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  1. So do I, always. (And if in doubt of the number of people, perhaps one more ). To me it is part of giving correct information to the buyer for what the image can be used as it is. I don't think the optional tab is so optional as it appears. At least not if the image is not selected editorial only. In fact, many times mandatory. Quotation from AIM instructions: 2. For images that contain unreleased property or people please select ‘Sell for editorial only’ (found under the ‘Optional’ tab) If you are selling images as RM in the old fashioned way, as I do, it is very important, in my view, to tick the correct boxes about people, property and releases. Niels
  2. My understanding is that the image should contain a smaller or larger area in focus - and that the intended blurred areas should be obvious.
  3. Imposters syndrome (again)

    - those who don't are insufferable
  4. "Your Alamy portfolio page"

    I have also turned mine off. For much the same reasons.
  5. Commission change - James West comments

    Neither did I.
  6. quality control

    - and if you don't want to see them in the Alamy Image Manager (AIM), you can filter them out in Quality control > Filters > Passed (or Failed if you really want to study these). Top, left in the AIM.
  7. December Challenge

  8. It just doesn't add up
  9. deleting upload

    Not so sure it is a good idea.
  10. Surge time?

    More search time than surge time?
  11. deleting upload

    You may delete any Images after one hundred and eighty (180) days notice, subject to the section entitled "Pricing and Promotion". This is in addition to your rights to terminate the contract set out below. Niels
  12. deleting upload

    If my suspicion is correct, you have deleted images that was already on sale. They will stay on sale for six months before they are deleted (and searchable for three, I believe). You cannot change anything when first done. You can delete images in the way you describe before they go on sale - and they won't turn up in your portfolio. Niels
  13. Surge time?

    Yes, three of the worst kind yesterday.
  14. Saturday update

    Have seen it before. Probably not an update but an immediate sale. Niels
  15. Much of it is probably due to server updates - and nowadays several servers at different times and intervals.