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  1. Has the search engine updated?

    sent in as a LiveNews story surely..... km
  2. How was your 2018

    ? not sure what you're asking Wim.... km
  3. How was your 2018

    2018 - 1,071 sales (compared to 1,076 in 2017) revenue just about the same too.... km
  4. Stock Photography workshop - April 4 2019

    Just to ressurect this thread..... For anyone wanting an intensive day of presentations , discussion and hands-on practical training on all aspects of shooting stock for Alamy, then my popular one-day workshop will be happening again this year in the beautiful Cotswolds's town of Cirencester on the 4th of May (which, i've just realized, will be Star Wars day....) km
  5. Has the last day of the month 'surge' been and gone ?

    There were a lot of sales posted on the 27th and 28th (last thursday and friday) - the usual late-month 'surge' of on-line / print UK press usages . Then 4 more today as the Telegraph print repros from November have been posted. km
  6. try again... work on the technique pre-focus wide angle crop in km
  7. very quiet

    21 sales reported for me today...hardly a washout. Your own experience is not reflected in that of others km
  8. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Just tripped over the 1,000 sales for the year threshold...... km
  9. "Your Alamy portfolio page"

    'Smart' galleries would be a good improvement - ie galleries that you can set to automatically add images if they match certain keyword combinations.....that way they would update in real time as you uplaod the images to Alamy rather than having to manually add them km
  10. For LiveNews, the P4P is plenty good enough, as will be any of the Mavics ...... km
  11. Any tips appreciated

    crowd / reaction / 'colour' photos sell better than pix of the bands.... km
  12. Zooms

    Live News images are sent out pro-actively to the news desks...they're not searched for in the sense that regular stock images are it's almost certainly the case that a news sale (and any subsequent re-use / re-licencing of LiveNews images that are now in the newspapers internal systems) will not have been zoomed.... km
  13. November doldrums?

    No..'Net revenue' shows sales as they are invoiced in real time. It can update multiple times a day depending on your level of activity. 'Sales History' only updates once a day, and it shows the sales made up to the day before today's date......(usually. Sometimes it shows early sales made on the current day too) I probably have a few more data points than you to call on to support my statements.. km