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14 sales ranging from 5.74 to 75.00
In terms of number of sales, already sold more than last year.
In terms of total revenue 5.6% behind that of 2016, but still December to go
But 15.8% behind 2015 (my personal best year so far), so things remain to see.

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22 for  $667

Worst month since August 2015.


Monthly averages

av 2016 -   29.25     for  $1400
av 2017 -   26.73     for  $1233

down            -8.6%                -12%




Some more percentages;

November 2016  vs  November 2017:

# -45%

$ -67%

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19 sales for $486 gross. One over $100 and a couple a new (distributor) low.  A new personal record for zooms with 57 in the month.  I'm two sales away from my year 4 results equalling the sales volume from my first three years on Alamy so it does seem to be working.

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84 licences for $3280 gross; helped by 2 images selling for between $300 and $400 dollars each, highest $385 (Both pretty straightforward images both taken in the UK) ; and a total of 8 images grossing >$100.  Not helped by an image selling for $565 then being refunded. 


The re-rank appears to have demoted me a bit, and the final weeks' zooms in November are slightly down on the previous performance. I am unlikely to gross more than in 2016, and almost certainly will not make so many sales in 2017 as 2016 due to the changes in Dec. 2016


Kumar (the Doc one)

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A more or less average month.  Higher than normal number of sales with 11, but only slightly above average net revenue.  Total sales   (all numbers gross/net) $381.42 / 188.45.  Highest $119 / 59.50, lowest the first distributor sale in months at $11.36 / 3.41.  Of interest, there were six sales of similar subjects at $21.74 / 10.87.  This brings my total net revenue for the year to slightly above all of last year.  So I'm happy.


Views were down somewhat at 4710, but zooms at 31 were above average giving me a CTR of 0.66.  Interestingly enough, 4 zooms showed up yesterday including one for a search of what I would have thought was a fairly common subject.  I had all 3 of the 3 views, with one zoom.  And since the subject could be easily duplicated, I'm not sharing the wealth.


Unless December is spectacular, I'll still be at about 1/2 of highest sales in 2009 and 2012.




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