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  1. Looking at online images I'm thinking that as well.
  2. #2 is Pachystachys lutea, lollipop plant. #1 I'm not entirely sure about but leaning towards a Clerodendron, possibly wallichii.
  3. Sixth of the month: Mid $$ Country: German Speaking Countries ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic ; Print run: up to 100,000 ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 01-January-2020 ; End: 01-January-2025 Pleased with this one. I did a good few plant portraits on white last year (couldn't get out as much as I would have liked) and they are now starting to sell.
  4. I'll agree with you, Cecile, that it's not Arundo donax. I've grown the variegated form 'Versicolor; (lost in a bad winter in 2010) and the leaves are far broader and more impressive. The species is a giant, to 5 metres plus by the time flowering arrives and the reeds in your images don't have the same stature. I'd look at Phragmites species as a staring point - but on grasses I am no expert.
  5. Amaranthus tricolor - one of the ornamental seed strains.
  6. "Doveryai, no proveryai" - Trust, but verify. Seems to be the Alamy standard for the new 5 star QC rating. No complaints with that.
  7. And when they do there's bound to be someone prepared to sell the images for $0.28.
  8. Judging only by the leaves I'd hazard a guess at Pittosporum undulatum, an introduced weed species in New Zealand. I'd need to see a good shot of flowers to be sure.
  9. The January payout dropped into my bank account today. It's brought the total paid out by Alamy over the $10,000 mark. Thanks Alamy. 😀
  10. Another sufferer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD)? I always blame my (many) failed winter attempts at humour on that. I have different failure reasons for spring, summer and autumn, of course.
  11. June 2014 for my first Alamy sale: Heuchera 'Chocolate Ruffles', taken in my own garden. $32.76 for a five year licence.
  12. I suspect you only get the email if you've been put in the QC queue and your sample image(s) have been manually inspected. If you go straight through - as I did this evening - there is no email triggered.
  13. Looking at the shape of the leaves I'd hazard a guess as to a Cotoneaster, possibly C.divaricatus which is naturalising in the UK from berries eaten and then distributed by birds.
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