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  1. Watermark gone from search thums

    No, not in that particular view. But the larger image can be saved or copied in Firefox using the combination Shift and right click. Niels
  2. Watermark gone from search thums

    Haven't seen any discussion. Agree, there should be a watermark on the hovered images. Niels
  3. Keywording is exhausting

    Me too. I actually enjoy writing more than the basic and finding synonyms or conceptual key words, if needed. Learned a great deal. Also a great way to keep up your foreign language skills. Worst scenario is to have a lot of images you want to be on sale the next day. Needs to be split up into necessary and supplementary work on more days .
  4. Of course, we are stuck in this together. Would like to hear your results. If anything would be more suitable in an e-mail for some reason, my profile contains the URL for my website with contact information.
  5. Yes, it could. So I stopped at a sensible point and will let any future directions decide if I take further action. Please let me know if you get any wiser.
  6. A short extract of question and reply from Alamy: Hi Alamy contributor service, I saw the rule of statues not measuring more than a third of the image to qualify as “only on Alamy” – as a rule-of-thumb. What about runic stones - Like these f.inst?: And from the reply from Alamy Contributor service: Hi Niels The same rule would apply to these as it does to statues and other artworks, if the images are in context they can be marked as exclusive.
  7. Yes, I actually included these in non-exclusive. If I am wrong it will be easy to change. But I judged these to belong to the exceptions. Of course, also considering the rule of thirds and context. I also have a number of runic stones - and some isolated - I had to exclude from exclusivity (I asked Alamy). Niels
  8. No, probably correct if the task gets complicated. I had only a very limited number at one other site - and I simply deleted all the images there in December. Then searched for art, artwork, statues, etc. in the AIM and judged whether the found images could be exclusive on Alamy. The two different filter options (exclusive and non-exclusive) helped in a final check. If I in future want to upload images elsewhere the extra work will be limited. Niels
  9. When going through your images also consider the question of artworks, which cannot always be exclusive to Alamy - read this thread, f.inst.:
  10. Images sold in February 2019

    Hi Cecile, Thanks - and yours, I like the atmosphere you caught in the quick snap - not always possible.
  11. Images sold in February 2019

    A Saturday sale. Nearly mid $$ Big old oak tree with winter leafless branches in silhouette as a pen and ink, black and white, artistic illustration directly from photo
  12. Odd Alamy Measures

    - my Alamy measures have not been updated since 7th February
  13. Is the forum behaving oddly for anyone else?

    Yes, at least for a short period - up to a quarter of an hour - as if the new post(s) need to be registered at some other server.
  14. Any thoughts about what to shoot in Warsaw this Feb?

    Two pages of searches containing warsaw in Alamy Measures - All of Alamy - I would look there.
  15. Yes, I have experienced this before in other similar cases.