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  1. Taking shots of a BBC film production.

    um, i'd not be quite so emphatic..... Many instances exist where museums and galleries have photographed their collections, and copyright certainly exists in their images of paintings made, in some cases, hundreds of years ago... km
  2. Photographer's home page in Alamy?

    With only 106 images in total...they'll almost all be on one page anyway.. km
  3. What does "Instagram Style" actually mean?

    means 'real' 'of the moment' 'unposed'. It's more about the asthetic/mood rather than the technicality just look at Instagram! km
  4. Photographer's home page in Alamy?

    This? No need to show the entire link on the page, Link to Pradip's photos on Alamy km
  5. Are multiple versions of the same photo OK?

    Yes, as long as they all pass carefiul with the 'filtered' one, i'd suggest, because that's where all sorts of unwanted artifacts / softness may be generated by the processing.... km
  6. Have you found any Alamy images in April 2018

    Not seeing this anywhere in the app or print....which edition was this in? thanks km
  7. Very disappointing

    I'm refering to the time it takes between searching / finding an image and the ultimate reporting a sale (and then the extra time it takes for a payment to be recieved by Alamy, and a payment out to the contribiutor) the case of some types of project, the whole process of image procurement goes through a whole myriad of decision making layers at the client....that's where the 'delay' occurs
  8. Very disappointing

    Basically, as with me, the older images play an important role. Since you started in 2012 you won't have any of the A-C images anyway? k
  9. Very disappointing

    No. I'm saying that none are from the last two or three years.....with a lot from the early years. This is just two weeks behaviour; not necessarily typical. But illustratative of the extended shelf life that images can have, and the long lead-team before sales may be reported. YMMV 6 sales today; one A prefix, two B prefix and three C prefix km
  10. Very disappointing

    do the maths 49,000 / 12 km
  11. Very disappointing

    With the exception of LiveNews and other topical content, it does take time for new work to percolate through the various layers / links in the supply chain from date pf upoading to point where a sale is notified Looking at the 42 licences reported for me so far this month, not one of them has an Alamy code prefix (the letter you see at the start of the image reference) later than 'G', and the bulk are in the A-C range, meaning that they were added to the catalogue 10 years ago or so km
  12. Ranking, views, zooms

    Reg Snapper? My lesser know twin.... km
  13. IMO?

    In My Opinion
  14. Live News forum

    ...and if you have a good track record with them of supplying sellable news images . As was pointed out by the LiveNews editor when she came along to my recent Alamy stock photography workshop..... It is their reputation that is on the line when they request accreditation on behalf of a photographer; they need to be confident that that person can produce the standard of work they want.... km
  15. Taking shots of a BBC film production.

    ha, no, not really......i never shoot film/tv from the street......for that very reason. km