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  1. Yes, they'll need a server update normally within the next 24 hours.
  2. Thank you for your kind words, and you are most welcome any time.
  3. Intruder 😂 Well done, not an easy image to get. Too many buildings, people and vehicles - and too little space - and often a teasing light. Great supplementary work done.
  4. Mid $$ distributor sale - Japan- Usage: Editorial - Media: Book, print and/or e-book Jelling, Denmark. The figure of Christ on the large Jelling rune stone raised by King Harald Bluetooth in the 960s. - the first bluetooth transferred message on other side.
  5. I just tried in Chrome, Firefox and Edge - got the error message in all.
  6. Well past mid $$ - United Kingdom - Corporate Package Use - Internal use and external non-advertising use - Travel & Tourism The Frederiksborg Castle in Dutch Renaissance style and the baroque garden in Hillerød near Copenhagen, Denmark, in summer morning sunshine.
  7. The VM Husene Building - a prize winning residential building in Ørestad, Amager, Copenhagen, Denmark. Modern architecture Copenhagen - $$ distributor sale Country: Japan - Usage: Editorial - Media: Television (editorial) - up to 1 transmission - Placement: Use within body of show - Start: 01 July 2019 - End: 01 July 2020
  8. No, of course not, but it's a question whether it is worth doing so. We all know about these sales - but also sales at much higher prices. Prices are determined by Alamy https://www.alamy.com/terms/Contributor.aspx I don't like red arrows to people who give an honest reply, though the tone sometimes might be a little influenced by the large number of times the same reply has been given. There are hundreds of threads about this in the forum to be searched. Best, Niels
  9. First sale in August. Just below $$. EgyptAir, Boeing 737-800, flight MS759, SU-GCN, from Cairo on final approach to Copenhagen Airport, Denmark
  10. - and finally adjust the knob to a setting of 25, then it should be on line 🤤
  11. Contact contributors@alamy.com - they may, or may not, be able to help you. You cannot do it yourself. Check your settings for future uploads - camera / editing programme - what you have used may only be a temporary view rotation.
  12. Forgot to say that I don't think there is anything wrong with your workflow. Be critical about the sharpness to avoid more failures. You will soon get the hang of it and know how you will get the best focused images.
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