image for KPJFEF
  9. Have you Found any Alamy Photographs October

    The Scottish Sun is dredging up last winter’s photos. Three I could find, but one eluded me Gerard Ferry KPJFEF Andrew Docker J0WRN6 Andrew Hassan PWECJC Matthew Horwood FBJHTP Findlay PMTWN7 Andy Caitlin PMtYK2 And a set of damaged traffic lights I can’t find
  10. Keywords

    Have a look at this
  11. Other income

    If you download the statement it will say DACS
  12. Good idea. A simple guide to how to do it would be useful......
  13. Panasonic Lumix G7

    I would t bother with that. It’s too cumbersome and not easy to get to grips with, except to look up specific things. Best thing is just to try doing stuff. If you’re not familiar with camera settings in general, then a workshop or practical course will help. I can recommend one in Edinburgh, but don’t know about London.
  14. Just had my first ever DACS payment via Alamy. Not very much, but suggests I should do it myself next year if I can work out how. Is there a deadline for letting Alamy know you’ll do it yourself?
  15. Panasonic Lumix G7

    I have this camera. There are some decent You Tube videos to help you.