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  1. - and the decent video opportunity - though not 4k but HD.
  2. If you have access to the Reportage upload opportunity (the Reportage / Archival part) - newsworthy news and reportage images can be uploaded and bypass QC - and you will get the 600 letters caption. Will be on line after the next server update. But you may have been accepted in the news section?
  3. But have never caught my second camera, the RX100-3- in walking around 😋 PS I don't find the JPG quality good enough, which excludes panos in camera - I always shoot in RAW.
  4. I really thought the original poster had been through this.
  5. Agree, not as easy as it should be to achieve clear information. Much of it on the Internet is interpreted by photo clubs, etc. - a few years ago Journalistforbundet had a page about it - but it seems to have disappeared. And as you said, the image on line was taken without knowing anything about the fee.
  6. The problem is that you have entered the gate to the parking facilities from Dronningens Tværgade, which will be private property - but with public access if you have a business/errand. His threat, which is probably meant to threat you, is actually a demand for a fee to photograph the building. Personally I don't think it would be worth taking the risk, trouble and hassle for this rather unimportant image. On the other hand you took the photo in question without knowing their policy.
  7. 10 sales - revenue decent - but half were distributor sales.
  8. Single-sculler start Kayak Polo Wakeboarder in cable park
  9. The daily server update, John. If they haven't turned up you probably haven't finished them with caption and some keywords.
  10. But the images could still be lifted illegally by others on the Internet. But I guess it is more difficult to chase such infringements than with RM images. I really prefer RM.
  11. But to achieve these somewhat rare sales you need some resolution: Usage: Indoor display Media: Non commercial display Industry sector: Non Profit - other Print run: 1 Image Size: up to full area
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