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  1. Hi Edo, A great blog. But I was puzzled about your use of your Alamy watermarked images. Couldn't this lead to a false assumption of a misuse of images? Perhaps leave a general comment that the images are yours (for sale) at Alamy - or make a special copy marked or watermarked "Copyright plus your name". Or am I too rigid here? Just wondering, I don't know - but the stuff there is great. Niels
  2. Are the images the same size, or is the failing image smaller? If so check Alamy's size requirements. https://www.alamy.com/contributor/faqs/uploading-my-images/ - and be sure all three images are saved as JPG Baseline (standard). PS This forum is about ideas to change the forums - You should probably have posted your question in "Ask the forum"
  3. After a long drought - six sales in September - most at nearly satisfying prices. Certainly don't hope they are my last sales 😉 - and I don't want to know when I'll have my last sale. 🙃
  4. - perhaps just a lazy bricklayer who didn't care to go all the way down to half the bricks who created a new style.
  5. Presume you have been on these sites, you are the native, I am just a stupid Viking: https://www.adrianarchitecture.org/glossary https://www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org/house-styles/queen-anne-revival/
  6. Editorial, book, one page, lower $$$ Simple does it. Hawthorn tree with red berries. One of my first images on Alamy.
  7. Editorial - travel and tourism $ Neuschwanstein Castle in Schwangau
  8. Lower $$$, unfortunately distributor sale This is how clouds are dispersed and the sun breaks through.
  9. Yes, and though the numbers changed, my CTR also dropped and haven't risen again yet - will probably change tomorrow.
  10. - but you don't need to view the failures - they can be filtered out in the first filter in AIM, "Quality Control".
  11. - and by the way - it seems to have been corrected to a number now, so probably a glitch.
  12. I had two zooms today, Your zooms 2, but they didn't count in Total zooms, and under Total CTR(%) it says NaN. What does NaN stand for - and could it be some test searches by Alamy??
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