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  1. Thanks Maria. My garden has been a life saver over the last 18 months, both as a source of images and in keeping me sane(ish). But, as with any garden, it's never finished so there is still more work to do. John PS. Don't bother with the Shiraz purple podded peas. They're mangetout peas and aren't that good for that use and when they fill they're mealy. First and last year trying them.
  2. More than happy, Allan. My thanks.
  3. Thanks for those kind words Betty, John and Paulette. I'm still happy to have a go at plant IDs - just not on the Alamy forum. While I still log in I've decided to only comment to offer thanks for images found or, as here, to posts such as your own. Alamy/PA policies have left a sour taste in my mouth (as well as a hole in my bank balance) and I've no great wish to provide free help. If you need me I can be contacted at johnrichmond100<at>gmail.com.
  4. $$$ sale for that one at the end of last month for a UK magazine front cover so I'd been looking to find out who used it. Now I know. Thanks Kay. 👍
  5. I quite agree. My own situation is slightly different in that I sell images through Alamy exclusively and have done since I started contributing in 2014. However, in order to generate those images I've cultivated a small network of local garden owners and nurseries who provide me with access. In return I often provide them with some images for personal and promotional purposes. These images can also be uploaded to Alamy. It is therefore perfectly possible for images to be exclusive to Alamy (within their definition of exclusive) but to have been published elsewhere. I cannot
  6. Well said, Kumar. You've echoed my own thinking. I've stayed away from the forum while I considered my own options. As a specialist I may be at less potential risk than others but that risk is not zero. Accordingly, I've opted out of most distribution, will be going through all my images to decide which to retain as exclusive, which to delete, and which to mark as editorial only. This will be completed by the end of June irrespective of whether the contract wording is changed to limit the individual photographer's liability for suable errors outwith their control, U
  7. Me too, Rebecca and Betty. I've always made my specialist knowledge freely available to new contributors in the hope that it would benefit Alamy as a go to source for accurately labelled botanical and horticultural imagery. No longer. I've often spent hours researching specific IDs - time I will now put to better use to finish writing two gardening books, updating a third and planning more.
  8. You forgot the 'whilst poisoning you slowly and painfully until death is a welcome relief from your torments''.
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