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  1. Not a fighting day Ed The name comes from a time when the rich used to box up gifts to give to the poor. Boxing Day was traditionally a day off for servants, and the day when they received a special Christmas box from their masters. The servants would also go home on Boxing Day to give Christmas boxes to their families.
  2. All your images are captioned as "A" with merely 3/4 keywords! You need to address this and be a lot more informative if you wish buyers to find your work. Describe in the caption the image, (who, where, what, when, why, ) Apply all relevant Keywords, and include elements of the caption in the super tags Hope this helps
  3. Maybe so but try a two word search now and see what you get. The site is frozen! The whole site is a mess
  4. Not surprised as most days lately the site is either down or running at snails pace. Most morning between 09.00 and 10.00 over here (02.00 GMT) the site is down. Then again a few hours later. WHY?
  5. Ed You must be using an iphone, then download the Stockimo App from the Apple store and log in using your Alamy details. And away you go,
  6. Check the seating of the gun on the hotshoe and especially clean. I had a similar problem years back on my Canon 5D2. wriggled the gun around to seat correctly and all OK thereon. Worth a try I guess - good luck
  7. Alamy are Tweeting that the site will be down on 2 occasions tomorrow for maintenance 05.30 am GMT and 08.00 am GMT. Hopefully this will sort out the problems
  8. And a better (higher) placement of your own single images within that theme improving sales potential
  9. I only re-work and delete old images that are not selling and in need of a refresh - obviously
  10. They do. I'm using the Covid lockdown to re-process some of my earlier images and replace them. Just upload and pass QC with the amended image and then ask Alamy to delete the original. Provide both ID's and that's it, original deleted immediately.
  11. Ed I don't know what type of mask you're wearing but the ones I use have a pliable strip at the top which enables the wearer to pinch the mask against the nose and thus prevents fogging. Your warm breath will not rise through and cloud the glasses. I too wear glasses and never have a problem
  12. Not working here. Can't access dashboard from Alamy opening page. Just keeps rolling back. Safari and Firefox
  13. What type of plane id this please Thanks for any help
  14. Maybe the neck strap came with the Sony case that I bought at the time. Not sure .
  15. Regards slipping from the hand - the camera comes with a wrist strap and neck strap. I've been using my V5 for years like this and never any fear of it slipping away and far more secure than a hand grip IMHO.
  16. That matches my stats also. Just hoping the zooms come good. CTR is the best ever
  17. Thanks Phil - I'm on 5* here also. I uploaded a few to "them: today, the first for months, and was just curious of the Covid possible delays. Appreciate the response Ray
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