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  1. QC

    Zoom is when your image have been clicked on, in a larger view.
  2. QC

    And they use how many days for your submission? Alamy use 24 hours. To check your own images for errors (dust spots etc.) is the easiest work and you always have to do it with EVERY image you post online, submit to stock/customers etc. so Alamy trust us contributers that we have done our job before each submission. (Adding keywords takes most time, atleast most time to come up with good keywords). I have some photography friends that post pictures online (instagram, facebook etc.) with large errors like both dust spots, horizon is not straight and so on, they says when I mention about the errors: "I didn't bother, and correct it if any want to buy the image". Like which customer trust that the photographer would correct the error when buying a print? Me myself am so strict about my own images I submit for stock, that many images that would look great for instagram (small images) but would not be suitable in larger view. Mostly because of image not being sharp enough. Back to keywording. Your image: P696X0 with a beach that is where? Is it during winter/summer/spring/autumn? On Alamy you can use phrases also, and just not single words like: santa monica beach, beach california, american beach, california summer beach, etc. (just an example). (The horizon is also not straight if you look at the ocean at the right part). If you use Lightroom, you can keyword all your images there before export and submitting. For me not an english speaking, I don't always keyword before export since I would search my own images (in my collection) in my native language anyway. I did not ment to sound strict or harsh. But when you are not out taking pictures, take time and make good keywords for your images. Also write a good explanation so a future buyer know what your image is all about (I admit, I'm not the best in writing what about on my own images). You could search other images here and learn how they write good keywords. I have learnt a lot reading this forum, and admire some with all the time they use for keywording. I took a wiki search for your city, and Lexington is called the "Horse Capital of the World", so you can use it for your advance. A last tip, DON'T "hunt" for good discoverability (green), since too many random useless keywords would just make your images appear in searches where you won't get sales/zoom. And it will make your CTR (click through rate) lower.
  3. Zooms into sales?

    For all my sales this year, none have been zoomed
  4. ISO 100, f/4.0, 2,1 seconds (Bulb mode), 14mm on fullframe sensor. You want to capture the lights since it's very bright, so too high ISO would just make the lights burned out.
  5. Backup camera body?

    I don't travel far, but have always atleast 2 cameras with me and use them both, so I don't need to switch lenses.
  6. Car ID?

    McLaren 570GT maybe
  7. Show your newest image


    Probably the same that I issue. Images take ages to be processed after upload.
  9. Slow/disappointing month

    No sale this month, but had 3 in April
  10. F22 - what is the point?

    f/22 require quality lenses, and many zoom's aren't sharp enough. In macro-photography you can often go down to f/36 to get more in focus in cost of softness.
  11. A Simpler Workflow

    The reason to show raw is to have the options to edit without loss in quality. She could submit JPG's straight from camera, but then the pictures need to have no artifacts (chromatic aberations, dust etc.) and the horizon need to be straight and white balance can't be to far away.
  12. I bought something like this 2 years ago, but haven't tried it yet:
  13. Dust on sensor...

    You probably bought a fake gel-stick. I bought mine from It work great and have removed all my dusts and oil from sensor that wet swab didn't remove. Used on my D610 and my old D7100 I had with no problem.
  14. MEWPNX also have some keywords that doesn't belong there like: art, bolt cutters, nails and so on. Alamy is also fast accepting images (24 hour), like other sites takes many days.
  15. JPG small in camera maybe?