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  1. Have you found any Alamy images in January 2019?

    Many thanks again, Bryan
  2. Flower id please

    I don't think it's a Dahlia. The buds are wrong and the leaves lack the gloss of most hybrid Dahlias. There are some good double yellow annual Rudbeckia on the market nowadays and it could be one of those (R.hirta 'Maya' is a possibility). Alternately there are some double flowered yellow Echinacea in cultivation which have a central boss of heavily expanded incurved yellow florets but that's a bit more of a guess as the outer ray petals are usually a lot longer..
  3. Dry January

    Two mid $$ distributor sales yesterday, Germany and South Korea, to add to two other reasonable $$ direst sales earlier in the month. Fairly normal for the first half of the month for me. 29 zooms - again, pretty normal. Sorry to be boringly average
  4. Flower identification please

    No expert on the tropicals unless they are greenhouse plants in the UK but it would be worth looking at Ruellia chartacea.
  5. Zooms collapse

    Corrected in original, Wim. Don't paste straight from Excel!
  6. Zooms collapse

    Zooms and views Jan - Dec 2018 Jan 58 6463 Feb 43 5310 Mar 56 5551 Apr 59 5115 May 75 6082 Jun 60 5684 Jul 66 6473 Aug 53 6996 Sep 63 6560 Oct 83 7659 Nov 76 6720 Dec 62 4651 Lots of fluctuation around an average of 62 zooms per month but no long term dips that I can see
  7. How many did you upload in 2018?

    1377 images uploaded in 114 submissions. 17 sold so far from this year's crop - my images tend to be seasonal (flowering or fruiting time) so often won't be looked at till the appropriate time of the year.
  8. How was your 2018 (and December!)

    20 sales in December for $423 gross, slightly below average for the year. 2018 was my fifth year on Alamy and to stock photography. I added 1376 images before the recent news but have stalled uploading for the last couple of months while I looked at my options. Overall the year was a good one by my standards. I'm still in a growth phase for sales volume and revenue with 275 sales (2017: 175) producing $5900 gross (2017: $4517) from those sales. DACs added another $153 to produce a nett of $2995, a welcome addition to my pension income but one that any would be pro could well be discouraged by. My thanks to all who contribute in detail to this and the monthly How was your? threads. The information provided has helped me - and no doubt others - get a feeling for the health of the stock business beyond my own experience. Doom and gloom might be evident in some cases but it's good to also hear about the success of others. Happy and prosperous 2018 to you all.
  9. Has the last day of the month 'surge' been and gone ?

    2 in this afternoon, one distributor, one mid $$ direct. Checking too often for my own sanity
  10. very quiet

    One in when I checked this morning. Newspaper sale. I'd guess that automated systems for big buyers still operate irrespective of holidays.
  11. Images sold in December

    4 for me today, all single $ sales to one of the magazines that regularly use my stuff. Including this one: Flower head of the odd form of the UK native wild leek, Allium ampeloprasum var. babingtonii
  12. Merry Christmas

    Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2019
  13. I cannot and would not condemn you for self interest. You have to do what is best for yourself. If that aligns with the interests of others then that's a bonus. The biggest problem is that, professional or amateur, we've all chosen to contribute to a creative industry that increasingly seems to work on the hallowed management principle of continuing the beatings until morale improves. Perhaps we should seek help for our masochism.
  14. How would you cope with the flood of photographers all surnamed Beginner?