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  1. I was in the same boat until today. My cleared balance just doubled by what it was for about a month and a sale (first one of the month) just dropped in. Also, myclicks were sitting at 0 (which is very unusual) but updated as well. Perhaps things are really delayed and not everyone gets updated at the same time. Hopefully your turn will come soon.
  2. Yes! I'm not even getting payment this month, because my cleared balance is not over $50. I don't remember the last time this happened. I've gotten paid every month for the past several years.
  3. Has anyone outside of UK used the new website to file their claim? I'm stuck on the "Tax Status" page. It's insisting on submitting a Tax Certification form. I don't have such thing and can't proceed. Has anyone else run into this issue?
  4. No they didn't decline it. This is what they said "If you’d like us to look into this in further detail, please fill in all the details on the ‘Unauthorised Use Form’ you’ll find on your contributor dashboard."
  5. I just heard back from Alamy that they don't have any relevant downloads or licenses relating to this use. Should I ask Alamy to purées the license fee or is it better to go with Pixsy?
  6. I found one of my images credited as such: "Image credit: Instagram.com/@djibeautifull via MJ Photography/Alamy " What does that mean?
  7. Still nothing this morning. Yes, I'm also in the US. So weird, it has never been so late in 13 years I've been here.
  8. Has anyone gotten their payment this month yet? I normally get it by the 6th of the month but nothing so far. A bit concerned. Thanks
  9. I had 4 of those, 3 of that were RM and one RF (RM and RF exactly the same price). Exactly the same license as yours except one says Croatia, one says Serbia and one says Czech Republic. I also don't understand this license. Is it one month or 5 years???? Is it Worldwide or Croatia/Serbia/Czech Republic?
  10. On the Picture Needs list I see quiet a few terms that start with MR, for example MR authentic safari images? What does MR mean?
  11. Wim, I'm seeing 0 views in AoA for a given term, but there are 2 images that show when you click on the search term. There are only 2 images in the whole Alamy portal so they would have showed up on page 1, so they had to be displayed within the pages the client viewed, no? I have not opted out of any scheme. So the usage of a filter is the only possibility here, I guess.
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