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  1. Yes, got it now, I didn't have time to wait.
  2. Mine has not worked until now. Just now I clicked prepare download - and now it seems to prepare for download later, so hopefully it works.
  3. Just found out that the feature showing the photographer's other images in this way only works if you have chosen large thumbnails in the search - and don't work if you have selected small thumbnails (in the top menu). Niels
  4. I haven't uploaded any images recently - I agree that it is an important feature. I just tried a search I knew would come up with one of my older images as one of the first - the feature seemed still to be there in this instance at least. I remember it disappeared for a short while some years ago - but returned after some days. Niels
  5. - and don't try to show off with the first three images, only the technical quality is scrutinised. Lots of opportunities to show all your skills later on.
  6. Lower $$$ - distributor sale - Germany, "EU", Magazine, print, digital and electronic.
  7. and you may own the house but there will be protected designs probably.
  8. Latest sale is a nine years old image - and the best priced in the last few months is 11 years old.
  9. But you cannot undelete a photo, if you would want to edit caption and keywords. Deletion is always the last thing to do. In special cases you could ask Alamy to undelete a photo, they may be able to help.
  10. Read Alamy's reply a few posts down in this thread: I also did an improving work on a lot of images some time ago - and e-mailed Alamy to remove the old ones. They did for a long time. Then replied it was not a good idea to remove more than absolutely necessary as it made the system unstable. Could be why I cannot download my data for all images. (Haven't yet asked Alamy to fix this). So my advice would be not to delete tags - remember to add the old id to the new image - and be patient and take the six months for the images to be deleted.
  11. Runic inscription on the large Jelling rune stone from the 10th century raised by King Harald Bluetooth in Jelling. End of month sale - lower $$$ - Worldwide - multiple educational editorial use only. First bluetooth message ever sent.
  12. Mine around 40% higher than last year. Don't know whether this is due to the included German payment. Logic says it might be.
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