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  1. Interesting. I wonder if it will still be there after the next database update.
  2. Hi Gillian I'm no conifer expert but I think the id on #1 is more likely to be Lawson's cypress, Chamaecyparis lawsoniana, than leylandii due to the smoother surface. Leylandii cones are quite lumpy. For #2 and #3 I'd look at Cotoneaster rather than rosa. Same family so the hips will have similarities but the leaves don't have the serrated edges of the Uk wild roses. If I was guessing I'd start my search with at Cotoneaster simonsii, a species that is increasingly naturalising (bird sown) in the UK.
  3. 10 US sales - all garden plants - for an average of $70 gross out of 318 sales so far this year. They're not common - but they pay well.
  4. I think it needs a Delorean capable of reaching 88 mph and with a working flux capacitor.
  5. Many thanks for that spot, Steve. Taken in my garden a few years ago but only uploaded this year.
  6. Decent month for me. 34 sales for $716 gross / $340 nett. Zooms and CTR both good. With $270 from my (Alamy claimed) DACS payout added to my good October cleared earnings I'm looking forward to my best ever payout from Alamy since I started in 2014. I've also just passed last years nett sales revenue. Thanks Alamy.
  7. I don't think so. Yours look to have gills rather than pores on the underside. I'd look at the Parasol mushrooms, Macrolepiota.
  8. I'm no mycologist but the first one looks to be one of the yellow club fungi, Clavulinopsis species. There are a few species of these in the UK so I wouldn't even attempt to narrow it down further. #2 I'm not sure about. First thought is Pleated Inkcap toadstool, Parasola plicatilis (below), but I could well be wrong. Any match?
  9. Lower $$ Distributor sale for the 11th of the month. Unusually for me it's not a flower or garden shot. Red Permian breccia rockfall on the cliffs at Oddicombe beach, Babbacombe,Torquay, Devon. Wreckage from a destroyed house litter the slope. "Country: Brazil ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Book, print and/or e-book ; Print run: up to 5,000 ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 01-September-2020 ; End: 01-September-2025 ; Additional Details: Brazil, Book, print and/or e-book"
  10. Do they become infectious after that? Asking for a friend.
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