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  1. Only 23 images on Alamy for Camphor Thyme on Alamy, Ian - and 5 of those are definitely misidentified - two Satureja (winter savory) and three which appear to be rosemary.
  2. It's a Thyme, possibly Camphor thyme, Thymus camphoratus, a Portuguese coastal endemic species.
  3. On the web upload there is the option to tick either photograph or illustration. I don't know because I've only ever used the photo tick box but does this handle the differentiation for QC purposes?
  4. I can only agree with you, John. Which means that any of us have to stand out to have any protection from the floodwaters. We all all have our own ideas how to do that. For what it's worth this is mine: I made a conscious decision when I first joined Alamy to seek out obscure subjects in my chosen areas (mostly plants, gardens and macro fauna and flora). My rationale was twofold. I knew from my own experience as a magazine article writer that editors do like material that references obscure subjects - and that requires suitable images captioned and keyworded with good subject knowledge. It was also obvious that the way to initially stand out, make those first vital sales and inch up the Alamy rankings was to contribute material that wasn't widely available. Once established, I could then start adding other material hoping that a higher ranking would make it more visible. It's worked for me. Doing a quick and dirty analysis of my zooms since October 2018 - 1007 in total over the year - 168 (16.68%) have come from searches which have returned less than 10 images, Extending that out just over half, 507 ( 50.3%) of the 1007, came from searches that yielded less than 100 results - 1 page at default settings. At better than 1 sale per four zooms that's yielding a fair few sales.
  5. Post pictures and I'll see if I can identify the species and varieties.
  6. Sixth of the month so far: Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Book, print and/or e-book ; Print run: up to 50,000 ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 21-September-2019 ; End: 21-September-2029 Decent mid $$
  7. It's really a combination of academic training and strong interest accumulated over many years. I'm a research biologist/ecologist by original academic training and have been a keen gardener for more years than I care to think about. In my spare time I used to write articles for UK and US gardening magazines, started a gardening blog in 1997 and needed images which forced me into developing my plant and garden photography to pro levels. Since retirement as a commercial IT and systems trainer I've been able to volunteer at The Garden House near Plymouth, one of the top 100 gardens in the UK, where I do a lot of their photography and help with their marketing. Part of my own garden: Where I volunteer:
  8. #1 is one of the annual Rudbeckia hirta varieties. There's a lot of these so I can't say which one. #2 Is a double flowered impatiens. I can't tell from the image if the leaf midribs have a red tinge or not but if they have it's a New Guinea hybrid type, otherwise a normal busy lizzie hybrid.
  9. It's a cactus dahlia, possibly one called 'Hayley Jane' but I'm not 100% certain on that as the centre is paler than I've seen.
  10. Rather outwith my areas of subjects but I have managed to scrape up 3. Tall ship, S.V.Kaskelot, moored alongside the Barbican in Sutton Harbour, Plymouth, UK, April 2017 Swamp cypress, Taxodium distichum, and reflection in red autumn foliage by the side of a small lake Diners at tables outside the Three Crowns pub reflected in the water of Sutton Harbour, Plymouth
  11. Only by setting up a spreadsheet to do the analysis from downloaded sales info. Alamy doesn't offer anything more than the raw data.
  12. 33 sales for $415 gross. Zooms about average at 78 for CTR of 1.11. Not too bad but the number of mid $ is worrying.
  13. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: iQ sale: Single company - multiple use editorial only Editorial print + digital use. ; Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing ; Start: 27-September-2019 ; Duration: Unlimited A little below mid $$ Sir Francis Drake statue on Plymouth Hoe. Lots available on Alamy, many very similar, so I'm happy this one licenced
  14. No problem, John. Always glad to help.
  15. I think it's Coprosma repens, a New Zealand native. If so, those are the male flowers on a male plant.
  16. Probably because many of your images sold - like mine - are published in paper based books and magazines with no online archiving for Google to index.
  17. Well, according to my Outlook Calendar I'm good through to at least 2050 ( I got bored after a my hundredth year) as my birthday is scheduled that far ahead. 😊 A tip from my Outlook training days: When setting up a significant recurring appointment - wedding anniversary / partner's birthday etc don't set an end date. It causes complications if discovered
  18. Amateur Gardening in the UK. If you look up ownership the parent company publishes a number of magazines so your butterflies may not be in that title but could be from the same media group, I actually had 9 uses in the single issue that gave me the front cover.
  19. Two of 20 (RM used twice) that dropped in today. All the same terms and prices. Country: United Kingdom ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic ; Print run: up to 500,000 ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 01-August-2019 ; Additional Details: Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover. Mid $ For the front cover main shot and also inside Not happy. I made the front cover of this publication in 2015 and got $$$. Times haven't changed that much. 🥵
  20. I can sympathise with the knees problem. I'm OK while the weather stays warm but come the cooler months... Having said that the biggest problem seems to be gravity. It sucks me down and then I can't get up again. The ground may be a natural habitat of a plant and insect photographer but we still need to move from location to location. Hard to do on all fours.
  21. First one is Fremontodendron californicum. I agree with Brian on the second one.
  22. Learned some basic darkroom skills from my father around 1960 but didn't really take up photography till the 80's. Sold a few photos over the years - mostly to accompany articles I'd written. Got tired of nurserymen, garden centres and others ripping off images from my blog so started submitting to Alamy in Jan 2014. Enjoying some success now I've reached 69. Should have started with stock a lot earlier 😊
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