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  1. Well, according to my Outlook Calendar I'm good through to at least 2050 ( I got bored after a my hundredth year) as my birthday is scheduled that far ahead. 😊 A tip from my Outlook training days: When setting up a significant recurring appointment - wedding anniversary / partner's birthday etc don't set an end date. It causes complications if discovered
  2. Amateur Gardening in the UK. If you look up ownership the parent company publishes a number of magazines so your butterflies may not be in that title but could be from the same media group, I actually had 9 uses in the single issue that gave me the front cover.
  3. Two of 20 (RM used twice) that dropped in today. All the same terms and prices. Country: United Kingdom ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic ; Print run: up to 500,000 ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 01-August-2019 ; Additional Details: Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover. Mid $ For the front cover main shot and also inside Not happy. I made the front cover of this publication in 2015 and got $$$. Times haven't changed that much. 🥵
  4. I can sympathise with the knees problem. I'm OK while the weather stays warm but come the cooler months... Having said that the biggest problem seems to be gravity. It sucks me down and then I can't get up again. The ground may be a natural habitat of a plant and insect photographer but we still need to move from location to location. Hard to do on all fours.
  5. First one is Fremontodendron californicum. I agree with Brian on the second one.
  6. Learned some basic darkroom skills from my father around 1960 but didn't really take up photography till the 80's. Sold a few photos over the years - mostly to accompany articles I'd written. Got tired of nurserymen, garden centres and others ripping off images from my blog so started submitting to Alamy in Jan 2014. Enjoying some success now I've reached 69. Should have started with stock a lot earlier 😊
  7. Seemed a bit slow till I compared the figures for August. 19 for Sept, 20 for August for the same 1st - 11th period. No real difference.
  8. I have a daughter and grandaughter, both increasingly well inked. It's their choice - but I do wonder if they'll regret it in years to come as skin ages, sags and wrinkles. As for myself, my body is a temple and on it's facade you will find no tattoos or piercings. I've never seen the attraction. Inside? Well the gods worshipped are Dionysus and Bacchus - though less frequently than in years gone by.
  9. The other agency may be happy. Their customers may not. Why set yourself up to fail?
  10. If I had come to this image without the preceding discussion I would have admired the skill of the artist/engraver/print maker. Unfortunately, that engraved effect is not suitable for stock photography.
  11. The breeders have been heavily invested in producing new cone flower hybrids and seed strains in recent years. I've grown a few - none of the ones you've photographed unfortunately - but I haven't kept up with all the different varieties now available so can't give a definite ID on them. Worst case just label them as Echinacea hybrids.
  12. You are confusing your personal CTR with the overall average across all Alamy contributors. With 46 views and no zooms your CTR is actually zero. That should show up on the 'Your Images' screens. It takes a while for any new contributor to get views and zooms enough to start getting stable CTR figures so expect some wild fluctuations initially.
  13. 47 sales for $607. Low average due to 28 x mid $ sales from one magazine publisher. As with last month, good for volume, not so good for return per sale. Zooms and CTR continue to be good. Reasonably happy.
  14. Always nice to come back from hols to the first sale of the month. Reasonable mid $$ Country: Worldwide ; Usage: iQ sale: Single company - multiple use editorial only ; Industry Sector: Education ; Start: 02-September-2019 ; Duration: Unlimited
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