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  1. For 'trade book' covers? They happen now and again..very infrequently come to fruition.... km
  2. There are still places available at my annual one-day intensive Alamy / AlamyNews stock photography workshop in beautiful Cirencester in two months time..... The day is suitable for all levels of experience, from outright beginners to more experienced contributors who want to improve their working methods contact me (workshops@artx.co.uk) for more details and prices https://www.abbeyphotoschool.co.uk/alamy-sales-seminar Some quotes from previous particpants: “I absolutely loved the day and really came away feeling enthused.” Jim C “Thanks again for the course your energy and enthusiasm and openness made for an excellent day. “ Alex M “I really enjoyed the day. I thought the content and information was great for those up us who were just beginning on the Stock journey. “ Rob C “It was certainly very inspiring and has made me want to step more into the reportage / RM world!” Tom G “I think the day was a great success and I enjoyed it very much, in addition to learning lots of valuable information” Christopher J “Hi Keith, thanks again for an inspirational day in Cirencester.” Chris P “The workshop/seminar was absolutely fantastic. Learnt so much and you presented very openly with the reality that a street reportage photographer experiences daily. It was nice to see how close I was, yet those few little tweaks can make all the difference. “ Cernan E keith morris
  3. OK... To throw in another data point...(and bearing in mind that there has only been one working day reported so far..) Since March 01...for me. 1901 views 9 zooms 4 sales km
  4. The news feed is the one part of Alamy where you are guaranteed 100% to have a human being eye-balling each and every image that comes in. They, after all, have to decide which ones - if any - to sent out to the print and online media km
  5. You've registrered an account under the name 'Eric Smith' it seems..... if this is your name then there are quite a few 'Eric Smith's ' in the Alamy library... km
  6. 68 licenses (after refunds)...so about 30% down on the rolling average...... But a nice $2300 payount this month takes the sting out of it.. km
  7. zero..... since the images are removed from the news feed after 48 hours (ish)..... And buyers arent searching for news anyway...they're being sent it ....... km Really?? I got marked down for this comment?
  8. You've just answered your own question....... km (and thanks!)
  9. Have a look at mine... [$424,711 so far....] km https://www.alamy.com/contrib-browse.asp?cid={81DF4CE9-3C52-4FDF-9821-5CEFC4AE5129}&name=keith+morris
  10. April is the cruelest month.... 65 sales in January......below par km
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