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  1. Found the moth. Spoladea recurvalis, beet webworm moth. Worldwide distribution, mostly tropical. 7 images on Alamy. Hat tip to Marianne for that naturalist.org link. A little further searching on butterflies and moths on the Canary islands showed a picture.
  2. Zooms holding up reasonably well with 25 so far this month. A bit down on average but not disastrously so. Did a quick check on my zoom numbers and zoom/sales ratio for the last two years and, despite the pandemic, there is very little difference between the figures with no great drop off showing up: Year Zooms Sales Ratio Zooms to sales 2019 987 365 2.70 2020 963 362 2.66 It could be that specialist portfolios are better insulated against swings in demand - or I could just be lucky,
  3. 9th sale of the month - and the second lowest so far. Just reached $$ "Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Personal use ; Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use ; Start: 17-January-2021 ; End: 17-January-2026 ; Additional Details: Personal prints, cards and gifts, or reference for artists. Non-commercial use only, not for resale." Lomatia ferruginea
  4. We humans domesticated dogs while cats domesticated us.
  5. First of the year for me: "Country: Netherlands ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic ; Print run: up to 10,000 ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 01-November-2020 ; End: 01-November-2025 ; Additional Details: Netherlands, Magazine - print, digital and electronic" Distributor sale for $$
  6. 446 uploads for me, with new ones mostly taken in or around my home and older ones dredged up from the hard drive. Well below my long term average of 1200 a year but not too bad given the circumstances.
  7. Very slightly down on volume this year with 362 sales vs 2019's 365, but up on revenue with an increase in gross from $5885 to $6760, nett $2815 to $3298, nearly 17% higher than last year and my most rewarding year to date. Thanks Alamy. Happy New Year to all of you.
  8. Below average with 23 sales for $361 gross / $179 nett. 55 zooms for CTR of 1.05. Decent payout of $407 to end the year, Overall, not too bad.
  9. No. But if I drink enough Speckled Hen this evening I should be able to generate a supply by morning.
  10. 11 in this morning including this one with sales to two different buyers, Crocus chrysanthus 'Dorothy' taken in my back garden. Both sales $ tiddlers - but enough to pay for the bulbs.
  11. Most likely Dietes grandiflora. The flowers on D. iridiodes barely last a day, while those on grandiflora both last longer and are more heavily marked. Alas, too tender for my garden though it's one I'd love to grow..
  12. Fairly even for me. December figures only up till the 22nd so there could be a few more before month end. Month Zooma Views CTR Jan-20 91 8228 1.11 Feb-20 81 7254 1.12 Mar-20 72 7393 0.97
  13. Import the data into a spreadsheet of your choice (I use Excel) and set up Pivot tables to analyse the raw data. Lots of web guidance on how to set them up but it will easily allow you to extract data such as number of sales for every sold image and total earnings per image.
  14. I've a couple on 8 licences. and The red admiral butterfly has had the most varied uses, for a calendar, in a book, on TV and in UK newspapers. Not great prices but they all add up. It's certainly paid for the expense of the 40 foot trip down the garden,
  15. If they are I probably helped train them*. *That is, when they turned up, of course. Time scales are different in Devonshire.
  16. They lived in North Lincs, Steve. Keyline were one of the big kennels in the breed so lots of dogs will be descended from their line. Always an achievement to beat one of theirs.
  17. Yes, that does tend to be a disqualifier 😀 It's not that common a breed so you may even find that my parents' Whitgift prefix features somewhere (probably fairly far back) in their pedigrees. They made up two champions, their stud dogs sired other champions and a couple of their female puppies bred further champions so they had an influence on the breed from the 70's to early 2000's. Both of them judged the breed at champ shows, including Crufts.
  18. Good to see Manchester Terriers on here. Brings back fond memories of my late parents' dogs. They bred, showed and judged them for many years.
  19. Slightly below average for volume, slightly above for value. 27 sales for $595 gross / $295 nett. Zooms steady at 62 for a CTR of 0.98.
  20. Interesting. I wonder if it will still be there after the next database update.
  21. Hi Gillian I'm no conifer expert but I think the id on #1 is more likely to be Lawson's cypress, Chamaecyparis lawsoniana, than leylandii due to the smoother surface. Leylandii cones are quite lumpy. For #2 and #3 I'd look at Cotoneaster rather than rosa. Same family so the hips will have similarities but the leaves don't have the serrated edges of the Uk wild roses. If I was guessing I'd start my search with at Cotoneaster simonsii, a species that is increasingly naturalising (bird sown) in the UK.
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