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  1. My pleasure. I recognised it because I had one in the same issue - though mine was a flower: Same low to mid $$ Must pop down to Looe sometime = it's been a while since I went down there.
  2. Thought I recognised that one. Landscape Magazine, 1 April 2020, page 73.
  3. Then not a Larch - they're deciduous rather than evergreen. I think it's a conifer of some sort - probably Pinus or a relative looking at that foliage - but I'm not sure what. I'll have another look.
  4. Looks like autumn colour of larch foliage to me. How big is the bush and what time of year was the shot taken?
  5. They could have expired with an overdose of joy, overcome by your beauty. 😀
  6. The truth is I am actually talking to myself, not the plants. Mostly along the lines of "well, I got down here - now how do I get back up." The extra CO2 provision from my efforts to re-achieve vertical is to the local flora's bonus. Maybe solitary isn't the best option.
  7. Solitary. Conversing with flora and persuading them to pose au naturelle is, in view of current mental health laws, an activity best practiced alone. 😀
  8. It's Mandevilla, Betty. They're sub-tropical vines that would do OK in your summers but wouldn't survive the winter. There are some more compact forms on the market nowadays so I suspect it's one of those if they were in a border.
  9. Since 1890. John. 130 years of sustainable, water and gravity powered transport.
  10. I'll give it a go: Sustainable gravity powered cliff railway between Lynton and Lynmouth in Devon. River water is fed into the top carriage to evercome the weight of a linked carriage at the bottom of the funicular railway. Gravity does the rest of the work. Traditional, sustainable craftwork employed in thatching the old barn at The Garden House, Buckland Monachorum, Devon Saline pool and background windfarm at the RSPB reserve on Tetney Marshes, North East Lincolnshire. The marshes provide a sustainable wildlife habitat while wind farm provides sustainable power.
  11. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I think that 1000 (now up to 1003) shows that it is still possible for a non pro to start in stock, build a portfolio virtually from scratch, and have a reasonable measure of success. Good luck to all others following the same path. Keep the flower IDs coming. I love the challenge.
  12. Sales seem fairly normal with 4 for $115 gross (all direct) to date. I always do better in the second half of the month so not worried at the moment. Zooms and CTR both down a little - only 25 and 0,83 for the month so far when I'd normally average 40-50 zooms and CTR above 1.00 - but as one from earlier in the month has suddenly appeared today I wonder if there has been some under reporting in measures.
  13. Thanks for those kind words, Betty. However, I'm not sure my wife would recognise me from that description. 😀
  14. $75 sale dropped in this afternoon to tick the sales counter from 999 to 1000. 6 years on Alamy - first submission passed QC on 13 January 2014, first sale on 27 June 2014 - so I'm pleased with the progress. Flowers appear to sell. I must photograph a few more. 😀
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