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  1. I don't why you are using so much RAM as coincidentally I am currently viewing and key wording 125 images in Bridge which is using 185Mb only. I am on an iMac with 16GB and SSD and opening 12 images from Bridge to Photoshop is pretty instantaneous. Maybe the problems you are having is not RAM related. Perhaps the techie guys will have more insight Hope this helps
  2. And the missing 3 months zooms. Will they be reinstated or gone forever?
  3. Seems as if it's up to the cleaners now to press the button!
  4. That's the list I've always worked with which, if I remember correctly, I picked up from this forum years back
  5. The following articles and prepositions are ignored: the an at by with any for to However, these aren't and have to be included: a in on from
  6. Thank heavens for that. I thought it was just me! Views down significantly and hopefully just a system hiccup
  7. Will it be in this lifetime because it's down again!
  8. Medium $$$ Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Television (editorial) ; Print run: Unlimited transmissions ; Placement: Use within body of show ; Start: 17-August-2021 ; Duration: In perpetuity ; Additional Details: All rights all media worldwide in perpetuity
  9. I'm expecting some refunds to show soon as today I have an image licensed as a P.U. 9 times for exactly the same use by the same buyer ! Hope I'm wrong 😀
  10. Interesting license where it seems an attempt at personal use was overridden and substituted as an affiliate (?) license 13/7/2021 RM 19.99 -13.03 6.96 13/7/2021
  11. I see 6 images of animals 2 of which are elephant statues
  12. Just revisiting some old shots - forgot I had this one.
  13. The way that new contract is written it either is somebody or belongs to somebody. Mark accordingly or rue the day you didn't ! 😉
  14. Thanks all for the response. I looked for the owner to no avail. Appreciate the help Ray
  15. No markings at all on the vehicle including grid badge which states "VIP" Can anyone I.D. the truck - Thanks in advance
  16. Rubbish. 5 low value sales equating to 1/3rd of May 2020 values. Worst month for years.
  17. OK, Thanks. I just thought maybe you'd latched onto some cute ploy ! 😀
  18. Why "all but one" - confused
  19. Bob, Check the contract, if you stay in you are solely responsible for any future "problems" from past or present sales !
  20. But then you're accepting the new contract and exposing yourself (potentially) to future legals from previous sales irrespective of their deletion- as I read it.
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