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  1. Slow/disappointing month

    Exclusive or not is irrelevant. They'll sell if there are buyers who want them.. If there are no buyers for that content / story , then no matter how 'unique' the photos are, they're not going to sell.. Some days you eat the bear; some days the bear eats you km ps..actually, even with exclusive stuf you do have competition. The competition is all the other stories that the papers are planning on running that day.
  2. Slow/disappointing month

    Case in point: White poppies at Remembramce Sunday, Aberystwyth Shot as news, Nov 15th 2015.. Did nothing at the time Sold today for $100+ km aka Reg Snapper
  3. Slow/disappointing month

    Win some, lose many more......its the way it is, especially with news. Get back on the horse km
  4. Live News workflow

    Never. km
  5. Live News workflow

    Remember; only a fraction of what appears on the Livenews page is actually 'pinged' out to the picture desks... km Had a good day with Storm Hector via AlamyLiveNews A bunch of onlines yesterday, and a couple of print usages today
  6. Drone rules UK: where can you fly (if anywhere) [video]

    still plenty of places to fly legally , with CAA PfCO... km
  7. News images - from the Pic Ed's side

    Difficult but not impossible Camera > phone > AlamyLIveNews > pic desk > online can be as quick as, in my experience, 5 minutes km
  8. News images - from the Pic Ed's side

    Basic point to take away to that 'LiveNews' images aren't searched for on the Alamy site, but are actively sent out ('pinged') directly to the picture desks..... km
  9. If you want an insight of how it looks on the other side of Live News , have a read of this article on how the Guardian picture editor works "Pictures are pinged in from all over the world, some just seconds after being taken. They are provided by the global news agencies we subscribe to, local agencies, individual freelances and our own commissioned photographers. The speed between the shutter being pressed on the camera and the image being published online can be startling: I used to take a deep breath when an editor asked for a picture they had just seen on a TV news bulletin, expecting to get it immediately, but in this digital world that’s almost a reality." km
  10. Live news workflow - Android, Press IPTC

    you have many more steps in your workflow than me km
  11. Only just seen this I don't do any image editing on the iPhone when i'm doing LiveNews I either send the incamera jpgs 'as is', or i do a quick edit of the Raw files, on the camera itself (i use Nikon D4 / D5 - not sure if this is available on other bodies ), save as jpg, and send that. The phone is only used to add caption/metadata and to send my FTP any help? km added: as Julie says, the histogram is your friend
  12. Live news workflow - Android, Press IPTC

    Shame you don't have an iPhone..Shuttersnitch is the app i use...shoot>send in seconds km
  13. accreditation for event

    Alamy News can help you apply for accreditation.....they can't give it to you...... And they'll only suport photographers who they feel can produce the goods..i.e. have a proven track record from past events/activities km
  14. Very disappointing

    It's not either / or.... it's both.....but you have a better chance of getting a 'free standing' pic use if there is a story attached to it km
  15. Very disappointing

    When doing news stuff, it's always good to have in mind some reason for the papers to want to run it... first only biggest smallest (book / house / cinema / car....) hottest (day / chili / sauna...) wettest (day ) coldest oldest (man / tree / woman / book / ) strangest last (mission / journey / day ) longest shortest windiest etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc. And do your research *before* shooting km