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  1. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    If you want to get sales traction on a smal portfolio, then Livenews is certainly an avenue to explore. Weather news is always a good seller, and anyone and everyone can do many here can attest to. We're in the middle of a series of storms this week and the papers are voracious in their use of imagery km
  2. ticketed events

    I have a UK press card. In the last 15 years I've had to show it exactly once.... Getting a card is not a golden key that opens doors..... km
  3. So how is your 2018 going, eh?

    If you have content better suited to another type of market, then concentrate your time , effort and emotional energy there. Forget about Alamy End of story km
  4. ticketed events

    That sort of event is perfectly suited to edtorial and/or LiveNews images...i have shedloads of stuff of that type.. km
  5. yep.....export @ 3000x2000, sRGB, 75 quality, and direct FTP out........i don't keep a local copy of the jpg km
  6. A shot from Saturday night , 3000x2000 px, running in the Times today.. km
  7. Sales team doing the weekend shift.

    That has always been the case; however, it is only relatively recently that sales have been appearing with any regularity on weekends.... km
  8. Sales team doing the weekend shift.

    Yes, seeing that here too....small value , non-distributor, on saturday and sunday of last weekend, and again today.... nothing spectacular, but it keeps the wheels turning... km
  9. 3000x2000px and regularly get large print repros, including front pages km
  10. How to download photos I uploaded to Alamy ?

    In my case,, everything is backed up on three external drives as well as being on my 'working' internal hard drive 'archive' external drives - for when i need to access the images again (currently i have 12 x 2TB of these) 'backup' eternal drives - in case my archive drive fails (again 12 x 2TB) "back up back up' external drives in a second location - if ever i lose both archive and backup drive (another 12 x 2TB) Once i've edited the work , the files are taken off the internal hard drive of my working computer. km
  11. How to download photos I uploaded to Alamy ?

    You need three copies of your data. To have just one back up isnt a back up.... km
  12. How to download photos I uploaded to Alamy ?

    Another reminder of the need to back up your data..... km
  13. So how is your 2018 going, eh?'s a matter of getting, in my case, a balance of LiveNews (mostly weather based) photos, plus more traditional stock/library imagery aimed at UK editorial markets. In both instances the key thing is to keep costs of production down to an absolute minimum. If i can't walk or cycle to make it, then i don't bother (unless i'm piggy-backing the photos on another paid-for assignment) If you look at my collection here, I can pretty much guarantee that on every page there will be at least one image that as been licenced as stock and/or LiveNews km