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  1. A number of factors determine the order, people have mentioned most of them, I think. But sales are definitely an important factor. But well keyworded images of well chosen subjects will return sales.
  2. Yes, terribly rainy and dark weather and two figured Centigrade temperatures that start cherry blossom and much more. Frost later on will kill many buds, etc. 😒 Okay, I have ditched images or worked seriously on this kind before.
  3. Wouldn't that be excessive chromatic aberration and not just acceptable colour cast on the Alamy front page image today? I wouldn't have dared an upload.
  4. Do they check that the toilet is empty before the lift off?? Will take a Captain Cook again in a while..
  5. I searched Alamy - and found two - yours not up yet apparently. But not that big competition. Amazing - never thought of this - and fresh air blown into the cubicle at the same time 😂 🤣 But you have a lot of other great images from New Zealand online.
  6. - at some point there has to be a QC just to check that our standard persists. I tried for the first time these new terms yesterday evening - went through in a few minutes - and server updated early this morning.
  7. - not sure about this, but are we the ones to determine whether a person can identify himself/herself? Could such a guarantee backfire on the photographer in legal matters? What about "arms only", "hands only", etc.
  8. Markus, you are in for a very steep learning curve which you mainly have to climb on your own, though questions can be answered as Ian mentions. Alamy is definitely not MS (microstock) - though prices sometimes can be low - partly caused by MS.
  9. Before the 5 star status I remember being able to delete images immediately until the server update takes place - which I assume is still necessary.
  10. It's a few months since I uploaded last - will have to try my new terms very soon. However, as far as I remember you have the possibility not to click finalize the upload of every single image if you discover the error right after upload (waiting too long may put the images through). Correct me if my memory fails me.
  11. First sale - January 2010 - COP 15 climate demo at Parliament in Copenhagen. Editorial - USA - 60% of $245. My technique has improved considerably since - thanks to Alamy.
  12. Sold twice yesterday - Single figure sales - Editorial, China. Coloured fishing boats pulled up on the beach at Klitmøller on the west coast of Jutland, Denmark, at sundown.
  13. It's all in the terms that any newish submitter should read: https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/alamy-quality-control/?section=5
  14. Nothing new under the low standing sun. It has always been a slow period around Christmas and New Year for me. There are seasons for planning and production of media which are not around the obvious holiday periods.
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