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  1. RX100 for stock footage

    You should have the RX100-4 to get the 4k - the version 3 is only HD. And yes, I have sold several from the RX100-3 on one of our mutual video sites. Though, I still prefer my Canon Legria HF G30 camera - the size of the camera and the possibility to lock the focus on an object and get a proper sound on a mounted microphone. I prefer the HDAVC format instead of the dSLR format. Files will be smaller - and sometimes even possible to upload the raw mts files directly from camera. I shoot 50 frames with both cameras. which I also upload. With movement in the video the shutter speed should be doubled, 1/100. I have not noticed enough about the ND filter to comment on this. E-mail me if you want more details. Address should be possible to find. Niels
  2. archive ID

    I think a bookbinder is a very good guess. However, just saw the other images - is it the same ceiling as in the sewing department? This could argue against the bookbinder idea.
  3. "Möchten Sie diese Website auf Deutsch nutzen?"?

    Windows 10 - most often Chrome - but happens also with Firefox f.inst.
  4. "Möchten Sie diese Website auf Deutsch nutzen?"?

    This certainly irritates me daily, too. Why doesn't the system learn that I say no every time.
  5. archive ID

    Bookbinder ?? Nearly finished books may be waiting to be bound in leather. Curled remnants of old bindings. Bookbinder's press / screw press may be out of the picture.
  6. Reporting in...RF

    - or make them RF and tick Editorial. But I also prefer the RM and tick the correct boxes.
  7. Inserting Images into post

    - and for larger image change the "zooms" in the address text to "comp"
  8. A suitcase full of photographic wonder

    Don't think prints will last as long as well developed (stopped and well rinsed) black and white photos will. Time capsule??
  9. Was my image purchased?

    Yes. Keep an eye on your reported sales - it should be reported as a sale within three months. Perhaps sooner as it is a news image.
  10. Street art/mural confusion - if you think your images fall into that category just tick the image to be editorial only in the AIM. Niels
  11. "Personal Use" Licence Refunds

    - at least Marks & Sparks probably won't face some sort of infringement or breach of copyright deriving from the returned goods, unless they have been through a scanner for a 3D print.
  12. Yes, definitely. You can send the lightbox to potential customers or showcase the lightboxes on your website. Niels
  13. Incorrect image credit

    I see this often with distributor sales, I haven't reacted. They credit the last link in the chain. It may even be encouraged by the distributor for local promotion. It may not help at all to react though Alamy and the photographer ought to have that promotion.
  14. Live News workflow

    Or maybe, and then just forget about the images

    However, you have 12 images online???