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  1. Zooms

    Live News images are sent out pro-actively to the news desks...they're not searched for in the sense that regular stock images are it's almost certainly the case that a news sale (and any subsequent re-use / re-licencing of LiveNews images that are now in the newspapers internal systems) will not have been zoomed.... km
  2. November doldrums?

    No..'Net revenue' shows sales as they are invoiced in real time. It can update multiple times a day depending on your level of activity. 'Sales History' only updates once a day, and it shows the sales made up to the day before today's date......(usually. Sometimes it shows early sales made on the current day too) I probably have a few more data points than you to call on to support my statements.. km
  3. November doldrums?

    in both real time and in a daily sales update.... depends on which information source you look at.... km
  4. November doldrums?

    yes.. early morning, mid morning, midday., afternoon, early and when they're invoiced... km
  5. Have you found any Alamy photographs November

    One of mine (beach #5) and one by Simon Maycock (beach #25) Times..print and iPad, 12 Nov 2018
  6. Daily Telegraph. Today. Live News image from two days ago.... km
  7. Importance of Captions

    My advice, for what its worth Try to cover the 5 'W's in your caption.. who what why where when and you wont go far wrong km
  8. The surge has begun....

    42 came in yesterday.....a couple more today.... km
  9. Zooms order

    Alphabetically, by search term.... km
  10. Lightroom file capacity

    My LR catalogue currently has 922,436 images km
  11. Credit and Copyright

    A credit is very useful when you're, for example, negotiating access / accreditation to an event, activity, location or person ...... They are not without value km
  12. Have you Found any Alamy Photographs October

    yes.. localised news output needs localised input..... if only there were welsh editions of the papers...... km
  13. Have you Found any Alamy Photographs October

    Having a localised edition of the Sun and The Times - both online and print - does dramatically improve the chances of getting Live News pix used if you're an Irish or Scottish based photographer.... km
  14. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    one is....4 are somebody else who was passing by.....dressed alarmingly similar to me km
  15. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    indeed......this morning, for example.....{67D644A3-C470-454A-9F2A-8436D5AFBEA3}%26destxml%3D%26imglst%3D%26orderby%3DDT%26newsseq%3D%26userid%3D{81DF4CE9-3C52-4FDF-9821-5CEFC4AE5129}%26rand%3D1539254208683 km