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  1. That Abelia isn't one I know or grow but it looks like a good contender.
  2. #2 definitely hops, Humulus lupulus. #1 is frustrating. I just can't see enough detail in the image to positively ID the plants. Having said that it might be worth looking at Abelia x grandiflora. This has a pattern of red calyces and white flowers which look a little like your image. Are the leaves variegated?
  3. Looking at the eligibility requirements for winter fuel payment - https://www.gov.uk/winter-fuel-payment/eligibility - you should certainly qualify. Well worth applying now you've a settled base..
  4. 2nd sale of the month. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: iQ sale: Single company, editorial magazine, print and or web, multiple use 5 years ; Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing ; Start: 11-November-2019 ; End: 11-November-2024 Low to mid $$, exclusive Fairly routine sale but notable to me as it's moved my gross licence earnings with Alamy over the $20,000 mark. That exalted $100K earnings figure no longer looks quite so far away 😊
  5. Bit hard to tell from the size of the image but I'd start looking at the tiger spiders, Argiope sp. Argiope lobata might be a match.
  6. Can't help you with #1 but #2 is Iresine herbstii, beefsteak plant. It's common as a houseplant in the UK and cooler climates so I'd add that to your keywords.
  7. Yes, that works. In the UK they are known as compression or support bandages. My wife has an good collection.
  8. Use yourself. Tripod, remote release or camera timer. It's easy enough: And you can get a model release very easily. Makes the shot more saleable. Edit: Bottom two have both sold.
  9. Hadn't thought of using that as a metric but it does make sense. For what it's worth mine is 241 for this year but I've no idea how that ranks..
  10. Congratulations to those who've done well - and commiserations to those who've had less financially healthy returns. Pretty good month for me with 36 sales for $639 gross (all direct and exclusive). Healthy DACS income via Alamy of $219 which, in turn, has generated my highest month's payout so far of $429. Looking forward to seeing that in my bank account next week. 91 zooms for CTR of 1.12 so good prospects for the future. Having said that I'm only at 86% of last year's total revenue despite already exceeding last year's volume by 12%. Average prices are certainly declining and that impacts us all.
  11. On the contrary. What Alamy often lacks is images that show off specific techniques or tools and materials that only a specialist would know about. If you can make them beautiful - well that's a bonus. Don't think in photographic terms. Think in marketing terms. On a stock site such as Alamy you are primarily in the business of contributing images that their buyers can use to illustrate books, articles, advertorial, calendars, factsheets etc. So identify what that market is, what part you can satisfy, and then use your specialist skills and knowledge to generate saleable imagery. Do keyword searches on the Alamy image database to identify areas within your non photo skill sets where Alamy is under represented. Find niches. Aim to fill gaps.
  12. Can't give you a positive ID but I can narrow it down a little. It's a ball type dahlia. A quick look suggests 'Genova' but I can't be certain.
  13. I'll also put in a good word for the non VC Tamron 90mm autofocus. A fair few of my close ups and macro shots have been taken with this lens on earlier Canon 400D/600D/80D bodies - often in combination with a Canon flash off camera; This set up - though usually with a cheap softbox.: Tamron 90mm, Kirk bracket and 430EX - my relatively low budget macro flash kit And, yes, they were bought second hand to keep costs down. This sale (x2) for the combination dropped in today:
  14. You're probably right, John. Over half my sales come from previously zoomed images which could suggest that specialist collections attract more zooms due to the need for more detailed checking. Though my scientific and statistical training tells me that's likely an extrapolation too far based on the evidence from only one contributor.
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