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  1. I use D7500 as my daily camera with heavy Sigma 18-35mm, but most of my recent stock images are taken with D610 and 50mm lens, mostly because it take less space and easier to carry around. And you have D3100 that is really a light weight camera, but D6xx/D7xx will feel more solid in your hands but a bit heavier.
  2. Ah okay, yeah probably that here too. Thank you!
  3. I had a refund in April + same image sold again but for a different price than this. But I guess it's probably another refund.
  4. I had for a long time Cleared Balance at $18, but yesterday it went down to $2 and wonder could have happend if any have any idea?
  5. I don't have to click it to enter, but I always do because a part of my OCD make me do it
  6. https://imgur.com/9tNGkVT This message pop up everytime I go to Alamy after I start my browser up.
  7. Still not fixed, and yes I have set up my browsers to accept cookies from this site.
  8. Yes and it's only at Alamy I have to accept it each time.
  9. offtopic: with that much of sensor-dust, it's strange any agency accept it. But great you figured out the problem.
  10. I have to accept the cookies each time I enter Alamy when starting the browser (both firefox and chrome). Hope you could get it fixed
  11. The digital level in camera is not 100% level, but close. I only use it when holding the camera by hand or in the dark.
  12. My all time favorite is my Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 because it is so sharp and the focus is spot on each time where it counts like paid gigs. Second in line is my Sigma 18-35mm that I use daily.
  13. I followed everyone back that followed me! Since I have been on Instagram since I started photography in 2013, I know most of how it works. My biggest image sale, was from one of my long time instagram followers for the company he works for. So earning lot of money through instagram is possible. But as mentioned before, it is for being seen and to show your best work. Quality is everything, quantity is negative. Posting a lot of images each day IS negative for your boost, since nowdays Instagram algorithm is to be seen and only that. So posting 1 ima
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