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  1. Hehe thank you for your heads up
  2. I don't have to click it to enter, but I always do because a part of my OCD make me do it
  3. https://imgur.com/9tNGkVT This message pop up everytime I go to Alamy after I start my browser up.
  4. Still not fixed, and yes I have set up my browsers to accept cookies from this site.
  5. Yes and it's only at Alamy I have to accept it each time.
  6. offtopic: with that much of sensor-dust, it's strange any agency accept it. But great you figured out the problem.
  7. I have to accept the cookies each time I enter Alamy when starting the browser (both firefox and chrome). Hope you could get it fixed
  8. The digital level in camera is not 100% level, but close. I only use it when holding the camera by hand or in the dark.
  9. My all time favorite is my Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 because it is so sharp and the focus is spot on each time where it counts like paid gigs. Second in line is my Sigma 18-35mm that I use daily.
  10. I followed everyone back that followed me! Since I have been on Instagram since I started photography in 2013, I know most of how it works. My biggest image sale, was from one of my long time instagram followers for the company he works for. So earning lot of money through instagram is possible. But as mentioned before, it is for being seen and to show your best work. Quality is everything, quantity is negative. Posting a lot of images each day IS negative for your boost, since nowdays Instagram algorithm is to be seen and only that. So posting 1 image a day is negative for you, but posting 2-3 images a day with a few hours between is/could be the best thing. Posting more than 3 a day would probably just be negative again for your account, because of the mentioned algorithm. To give your images a boost you need to use proper tags/hashtags. Hashtags like #river #tree #people and ordinary hashtags, would probably not give you the boost/views you want since there are to many images with the same hashtags. But giving more local tags would be best like #Thames #Thamesriver #London #UK #visit_uk #visit_london and other hashtags that people/companies use for showing tourists what they can expect when visiting your place (Max 30 hashtags is allowed, and use atleast 10). And to give your account more boost, you need to be active. You need to like other people's images, and watch other peoples stories. It would probably boost your account adding short videos/images to your story also. Like me myself when I have been out photographing the northern lights and just posted it on instagram, I go and like other peoples northern lights images that is found by #northernlights #auroraborealis. But do not like more than 20-30 images a hour, so you wont get temp-banned for acting like a robot. It is also important to like the images for your followers and people you follow, since your images will then appear earlier in their feed. Since I use Android, I use an app called Airdroid to send my images from my computer to my phone. It's easy and fast. Here is how you do it: Start the Airdroid app, find your internal ip (etc. and connect with your Firefox/Chrome etc: and accept on your phone. Open the Photo/Images folder in your browser (your phone) and choose upload Exit Airdroid app, and start Instagram on your phone. Then your newest image would be first chosen when clicked the + icon. Usually I don't resize since instagram will do it when posting, but it will be faster and better to resize. Before posting an image, you can choose on instagram if you want 1:1 format or your original format.
  11. Zoom is when your image have been clicked on, in a larger view.
  12. And they use how many days for your submission? Alamy use 24 hours. To check your own images for errors (dust spots etc.) is the easiest work and you always have to do it with EVERY image you post online, submit to stock/customers etc. so Alamy trust us contributers that we have done our job before each submission. (Adding keywords takes most time, atleast most time to come up with good keywords). I have some photography friends that post pictures online (instagram, facebook etc.) with large errors like both dust spots, horizon is not straight and so on, they says when I mention about the errors: "I didn't bother, and correct it if any want to buy the image". Like which customer trust that the photographer would correct the error when buying a print? Me myself am so strict about my own images I submit for stock, that many images that would look great for instagram (small images) but would not be suitable in larger view. Mostly because of image not being sharp enough. Back to keywording. Your image: P696X0 with a beach that is where? Is it during winter/summer/spring/autumn? On Alamy you can use phrases also, and just not single words like: santa monica beach, beach california, american beach, california summer beach, etc. (just an example). (The horizon is also not straight if you look at the ocean at the right part). If you use Lightroom, you can keyword all your images there before export and submitting. For me not an english speaking, I don't always keyword before export since I would search my own images (in my collection) in my native language anyway. I did not ment to sound strict or harsh. But when you are not out taking pictures, take time and make good keywords for your images. Also write a good explanation so a future buyer know what your image is all about (I admit, I'm not the best in writing what about on my own images). You could search other images here and learn how they write good keywords. I have learnt a lot reading this forum, and admire some with all the time they use for keywording. I took a wiki search for your city, and Lexington is called the "Horse Capital of the World", so you can use it for your advance. A last tip, DON'T "hunt" for good discoverability (green), since too many random useless keywords would just make your images appear in searches where you won't get sales/zoom. And it will make your CTR (click through rate) lower.
  13. For all my sales this year, none have been zoomed
  14. I don't travel far, but have always atleast 2 cameras with me and use them both, so I don't need to switch lenses.
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