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  1. Chris, I just checked one of your football images. You have said yes to releases for the property. I don't think you have an actual release - and it is not enough that no trademark is showing - the design will tell, so what you should do is to tick that there is property in the image and that you don't have a release. Niels PS it seems that you have ticked your images of footballs differently - but better check them. You can use the filters in the AIM to find the images in question. I would also say that you have way too many similar images.
  2. Agree. I had the 5D for a couple of years - the 5DII was a great improvement - especially the sensor cleaning was a clear improvement. Still using my 5DII. But need to focus carefully - and would like the low light and night shot possibilities modern sensors offer.
  3. Oops, sorry then for my smiley - hope not too much debt.
  4. - a different story about debts or cards? πŸ™‚
  5. An April morning 2014 - sunrise at the Øresund Sound north of Copenhagen. Training ship rides at anchor.
  6. - and you only told a bit of truth. Had to add another greenie.
  7. Definitely not. I normally leave space to adjust - also the vertical lines. Get furious if there is a great image I cannot adjust sufficiently.
  8. Very slow clearing - also last part of February, actually wasn't paid in February. Only one sale in March - zooms okay - especially beginning of March.
  9. Yes, about every fifth upload of mine seems to be checked. But with a fast QC.
  10. I seem to have quite a number there. To be able to find them, I needed to tick Alamy only at top and then my name in the search box. A search on Alamy in the search box didn't seem to work. Many of their images seem to have some "age" in their looks πŸ˜€
  11. 9 sales for $266.50 gross - some distributor sales, unfortunately. Not as good as often is. And seems to be a slow clearing of sales, which unfortunately results in no March payout. Zooms suddenly increased a few days ago.
  12. In my opinion sales are much more important.
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